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Monday, October 16, 2017

My non-registered portfolio is now $185 707.85!!!

See, with a lot of pure money love, the TSX is finally learning to obey me. I say I wanted a 16 000 points by the end of the year and its exactly what's going to happen. At 15 802.7 points, the TSX is shining like a diamond. And in result, I am richer than ever before. My non-registered portfolio closed today session at $185 707.85, my TFSA at $61 015.23, and RRSP $37 000.48. My dividend income, excluding RRSP, is now at $8 497.94, or an equivalent of $708.17 per month.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

My non-registered portfolio is now at $185 154.18

I came back this week from a few vacation days in New Brunswick and while I was away, I kept watching the TSX, and it just kept going all the way up! Could the TSX closed the year 2017 at a 16 000 points? It could be the dream and if the TSX closed at 16 000 points, I will be richer than ever before. $206 352 is not that much money, but even at 37, I could never imagined having that amount, for me its a big chunk of sexy cash. I unfortunately had to come back to Montreal, but here are a few pictures of my home province, in the wood baby in the most nicest and beautiful place on earth (yeah!!!), and nothing else. Be proud New Brunswickers.

My non-registered portfolio closed this past Friday session at a very good $185 154.18 - its very highest value EVER. Fact that Premium Brands Holdings Corporation (PBH) is now trading at close $103 per share is certainly helping my caused - just so kicking ass the usual way. I got worried regarding CAE Inc. (CAE) for little while, but its now getting back on track. And my TFSA portfolio closed at $60 800.74 and RRSP, $36 928.25. Currently, if it wouldn't be of the capital lost that I experimented in Exchange Income Corporation (EIF) because of the shit of Marc Cohodes, I would be sitting on much more cash right now. 

In case you had missed the story, a couple months ago, an American citizen of the name of Marc Cohodes badly hurt the value of Exchange Income Corporation (EIF) on the TSX. Cohodes bad mouthed EIF title and he short-sell it, which in result affected the value of EIF. Of course, I got very scared, and I sell off that stock. I had been invested in Exchange Income Corporation (EIF) since February 2011 and it really broke my heart to sell EIF, but I was very scared to lose money. I was way too scared. So I sell, at profit, but still, it didn't feel right to me knowing that an American bastard had controlled over my life.

And now, even if its wrong, I am very happy that Marc Cohodes California home sweet home is burning down. May he burns among his chickens so I can never hear of him ever again.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Julie Payette: the Governor General of Canada who shouldn't be

The TSX closed today session at a very great 15 776.30 points. October had begun on the right foot and it look like the TSX is on the road for even more great gains. My non-registered portfolio closed today session at $183 711.62, my TFSA portfolio $60 354.16 and my RRSP portfolio (stocks only), at $36 453.95.

I no longer hold my Veresen Inc. (VSN) shares inside my non-registered portfolio. It look like Veresen Inc. (VSN)-Pembina Pipeline Corporation (PPL) merger is finally happening! Pembina Pipeline Corporation (PPL) is among the first company I invested in when I started my portfolio and PPL is my baby, I am extremely proud to be invested in that company. Back in the days, PPL was a Derek Foster stock. Mergers and acquisitions are usually pretty exciting stuff, but the one happening here in Quebec right now between Jean Coutu and Metro is quite boring and it doesn't worth any attention - and its also the case with who's the newest Governor General of Canada.

The old guy who used to be the Governor General of Canada was an unknown boring old man, but this newest nomination won't get unnoticed. Julie Payette, Quebecker, scientist, ex astronaut, perfectly bilingual is Canada newest Governor General. Her only role is to represent the Queen, whose is far away living in the UK in one of her castle and don't give a damn, and her  daily biggest task is to drink her tea.

I find it a real shame that a woman of the quality of Julie Payette had accepted to waste her time by endorsing a fake monarchy role. Its a thing to be queen or king - because you have no choice to endorse the role - but its another thing to accept to be part of that bullshit. With all her knowledge, Julie Payette could changed the world by being a scientist, conduct some serious research, or even by being a super great university teacher. By being Governor General of Canada, Julie Payette had proved herself as being nothing more than a stupid Quebecker, with no real sense of intelligence what so ever. She can enjoy and do her job on her throne and I hope it will smell bad in the senate!!! Quebeckers like Julie Payette are proving themselves as being poor citizens over and over again. And it seriously making me laugh. During that fun time, far away from my native land, I am getting richer and richer and no, it doesn't smell bad around here!

