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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Valener Inc. (VNR) could be my next investment. The big fat margin is here to stay

I didn't sell any of my valuable assets today. The stock market is being such a strange place, whenever I feel in real danger and shit in my pants alone so happy you won't smell anything well, often, really often, it turn out not to be as bad as expected. My feelings are just too strong. The stock market just have no heart, and don't give a damn on about everything, expect Euro problems or oil upside down value. It take a bitch to handle another one and the TSX is just not my love to be. I hate her so much. She's just looking forward to kill me softly and walk slowly on my bones. Before I gave up, before I sell any of my investment for superficial reasons, I will be half dead, completely turn so upside down that I will be empty inside. It feel like am I the only person on earth who's actually scare of a nuclear war or think that it could eventually happen. I don't even think of the millions of people who could died, I only think of the money I will be loosing if such tragedy would happen. Don't get me wrong, you are all a big bunch of hypocrites just like me. You are certainly not better that I am.

I guess its always good to have a sell pattern in mind like the ones explain in my previous post, just in case something happen. But personally, even right now, I would like to get rid of Home Capital Group Inc. (HCG) and I almost at a point where I could sell HCG out of my portfolio at no loss. HCG doesn't pay any dividend and I am just too in need of money. I shouldn't have invest in HCG. 

Its when that I am being hit on so hard that I am actually at my best. Remember that I am a really really lazy girl. To perform, I need electroshock, and I get plenty of that on the TSX. The bitch and I, its just to late, its for life. At the end of the day, me and her remain best friend and forever in love baby. Not that I am a lesbian, but the TSX cannot be personalize as a man. It need to be a girl in her young twenties who just don't give a damn about ANYTHING, including me.

But guess what, I have a new love in my life and its name is: Valener Inc. (VNR). Valener generous dividend has everything to please me.

Sometimes, I admire investors who have the ability to sell their stocks and be completely detach, and sometimes not. Because if I sell my beautiful stocks, even partly - to pay down my margin, I know I will regret it. What will be left of me? I am not my job, but I am my sexy stocks so get out of way please because I am getting fully load. The stock market is completely contrarian to who I am. Everything that I am, what I think, the stock market doesn't care about my feelings and emotions its just doesn't care of who I am. It just never care.

Whenever I feel danger and can't hardly support it, the TSX don't mark any reactions, or barely - or go straight in the opposite direction - that's being when the super bitch decided to gain some valuable points on the back of my fear.

Like today for example, the market should had go down because we all scare of a nuclear war right? Well, hell no. The TSX gains close d to 100 points today, exceeding once again the mark of 16 000 points, and - not that I care - but something name the Dow Jones reached in the 24 000 points today. One other bad example is the 2011 earthquake in Japan. I really taught that the TSX would had pulled off hard, but it didn't. It was just enough of an even of my favorite bad girl, that's all! Nothing make sense on my way on the stock market. Its why I love it so much. I make me lose myself.

So relax and keep it cool because I just don't think it can get any wilder than this. So chill out with my favorite bad boys.

A question remain: will the TSX crash or not?

Its a good question, but in the meantime, the TSX had left me with a net worth of  $216 509.21 today.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Two sexy scenarios to pay off my big fat margin account

Everything seems to be quiet regarding North Korea, until recently. Once again, we are walking on eggs and the worst could happen. The United States shown many times during their long history signs of arrogance by their actions. The United States used nuclear weapons on Hiroshima at the really end of the Second World War, and I came to the conclusion that it will only be fair that today, the United States received, for the first time of their history, a nuclear bomb on their own land. There's also been the Vietnam war which was a complete shame, and once again, its the United States that was behind. And how many other sad history events? Fact is, for now way too long, the United States had been controlling the word. The USA has too much power in their hands, and that include a power in our very own economy. But it doesn't have to be that way. In a twisted ideal, a nuclear war could be the start of a new beginning, where the US re-begin like a third world country and where Canada stand out like a world leader.

A nuclear war would probably had disastrous effect on the stock markets worldwide, but the United States only deserved to be destroy. And now is the perfect timing, especially with that troll of Donald Trump as President. September 11 happens, but it was just not enough as punishment. Americans are still too arrogant and need to suffer. What will be will be. The US will finally get the chance to see if their famous Ground-based Midcourse Defense actually work...

With all that drama, my non-registered portfolio closed today session at $182 382.43. I cannot read the future, but its not a good time for the world, its not a good time for stock markets worldwide, but I do know its time to play it safe on my portfolio, and not to invest in anything new using my margin money. But can I really do so? Yes, I can now control myself because its has become of matter of survival.

