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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Welcome in my non-registered portfolio Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CM)!

This is my first ever post as a... 35 years old. On my birthday, which was on August 27 in case you miss it, I knew that the world wasn't going to give up on me. My non-registered portfolio close that day session at $123 837.35 - way better than the $118 000 I was sitting on just a few days ago. This is just how difficult the markets are to follow these days. And it can be hard on the nerves. The only way to survive is to keep holding and invest while the markets are not. No one should ever sell investment under panics, but that is more easy to say than to do.

Fortunately enough, I never sell stocks while facing a major correction. Holding on is the only way to move on and to face better days. On my birthday, the TSX gain points. I was happy of course, and I decided to invest in something new, so I decided to invest in Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CM). I still have contribution room inside my TFSA, but because the TSX is so volatile right now, I only wanted to add a new investment to secure my margin situation, which is directly link to my non-registered portfolio. 

My margin is on a delicate situation. I have $11 500 of usage left on it. Its enough to cover these bad trading days, when my portfolio lose in value. But its barely enough because we never how bad things can go. There's just too much of volatility to be able to say how much is needed to be safe. The only way to be safe is not to use any margin money at all. Unfortunately, it is not my case. 

I invested in Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CM) on my birthday, but I still have an interest in Northland Power Inc. (NPI). I am missing some stocks to do everything I would like to so. But more importantly, I wanted to invest in my non-registered portfolio to add money into it and protect my margin. In other worlds, my margin control it all and have the last word on everything.

I was lucky enough to be at the world premiere of the film Muhammad. I went to the Cinema Imperial after work. I saw a crowd - it was the opening. A woman with probably her husband were standing right in front of me. The woman asked if I wanted to see the movie, I said yes of course. And she gave me a ticket. I was pretty excited. Its a great - but long movie, about the first years of life of the prophet.

From its earliest days, war had been at the center of Islam. The story of Muhammad is very complex. Jesus came on Earth, and after him was Muhammad, with his own way to understand religion, with his own teaching. It was interesting, you may like the movie if you are curious about Islam religion.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A day to remember: August 27, 1980

This is my very last post as a 34. Tomorrow, I will be... 35. Virgo from August 27, nothing less, lucky.

I will be celebrating my non-registered portfolio with a tiny little non-registered that only worth 118k. I was far from imaging that this was going to be how I would be celebrating...poor like Job! This was supposed to be an extra special time. I was supposed to shine and registered super great capital gain. But hell no, it didn't happen that way, and I am lost between laughing about it or having a big nerves down.

But hey, its just money, right?

Everything I had worked so hard for finally came by with no f meaning at all.

But, I have to say, me and my pretty self are celebrating tomorrow my 35 birthday, and I am secretly praying God to stay youthful like a 25 for many many years ahead. For once, somebody is on my side. 

Today TSX gains were encouraging, but nothing to be super amazed. We are still way under the 14 000 points. And still very far from the 15 000 points. Its so messy out there. With the recent gains, I didn't took any credit line funds to cover my margin account. It seem like I am going to be just fine.

I unfortunately don't feel much like investing in ANYTHING. And trust me, its a strange feeling. Back in the times, I had some royal investment crushes that need to be feel. Now 35, I invested in pretty much in everything I ever wanted. The only problem is that I don't have enough cash to be financially free. I don't have enough money invested.
I was hoping for something more exciting and sexier for my birthday. Anyway, one thing positive at least is that my margin usage is at $64 730. I would like to begin to pay down my margin and leave extra cash at the bank. I am seriously thinking about getting a part-time job, but I am not much excited about losing my free time...

See, I am turning 35, but my sexy life is always, forever the same thing. Year after year, I try to save money, I try to invest, I try and try and I try. Results were showing. Remember my portfolio update of April 2015? That friends, was one of the hell good portfolio. Capital gain were pumping all. I was at 205k value, with a net worth of close 140k... Awesome money. Now, I am not ruined, but I am not running on gold.

