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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Saying a sad goodbye Exchange Income Corporation (EIF). Goodbye love

Things are going a bit better for my non-registered portfolio. It closed today session at $175 042.78. My TFSA portfolio closed the session at $58 782.28. Today, I made the difficult decision to sell all of the Exchange Income Corporation (EIF) stocks I was holding inside my TFSA. I had been a long time investors of EIF and my shares had been bought at an average of $22.84 each, which is very good. I sell them all today and make a nice profit free of tax, but it wasn't with joy that I made this move. When it come to investing, I am more in an investing kind of move and I want to grow old holding on to the best of the best. The TSX is a castle with huge treasures.

However, my adventure with EIF came to an end because an American - oh surprise! - piece of shit of the name of Marc Cohodes is short selling Exchange Income Corporation (EIF). This could exposed EIF investors to big loses. Short selling should be made illegal. And I am imploring God and his darkest angels to throw all of the worst at Marc Cohodes. He might thing he's really smart guy now, but my attacking one of my stock, Marc Cohodes had just wake up a wolf who was quietly sleeping. There's no words to describe my anger. I was supposed to grow old on EIF, not sell it out. I hate that Marc Cohodes guy.

The TSX is the best stock market of the world and I can say so because I did my searches. When I invest, I try to target stock that present sky rocking chart. I did many searches using Stockopedia, desperately trying to find US stocks presenting such criteria and I can really say that the quality is really low in the US market. I was able to find only just a few US stocks sticking to my rule but I didn't even wrote them down. US is a big lack of stability and I don't want more exposure to chaotic US stock market at this time. Especially not under Donald Trump which is acting crazier and crazier every day. I came from fan to hater. I just wonder what happen next and I can't wait to see if Donald Trump Junior is going to hit a wall and go to prison. But in a place like the US, mediocrity is the norm. We can expect anything coming from Americans.

The TSX is no shit hold made for US investors. Its my place to be and shine. Anyone that hurt one of my babies can go straight to hell. And I wish hell for Marc Cohodes and a lot of pain. Pain so great that will make him remember that the TSX is not a playground. And I want him to feel my pain. I would like to be next to him right now so I can hit him sooooooo harddddddddd, for destroying my dream. Just stay on your side of the border, and I will stay on mine, on the BEST side. Not only that we have the best stock market, but Canadians are just so more smarter than Americans. On our 150th anniversary, we should scream it louder.

Small investors like myself have no choice. I went through some kind of similar experiences in the past, like for example in the case of Davis + Henderson Corporation (DH) . I only have that other example in mind right now. Retail investors always need to act quickly and when something like this show up, its sad, but its better to sell and profit from the gain because investor like Cohodes can really hurt the value of a stock, like really really badly. And I think that in the case of EIF, Cohodes had made and will make more damage to the value of the stock. Its my opinion and what had made me sell EIF today, but I really hope that my wrong. I was kind of doing in my pants today! I won't forget.

This being all said, no surprise, but this came sooner than I expect it: Bank of Canada is doing its job and is increasing interest rate. Party time is over. I am totally in favor of such action. Low interest rate is not a good thing in our economy. 

A reader just recently comment about the situation for Savaria Corporation (SIS), saying it went lower recently. Personally, I wouldn't worry about it, I won't sell my SIS just for a bit of volatility. A stock cannot always go up, it will sometimes go a bit down, its totally normal. Its the life on the market, sometimes the market go up, sometimes it go down, always for whatever reasons, but at the end, quality stocks always delivered. And nothing is wrong with SIS. If you are scared, you can always partly sell your position. There's currently no tangible adversity when it come to SIS. But for EIF, its a different story of course.

Imagine that because of my sell of EIF today, I now have close to 8k in fresh cold cash, all at my disposal to do whatever I want. I could pay off my big fat margin which is currently at $98 500, but still manageable. No very super great stock ideas at the present time, but I was thinking about pitching in Canadian Imperial Bank Of Commerce (CM) and enjoy some easy dividend. Since interest rates are going now up, banks are going to make great juicy profit, maybe 2017 will be a record year.

So let's go CM, be my newest proud. Get me in gorgeous profit and dividend like never before. Throw me out my chair and take me.