I know this might be super hard right now for the very love Brian Gallant, but I was released today that the Energy East pipeline project won't ever happen. Its quite a very strange thing when you actually think it right: petrol is dirty made in Alberta, the plan was to build a pipeline that goes from Alberta to all the way down to Saint John New Brunswick.... But why? I know we desperately need jobs in New Brunswick, but it had to be done the right way because we are just too smart. The danger with that pipeline was that it could had pollute our water and our land. Our environment worth more than just a couple hundred jobs.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

To be or not to be an ambitious dividend investor

Oh lala readers, check out on this! Looking quite great!

This is making me laugh, but in a good way of course, for many reasons. One reason because I don't analyze stock, and for that good reason, Susan Brunner should have come on the first spot. It's a thing to write pretty things about stock like a Barbie girl, and pick stocks mostly base on feeling and emotions like I do, but it's a completely other thing to be able to understand what it is all about. And there's just one Canadian blogger who does so. And it's not me, it's my Susan Brunner. Maybe one day I will get into it seriously, maybe not.
I often write on how good I am and when it come to me and to defend the stocks that I invest in, I am of an extreme freshness and enigmatic arrogance. You won't find better for those qualities just nowhere around the world. If I write so many good words about my own myself, it's because when you are an investor and you are alone and that you have 99.9% of your own money on the stock market, and you do it by yourself and you want to get a bit more than the 2% GIC that the bank proposed, you just have no choice, you need to believe in yourself first because if not, you won't last very long, especially when the stock market play its regular garbage that can drive you all the way down, and when it does, it's like getting a hard punch in your stomach. And if I always write on much much I am good, and that I am the world best investor and blablabli and blablabla, it's for a single good reason: it makes great post to read, and the fact is, you become what you think you are. All I wanted to start on was a $50 000 and now I am exceeding the 200k net worth and I just keep wanted more and there'll be just no end to it, unless I die. Los Angeles tragic events are just an example that it can really happen anytime, anywhere, even if I truly believe that it could take a lot to kill me. I saw the guns that the poor men killed people with, and it's really horrible. With guns like that, you can kill too many people. Many had been killed, but many others could have died.

In moments like those, you can only invest for yourself, but also in behalf of those who can't-do so, for so many reasons, and for those who had passed away.
I usually don't check on a stock that is no longer from my portfolio, for several reasons. One reason being, with a portfolio like this one, as you can imagine, I have already a lot to follow. Like a lot. It's not always  When I sell a stock, it's because: I am losing money on it and I am desperately trying to save the money left of the investment; the capital gain return is poor and the dividend income is poor. It's for that last reason that I sold out Open Text Corporation (OTEX) a while ago. Old stocks like OTEX are part of my past, not my future.

All this to say that today, I check on Novo Resources Corp. (NVO) and I quite shocked to see that it gain a lot today. But it's part of what this stock is about, it makes great gains, and the day after, it loses money like crazy. And that's something that is really hard for me to live with. I don't like to hold on to stocks that go up and down drastically.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Sienna Senior Living Inc. (SIA): home care for senior could be the next gold mine

Despite all the sad events happening right now around the world, the TSX decided to closed today session at a very good 15 705 points. In result, my non-registered portfolio closed at $183 695.14, and my TFSA portfolio at $60 256.11.

I was about to post something more elaborate, but I am getting tired and anyway, my post title is stealing the show. You know what you need to do right now: invest in Sienna Senior Living Inc. (SIA) and make me richer like ever before.

Another cool title could had been:

Sienna Senior Living Inc. (SIA): home care for seniors with a sexy twist.


Sunday, October 1, 2017

Saying hello to a $206 352.49 net worth!!! $$$

I was quite glad about the results of this last session Friday, so I quickly post a portfolio update! I didn't publish an update since April of this year!!!! It's been quite a rough road, but there's nothing I can handle of course. Back in April, my net worth was of $204 277.66. And on the date of September 30, $206 352.49. It's not of a super great gain, I totally agree, and maybe I shouldn't have posted my update, but at least there's a gain and I am confident that with my newest investments, I will be able to gain thousands and thousands more in terms of capital gain. Also, I like this because it really shows the true nature of investment - on how it can be difficult. If it wouldn't be of Marc Cohodes, my net worth would currently be in the $210 000.

