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Sunday, 4 December 2016

Quebec financial criminal latest star: Gilles Vaillancourt

I would like to start saying that its possible to post comments on my blog, but I moderate them and I only post a few of them. Mostly, comments are very welcome, but only to satisfy my ego and for compliment purpose only.

For now, I suspect my net worth to be around 177-$178 000. At a point last week, my non-registered portfolio exceed the 147k mark - I couldn't even believe my eyes. I knew I was good, but I mean, really that good? Oh yeah. Just really nothing can stop this portfolio from growing extra large! I am in good road to get back on the $150 000 value. You can try, but you won't be able to do half better. One thing for sure, I am doing way much better than Jean-François Tardif and his JFT Strategies Fund (JFS.UN). In your face gorgeous baby. I am so happy not to be holding on to some JFT Strategies Fund (JFS.UN) units anywhere in my portfolio anymore. I no longer have to pay for JFS.UN management fee and I am really relieve because the manager was just going no where for at least the past year. I won't ever let a Quebecker abused of me, or even any man, good looking or not. My like story with Jean-François Tardif didn't last long. And really soon, my bad luck with DH will just be a souvenir that I won't even remember in 4 years from now when I will be.. 40 years old. I am getting older and I am just really really happy not to have any kids of my own to take care of.

This being said, that money, I earn it, I invest it, I make it grow. But some people has money, don't really deserve it, has mommy and daddy to pay for studies, to find internships, and even to find jobs. Where is the merit of such individuals? They have none. Leave them all by themselves, they cannot achieve anything. They won't be able to survive. And you'll be surprise of what I see on my everyday life in Montreal. I saw the owner giving year after year an internship to his son in his own business. Great, but what's the value of such internship? In my sense, none. Because the little guy didn't sweat his ass off to get his internship. That a business owner give work/internship, to his sister, son, its not so bad in term of corruption. But when an employee get an internship for her son, it become a bit more problematic, in my very good perfectly balance common sense. And that the same little mother get her relations work so that her son get a good paying job, there again, I find it disturbing. Leave the poor kid alone, he won't be able to get anywhere. And that the same mother talked of her son saying of him that he has an old soul when he doesn't have any achievements of his own, I find it awkward, hilariously funny, dumb. In such work environment, there's no place for personal growth base on distinction. Its all a game base on who you know and who's your friend. I am basically in a  workplace with poor ethic. I guess you can find worst or better in Montreal.

I like to reserve my love and admiration for self-made individuals who are working terribly hard, who are dealing alone against the market monsters and are standing by themselves, with no one to really rely on. Quebec has an in deep culture of debauchery and corruption. Its start with simple little things in everyday life and it just extend to proportion out of control. The latest Quebec biggest shame has the name of the former Laval mayor Gilles Vaillancourt. For years, I always found that Laval appears to be a rough city to live in, even worst than Montreal. An answer to that problem reside in Gilles Vaillancourt. Before being sentence to a too short 6 years in prison, this criminal had been Laval mayor for too many years: from 1989 to 2012! He earned millions and millions of dollars by manipulating municipal contracts. A 6 years sentence is a joke. Its really relevant of Quebec society who tolerate corruption in every field of its system.

Quebec is well know for being the home of all sort of gangsters and hypocrites. I am not one of them.

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Canada has to say NO to Justin Trudeau pipeline projects

Its a sad day for Canadians. Two pipeline projects obtained the federal government approval. We are in 2016 and I don't understand why we should move forward with more pipelines in our country. Justin Trudeau said that those 2 pipeline projects are "in the best interests of Canadians". Like always, Justin Trudeau got it all wrong.

When spills happen, things remain quiet. Journalists don't do their job properly. I remember that this summer, a spill happen in Canada, but I don't remember where or exactly when. But it happen during the summer and I remembered hearing a woman at the radio saying that because of the oil spill, water supply were shut off, so she didn't have any water to take a shower, drink, or do her laundry. Oil spills happen from time to time very viciously. And once the spill is being discovered, its often too late. Oil will go deep down in the earth and ruined the quality of water.

If we allow new pipeline projects to move forward, we'll have to live in the fear that some day, the worst may happen. Its a fear that will destroy our quality of life forever. And if a spill happen, it will leave people in total misery. You can be rich, but if no clean water is available, rich people turn out to be like anyone else. 

Justin Trudeau is so incompetent that he's willing to jump on everything and anything just to create jobs. And not only to create jobs, but to pay off for his big deficit he had created since he had been elected Prime Minister. I didn't vote Liberal at the last election - I am of course too smart for that. But to all of the idiots who vote Liberal, look at what you had done.