While facing adversity, the worst thing you can do is to do nothing and die.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Disastrous time for my non-registered portfolio

Jazz Festival in Montreal came to end. And this Saturday was really jam packed like I never saw it before. It was even hard just to stand there on my two feet and breath. I didn't know the artist but he's probably really popular.... Its sad that the Jazz Festival is already over because the best of Montreal summer is already gone with the wind and we are not getting a very nice summer when it come to the weather. So far, its been chitty just like the stock market. This being said, today was the perfect summer day in Montreal with wind blowing me up - but its just hard to have 2 days of good weather in a row. Its like our whole environment is very disturb. Anyhow, I prefer this kind of summer rather than too hot weather because I have problem standing the heat.

My poor non-registered portfolio closed Friday session at $174 164.14. Despite the fact that its down of a couple thousands, I see good things going on. One of my latest investment, CAE Inc., is up by 0.33% (not a lot, but its still a gain). I prefer not to talk about HCG, but its not going well for me on that investment. Another latest investment, WSP Global Inc. (WSP) is up of 4.08%, that's really good. And other older investments are doing well too. 

But for how long?

Thursday, July 6, 2017

And what about a bit of Crius Energy Trust (KWH.UN) for my portfolio?

Right now, I am such a sucker. My very beautiful non-registered portfolio closed down at $174 421.13. My TFSA at... $58 616.14, when it should clearly be at 60k. Its getting bloody and I am full of rage. I really hate it when the stock market play it dirty dance on me. But it doesn't keep me from wanting more, just like if I would be a xxx dominatrix who really enjoy it. I have right now the oh so perfect song for this perfect moment!

Remember Gargage? I used to really like this song. And its video. Back in the 90s, Shirley Manson was the grunge princess. And today, I am taking the lead by being a very dirty garbage dividend girl.

Right now, while listening to Garbage Push it song on and on and on, I am all eyes on Crius Energy Trust (KWH.UN) who's been announcing an increase of 2% of their dividend distribution. Stockopedia is currently of no help to tell me if this baby worth it or not. Is Crius Energy Trust (KWH.UN) a garbage investment? I truly don't know. But the $0.8043 annual dividend is of somewhat really appealing. And I cannot help myself. I cannot control the appeal of money. I am so extremely sorry.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Justice for Omar Khadr is being made in Canada. Long life to Omar Khadr

10.5 millions coming from Canadians tax money is going in Omar Khadr and I am really happy about it. Justice is being made. 

If I would had been a child soldier like Omar Khadr, I would had killed Americans and I would had killed many of them. We'll never know for sure if Omar killed Tabitha Speer husband, but one thing is for sure and is true, soldiers die at war. Its their ultimate duty. But it seem that the poor Tabitha Speer don't get that yet. Soldiers shouldn't enroll in the military if they want to live a long and happy life. If Americans are stupid enough to fight Muslims, its there very own problem. ISIS soldiers are among the more vicious of all because their heart if full of hate and anger. No one can defeat them. Their faith and anger, and their ultimate hunger make them the best soldiers which we cannot beat off even today. Their willingness to beat the enemy is unstoppable. I would like Omar Khadr to sue the US government for being incarcerated in Guantanamo Bay for so many years when he was only a child. A child soldier remains a child. The most courageous Canadian of all time is not even a real Canadian, he's a f Muslim! By her conduct, Tabitha Speer is not honoring her late husband. She's acting like a real bitchy American, with very low class. Shame on her. Its was Chris Speer role to die at war. It was his duty it was his turn to die. Just another soldier, like many of them who die at war. There's nothing wrong with his death.
We just celebrated Canada 150th birthday on July 1th and today July 4th, its celebration day in the USA. Despite those happy days, its not an easy thing to be on the stock market, its quite rough. I was hoping to hit on the 250k net worth by the end of 2017. Not that I want to be pessimist, but chances are that I probably won't be able to reach that goal, at least not in 2017. And its really alright. Its good to have money goal, but sometimes, circumstances make it impossible to reach those goals. Being almost 100% invested has its good and bad sides. One major problem is that whenever the stock market is acting difficult, well, the portfolio value go down. But one good thing is whenever the stock market go up, my income grow. And currently, there's a lot of volatility in the air. Its very hard to navigate this way, without direction, without any real sense of grow. I actually really dislike this current state of the stock market. Its not the first and last time I am going through such conditions, but I hate it. I really do. I enjoy myself when I am on top of my game, not when the stock market does its job in my hands if you see what I mean.

Ok, so today, the TSX closed the session at 15 130.661 points, leaving my non-registered portfolio at $175 885.60 and my TFSA portfolio at $59 322.66. My sexy big fat margin is at $98 540.78, leaving me a free little $17 205.10. My situation is not so bad, but I would like better data. Like right now, my non-registered portfolio got everything it take to be on the 180k value. But the TSX is not helping this bitch in any kind of way. 