To lower the usage of my margin, I am thinking about the selling at first the following: CAE Inc. (CAE) - which will bring in cash $3 372.50, and reduce my margin to $94 189.89 (my margin usage is currently up to $97 562.39. Super babe is not proud, but I got to pay down my credit cards...)

And here are some other stocks that I am thinking about pushing away from my non-registered portfolio, and the amount of money that it will bring in my portfolio:

Enbridge Inc. (ENB): $1 272
TransCanada Corp (TRP):   $1 540
Aecon Group Inc. (ARE): $1 949
Enbridge Income Fund Holdings Inc. (ENF): $10 780
Northland Power Inc. (NPI): $2 365
WSP Global Inc. (WSP): $2 943
ATCO Ltd. (ACO.Y): $1 949
K-Bro Linen Inc. (KBL): $4 000
Home Capital Group Inc. (HCG): $3 300
My US stocks: $3 889  
Pembina Pipeline Corporation (PPL): $26 545.22

Following what, I will have left $33 657.67 to pay down, and to pay it all, I would next sell stocks that I hold inside my TFSA and following what, the balance will be of $0.

OR another scenario, to take advantage of the fact that we don't pay tax on stocks that are being sell inside a TFSA portfolio:

1-I sell all of the stocks I hold inside my TFSA portfolio: $62 465.78.

Following what, I will have left $31 724.11out to pay on my margin account.

So I would sell:
Pembina Pipeline Corporation (PPL): $26 545
My US stocks: $3 889
TransCanada Corp (TRP): $1 540

Two scenarios for a new beginning and start on a new base, with absolutely no margin debt. Tempting, but I am not there right now.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Hot news: my net worth is now very close to the $220 000 - if not right on it

Its really sad, I just learn that my very very long time super crush Patrick Bourgeois had died today from cancer. I wasn't aware that he had cancer. I had the chance to saw the BB many times in my life, they actually came many times in my little town in New Brunswick. Every times was always a moment of joy and excitement. Quebec is losing one of his good song writer.  

I should had post an update of my portfolio this weekend because its now official, I am really on top of the game now, but I didn't have time - too busy watching good TV over the Internet. I watch one after the other all the episodes of The Deuce. The Deuce is very catchy and sexual - quite a good TV to listen to when you are unfortunately single and need to keep it warm in your bedroom when your one and half apartment seem to be located outside rather than inside. And now, in result, I just want to sniff a good long line of coke, but a good beer is doing the thing. The Deuce is very good, but its not to be watch around children, or even in company of your old folks or relatives because it could turn into weird situations when girls hit boys, and boys hit girls, and boys hit boys. 

Let say things clearly: watching The Deuce episodes is like watching a porn movie. You do in a very private matter. James Franco is amazing in his leading role. I just made the discovery, Jake Gyllenhaal has a sister, who happen to be also an actress, Maggie Gyllenhaal, who played a hooker who eventually turn into a porn actress. Its quite surprising that the daughter of well-known film director accept such role. Right now, porn is the new normal. Everything seem to be acceptable, and you wouldn't even be surprise if I put naked pictures of myself like the other girl on my blog. All you need to see from me is my very wonderful portfolio and really nothing else: that's where you get the

That's how I spent most of my weekend basically and that's why I didn't post any portfolio updates. My non-registered portfolio closed last Friday session at $185 972.38, my TFSA portfolio at $62 741.55, and my RRSP portfolio at $38 380.78. And, surprise, surprise, I estimate my net worth to be at $219 474.71. My investment value in Premium Brands Holdings Corporation (PBH) now exceed $51 000, in one single shoot. 

This is what happen when you pick a super good stock and hold on tight for a very long time. Like Susan Brunner explains not too long ago, being an investor is not difficult. I am the living proof of that. Once you understand the TSX exist to satisfy your very own benefits, you are good to go. Your worst mistake would be not to be an investor.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Another good day for Premium Brands Holdings Corporation (PBH)

Today was another great day for Premium Brands Holdings Corporation (PBH). Its now, official, my investment in PBH now exceed the mark of $50 000 and I feel really comfortable with that new reality. Where PBH will go, I go and follow tight. Its quite exceptional, Premium Brands hit the $109.80 value today.

My non-registered portfolio closed today session at $184 242.02, my TFSA portfolio at $62 616.76 and my RRSP portfolio at $38 149.94. My margin usage being at $94 641.86, I estimate my net work to be now at a wow $218 000. Its looking good for a 220k net worth by the end of 2017....

