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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Term savings redeemable: 3.5% rate for 15 months with Desjardins

I have been savings like crazy for the last couple of months and I now have more 10 000 in my bank account, in savings only. Until today, that money was resting in a regular saving account, at a very low interest rate.

I finally did a call today that will give me 105$ (before tax, unfortunately). I have call at Desjardins to invest 3 000$ at 3.5% for 15 months. If it’s happen I need the money or I find a better interest rate someplace else, which I already find with RBC since a long time now, but anyway, that 3.5% will do the thing for now, I can take out the money at anytime with a term savings redeemable. Those take out need to be at least of 1 000$ each, which is a good deal. I plan to add another 3 000$ to that first 3 000$ tomorrow. That will make 6 000$ at 3.5%, which will provide me a return of at least 210$. At least, the money will not sleep in a super low interest rate. RBC offers a 4% interest rate saving account.

I previously take of a credit card with RBC and I didn’t even activate it. I plan to do that tomorrow. Time is passing too quickly and it’s like I am running everywhere to organize the whole thing. After I activate the credit card, I only need to make a phone call, I want to make an appointment in order to open an account with I will be able to buy mutual funds by myself.

My funny posts about money

The title of my last post makes me laugh, but only after reading it a couple of days later. Paying 520$ per month for a place, when all charges are included are not that much. It's just it appears to be expensive for me at first because so far, I have been renting room, or small studios when I was in France. So having a 1 and a half of my own is quite exciting for me and I am finally going to be alone! No more bathroom sharing! It was about now.

But it's true that 520$ is a lot a money, knowing that I have to add to that at least the cost for Internet. I plan to manage anyway and I think it won't damage too much my dream of reaching my first 50 000$ in savings as soon as possible. But it represents a big step for me. But does a difference of 120$ + Internet (maybe 35$), can really make a difference?

I choice to response no to that question in order to stay motivate.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Moving in an expensive place on November 2

I had to move for different reasons. The rent I have now was 400$, all included, with Internet and telephone. My new place is 520$ all charhe included, furnished, but without Internet, telephone and cable. The place is cute and very clean. the only thing I really need is Internet. I plan to see who things will be and if I can manage not having Internet at my place. I don't know who long I am going to be able to stand having not a direct access to Internet. If I am lucky enough, maybe I am going to be able to catch the Wireless. I will see.

I had such a bad time too find a studio or 1 and a half just for me. I had visit so strange, dirty and weird place. The weirdest place that I found was in a building, like a motel, 550$ all included, cable, Internet, telephone, furnish, elecricity and all. It wasn't so bad, but it was next to an erotic place. Right before that I had visit the place at 520$ and I decided to take that place. It's located near metro Mont-Royal and I just like that area so much. A least, I am going to live in a place that I like.

It's a month per month deal. I plan to stay for a long term, but if something happen and I find the job in my dream someplace else, I won't get stuck by a lease. I have to mov, find a new day job for December and find someone who will move me at a fair price. I don't have any furniture, but a lot of personal stuff. 520$ is a lot of money, but I couldn't look for places any longer, I am exhaust.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

No coffee week

Knowing I am spending so much just in coffee, I decide that next week will be my first official "no coffee week". Which mean I won't spend a dime on coffee for the upcoming week, which officially start tomorrow, Sunday.

It's not that I am a coffee addict, but I have my little daily grind and it's hard to get off it. Anyway, I have been thinking on ways to reduce my expenses and it's one of the ultimate uncessary expense that I want to eliminate forever of my life. But I won't say no to a weekend coffee, but an everyday coffee is gone forever, and hello 1 300$ in my pockets.

Anyway, I have to stuck to plan. Since I had paid an extra 65$ in my metro pass since I lost it a couple of days ago, I have o recover from that lost a way from another. And I don't know why I should allow myself to so much expenses, knowing I make so little working so hard.

And I have a few personal problems to deal with, I have to find another place to live, if possible for the beginning of November. So my moving will make an extra expense, but I think it won't cost that much because I don't have any furniture of my own. My rent and eveything might cost more than 400$ per month, but I cannot live where I live right now. Anyway, I notice a couple of affordable place here and there, so it won't be so rough at the end. I am still planning to put the max in my RRSP in January, so it won't change a thing.

After my moving, I plan to do 33 hours straight after my moving, so it will make a crazy November. I have done this so this week, 33 hours (evening and weekend job) and 37.5 hours (week days job) and it's something that can be done. But I only have Sunday morning for the grocery and stuff. Anyway, for next week, I took a couple of evening off, knowing I have to visit some places so I can move. But I didn't visit no places yet.

Paying 1 049$ in bills

I have just made several checks to pay my bills. I had made a down payment of 900$ for a credit card. I have been checking my expenses on that credit card and I have so much little expenses, here and there. One little expense + another little expense + another make, at the end, a lot of money.

In past 10 days, for exemple, I spent over 65$ in coffees and eating out and other. I am trying very hard to cut the expenses. It's take a lot of me because I am use to buy 2 coffees per day, or at least one, but mostly 2, one when I get up in the morning and the other one I take is in the end of the afternoon, just before starting my evening job. 1.75$ for the coffee in the morning and 2.50$ for the coffee in the evening. It's make 4.25$ per day, 21.25$ for a week, and add to that a coffee per day on Saturday and Sunday too because I work on those days... For a big total of 26.25$. And I am not talking of the take out food, coffee only. 26.25$ per 52 weeks = 1 365$. It's way too much.