Since its not clear if Home Capital Group Inc. (HCG) is paying or not a dividend, I actually removed it from my dividend sheet. In result, I am now at an average of $675.44. Good enough for now. With a margin usage of almost 100k, its time for me to slow it down a bit and pay down. I guess its the best thing I can do for now. My very sexy extreme emotional investment in HCG might not have been the greatest investment move ever - especially knowing I didn't sell when I could had made a couple hundred bucks. I bough at $17.20 - as soon as HCG don't go too low, I will be happy.

On the other side, some investments made lately had been doing very great, like for example WSP Global Inc. (WSP) is growing and enjoying its stay inside my non-registered portfolio.

Fact is, during desperate boring stock market, its the time to tight up the teeth to the dust like a dog and burn all the excess of energy in a way or the other. Its not anytime soon that I will accept defeat.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

My dividend income is now close to the $700 per month

I visited another apartment this evening, but it was way too small and no balcony... I am trying to find a new apartment at a cheaper price than of what I am paying now, but its not actually working for now. And I don't want of an apartment that will cost me more than what I am paying now. Its all very complicated and Montreal if full of dirty rat holes.

In exactly 2 months from now, I will be turning 37. I am not exactly a young woman anymore, but I don't feel old. I don't think I look my age, or at least I wish so. Anyhow, I never saw a year going on so fast. Life goes on, and the stock market is not exactly cooperating. The TSX closed without real direction today. Nothing is going on like it should. Its all pretty mess up. 

My latest investment in Home Capital Group Inc. (HCG) took a bad trip today. Anyhow, I discovered that HCG actually pay a dividend. And I also notice just today that I totally forgot to add WSP dividend in my spreadsheet income. And I also forgot to add in the latest NFI dividend increased. All that together make a new annual dividend income of $8 305.28, or the equivalent of $692.11 per month. My $700 goal is just so close! It was a fantasy of mine to hit on the $700 dividend income. And its now about to happen - or should I say soon. 

From there, it will be easier for me to repay my big fat margin account. So watch out.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

The extraordinary Warren Buffett is investing in Home Capital Group Inc. (HCG)!

Oh, and I should not forgive: Welcome in my non-registered portfolio Home Capital Group Inc. (HCG)!!!!

WOW, summer is red hot this year. And summer is always busy with all kind of things going on like drinking and stuff on and it make it even harder to post anything at all. But currently, the weather is turning a bit cold so I decided to stay inside and post on about my latest investment adventure, with a little glass of Cuban Legendario on my side. Its too bad, but Legendario liquor can only be purchased in Cuba, and you can only bring 2 bottles, so got to drink with love. Legendario is really good - it has an in deep taste of Cuba in it, its quite hot hot stuff.

This time of year is usually really great for me, that I am drinking or not. I remembered last year around the same time, I shake up a bit my portfolio by adding on great stocks like Morneau Shepell Inc. (MSI), Keg Royalties Income Fund (The) (KEG.UN), Thomson Reuters Corporation (TRI), just to name those few. And I also remembered dumping some old stuff too that I wasn't in anymore, like saying good bye to old lovers.

I guess for this past week, the biggest news was to learned that Warren Buffett was investing in Home Capital Group Inc. (HCG). That was back on June 22. On that special day, I didn't know what my day was about to be up too, but I was wearing one of my most beautiful dress, and I had my nails and hair done. I had no idea what was going to happen, but it was almost like I knew that something was about happen. I rarely do my hair properly these days because of lack of time, but on June 22, I was as pretty as I could possibly be and on June 22, a news took the TSX by stormed: Berkshire Hathaway Inc.was about to invest massively in Home Capital Group Inc. (HCG): 2 billion dollars! WOW. SOOO exciting! Could this be the first time that THE Warren Buffett invest in my fabulous TSX? (I really don't know, but not that I know of). Anyway, this is the kind of things that really turn me on. And I was not going to turn my back on it. Oh no! No money to invest? No problem. It doesn't matter, I have a margin account baby.

Bad bad girl.