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

My amazing Premium Brands Holdings Corporation (PBH) is on top of the world and so am I

WOW, now, this is it. My non-registered portfolio closed at $183 283.40, my TFSA portfolio at $62 618.34, and my RRSP - stock only portfolio - $38 102.40. I suspect my net worth to be at the very close $217 000. And that is happening now because of many factors. In my wildest dreams, I am closing the year 2017 with a net worth of $220 000 and 2018... with a a net worth of $300 0000.  Everything is absolutely possible while holding on tight to the best of the TSX. And its a good thing because with Christmas coming soon, money is flying away. And its not like I am spending that much.

My Premium Brands Holdings Corporation (PBH) closed today session on a very high 7% gains. PBH acquired business evolving in the sector of food manufacturing on a regular basis. Today, Premium Brands Holdings Corporation (PBH) announced the acquisition of 3 business: 100% interest in Buddy's Kitchen and Raybern Foods, and 50% interest in Shaw Bakers. I don't know any of these 3 businesses, but seem like the TSX got amaze because PBH gains over 7% today alone.. 

Fact is, my idea on PBH was really right. When all of your feelings and impressions tell you to hold like a wolf that will be taking a bit in the ass of a big fat pig, HOLD tight, don't move. Its not tomorrow that I will be doing otherwise. Most of the time, people opinion is awfully wrong. Its all between me and my stocks and no one is welcome to interfere. Just read quietly and calmly.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

My sweet love Quebec stocks: getting rich on the best that Quebec Inc. has to offer

This evening had been a busy one drinking wine and doing my nails. I don't anything to celebrate, if not that I have a very sexy portfolio and it just can't get better and if it does, it will be the work of God himself. All that money unfortunately doesn't come for free and I have a feeling that this is going to be a beep beep beep very very long week! But at least, my nails are pretty now. Whenever going to happen, I am ready now.

My non-registered portfolio closed today at a good $179 830.14, my TFSA portfolio at $62 554.27 and my RRSP portfolio - stocks only at always - at $37 802.99. Drunk or not, no one can take away by fabulous proud of holding on to the best of the best, and that include the best Quebec companies. Ok, it might sound strange at first, I get it, BUT fact is, there's many many great companies here in Quebec province that totally deserved to be in your investment portfolio

Today, I decided to sell two stocks from the Quebec Inc. world: Laurentian Bank of Canada (LB), this was from my TFSA portfolio, and Alimentation Couche-Tard Inc. (ATD.B), which was my RRSP portfolio. I sold both stocks at profit. I decided it was time to sell LB because its a small bank compare to the big players that we have out there. Currently, Laurentian Bank of Canada (LB) is facing many problems. I didn't know that LB was the only bank of the country to be syndicate. I decided to sell when I can. Never again I want to be push over the edge like I did with Just Energy Group Inc. (JE). I know no longer want to deal with troublemaker stocks.

I also decided to sell the little I had invested in Alimentation Couche-Tard Inc. (ATD.B) because the company is currently strategies that involved tax heaven. It could be that other of the companies that I hold have assets in tax heaven. But fact that Alimentation Couche-Tard Inc. (ATD.B) is both a Quebec business AND deal with tax heavens - it make it too much for me. so goodbye AT.B.

Following my sell of Laurentian Bank of Canada (LB) inside my TFSA portfolio, I decided to reinvest the money in Savaria Corporation (SIS).

Among the top best Quebec stocks, Savaria Corporation (SIS) is certainly a very interesting one. I had experiment very good gains on SIS. SIS is the number one of the number one top best Quebec business that you should be holding in your portfolio NOW before it get too expensive - you'll thanks me later.

Here are some others Quebec inc. stocks that  I had been holding for quite sometimes and on which I made very good capital gains and collect dividend:

Canadian National Railway Co (CNR)
BCE Inc. (BCE)
Saputo Inc. (SAP)
Lassonde Inc. (LAS.A)
WSP Global Inc. (WSP)
CAE Inc. (CAE)
National Bank of Canada (NA)
CGI Group Inc. Class A Subordinate Voting Shares (GIB.A)

And newcomers who had joined the best portfolio of the world really recently:
Boralex Inc. Class A Shares (BLX)
Richelieu Hardware Ltd. (RCH)

Holding on to the best Quebec companies can bring in a lot in terms of capital gain to any good Canadian investors, including me.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Home Capital Group Inc. (HCG) is getting back on track

I wasn't expected any of this, but the "unwanted stock", alias TransCanada Corp (TRP) received quite some good news today. The unfamous Keystone XL pipeline project got approved. I feel bad for those who will now be living at risk of the event of a oil weak, which is among the worst thing ever. Imagine having no access to clean water or clean land. Its totally disgusting. I should be happy, because I am a shareholder of TransCanada Corp (TRP), but its not joy or excitement that I feel. Its hard to believe that this is actually happen.