As a new 35, I expect the world to be on my feet. I expect to have everything I want, nothing else.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Hard Black Bloody Monday, but darker days could be ahead

This past Friday, my non-registered portfolio closed down to $118k. Today, my non-registered portfolio closed the session at a very low $114 997.39. I wasn't surprised, I was mentally prepared, but like each time, its hard to take. There's not one single stock of my non-registered portfolio who gain value today. Everything is under distortion. Back on Friday, I had a bit more than 8k left on my margin. Noticing how bad were the markets today, I transferred a 5k on my margin. That money came from my a credit line. Luckily, I have another 10k available on another credit line, and many other thousand dollars on different credit lines to cover up if the stock market decides to just continue is way down.

For small investors who have like me their non-registered portfolio on margin, time had come to in some fresh cash to avoid any problem. One of my 5k credit line has a super low interest rate. I am seriously thinking about transferring that money on my margin so I can at least spend the day at work without worrying too much.

Today loses were no surprise, but what about tomorrow? I am not sure, but I am getting mentally ready for some more loses. Is this how I am going to celebrate my 35th birthday? Keep your fingers cross. Still 3 days before the big day.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Another messy correction for the TSX stock market and what does it mean for the Dividend Girl

Its always rough to face a stock market correction, especially when everything had been doing so well for a long time, that your portfolio was on the high, dividend income was good... On Friday, the TSX lost more than 200 points. This in deep correction has an effect on my portfolio. In my case, my non registered closed down to 118k. Its like feeling virtually attack by an unknown predator. The only way to stay protected is: not to invest in stock or have a very diversify portfolio and buying blue chips when the TSX lose points like crazy - its like the only thing to do. On crisis like the one we had in 2008 - even if this one is quite different, but result of that 2008 crisis - stocks continue to pay dividend, but everything seem going slow and it can be stressful.

Personally, I check on the stock market every single day - when I am not away on vacations. Lately, the TSX was pretty down pretty much every single day. And with the correction of this past Friday, we got the cherry on the sundae. However, the problem is, there's no way to figure out if the correction will continue or Monday or not. We have to wait 2 long days before figuring out. Time had come to transfer some money on my margin. I only have 8k left on my margin. This is what happen baby when you play on the stock market with money that is not yours. Sexy is learning the very HARD way. 


I don't remember the last time that my non-registered was at 118k, it must had been a very long time. Yesterday, it was playing on my nerves, I would had need to smoke weed or some Benadryl or two good Gravol pills, beers was just not enough. I cannot believe that on August 27, I am going to celebrate my 35th birthday dead broke! Anyway, don't despair sexy people. We have to wait what Monday will look like. While waiting, you can shake your booty on this cool mix, you'll thank me later for posting ok, and shake it off until Monday morning:

Personally, I never been much interested in the oil sector, and fortunately, I am not that exposed to the energy sector. Oil stock sector never operated an excitement on me. I don't like oil, I don't like anything related to it sector. Have you ever seen pictures of what the exploitation of oil sand actually  look like in real life? Its disgusting. We should be more of an evolved society and rely on clean energy. This oil correction is hitting at the right place. Soon, it won't even worth it for companies to exploit oil. I knew that moment would come. Its just unfortunate that so many people in Canada work in the dirty oil energy sector. Now that oil value just seem to continue its way to down $0 value, we may be able to see more clean energy development. But I am praying for the desperate who had lose their jobs and for those who will lose them soon. Jobs in that sector usually pay very well, but living cost being so high and lifestyle coming with it, many workers might not have what it take in savings to survive. No matter what is your social position, its getting of an emergency matter to have money save in the mattress. With China situation, we could be in the curve for a down market that could continue.

Suncor Energy Inc. (SU) recently announced a dividend increased - which is a very stupid decision from their part knowing what's going on in Alberta these days. This is a way for SU to seduce investors. I don't think that we'll see oil going up anytime soon. There's nothing left in oil to seduce investors. Playing on oil is suicidal.