Pipelines is not our worst enemy. The legislation of marijuana is. Trudeau see is marijuana an easy opportunity to cover up for his mistakes and super big deficit. Our streets are the home of too many homeless and we have problem to take care of them. We are suffering from lack of resources to help people suffering from alcoholism and other addiction. We already cannot offer health care to the community, its not everyone who has the chance to have a family doctor - but those things don't really matter right? We are just going to add marijuana to the list of problems we have. I wouldn't be pride to live in a country of pot heads. Marijuana is a drug, not a recreational activity.

I have to say that currently, I don't find myself in this country. I am not very proud to be Canadian these days.

Monday, 28 November 2016

Goodbye Fidel Castro

Now that winter really kick in with the ugly snow, slush and rain, the idea of going back to Cuba with my mom suddenly felt like a good idea. I was lucky enough to book a cheap one week getaway at $899 somewhere in Cuba with Air Transat sometimes later on this winter. Its with Air Transat that I also book my Cuba trip last year at Mercure Playa de Oro and it went well. 

Things won't change overnight in Cuba even if Fidel Castro died, but it open the door to change. Once again, the little Justin Trudeau with just no brain - so typical of Quebecker - had made a fool of himself, this time by giving too much good words to the late Castro and celebrating him. Cubans don't have freedom of speech, they cannot travel. Many Cubans that left their country cannot go back - and that is probably all of them. Its very sad to see how Cubans are living. Many of them are very poor. They depend very much on tourists.

Donald Trump has the right attitude toward Cuba. The world shouldn't open to Cuba when Cuba doesn't open itself to its own people. Its quite outrageous. They don't even have access to a proper Internet connection. 

On my first trip to Cuba in Varadero last year, I was curious about Cubans and their culture. I spend sometimes in their markets, trying to catch what they have, what was expensive, what wasn't. They don't have any "discount" stores. They have stores that are managed by the government. Sunscreen was very expensive. Cigarettes are not expensive at all. Cubans smoke everywhere. They don't have many clothes in their stores. Shoes are very expensive, even basic beach flippers. I didn't see any nail clippers - it could seem strange but I tried to find nail clipper after reading online that it was a rare item in Cuba. Last year, I brought many items, including a big bag of beauty samples that I gave to one of the barista at the coffee bar who was nice. It seem to be appreciate. 

Among other items, I gave away Tylenol, soap bars, toothpaste, toothbrush, kitchen linens, nail polish, shampoo, body cream, big white candles, pencils. Since my trip cost $899, I can easily spend $100 on gifts. I have so many nail polish and beauty products at home, I can certainly pick a bit on my own stuff. This is what Fidel Castro did to his people, this his legacy to Cuba. Castro made them live in poverty and make them live an existence of beggars, like if the Cuban nation wouldn't deserve more than cheap gifts coming from tourists. That's something very sad that I cannot handle but I going back only for my mother who beg me to travel.

Since I already book my trip using my credit card, I decided not to make any new investment for the year 2016. I will do my best to stand by the decision and not to invest. My so wanted super investment in TFI will have to wait.
But no matter what, these days, the TSX is treating me like its favorite princess. I am still pretty close to the 180k net worth without new investments. At this time, its exactly what I need. I may calm down at a point and leave some money in my bank account. Its a strange thing being me. A 180k net worth, but NO saving. This had been going on forever now. Its the challenge of my life.

180k is no big deal money. But holding on to a net worth of 180k is something inaccessible to most Cubans. Not giving the opportunity to its own people to accumulate richness is a crime.

Monday, 21 November 2016

WOW, the TSX closed today session at 15 039.87 points

My non-registered portfolio closed today session at $145 559.46. This help my net worth of course, which currently might be at $179 003 without new investments. Everything look very great for now, but for how long.

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Transforce Inc. (TFI) has a place in my portfolio

Today was really cold in Montreal with the rain, but bad surprise this evening. Montreal is getting its first winter snow, and its ugly!

In some ways, Nicolas Sarkozy was to France what Hillary Clinton was to the US, an unwanted politician of career desperately trying to get back in the game. France was so many problems to deal with it, they need someone real willing to make a difference. Some compare Trump to Le Pen, but that's quite unfair. Now at least, Nicolas Sarkozy is gone, and it might be for good this time. At a point, the guy will understand he doesn't belong to politic anymore. A Sarkozy comeback would had been such a pain. But life sometimes is fair. I only have pity for French citizens. Canada is currently being invade of little French people stealing jobs and positions belonging to Canadians. Laws are not enough restricted to protect Canadian interests and make sure that no one steal a job that could be occupied by a Canadian. I really hate seeing French people a bit everywhere in Montreal, its disgusting.