What Marc Cohodes did is a terrible thing. He had deprived myself of my proud, of several thousands of dollars, and hard hurt really badly the value of Exchange Income Corporation (EIF) on the stock market. And currently, EIF is still far away from its 52 week high - $45.28 per share - and a lot of time will pass by before EIF can even get back to its old highest value. Just to know that some old rich gansters like Marc Cohodes are good enough to hurt the interest of Canadians so badly make me sick. It's a matter of both money and influence. Personally, I don't give any credit to Americans. Knowing who they are, how much racist and violence we find in the USA, that country arrived pretty low in my ranking. Canadians are among the brightest mind, we live in the best country of the world. Don't ever think that its everyone living on a middle-class salary like myself that have enough to invest in the stock market like I do. Many individuals in the US, France and even in the UK are having a really hard time to make a living. In the US, many residents are having the hell of a time just to pay for their medical bills. Fact is, when you don't have the chance to be Canadian and to live in Canada, it makes it harder, and even impossible in many cases, to have money in the market or to have any savings at all.

To see individuals like Marc Cohodes ruining my dream of glory glam on EIF, it makes me mad. I find Canadians too calm, gentle like little lambs who are scared of any Americans with money and power. No one is attacking Marc Cohodes for what he did. For a reason or another, back in the summer of 2017, Marc Cohodes decided to massively short-sell Exchange Income Corporation (EIF) and it caused EIF to lose a lot in value. I had been hurt by Marc Cohodes, and all EIF investors did. I know I hold to a lot of stocks already in my portfolio, but eventually, I would like to get back in Exchange Income Corporation (EIF).

Following my first $100 000, it took me 3 years to reach my first $200 000 in net worth. I guess it will take about the same amount of time to get into the 300k mark. I got impressed by the 200k net worth and it was hard to believe I was there, but I eventually got used to it and now it's all about getting into the 300k net worth. Its never enough, and truly, a 206k net worth is not that much, so I have no choice other than kicking Marc Cohodes ass and keep up going. It's a matter of proud, of not letting an American to have the last word on me. It's also a matter of respect to all of the good companies that the TSX is holding. It's a matter of having confidence in the Canadian economy. It's a matter of intelligence.

Last week was really horrible here in Montreal. I got caught in heavy heat and I didn't have a nice time at all. And it's partly why I didn't post about the following: I had sold out all of my shares of Novo Resources Corp. (NVO). It was getting too intense for my taste. I really dislike NVO drastic ups and downs. It was getting hard on my lady's nerves. Holding NVO in my TFSA portfolio was imply to hard. I sell out, and reinvest the money in BCE.

This last move just reminds me of who I am: I will never be a trader, I am an investor. What I am into is Canadian companies who are well-established and pay a dividend. It's really simple, but it's way too easy to get in different directions and just lose it. I am doing my best to get the best of the best Canadian business in my portfolio. I had been investing in stocks for a long time now and no matter what, I always get my hands on something new for my portfolio. I always find great new Canadian companies to invest in. Its really what I am into: to hold on to the best businesses so I can make a max of cash, with a risk, but with a risk that I have the wrong impression to control.

My debt situation on date of September 29, 2017

$100 930.54  at 4.25% = $4 289.55 in annual interest 

[In date of September 30, 2017]

Friday, September 29, 2017

My investment portfolio on date of September 29, 2017

Non registered Investments:
Cold cash: $2 824.90
Stocks and Units investment portfolio $CAN

