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Monday, November 9, 2020

My debt situation on date of November 9, 2020

Margin account: $47,369.81 @ 4%

Annual interest: $1,894.80

On the date of November 9, 2020

**For a complete update regarding my debt, click on the label "Debt situation" located at the right column of this blog.

Sunday, November 8, 2020

Some good stuff going on for Aphria Inc. (APH) (finally!)

I first bought Aphria Inc. (APH) way back just to trade it. I first bought and sell quickly to make a little profit. I should have stopped there, but I decided to reinvest again in APH. Since that time, Aphria Inc. (APH) shares value had dropped, and ever since, I had been stuck with APH in my non-registered portfolio. However, there's hope ahead for Aphria Inc. (APH). Last week, APH announced the acquisition in the US of SweetWater Brewing Company, an independent craft brewer. Let's hope that this acquisition will have a positive impact on APH. 

This past Friday session, my non-registered portfolio closed on $99,731.20, my TFSA portfolio at $93,574.21 and my RRSP portfolio at $49,888.14. Currently, my non-registered portfolio almost worth as much as my TFSA portfolio, but that won't last for long. Tomorrow, all flashers are saying that stock markets are going to open on a higher value, so we'll have to look and see. I may have all my chances to hit on the magic 300k in 2021.

I am slowly beginning the talk with my old folks - meaning that I won't be with them for Christmas. The Quebec-New Brunswick border is currently close and it will probably remain close in December. I really hope that the border will remain close until a vaccine that actually works is being found and distribute among the population. Personally, I prefer things that way. If I would have to go home in New Brunswick, I probably would have to take the plane to Moncton, isolate there for 15 days, and only after that, take a bus home, if there's any, but Maritime Bus seems to be up and running. I won't involve myself in such problems, especially during winter, no thank you. That's the plan if I have no choice.

Inside my RRSP portfolio, I have a little investment in CAE Inc. (CAE). Big or small, all of my investments are important in my portfolios. Surprisingly, I am on a gain of +4.84 on CAE. Recently, Quebec province announces an investment of 30 million in CAE Inc. (CAE). Following a difficult period, there's hope ahead for CAE.

Thursday, November 5, 2020

The TSX is back in the 16 000 points!

Just a few days ago, on October 28, the TSX was hitting below the 16 000 points, and now, just a few days later, luckily enough, the TSX is making its comeback in the 16 000 points...

The TSX closed the day on a great 16,298.17 points. In the circumstances, it something hard to understand. The stock market is sometimes in a contrarian mode. Which mean: when, while thinking in term of pure logic, the current stock market gains doesn't make any sense. That's what mean for me being contrarian. It's really important while investing. That way, you'll remain more calm during chaos. It took me years and years to become insensible.

On that happy note, my non-registered portfolio closed today session at $101,667.79, my TFSA portfolio at $94,058.29 and my RRSP portfolio, stocks only, at $49,902.46. I currently suspect my net worth to be in the $235,000. I won't update my portfolio now, I will wait for the weekend, and hope for more gains for tomorrow. I certainly have all my chances to close the year with a net worth of at least $240,000, and maybe even at $250,000. 2021 may be the year when I finally reach the majestic 300k net worth.

I don't like this idea, but I am thinking about making a small contribution for my RRSP. Because of the pandemic, I did some overtime at work, but that increase my gross income and now, to make sure that I don't have to pay too much back in taxes. I am thinking about making a $1,000 contribution to my RRSP. I didn't place any contribution to my RRSP - despite the one I have at work - since many many years now. I will wait until the end of the year to do so.

My upcoming paycheck will quietly stay in my saving account as I am desperately trying to build up my saving. I don't have any savings anymore because I used the money to pay down my margin. I came with that list of stocks as possible future investment, but I am not turn on my any of those stocks for the present moment. 

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

My best Canadian stock investment is: Richards Packaging Income Fund (RPI.UN) with a +282.68% amazing gains!!!