Anyhow, I have great news. Home Capital Group Inc. (HCG) gains today 7.02%... for no obvious reasons. Its been said however that its because some analysts raised their target price on HCG. Thank you analysts! This is helping my cause and I am not missing much now to experiment a gain with that investment. And once I will, it won't be long, I will press the sell button. I know what I need to do. And it will help to reduce the usage of my margin.

With a TSX exceeding the 16 000 points, my non-registered portfolio reached $179 327.11, my TFSA portfolio at $62 439.22 and my RRSP portfolio, stocks only, at $37 639.66.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

TransCanada Corp (TRP): the unwanted stock

With the recent changes made to my portfolio, I was curious to find out if my net value was about the same as for last month. Nothing change in that regards, which reassure me. My margin usage is down to $94 670.35. I am been thinking about different scenarios to decrease this amount, but I am not in a run for those moves, at least not yet. 

For example: I am thinking about selling TransCanada Corp (TRP) - because of the recent oil leak in Amherst, South Dakota USA. This incident concerns the Keystone pipelin.

Its hard to be a Canadian investor and not to be invested in the oil sector. Enbridge Income Fund Holdings Inc. (ENF) and Emera Inc. (EMA) are two stocks in the oil sector that been in my portfolio since the very early beginning. And not to forget the beautiful powerful Pembina Pipeline Corporation (PPL). The oil sector is almost impossible to ignore. There's just too much money to be made and dividend distributions are really generous. Oil stocks are not always easy to hold, like Suncor for example, but the oil stocks I hold inside my portfolio are pretty easy going.

There's downsides to be involved in the oil sector, and they are mostly ethics. But it seem like we are all a bunch of hypocrites. I hold stocks in the oil sector because of their good capital gains and juicy dividend. Governments allows citizens to continue buying fuel cars when electric ones exist. We continue to exploit our oil resources like if climate change don't matter. In 2017, I don't understand why automobile manufacturers continue to produce fuel cars. There's many little simple things like that who seem so obvious, but its being ignored, or not done, because governments worldwide are lazy and we'll pay sooner or later that laziness.

I am not a good example, I am not a good citizen, I hold oil stocks in my portfolio.

Friday, November 17, 2017

My debt situation on date of November 17, 2017

$94 670.35  at 4.25% (?) = to be confirmed...  in annual interest 

[In date of November 17, 2017]

*For a complete update regarding my debt, click on the label "Debt situation" located at the right column of this blog.

My investment portfolio on date of November 17, 2017

Non registered Investments:
Cold cash: $1 503.99
Stocks and Units investment portfolio $CAN

Timminco (TIMNF): $0.26
Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS): $10 150.80
Blue Note Mining Inc. (BLNMF): $0.05
Methanex Corporation (MX): $6 622.90
Fortis Inc. (FTS): $5 603.82
Pembina Pipeline Corporation (PPL): $26 545.22
Enbridge Income Fund Holdings Inc. (ENF): $10 911.11
Corby Distilleries Limited (CSW.A): $2 794
Premium Brands Holdings Corporation (PBH): $45 600.87
iShares S&P/TSX Capped REIT Index (XRE): $2 556.40
New Flyer Industries Inc. (NFI): $5 312.52
TMX Group Inc. (X): $561.68
K-Bro Linen Inc. (KBL): $3 870
WesternOne Inc. (WEQ): $13.80
TransCanada Corp (TRP): $1 563.50
Canadian National Railway Co (CNR): $9 166.50
Enbridge Inc. (ENB): $1 256.08
Agrium Inc. (AGU): $6 276.24
Canadian Utilities Limited (CU): $1 593.48
Black Diamond Group Ltd (BDI): $52.75
Emera Inc. (EMA): $1 190.75
BCE Inc. (BCE): $1 357.84
Saputo Inc. (SAP): $1 748.40
Lassonde Inc. (LAS.A): $2 402
Loblaw Companies (L): $830.88
Savaria Corporation (SIS): $8 490.12
Canadian Imperial Bank Of Commerce (CM): $3 453
ATCO Ltd. (ACO.Y): $2 669.40
CAE Inc. (CAE): $3 399
Home Capital Group Inc. (HCG): $3 134
Jamieson Wellness Inc. (JWEL): $2 170
Northland Power Inc. (NPI): $2 388
WSP Global Inc. (WSP): $2 884.50
Aecon Group Inc. (ARE): $1 959