Timminco (TIMNF): $0.25
Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS): $9 543.80
Blue Note Mining Inc. (BLNMF): $0.05
Methanex Corporation (MX): $6 458.10
Fortis Inc. (FTS): $5 284.04
Pembina Pipeline Corporation (PPL): $22 284.02
Just Energy Group Inc. (JE): $6 738.36
Enbridge Income Fund Holdings Inc. (ENF): $11 859.66
Corby Distilleries Limited (CSW.A): $2 720.34
Premium Brands Holdings Corporation (PBH): $46 566
iShares S&P/TSX Capped REIT Index (XRE): $2 456.30
New Flyer Industries Inc. (NFI): $5 563.08
TMX Group Inc. (X): $564
K-Bro Linen Inc. (KBL): $3 887
WesternOne Inc. (WEQ): $187.03
TransCanada Corp (TRP): $1 541.75
Canadian National Railway Co (CNR): $9 304.20
Enbridge Inc. (ENB): $1 459.36
Agrium Inc. (AGU): $6 151.12
Canadian Utilities Limited (CU): $1 627.50
Black Diamond Group Ltd (BDI): $58
Emera Inc. (EMA): $1 181.50
Cineplex Inc. (CGX):
BCE Inc. (BCE): $1 286.12
Saputo Inc. (SAP): $1 727.60
Lassonde Inc. (LAS.A): $2 432.70
Loblaw Companies (L): $817.20
Savaria Corporation (SIS): $7 071.36
Canadian Imperial Bank Of Commerce (CM): $3 275.10
ATCO Ltd. (ACO.Y): $2 749.20
CAE Inc. (CAE): $3 274.50
Dollarama Inc. (DOL): $2 047.95
Home Capital Group Inc. (HCG): $2 778
Jamieson Wellness Inc. (JWEL): $1 990
Northland Power Inc. (NPI): $2 316
Veresen Inc. (VSN): $3 744
WSP Global Inc. (WSP): $2 595.50

TOTAL: $183 368.46

Stocks and Units investment portfolio $US:
Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (BRK.B): $1 156.39
Coca-Cola Company (The) (KO): $1 530.34
Cash: $44.68

TOTAL:  $3 746.31 CAN     

Tax-free savings account (TFSA):

EnerCare Inc. (ECI): $61.35
Dumont Nickel Inc. (DNI): $27.27
RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust (REI.UN): $837.55
AltaGas Ltd (ALA): $862.20
CT Real Estate Investment Trust (CRT.UN): $1 389
Canadian National Railway Co (CNR): $4 135.20
Exchange Income Corporation (EIF): $34.93
Firm Capital Mortgage Investment Corporation (FC): $494
Brookfield Infrastructure Partners L.P. (BIP.UN): $3 605.94
Brookfield Renewable Energy Partners L.P. (BEP.UN): $1 254.30
Laurentian Bank of Canada (LB): $1 206.20
The North West Company Inc. (NWC): $1 495.50
Andrew Peller Limited (ADW.A): $2 041.70
Barrick Gold Corporation (ABX): $803.20
Canadian Imperial Bank Of Commerce (CM): $9 279.45
Hydro One Limited (H): $2 294.72
Toronto-Dominion Bank (TD): $1 405
Boyd Group Income Fund (BYD.UN): $2 750.40
Canadian Apartment Properties Real Estate Investment Trust (CAR.UN): $2 361.10
Keg Royalties Income Fund (The) (KEG.UN): $1 437.80
Data Communications Mgmt (DCM): $8.16
Westshore Terminals Invest Corp (WTE):
Morneau Shepell Inc. (MSI): $1 872
Royal Bank of Canada (RY): $3 861.60
Morguard North American Residential Real Estate Investment Trust (MRG.UN): $2 340
Parkland Fuel Corp (PKI): $1 624.32
Park Lawn Corporation (PLC): $1 152
Toromont Industries Ltd (TIH): $2 288.80
National Bank of Canada (NA): $2 402 
BCE Inc. (BCE): $526.14
Northview Apartment Real Estate Investment Trust (NVU.UN): $3 366
Park Lawn Corporation (PLC): $1 152
(AAR.UN): $1 272
Sienna Senior Living Inc. (SIA): $1 445.60
Cash: $50.62

TOTAL: $59 986.05

RSP investment portfolio:
Emera Incorporated (EMA): $12 476.64
EnCana Corporation (ECA): $1 586.52
Toronto-Dominion Bank (TD): $2 107.50
Barrick Gold Corp (ABX): $1 004
Telus Corp (T): $2 244
Alimentation Couche-Tard Inc. (ATD.B): $455.20
Royal Bank of Canada (RY): $1 930.80
Savaria Corporation (SIS): $2 811.84
Thomson Reuters Corporation (TRI): $2 290
Park Lawn Corporation (PLC): $3 840
Richards Packaging Income Fund (RPI.UN): $940.17
Toromont Industries Ltd (TIH): $400.54
CAE Inc. (CAE): $1 528.10
CGI Group Inc. Class A Subordinate Voting Shares (GIB.A): $2 264.50
Cash: $248.50

Total: $36 128.31                                      

CIBC Dividend Growth Fund + CIBC Emerging Markets Index Fund + CIBC Monthly Income Fund:
Total: $2 743.17                         