Like always while facing a major TSX stock correction, I am not looking forward to sell any of my stocks and follow the selloff because I am a smart ass girl who soon will be 35 years old. Princess is getting older, but I would like to get richer during the same process. But no desperation please, just watch me kicking in the TSX like a fool. That damn stock market is going to make me rich sooner or later!

Remember a stock that I wrote about a little way back: Northland Power Inc. (NPI)? Its right in the energy sector. Despite the big loses of Friday, NPI finish the session with a gain of 0.65%. Currently might be a good time to invest in blue chips, like RY for example, could be at a good entry point. But the problem is: how a bank like RY will react on the long term with this oil context? Its a problem that all banks in Canada are facing at this time.

I know Northland Power Inc. (NPI) is not a blue chip, but its one of the only investment that I feel right at this time. I won't have the TSX have the last word on me.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

The TSX had hit a wall

One of the worst scenario ever happen today. I was getting used to the market upside-down, but a TSX trading under the 14 000 points - I absolutely hate that, as much as I hate the extreme hot weather that we have in Montreal for the past couple days. In result, my non-registered portfolio stop at $121 631.78, margin closed under 13k. Nothing to worry for now.

While the TSX was falling under us, Alexis Tsipras decided is was the time to quit as Prime Minister of a all mess us desperate Greek country. No good news for Greek citizen, as new elections are going to again cost them some money. Tsipras wasn't of a man strong enough to stay there at less 2 years. What a moron. When you take the decision to serve your country, it need to a an in deep serious matter.

From the start, Alexis Tsipras had been acting like a clown. Greek deserved so much better. If they could get organize, Greek could become such a magical vacation place. It should implant itself a major cheap tourist destination. Its what I would do. Make plan in order for Greek to become to next Cuba. Anyway, in Cuba, I heard that the food is totally disgusting and that people can get sick. So nope, I not too excited about going to Cuba this winter with my mom. I don't like too hot weather. I am so not attracted to Cuba, it mean absolutely nothing to me.

I cannot imagine a life without having anything invested of the stock market. but something I find it hard. Days like today, it make it almost too hard. I have better things to do with myself other than worrying about my investments. Being poor is no fun. The stock market was made so for the rats to invest their money in it. But, rewards come a day or another and it could be a could time to invest like let say RY or something like of a blue stock.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

New Flyer Industries Inc. (NFI): picture of a stock on a sky rocket despite morosity

Like usual, today was another bad day for the TSX, no surprise. My non-registered portfolio closed today session at $125 895.84. Luckily, I still have a $14 000 left on my margin. Generally speaking, the market is going down, but there's still a few stocks in my portfolio that just keep going strong. One of those stocks is New Flyer Industries Inc. (NFI).

Just a few days ago, the California Energy Commission announced a grant of $2.1 million to NFI. In exchange, New Flyer Industries Inc. (NFI) has to deliver an electric transit bus system. Even before that announcement, NFI was on a good position. It used to stay steady and strong. But now, its only getting better. I had been holing New Flyer in my non-registered portfolio for a very long time now. I haven't been able to find out since when, but you have heard of New Flyer Industries Inc. (NFI) in several occasions on this blog.

I had bought stocks during down market at several occasions and it pay off very well. But currently, the TSX, the global economy has no directions. It goes up, after what it goes down, up-down, up-down... down.. and down again. Who want to possibly invest in those conditions? When I invest, its to feel like a shining star. I like it when a stock recently bought bring in quickly good capital gains. But it seem like now, that belong to the past. investing is no longer about being a shining start anyone. Its more resilient. And its about long time goal.

Currently, every flashers seem to point out in direction of a good hard stock market crash. But the when is not being tell no where. Now is not the best or worst time to invest in stocks, its just very difficult to face the market reality. Despite it all, they're great stocks like NFI that are are to provide both capital gain and great dividend distribution. One of those stocks is Exchange Income Corporation (EIF).

Lately, Exchange Income Corporation (EIF) increased its dividend to $0.16 per month. This bring my dividend income to $6 218.84. Not too bad.