Before the TSX opened, I was aware of all that. And it sound like pretty exciting deal to me! There was going to be some great money to be made and the money was just waiting for me, that I had some or not to invest. So as 9:30 am was slowly kicking on, I immediately bought some HCG stocks. I got in at $17.25 per share. Following my fabulous move, HCG shares price went... down. I started worried, what is going wrong?? And I wondered if all investors where still in bed or haven't heard about the great news yet. I understand that Quebec investors might not be smart enough to understand the ultimate treasure of what this deal really mean, but what about the rest of Canada? And what about Americans who can invest on the TSX? Anyhow, later on during the day, HCG moved all the way up, just like it was expected to be. I could had quickly sell off my shares and I would had made a couple hundreds that would had made me very very happy, but this time, I am in for thousands in profit, not just a few hundreds. And for that to happen, I am ready to use all of my bright patience and wait.

This deal had to be approved by the TSX first and maybe later on by HCG shareholders, but who can say no to Warren Buffett? I certainly won't refused anything to Warren Buffett. Fact that Buffett is getting involved in HCG is really good for the image of the company and its an extraordinary sign of trust. I am sure that both the TSX authorities and HCG shareholders - and that's including myself - will approve the deal. After all, we are smart Canadians.

If everything go well, I truly believe that HCG can hit back its old $32.78 value. And that's what I am expecting. It could be a slow mover process, but it could happen.While waiting, its quite exciting to be holding on to the same stocks that Buffett himself will soon acquire - at a much better bargain price, but still...

On other news, my annual dividend income (excluding RRSP, as always) is at $7 981.08, an average of $665.09 per month. I am only missing a $420 to hit on the $700 per month. Its just very unfortunate, but Home Capital Group Inc. (HCG) doesn't pay a tiny cent of dividend cash.

I suspected my net worth to be of $207 000 right now, which is not too bad. Its still possible for me to hit on the 250k net worth before the end of the year, but I will need a good market situation and little angels carefully watching my back. And my plan for Home Capital Group Inc. (HCG) will have to work out.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Welcome in my non-registered and RRSP portfolio CAE Inc. (CAE)

Lately, CAE Inc. (CAE) had been in the news for good reasons, while Bombardier Inc. (BBD.B) is getting under fired for letting one of its tanker truck in pretty bad condition on the road and causing a collision in a highway almost a years ago. Not only that Bombardier Inc. haven't been able to deliver its C Series on time, and not only that Bombardier had paid its administration millions of dollars on money coming from tax money, this time, Bombardier Inc. (BBD.B) is responsible for the death of a poor man. Being irresponsible is very typical of Bombardier and I just don't understand why foreign companies are keeping trust in Bombardier and keep buying its products. Its a complete non-sense. Bombardier Inc. (BBD.B) is not an honest and reliable company. Like Jean-François Tardif and Eugénie Bouchard, one in the financial industry and one as a so call tennis star, Bombardier is showing off the true colors of Quebec province: unable to perform.

Bombardier, Eugenie Bouchard and Jean-François Tardif are 3 Quebec "things" that disgust me. Vast majority of Quebeckers have that thing for being incompetent. Eugénie Bouchard should perform at a strip club because she has the cheap stripper look in her Sports Illustrated photo shoots. She looks like a little girl out of place desperately showing off her skin to prove to the world that she's somebody. What a pity. Female professional athletes should never take their clothes off for the came. Ronda Rousey did the same mistake, and we are not hearing much from her these days. Its easier to play around naked than to perform, that's for sure.

I doubt that Eugénie Bouchard tennis career will last very long. She has a very poor spirit. Whenever the poor girl broke her racket on the court, she makes me laugh. She might be pretty, but she's not a fighter. She's not a very strong athlete. Quebec is being perfectly well represented with her. For me, Eugénie Bouchard is the perfect Quebec fresh face: arrogant by nature and a complete loser.

And what about Jean-François Tardif? Back in the days, Jean-François Tardif was a fund hedge manager superstar. He retired, and made his comeback with the JFT Strategies Fund (JFS.UN). And of course, I jumped in the occasion. It was the promise of big gains. I always knew Tardif was going to make a comeback. Once a man tasted money and power, he can't get enough. So Jean-François Tardif made his comeback just I expected, but his JFS.UN is a deception, its not performing well, and it doesn't pay any dividend. So investors like me are just getting screw up because its doesn't matter if Jean-François Tardif is in the profit zone. No matter what, the rat is sucking some management fees out of poor investors like myself. It didn't took me long to realize that Jean-François Tardif no longer knew what to do or how to trades to make profit. Tardif is just completely lost and guess what, I am doing better as performance on my own. I could steal Tardif at anytime and I could make investors happy among the way. Its sad, but Tardif had shown is true colors too: he's just another incompetent Quebecker. And I am going to kick his white ass. This is revenge baby. I am going to do much better on my own. Thank you and goodbye love.