This being said, my non-registered kick off this Friday session at $143 741.97. I suspect my net worth to be at $176 322.97. Its quite good. I would like to hit on the old $180k by the end of the year. The magic $200 000 net worth will probably easily come my way in 2017 so just be ready for it. Fact that Trump will be the next US President shouldn't destroy all of my hopes and dreams. 

I first discovered Transforce Inc. (TFI) back in July on Stockopedia and ever since, TFI is showing a bunch of signs: that new darling just want to be in my portfolio, it is screaming for it. TFI registered so far gain of 39.56% year to date. WOW. Try to be better stock picker that I am. Just try. And now, conclusion being, I want to have a few TFI stocks in my portfolio. This is probably going to be my last investment of 2016. I am a bit sad about it because there's just so other things that I would had love to do with my money, but its just I don't have enough money at this time. And my mom is pushing to travel with me again, its just so annoying.

Stockopedia may be the next best thing next to me. Just to mention, Stockopedia won the Best Investment Software award at the UK Shares Awards.

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Improvement for investors, the TSX can handle it

Life is good when the TSX is all up. I know, the TSX didn't gain points today, but it close at a good 14 733.22 and that's enough to make me happy and make a real difference. My net worth is now at an estimate of $175 367.36. My lost in Smith & Wesson Holding (SWHC) is now only of $277.38. My non-registered portfolio is now at $1425 20.36. The best news is not I am now only missing $4 633 to reach my old 180k net worth.

I sometimes like to get a look at the stocks that I flush behind. Sometimes, selling a stock is always a good and the best option that can be made. Like for example, the case of my old DH Corporation (DH) stocks. Back on October 26, DH lost close to 50% of its value in one day. The following day, I was selling DH, making a few hundreds in the process. I didn't want to hold to a such volatile stock. And I was scare of a dividend cut that could affect even more the stock price.

Selling DH was definitively the right thing to do. DH Corporation (DH) close today session at $14.17. Selling DH was just so the right thing to do! It left behind a gap in my portfolio. Its the main reason why my non-registered portfolio is at 142k instead of 150k. At its highest point, DH was trading at $40 per stock! Facing such trauma is not easy, but I am only missing a few thousands to get back in my feet. After all, I am the Girl.

Another investment that I sold a couple of weeks ago, was JFT Strategies Fund. Back in the days, Jean-François Tardif was THE MEGA good looking star on Bay Street. In the first 2 years of holding JFS.UN, I made money on the units, and I sell some for profit. But the months following that were not good for JFS.UN. Tardif began to say that he couldn't hope to do better than a 6% on the market. On date of today, JFS.UN closed the session at $14.30. JFS.UN is not performing and it remain not profitable. But no matter what, there's still a management fee that investors pay for holding some units of JFT Strategies Fund (JFS.UN). Now, Jean-François Tardif is no longer a mega investor star, but at least he's still good looking - I guess.

Its just 2 quick examples, but usually, when I sell a stock, its for good reason. And most of the time, I am always right. Bad bitches are always right. Tardif can now retired for good. Goodbye honey.

Monday, 14 November 2016

Smith & Wesson Holding (SWHC) is doing better after all

Its really a day-to-day situation when it comes to the market these days. My non-registered portfolio is not back yet to its old 150k value, but overall, things are getting better. At its lowest point, I was losing $500 in Smith & Wesson Holding (SWHC). Now, my lost is of $306. Nothing better than a bit of volatility to shake up things and make us remember that the stock market is a risky place to be and that maybe I should work at putting some money far away from the markets, aside in a saving account.

My mom desperately want to travel with me again this winter, so I said yes. At her age, who knows how many years she has left to be good enough to take place and travel. I have to say, I prefer to keep my money and invest it rather than spending it on some fancy vacation. I am not a big traveler. Its not something that is really important for me. Now the question being were are we going to travel this winter. I am a bit afraid of Mexico. And I really don't want to visit Dominican Republic for ethic reasons. Cuba is safe and affordable, and Cuban men are just so hot that I could easily throw my clothes off, its unbelievable. Too bad my mom has to come with me! Hola Cuban pretty boys, here I am. lol

That the news for now.

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Investors are paying the price against propaganda culture of fear

Its no secret to no one now, Leonard Cohen recently died in Los Angeles. H was born in Quebec, actually in Montreal and even he had an address in Montreal. I stopped by his home and there was still people on this Sunday afternoon stopping by. Here what look like the memorial at Leonard Cohen Montreal home:

In Montreal, Cohen was a real shining star. His home is just across the cutest little park ever, Parc du Portugal.