TOTAL: $178 528.87

Stocks and Units investment portfolio $US:
Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (BRK.B): $1 448.48
Coca-Cola Company (The) (KO): $1 554.14
Cash: $55.37

TOTAL: $3 909.03CAN     

Tax-free savings account (TFSA):

EnerCare Inc. (ECI): $60
Dumont Nickel Inc. (DNI): $22.96
RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust (REI.UN): $892.15
AltaGas Ltd (ALA): $870.30
CT Real Estate Investment Trust (CRT.UN): $1 479
Canadian National Railway Co (CNR): $4 074
Exchange Income Corporation (EIF): $35.64
Firm Capital Mortgage Investment Corporation (FC): $512.40
Brookfield Infrastructure Partners L.P. (BIP.UN): $3 770.09
Brookfield Renewable Energy Partners L.P. (BEP.UN): $1 290
Laurentian Bank of Canada (LB): $1 200.60
The North West Company Inc. (NWC): $1 600
Andrew Peller Limited (ADW.A): $2 196.40
Canadian Imperial Bank Of Commerce (CM): $9 783.50
Hydro One Limited (H): $2 265.43
Toronto-Dominion Bank (TD): $1 471
Boyd Group Income Fund (BYD.UN): $2 809.50
Canadian Apartment Properties Real Estate Investment Trust (CAR.UN): $2 604
Data Communications Mgmt (DCM): $7.20
Morneau Shepell Inc. (MSI): $1 927.80
Royal Bank of Canada (RY): $4 035.60
Morguard North American Residential Real Estate Investment Trust (MRG.UN): $2 248.50
Parkland Fuel Corp (PKI): $1 630.72
Park Lawn Corporation (PLC): $1 218
Toromont Industries Ltd (TIH): $2 262.80
National Bank of Canada (NA): $2 542.80
BCE Inc. (BCE): $555.48
Northview Apartment Real Estate Investment Trust (NVU.UN): $3 786
Pure Industrial Real Estate Trust (AAR.UN): $1 350
Sienna Senior Living Inc. (SIA): $1 463.20
Boralex Inc. Class A Shares (BLX): $894.80

Richelieu Hardware Ltd. (RCH): $1 614.60
Cash: $33.94

TOTAL: $62 508.41

RSP investment portfolio:
Emera Incorporated (EMA): $12 574.32
EnCana Corporation (ECA): $1 632.96
Toronto-Dominion Bank (TD): $2 206.50
Telus Corp (T): $2 423.50
Alimentation Couche-Tard Inc. (ATD.B):$508.48
Royal Bank of Canada (RY): $2 017.80
Savaria Corporation (SIS): $3 369.36
Thomson Reuters Corporation (TRI):$2 244
Park Lawn Corporation (PLC): $4 060
Richards Packaging Income Fund (RPI.UN): $993.66
Toromont Industries Ltd (TIH): $395.99
CAE Inc. (CAE): $1 586.20
CGI Group Inc. Class A Subordinate Voting Shares (GIB.A): $2 389.80
Boralex Inc. Class A Shares (BLX): $1 118.50
Cash: $112.23

Total: $37 633.27                                  

CIBC Dividend Growth Fund + CIBC Emerging Markets Index Fund + CIBC Monthly Income Fund:
Total: $2 833.69                         

Energy and Base Metals Term Savings (Indexed term savings): $577.30
Natural Resources Term Savings (Indexed term savings): $502.45

GIC National Bank: $1 320.27                          

Manulife Fidelity NorthStar GIF CAP B: $1 570.64
Manulife Simplicity Growth Portfolio: $1 350.81
Maritime Life CI Harbour Seg Fund: $1 231.62
Maritime Life Fidelity True North Seg Fund: $1 250.85
Manulife GIF MLIA B World Invest: $1 206.15
Total: $6 610.07

Other various: $5 912.66 + $2 694.75 + $1 462.46 : $10 069.87

TOTAL: $59 546.92

Social Capital at Desjardins Membership share: $35
Pending online income: $69.02
Savings + Stocks, units, mutual funds + Tax-free Savings account + RRSP:
$306 101.24

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