Yesterday, there was all those good news surrounding CAE Inc. (CAE). Just go find out. Basicaly, CAE is training pilot. Demand is huge. The need for new pilots keep growing. CAE is a leader in its field. For the past couple years, CAE Inc. (CAE) had just keep growing and growing. There's more grow to come. CAE pay a dividend. CAE is a Quebec base company - its kind of the only negative point.

No matter what, I decided to invest in CAE Inc. (CAE) in both my non-registered and RRSP portfolio because I am only looking to invest for my own benefit - first. And companies like this one are hard to find. Its hard to find reliable companies to invest in. So being a "Quebec" company doesn't automatically mean that it stop all investing process. Because I am so lovely smart, I can see beyond my hate.

And this is where everything take it sense: when you close your eyes and see all deep down what you are made of, you know your strength, you know your weakness. I truly believe that its when you know everything about yourself that you can, at that time only, be a successful investor. And its what I am trying to be. So go there CAE Inc. (CAE) be my latest proud and go kick some ass your new princess. Do as I want and give me the royal capital gain treatment.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Saying hello to a $171 040.26 non-registered portfolio value. But is it here to stay?

Its been rough for the past couple days, but the TSX is going back on track, and that being for my very own benefit. And as always, my favorite stock market is treating me like I deserve: like a princess. I am really getting the princess treatment whenever my non-registered portfolio decide to behave and hit on the 171k+. Today, I closed at $171 040.26, which was a good day. I once make it to the 172k, that was quite something! Got to enjoy the moment because sometimes, rich proud and extreme arrogance don't last long. Stock investing is a very dirty thing and it can be source of both joy and pain.

The weather had been awfully hot this weekend, but I didn't mind, as I had been able to see a live free show of IAM at the Francopholies right here in Montreal. That's right, the bad boys of Marseille were in town! And it was quite amazing. I took a couple of videos, which I will try to download on YouTube so you can enjoyed, just like if you where next to me, watching IAM show. Now that I saw IAM at least once in my lifetime, I can die in peace, whatever it has to be in a building in fire or in a terrorist attack. My favorite IAM song is L'empire du côté obscure (rough English translation: The dark side empire):

Its not IAM first major show and certainly not the last, but they seemed very happy to be performing in Montreal. It was really amazing. France is home of many great rappers. Sniper is probably another real favorite of mine. So much better than anything you can find in Quebec province, maybe at the exception of Koriass and a few others, but its a very limited quality scene. A reason why France rappers are so good is that their background take deep roots in the worst of what France hold in term of humane misery. Next to that, most of the little Quebec rappers like Rémi Daoust alias "Rymz" are so out of personality with poor Eminem wanna be kind of style. Just no vibes at all, very terribly boring artist, its incredible. And I got quite insulted this past Saturday night, when I had to listen to Rymz at the Fancopholies, between some pre teen girls and douche bags. Ahhh! What an awful time. I mean come on!

Here is what to illustrate what I am trying to explain in a very clear matter. Dear friend, you are about to experience the real power of France rap music... Are you just ready?

First, listen to Sniper Gravé dans la roche - its hard to find anything better than this. I never get tired of this one:

Good isn't?

And now Indélébile of Rymz:

Kind of boring isn't? There's no appeal in Rymz music, except maybe for 12 years old girl... And not to forget the douches! Good rap music transcend you and move your soul. With his music, Rymz is far from being transcending.

Another great French rapper: La Fouine. Proof that Muslims know how to rap.

Do feel the difference, on how La Fouine and Sniper are so good compare to Rymz?

Now thanks to the Dividend Girl, you know what good French rap music sound like. And because we don't know what kind of pain can bring tomorrow my TSX, a more dirty gangster song of France ghetto for sweet dreams:

Friday, June 16, 2017

As the weather is getting warmer, the TSX is in desperation

I had made a few interesting visits as I am very actively searching for a new apartment, but since I am looking something that will fit in for the long run, I haven't stopped my choice yet. I found something great at $640, but there wasn't a good balcony and it was missing some sun light but otherwise, it was pretty decent. Another place that I visit was very great but was only missing some storage space... With all the clothes, beauty products, books and my old university stuff, I do need good storage space. Its the reason why I want to leave my current apartment. Its hard to find an apartment in Montreal but I guess it can be even harder in other cities so I will try not to complaint too much. This apartment search is sucking a lot of my energy.