From my personal experience, the best way to play the market is with a very very diversify portfolio, with a lot of money, and a lot of diversification. You never know for sure which stock will turn good as gold, you can only play and be a sexy and courageous wild cat. Be strong.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Meet my top investment stock picks: only the best for your portfolio

Do you now understand why I just hate the stock market right now? Yesterday, the TSX was up by more than 100 points and today, its off. Not by 100 points, but still. And in result, my non-registered portfolio closed today session at $126 803.20. Something I really dislike is having my portfolio only standing at $125 000. At close to 127k, things are not so bad, but I am still far from the usual 130k+ value. The TSX goes up and down for no special direction and its disgusting. 

However, those rough time make it the very perfect occasion to evaluate an investment portfolio. Which stock continue growing despite the rough stock market conditions? Which stocks are falling behind with the TSX? Which stocks are cutting their dividend? Which stocks had increased their dividend income?

To start, here's the list of the stocks that are still on profit in my portfolio:

Agrium Inc. (AGU): +77.51%
Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS): +17.40%
BCE Inc. (BCE): +20.81%
Canadian National Railway Company (CNR): +103.65%
Canadian Utilities Limited (CU): +17.26%
Cineplex Inc. (CGX): +44.47%
Corby Spirit and Wine Limited (CSW.A): +127.82%
DH Corporation (DH): +199.86%
Emera Incorporated (EMA): +22.51%
Enbridge Inc. (ENB): +57.19%
Enbridge Income Fund Holdings Inc. (ENF): +89.48%
Fortis Inc. (FTS): +51.72%
JFT Strategies Fund (JFS.UN): +39.14%
K-Bro Linen Inc. (KBL): +140.89%
Lassonde Industries Inc. (LAS.A): +19.84%
Loblaw Companies Limited (L): +57.54%
iShares S&P/TSX Capped REIT Index ETF (XRE): +11.96%
Methanex Corporation (MX): +279.19%
New Flyer Industries Inc. (NFI): +58.77%
Pembina Pipeline Corporation (PPL): +143.96%
Premium Brands Holdings Corporation (PBH): +97.46%
Saputo Inc. (SAP): +25.08%
Stella-Jones Inc. (SJ): +72.37%
TMX Group Limited (X): +11.96%
Toronto-Dominion Bank (TD): +9.10%
TransCanada Corporation (TRP): +18.59%
Westshore Terminals Investment Corporation (WTE): +19.43%

I had been holding all of those stocks for quite sometime - to learn when they were first purchased, you can search them on my blog search engine. As for the stocks that are from my non-registered portfolio but who don't appear on the list, they are stocks that I had lose money on. This mean that their capital value is down.

At first sight, this list could seem without any value - but you are wrong if you think that. You are currently viewing my top investments. I had been investing in stocks for the past 8 years and right now, you are facing the best damn stocks of the Canadian market - nothing else! Watch out closely. I am giving out for FREE what could look like the best PORTFOLIO on EARTH. (OR almost). All that to say that yeah, sometimes, you can be lucky and you just don't know it. 

I could redo the exercise and name all the stocks I had lose money on and their losing percentage. But since I am already having a hard time facing the ups and downs of the stock market, you will excuse me, I am passing on that one. And its about the same reason why I didn't post an update of my portfolio. I only update - most of the time - my portfolio when it had gained in value. And as you know, I didn't update my portfolio in a really long time. At this time, my overall portfolio is not on a growth mode and its been that way for too long now.

I love to invest when the stock market is on the high but generally following an acquisition, it quickly gain in value. But it haven't been that way in a while. And its why that I think that I am facing the what I consider the most difficult time of my life.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Its official, I am now a Quebecker

In less than 3 weeks from now, I will be turning 35. Its certainly not old, but I am no longer that young 20 chick or something like it, but I still fell like that. And believe it or not, in 5 years, I will be 40!!! Nice kids from the 80s are getting nothing else but older. In case you really don't know, my birthday is on August 27, just like MA$E baby.