On October 21, something very special happen, I had reached the 180k in asset. I would like the moment to stay in a bit longer because now, I estimated by net worth to be of $172 161. Nothing extra dramatic. Easy money comes, easy money goes... At that point, I could too easily imagine myself sitting on a 200k net worth by, why not,, the end of the year, if not in the first couple months of the year 2017...  I can now say that nothing of that is probably going to happen anytime soon and I look at my $262 843.84 portfolio as a good souvenir. Maybe too good to be true. Let say I move on for now. I wanted Donald Trump to become the next US President. I got what I wanted. But now, its going to be a bit harder to reach my money goals. These days, the stock market is not the place to find happiness. I went through similar things before and always bounce back. I go through difficult phases in the past but now its different because we are stuck in a culture of fear. I am not afraid of Donald Trump. I actually adore him more every day that pass on.

So far, I am impress by Donald Trump. He has a good behavior. Its just the campaign was very nasty. The man was ready for anything to win and he won! I agree with him on the fact that immigrants with a criminal record should be deported and arrested. Canada should take example on Trump. Immigrants who are getting a criminal record while living in Canada and who are unfaithful to Canadian values, who registered to the Partie Québécois and Québec Solidaire, who rejected Monarchy should get deported. US border need to be protected, the wall is a great idea. Its actually one of the safest way to make sure no illegals cross the border and no drugs get pass on.

Go Trump go!

I love his bad ass temper and I like his willingness to face and find solutions to the most difficult problems US are facing.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Can Edward Snowden be pardon?

Its too sad, Leonard Cohen died today. His music is so original, charming and unique. Its why he's so loved. His name will remain.

I watched a Q&A of Edward Snowden that was recorded live earlier today. Its very informative and provide a new perspective on why he did what he did. He's just a too good guy and believed it was the right thing to do. Its too bad because he is paying the price on his back. He's willing to go back to the US, but at the condition of a fair trial. If the jury find him guilty, he said he's willing to do jail time. The point he's trying to make is that if you do what you believe is right, you don't need to be afraid. I have more consideration for him now that I listen to that Q&A.

Quite interesting stuff, you should listen to it:

According to Edward Snowden, massive espionage of little people like you and me never lead to anything to stop terrorism. I believe its true. With so many data at their disposal, too much is too much. It might be costing a lot to citizens but we don't really know how much those programs cost. If Snowden can distance himself from WikiLeaks, I believe Snowden could obtain Donald Trump pardon.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Donald Trump is the new king of the word, long life to the KING!

Yesterday evening, I watch the US elections with a cheap bottle of wine bought at the grocery store. I listen as far as I could but at 23h30, alcohol didn't help my case, I felt asleep and stopped it there. By the time I went to bed, Trump was about to win Florida. Usually how the US election goes, if a candidate win Florida, the candidate win the elections. So In my mind, Trump had already won. And when I wake up this morning, it was official: Donald Trump was the new US President! I so didn't wanted Hillary Clinton to win! Bill Clinton can keep his pants on, he won't be in the White House anymore and Hillary will have to do the dirty job in the bedroom! The Clinton, I hate them. Immensely, from the bottom of my heart for all kind of reasons.

Remember my Smith & Wesson Holding (SWHC) super hot move, well, it didn't work out like expected! Its kind of hilarious in a way. In a bad way. But that's how the stock markets are. Unpredictable. Its part of the game. If all of my sexy investment moves would all turn out well, I would be much more than just a Dividend Girl, I would be a witch. Things are not too bad. I only lost $268.28 on SWHC. Maybe later on the stock will catch up. At least, Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (BRK.B) gains 4.66% inside my US portfolio.

This morning, I was expecting the US and the world to go a little bit crazy, like in this Lil Wayne video, Drop the World....

But no, the day went on well. The TSX didn't drop like expected. It actually gain more than 100 points!! I had transferred fund in the early morning over my margin account to protect it, but it wasn't needed. For now, its all good, I can breath, but its expected that the markets will be volatile in the upcoming weeks, months... years... Its going to be complicated. Its going to be a day-to-day situation, depending of what Donald Trump will do/say... If the US get closer with Russia with manners and calm, something very great could come up. It could be great for both countries, and also for the rest of the world. I am curious to find out what will happen between the two countries.

My non-registered portfolio closed at 142 831.08, and my margin stand at a left-over of $13 119.32. Everything is under control for now.

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