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Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Welcome in my US portfolio, Vanguard Russell 1000 Growth Index Fund (VONG)!

I invested in Vanguard Russell 1000 Growth Index Fund (VONG) earlier today for my US investment portfolio.

My Canadian non-registered portfolio closed today session on a good $136,312.17, my TFSA portfolio at $127,569.78, my RRSP portfolio at $61,447.64, and my US non-registered portfolio closed at $4 311,79 CAN. My US margin portfolio arrived over the National Bank Direct Brokerage on the first week of October, but I didn't receive yet the $135 plus taxes credit to cover the transfer fees for that account. As told by a National Bank Direct Brokerage's broker, I begin to really believe now that you really need to place a first trade before received the so wanted credit. Just like I had been told.

I only had a small amount in cash available inside my US margin portfolio - and even though it's a "margin" portfolio, I don't want to borrow money in US dollars in that account. I took a look at Derek Foster's latest newsletter, but I didn't find anything for my interest in his portfolio. I have access to Stockopedia to help me find new stocks to invest in, but my subscription exclusively covers Canadian stocks only. Following what, I suddenly remember something that been said by Warren Buffett, that the S&P 500 Index was a good investment. So I started by looking for US ETF related to the S&P 500 Index. Unfortunately, the ETFs that are invested in the S&P 500 Index are super expensive, like $200, $300 per unit!

I also check on the price stocks of different US companies, but many of them are super expensive. Generally speaking, I find the US market to be a rough place to be. It's super expensive and extra volatile. I find it difficult to find a US stock that has a good overall chart that goes all the way up. Fortunately enough, Vanguard Russell 1000 Growth Index Fund (VONG) has exactly the kind of overall chart that I like, only nice and steady growth that is under control:

Trust me when I say, it's extremely hard to find US stocks that have such a good quality overall chart.

I only made a tiny small investment in Vanguard Russell 1000 Growth Index Fund (VONG) today, but with my upcoming transfer credit fee that I am waiting for from National Bank Direct Brokerage, I will have enough money to invest in something else in US dollars, but once again, it will only be a tiny little small investment. Having a $0 commission fee broker is for me a huge game-changer.

In my opinion, there's no small investment, even if I name some that way. Every single investment made over the stock market is an important one. It doesn't matter how little you invest, but the money absolutely needs to be made inside high-quality investments, no matter how little the amount invested is. And this is exactly how I reached my highest net worth ever of $332,735.61, by investing small amounts of money over time in high-quality stocks. I want my blog to be the illustration of just that.


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