I am fortunate enough not to look or even feel that 35 of years on my shoulders. 35 ok no drama, but I begin see sign of aging. I had spot in the past a few white hair on my pretty me - that you hair coloration - and I unfortunately have a few brown spot on my pretty face - thank you makeup. THANK YOU. I didn't have any of those problems in my twenties. This is a real life girl bitch! So young and so already done.


And guess what, for my birthday, I had become a QUEBECKER. I AM NOW A QUEBECKER.
Nooooooooo. Oh well, I received my driver license, and today I received my Quebec medical card. I had been back in Quebec for 3 years and I didn't bother to have my cards transfer because I only wanted to get out of Quebec province. Unfortunately, I have two choices: I go back to New Brunswick and go kill chickens or I stay right here in Montreal where I have a full-time that pay well.

I had applied to a job in New Brunswick right before going there for my vacation, but the position had been fulled - it wasn't a chicken killer position - I discover that profession however on site and I could see myself killing chickens on a very energic way. :-)
Anyway, the TSX gain a few great points today. My non-registered portfolio pop up at the $127 000. I am slowly getting back on my feet. My dividend income, not including RRSP is at a rough $6 200. I am trying not too spend too much money. I am a good girl, I bring my lunch at work. I am on a non makeup and clothes ban. I quickly realize thank you that having just a $1 000 in my banking account wasn't enough. Since my rent is $635, once my rent go - in case I don't have enough cash like it happen this past month - less than a 1k remain... So I decided that I needed a $5 000 in my bank account and work on an emergency fund.


I always disliked blogger who write about emergency funds and I am now just one of the other f.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Unwarm Canadian stock market with no excitement = shitty Dividend Girl

These days, I am receiving multiple credit offers. For once, any of them is tempting me. Again, CIBC Visa is offering me a 0% interest rate credit card balance transfer - but a one time 1% fee apply. BMO MasterCard is offering to increase my credit. 

These days, my life investment is like nothing. I don't like to invest in those stock market conditions. My non-registered portfolio just worth a bit more than $126k and its deeply depressing. For a while now, my non-registered portfolio had been at the 125k - which is unusual - I am usually in the 130k+ range. It doesn't even feel like its a good time to invest because the markets keep closing without direction or by going down. I am not getting the feeling that it will get back on track anytime soon and I just have a very annoy feeling regarding investments right now.

Now could be the good time for me to just pay off debt because like the market, I have no direction and it is extremely boring. Its like I don't find it very satisfying to invest anymore. Bull market is killing it all, its painfully hard. And boooring. Being normal, I would used my credit money to invest. At least, I am out of danger now. No investment = no money lost.

Cannot even enjoy the end of summer peacefully without hearing elections shit! Just for that, I want Stephen Harper to be long way gone.

I just hope my market excitement will come back soon because I feel completely lost. Life is getting boring.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Secret pictures of New Brunswick Prime Minister Brian Gallant

I was away in New Brunswick for a few vacation days, living the life I should always have. During that time, it seem I didn't miss anything spectacular on the market, because barely nothing new happen. I had heard way before now Puerto Rico financial problem. I was expecting a dead low market. In result of all this, my non-registered portfolio closed today session at $127 303. 

Now that the good summer days are almost gone, I am trying to set myself back to my old, very old saving habits. I just paid a $1 104 balance on my BMO MasterCard. I guess I have no needs to say that I am going to be very careful with my money for what it is left of 2015. I will try to save a $7 000. Its possible, but only if I cut off my spending. And this mean no more cool manicures and pedicures. I also need to save money for a trip my mom want to make this winter. 

Changing my habits a bit won't hurt. I didn't invest in quite sometime and its because I don't have anything much left after paying everything. I had been a very bad girl.

Now, the moment you all waited for. New Brunswick Prime Minister Brian Gallant came to town while I was there, and of course, I took some pictures. TADAM. Brian Gallant secret pictures reveal.

Ahhhh! TOO CUTE. Viva Liberal.

I also got my very own picture with me, but sorry folks, you won't see that one here. Because I am secret.

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