It's been crazy last night. I went to bed with the TV on, I was hoping to at least catch the name of the new US President in my sleep... Before I went to bed I try to concentrate and figure out who was going to win this election and I went with Biden, but within a tight fight. Sleeping with the TV on disturbing my sleep, and I closed it when it passes midnight. When I wake up this morning, I wasn't feeling well and had a headache. I just wonder how bad those Americans felt after hearing Trump screaming: STOP COUNTING THE VOTES in Pennsylvania! For myself, luckily enough, a quick walk outside resolved my problems. That bad night didn't worth the effort, as no official winner had been declared, even so far. This is quite a long and slow process. It's quite unbelievable that one of the riches' countries of the world cannot say, on election day, who's its President. That fact alone speaks quite loud for itself. Those poor Americans are dealing with more and more misery as time passes by.

During that time, my lovely TSX closed the day on 15,998.74 points. And during the day, we even hit on the 16 000 points, it was quite exciting. I was of course hoping for some more gains, but it didn't happen. It will take time. First, we need to know who's the actual President of the US. My non-registered portfolio closed the day on $100,255.30, my TFSA portfolio at $93,083.20, and my RRSP stocks only portfolio at $49,663.67. Currently, my margin debt is at $47,322.80.


I was listening to BNN today and at one point, my precious Cargojet Inc. (CJT) was mentioned by Andrew Bell at some point and while listening, I switched from my laptop to the TV screen and I was like: that's my baby! And after what, CJT beautiful chart was right there on TV. Nice! Good stuff BNN. In my TFSA portfolio, I am on a gain of +190% when it comes to CJT. I discovered Cargojet Inc. (CJT) on Stockopedia back in October 2018.

A little while ago, I was asked by a reader of my awesome blog what is my best stock. So I checked on my 3 portfolios, my non-registered, portfolio and RRSP. It appears that I hold my best stock inside my RRSP portfolio. My best stock is Richards Packaging Income Fund (RPI.UN), with a super great gain of +282.68%. Richards Packaging Income Fund (RPI.UN) had been in my RRSP portfolio since July 2016. Just like for Cargojet Inc. (CJT), I had found RPI.UN back in the days on Stockopedia. I have to say that I really miss not being able to consult Stockopedia. I feel like I was much more powerful with that tool in my precious hands. At some point, it's quite insulting to notice that a tool coming directly from the UK had been able to provide so much to me in terms of financial health. It's too difficult to find new stocks to invest in all by myself.


BNN Canada is certainly great to listen to, but I never made great discoveries there. While I can certainly scroll all the stocks that the TSX holds, it's way better to do it using Stockopedia screens. The reason being is that the TSX is home to many many stocks. I don't know how many stocks exist on the TSX, but there are certainly several hundred, if not thousands. And the US stock market is even bigger... Without using any tool, it's quite difficult to make great finds. But the greatest difficulty for me is to admit that I actually need Stockopedia.

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

The TSX is no longer in the 16 000 points

The TSX closed the day on a poor 15,586.57 points. It's ugly and doesn't look good. My numbers are not looking good - but I am looking anyway. What I see? My non-registered portfolio closed today session at $98,600.64, my US portfolio at $3,565.88 USD, my TFSA portfolio at  $90,775.73, and my RRSP portfolio, stocks only - $48,332.50. My numbers are all down of course, but despite it all, a few little good news.

One being that my margin debt is now down to $47,338.13, down of -$36.87 with the help of dividend gains. Today, a few of my stocks closed inn a positive gain territory: Nutrien Ltd. (NTR): +0.53% and Northview Apartment Real Estate Investment Trust Trust Units (NVU.UN): +0.06%. My latest investment, JFT Strategies Fund Class A Units (JFS.UN) have took the hit well. And it's the only good thing about holding to some JFS.UN: it can handle well all the trauma that is going on.

Monday, October 26, 2020

Welcome in my TFSA portfolio JFT Strategies Fund Class A Units (JFS.UN)!

Or should I say... welcome back, because back in the days, I used to have some money invested in JFS.UN. Other than that, it's been a bad day for the TSX and I have nothing else to say.