Anyway, this week, I slow down a little, I didn't buy a coffee every morning. My goal set up for next week is a no coffee week. Knowing I cannot work more than I am presently, the only thing I can do for now is cutting my expenses. But it shouldn't be that bad knowing I am all set up for winter clothes, I will have the same as last year, since they are new from last year.

I am a little bit depress because my day shift is very boring. There's not too much going on with that job and I am getting bored. Anyway, the contract is ending at the beginning of December and I can't wait! I know I should be happy, knowing that working at the 2 jobs I have, I made near of 700$ after tax. But I cannot stand being at a work place without being working.

I hate the life I have right now because of that. I just want to work, no matter what is the job, call center or whatever. I just need a day job that pay at least 15$ per hour, that make me work and I will be fine. I want to have 2 jobs, it's keep me going, but I need to do something during those working hours.

I don't know what will happen next and I don't know if I should look for a job right away or wait until December or until November. I am not to good at those things.

Friday, October 5, 2007

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O'Shaughnessy Asset Management

By checking the report of RBC O'Shaughnessy International Equity Fund, I just read that the manager behind the O'Shaughnessy funds, James O'Shaughnessy, will open soon his own firm, call O'Shaughnessy Asset Management.

We will learn more by the end of 2007, according to Morningstar. I can't wait to see if the firm will offer new funds. It will be great if there will be difffent O'Shaughnessy reaching Australia, England, China, etc...

That way, I wouldn't need to put my money anywhere else. Because even if my RBC O'Shaughnessy International Equity Fund didn't do well, I understand it's International Equity and it's seem quite hard to get a good fund in International Equity.

RBC O'Shaughnessy International Equity Fund still in red

I gave a quick look at my fund. All of them are in green (no money loose, only gain), except the RBC O'Shaughnessy International Equity Fund. I begin to really hate that fund. Or not that fund, but the International Equity Fund.

It's been more than 90 days since I buy my parts and I will sell as soon as I will recover from my lost. In date of today, October 5, 2007, my $$$ in the fund is of: 996.61$. I initially invest 1000$ in that fund back in January 9, 2007. In date of day, my lost are of 3.39$. I didn't make any money with the fund and I really don't like it. I will say it in my words: the fund suck.

And since the 1 000$ in that fund wasn't put in RRSP, it is not tax efficient.

I am now more concern about tax when it come to mutual fund.

I take a look at the Morningstar's report of RBC O'Shaughnessy International Equity Fund and they don't seem to like the high fees of the fund. To the high fees, add to that the low result. I am definitely looking to sell this fund.

I am looking for efficient mutual fund. I guess I will follow what say the Morningstar, or at least take a look of what they have to say regarding different funds.

I lost my credit card and metro pass on Tuesday morning

And it was really awful. It was this last Tuesday morning and I had put my credit card and my metro pass in my jeans pockets. I get up early that morning, so I was able to leave home sooner than usual. Maybe that's the things who make me loss my card.

Anyway, once in my way out outside, I check for my card that I have put in my pocket because I wanted to buy an orange juice and a muffin at the McDo that's just at the metro station where I take the metro. But for a reason or another, both cards were no longer in my pocket. I came back to me room and check around, but I couldn't find them. So in a hurry, I took some change to pay the metro and I took a CIBC credit card statement that I had with me.

While waiting for the metro, I did a quick call at CIBC and I told them that I had lost my card. Everything had been done very quick, just in time so I can take the metro. Anyway, I call again CIBC later on in the morning telling them I wanted to make sure with them that the card had been cancel, and it did. So I don't have to worry any longer for that card.

But what cost be was the lost of my metro pass. I had to repay 65$ in order to have a new card. And it make an extra 65$ expense. It came at a very bad time because I spent a little money, I just arrive from the movies. I watch the new Resident Evil and it was quite nice. I am trying so hard to save money and that 65$ lost is a big lost for me. It's like nothing can just be all right for once in my life. I was doing so fine, I did my lunch every single day of the week, and I really try to make things work and I am really trying to save my money.

It's hard to get organized and make things work in other to be abl to save money. I will be working at my part-time job 37 hours this week, so I might recover from the lost. I am working this Monday, an 8 hours shift. Anyway, I learn my lesson. No more card in my jean pocket. Never again.

I didn't find my credit card or my metro pass still. I believe I might really lost them somewhere.

Monday, October 1, 2007

My mutual funds are doing great

If the summer haven't been a good season for the mutul funds, maybe this autumn is going to be super great!

My RBC mutual funds are all in green. Even my RBC O'Shaughnessy International Equity Fund is in green, which is quite something, because I noticed the fund had some problems to catch it up, if I can say. International Equity Fund is my my favorite one. But because it's a O'Shaughnessy fund, I might keep it in my portfolio, just to make sure I have something else than the good Canadian mutual funds.

I won't expose the result for the mutual funds and I didn't calculate them because it take me some times and then, I have to recalculate all of my earnings, for my 50 000$ goal, which is quite something for me and I am not much as an accountant, just a girl trying to reach her first 50 000$.

I am very impress with the result of my portfolio right now. Can the credit crisis might now be behind us? I just cross my fingers. So far, the result are so good that I feel that I have a somewhat of a very rich portfolio, only one that can have the richess among us. But only with my little savings, I have been able to make a lot of money and it's mean a lot for me.

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