As you imagine, right now, finding an apartment is pretty hard, but the TSX is pushing it even harder just to add a bit more difficulties on my shoulders. We are getting closer to the 15 000 points rather than the 16 000 points and its just so sad because I really had been on top of my game. I had been THE TSX Queen. However, dividend juice is still in and at now an equivalent of $660 per month, I am at least happy for that part. My non-registered portfolio closed today at $169 747.67, my TFSA at $58 858.68, RRSP at $36 381.10. Its never easy to be on the stock market when it go down like this.

My latest investment are not doing too bad despite it all. NVU.UN is up +0.95%. NA down of -0.44%. AAR.UN up +4.32%... There's always a bit of good going on, but when the markets are down, its not the perfect time to check out on stocks. Its however the perfect time to buy.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Welcome in my portfolio Northview Apartment Real Estate Investment Trust (NVU.UN), National Bank of Canada (NA), CGI Group Inc. (GIB.A)!!!

I am still searching for an apartment and its not funny at all. Princess haven't find her new castle yet. This evening, I went visiting 3 places. One of those apartment was perfect except for the size - way to small - and actually smaller than my current apartment. I am always amazed when I visit an apartment who's actually smaller than mine. I didn't know it could exist in Montreal. 

And actually, I can affirm the following because since May, and believe me when I say, I had been actively searching for an apartment, too many Quebeckers are fucking rats and have very poor hygiene. Some apartment I visited where so dirty, very awful. Ok, I can hear you from here, just like my mother, saying you can clean it up. Yeah, for sure, but what about the other apartments there, what if I got infected my bed bugs or other vicious things? That's the major problem. So I had set up some rule for myself, that if I visit an apartment that is dirty, I just don't go there. Oven and fridge also need to be very clean. If you are not clean yourself, don't ever read my blog again. I hate you, awful dirty individuals.

For me, being clean is a very important value. As I grow up, my mother was doing everything and the house was very clean. I just don't understand how those people can live in their shit. I understand they are Quebeckers, but still. I clean my place every week. I regularly clean my oven and I clean my fridge every week. I clean the only apartment window I have every week. Everything I live in is clean. Very clean.

Something I don't understand is the presence of carpet in apartments and lobbies. Just so disgusting! Montreal is a hell of a dirty city. And I truly wish every readers of mine something better than Montreal to live in. Montreal is not a good place. Its extremely hard to find an apartment. I should be able to get something for $650 a month but I just can't. And for Montreal, its quite awful. We are not in Toronto or Halifax here. We are only in Montreal.

This evening pass like in fire hell as I had 3 places to visit. One of those places was close to metro Frontenac. I didn't know that area, but near outside the metro, corner Bercy and Ontario, there's a very explicit strip club sign and some strange man fooling around looking at me. So I turned around and call back the homeowner later on. You could be amuse by this, but its not funny to see explicit sex in where it supposed to be an affordable neighborhood to live in. And if you worry for me, don't just ever be, because I am very strong and I wouldn't hesitate to hit like a tiger and run out like a rabbit in case of ultimate need. I am just waiting for my time, and its anytime.

I have all of the very pretty summer clothes, the nice jewelries, I have the big sexy Persol sunglasses to match my big fat margin portfolio situation, I have the big perfect portfolio, I have everything in the world for me, but I just cannot find a correct place to live and this is very unfair. I won't ever forgive Montreal for doing this to me. I hate you damn city. From all my heart, I hate you so much right now and I am very very upset.

I have a chitty life, but my investment life is more interesting and its something you should very seek into for more.

I made today two investments inside my TFSA portfolio:
National Bank of Canada (NA) - only because I didn't know what to invest in and NA recently increased their dividend and I am the Dividend Girl, so why not.
Northview Apartment Real Estate Investment Trust (NVU.UN) - this is a Derek Foster investment. If its good enough for Derek Foster, its good enough for me! And on top of that, NVU,UN dividend yield is VERY very high. So enjoy the free cash investors! Let's go!

Also today, I had invested in CGI Group Inc. (GIB.A) for my RRSP portfolio.

I still have a couple thousands available to invest inside my RRSP. Yeah!

My dividend income is now set to a $660 a month and I am looking forward for a $700 anytime soon.

The real fun only begun. Its just a matter of knowing if you are ready for more because I am.

Thank you

Thank you for visiting!
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