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Here are some new investment ideas inspired by Susan Brunner

This past Friday had been acceptable over the TSX, in the sense that we closed the day in the 16 000 points. My non-registered portfolio closed the session at $102,546.60, my TFSA portfolio at $93,699.99, and my RRSP portfolio at $50,226.05. As announced previously, my credit line debt had now been paid off, but I currently have no saving - just the amount it takes to pay off my rent next month and the unfortunate bank fees. My margin debt is currently at $47,375.

I have over $500 in cash inside my TFSA portfolio. At first, my idea was to transfer that amount over my margin debt, but I now prefer to place a small investment using that money. For the moment, I was thinking about JFT Strategies Fund Class A Units (JFS.UN). I would like to invest in JFS.UN before the units hit on the $20 value. And I would only place a small investment in JFT Strategies Fund Class A Units (JFS.UN) because most of the years, that Jean-François Tardif fund doesn't pay any dividend distribution.


Other than JFS.UN, I had come with a few investment ideas that I tracked down on Susan Brunner's blog. I had found my inspiration in those three posts: herehere and here. Here are a few stocks that I could pick as a future investment. When I check on a list of stocks like those lists, I always check on first the overall chart. By the overall chart, I mean the chart since the really first day that the X stock began is live on the TSX. I need a good-looking chart that says that the X stock had recovered from past crises, like the stock market crash of 2008. I need to see that the stock had exceeded the value of before the 2008 crisis. I also need to see a continuous rise in the price of the stock. I need to see steady growth. A perfect overall chart will speak for itself in terms of the quality of the stock that I am looking into. I am also only looking into stocks that I am not currently holding as an investment. I came with that list:

National Bank of Canada (NA)
Dividend distribution: 4.237%
Sector: Financial Services
Stock price: $67.03

Algonquin Power & Utilities Corp. (AQN)
Dividend distribution: 3.97%
Sector: Utilities
Stock price: $20.66

PFB Corporation (PFB)
Dividend distribution: 2.163%
Sector: Industrials
Stock price: $16.64

Premium Brands Holdings Corporation (PBH)
Dividend distribution: 2.343%
Sector: Consumer Defensive
Stock price: $98.61

Innergex Renewable Energy Inc. (INE)
Dividend distribution: 2.848%
Sector: Utilities
Stock price: $25.28

Empire Company Limited Non-Voting Class A Shares (EMP.A)
Dividend distribution: 1.384%
Sector: Consumer Defensive
Stock price: $37.57

CCL Industries Inc. Unlimited Class B Non-Voting Shares (CCL.B)
Dividend distribution: 1.315%; 
Sector: Consumer Cyclical
Stock price: 54.75$

Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers Incorporated (RBA)
Dividend distribution: 1.444%
Sector: Industrials
Stock price: $81.16

Kirkland Lake Gold Ltd. (KL)
Dividend distribution: 1.078%
Sector: Basic Materials
Stock price: $61.26

Enghouse Systems Limited (ENGH)
Dividend distribution: 0.775%
Sector: Technology
Stock price: $69.70

Waste Connections Inc. (WCN)
Dividend distribution: 0.725%
Sector: Industrials
Stock price: $136.09

In that list, I am less interested in Algonquin Power & Utilities Corp. (AQN) and Innergex Renewable Energy Inc. (INE) because I already hold FTS, BLX, and EMA, which are also in the same Utility sector.

I am less attracted by stocks who are expensive, like Premium Brands Holdings Corporation (PBH), Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers Incorporated (RBA), and Waste Connections Inc. (WCN). I would be tempted to invest a smaller amount in those expensive stocks. I don't know if you remember, but PBH used to be in my portfolio back in the days. I had displayed my list by stocks that had the highest dividend distribution, but I had written this quite often: you shouldn't only consider the dividend when it comes time to pick investment for your portfolio. Dividends are important, but many things come to play. I already have many bank stocks in my portfolio, but adding National Bank of Canada (NA) in my portfolio couldn't hurt.