Energy and Base Metals Term Savings (Indexed term savings): $577.30
Natural Resources Term Savings (Indexed term savings): $502.45

GIC National Bank: $1 320.27                          

Manulife Fidelity NorthStar GIF CAP B: $1 533.97
Manulife Simplicity Growth Portfolio: $1 307.11
Maritime Life CI Harbour Seg Fund: $1 225.92
Maritime Life Fidelity True North Seg Fund: $1 214.31
Manulife GIF MLIA B World Invest: $1 142.40
Total: $6 423.71

Other various: $5 506.24 + $1 438.70 + $2 641.86 : $9 586.80

TOTAL: $57 282.01

Social Capital at Desjardins Membership share: $35
Pending online income: $40.30
Savings + Stocks, units, mutual funds + Tax-free Savings account + RRSP:
$307 283.03

Monday, September 25, 2017

Eric Sprott's Novo Resources Corp. (NVO) is on FIRE

Right now, the TSX is on my side and my stock market closed the session at a very good 15 516.23 points. It's almost like we are getting back to the good old days, when the TSX was just pure money love and all the way high. But now, things are very different, especially because of the conflict between the US and North Korea. Not too long ago, Russia had operated a major military exercise inside its territory which involved, if I understood correctly, about 200 000 men. The exercise was so intense that it even killed civilians who were watching the exercises as spectators... But why Russia was conducting such intense military drill? Now that time passed by, it had become more clear what the exercise was for. And it's the biggest threat to all of us right now, including money living on the stock market. It's quite a sad thing.

At least for now, my portfolio is the shiniest jewel on Earth and you won't find any better My non-registered portfolio closed today session at a very pow-wow $181 441.21! I am just so very close of the $190 000, unbelievable. My TFSA portfolio closed today session at $59 691.73. Before being an Eric Sprott stock, Novo Resources Corp. (NVO) was MY very own stock, as I didn't know that he had invested massively in NVO. Oh noooooo! But hey babe, having Eric Sprott in the portrait doesn't seem to really matter after all, because today was finally it, I am now officially in the profit zone when it comes to Novo Resources Corp. (NVO), I am now at +$72. It's hardly the beginning. I think NVO can go higher so I am standing strong like a sexy warrior and I am just waiting for my time. I must admit, I got very scared to learn that Eric Sprott was invested in my beloved NVO stock. Like no way, life is so unfair!!! DRAMA. But wait. 

When I first bought NVO, it was just something I wanted really badly in my portfolio because I was under the strong impression that something extraordinary was going on for that stock. And for that one, my instincts obey my need for money. I still think that NVO is up for great things. I was just really frightening at first, but I am now ignoring Eric Sprott. Me and Novo Resources Corp. (NVO), we are in the game for good. So let's go NVO, show me what you got! With today gains, everything is possible. If I can possibly get out of my lost on SWY with the help of NVO, it will be all good.

Another interesting stock Kirkland Lake Gold (KL). I think Eric Sprott is also involeved in this one, but KL is interesting because it has invest in NVO and little bonus to help out, KL pay a tiny dividend distribution.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Novo Resources Corp. (NVO): a high flyer stock in my TFSA portfolio

The weather is heavily hot in Montreal right now and I really dislike it. I don't have an air conditioner, and the hot weather is just there Its not an enjoyable weather for me. It makes it hard to do anything at all, to clean, to cook... I don't like to have that hot weather in September, it's awful. I like autumn and its fresh air. But I am getting nothing of that right now. Even back home in New Brunswick, the weather is just as hot and disgusting. The only place I can go without getting bored and where's fresh air is the gym and I can happily destroy my workout clothes by getting all sweat.

At least, the TSX closed Friday session close to the old 15 500 point value that I like so much. And in return, my non-registered portfolio closed at $180 515.36, my TFSA portfolio at $59 278.55. I was quite happy to see Novo Resources Corp. (NVO) going up. I just hope it will continue and if I can sell quickly at profit, I will do so. I don't like holding onto a stock in which Eric Sprott is involved in. If NVO title is super volatile, its the fault of Eric Sprott. Whenever Sprott but is venin in a stock, it always gets as bad as this. Stocks Eric Sprott invest in always turn into super volatile stock that goes up-down-up-down... Stockopedia names those kinds of stocks as being high flyer and it's exactly what NVO is: a stock to stay away from.

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