In that list, I think that my favorite stock pick is Empire Company Limited Non-Voting Class A Shares (EMP.A).

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Rogers Communications Inc. (RCI.B) closed today session on a fantastic gain of 11.557%!

Bring it on baby! I wasn't expecting this, especially coming from Rogers Communications Inc. (RCI.B), but I am please to take on those great gains. I wasn't really impress by all the drama surrounding the takeover of Cogeco, and it makes me dislike Rogers. I wonder what Ted Rogers would had think of all the hot mess. I don't like the idea of that deal because it involved an investor base in the US. No Americans should have a direct involvement in our Canadian media. Today, Telus Corp (T) also registered a nice gain, not an 11%, but a 2.472% is still welcome. Inside my TFSA portfolio, Rogers Communications Inc. (RCI.B) is on a gain of +5.47%.

I am currently listening to the presidential debate. Kristen Welker is doing a great job as a moderator. This debate is better than the first one for sure. It's been a tight fight and in my point of view, for this second debate, I don't find a specific winner. I would like to say that Joe Biden was better, but it's not exactly the case.

My non-registered portfolio closed today session at $103,110.97, my TFSA portfolio at $93,926.07, and my RRSP portfolio - stocks only - at $50,273.90.

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Goodbye credit line debt!

It's now official, my only debt of the moment is my margin, which is currently at $47,155.42.

My non-registered portfolio closed this past Friday session on a good $103,304.86, my TFSA portfolio at $95,280.54 and my RRSP portfolio - stocks only - at $50,529.82. I currently have $434 in cash in my TFSA portfolio. It was quite a nice autumn weekend in Montreal.

I decided it was time to pay down my credit line, so I did because I was feeling tired of always having to think about paying it down. But in result, I now have little in savings. My next thing now is to build back up my savings, and this time around, I am surprisingly a bit more ambitious, but we'll see how far I can go without falling. I may place a few investments here in there when I can. I would like to have at least a good $10,000, an even better, 15k cash in savings. I didn't have $10k in savings for a really long time. And the best time to do it for me is now. This pandemic is going to last for at least another year and this is just the perfect timing to save, save and save. It's just too strange to have a portfolio worth in the 220k, and just to have 2k in in savings. I hope to fix that problem in the next couple months. If I really work into it, I could save 15k in less than a year, and I would like to do so. For now, I starting with a goal of 3k, in order to avoid any banking fees.

On this last note, two of my stocks had closed this past Friday session on great gains:

Northland Power Inc. (NPI): 2.52%

CAE Inc. (CAE): 2.02%

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Bad day for Aphria Inc. (APH)

The TSX closed today session in the 16 500 points. My non-registered portfolio closed today session at $103,510.75, my TFSA portfolio at $94,945.75, and my RRSP portfolio - stocks only - at $50,413.56. My TFSA portfolio is super close to the $95k value right now, which is quite great. The more grow, the better.

We are all really lucky because Susan Brunner just posted a list of the best stocks that she followed. There's a lot of stocks that I already have in my portfolio in that list. I am going to check it out closely. I am currently working at paying down my credit line, which I will be able to do by the end of month. After that, I want to put back an at least $3,000 balance in my bank account, to avoid any future banking fees and after that, I would like to invest in my TFSA portfolio - or do a new contribution in kind by picking a stock in my non-registered portfolio and have it transferred in my TFSA portfolio. I miss investing on a regular basis. While doing so, I would also like to pay down my margin from time to time.

Other than that, it's been a bad day Aphria Inc. (APH). I listen to both Joe Biden and Trump exchange with their electors. Biden was for me the best performer, always calm and go in the deep in his answers. Trump sometimes don't always answer the questions in a direct and sincere way. I think Joe Biden will be the best choice for the US. Biden is more clear in his speech and more presidential. This evening was really important and now, the true colors of the candidate had been exposed. This one had played in favor of Biden, in my opinion, in case you care. lol 


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