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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Next 1 500$ investment for RRSP

I am now all set up for my RRSP. I only begin at 15h tomorrow, so I hope I will be able to see someone tomorrow morning for at least one of my two plans. I look around most of my afternoon for my RRSP. I had another 1 500$ to invest…

With Caisse Desjardins, I decide to invest 500$ in the Natural Resource Guaranteed Investment. It’s a 5 years GIC. It will probably provide me a good return.

The other 1 500$ will be with TD:

500$: GIC Plus (according to TD, the “return linked to the performance of the S&P/TSX 60”.

1 000$ between those mutual funds:

TD Entertainment & Communications
11% since inspection

TD U.S. Mid-Cap Growth ($US)
8.8% since inspection

TD Latin American Growth ($US)
24.1% since inspection

TD Precious Metals
13.9% since inspection

TD Dividend Growth
11.4% since inspection

TD Monthly Income
10% since inspection

TD Canadian Bond
8% since inspection

TD Emerging Markets
9.3% since inspection

TD Energy
11% since inspection

What’s fun at TD, is that the minimum allowed per funds, when investment is RRSP, it’s 100$. So I probably be able to invest in all of the above, I just need a genius as advisor who will be able to equilibrate the hole thing with the standard of the Authority. After, I will be finally done with my 2007 RRSP.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I didn't lost that much after all.........

I finally had the courage to calculate my total income and investment value in date of January 28, 2008. I haven't calculated my total value since December for my investments. Since I am off today and I have nothing to do since I didn't find a second job. So I proceed and I am quite surprise, I didn't lost that much money with the major crash we had.

I now have in my possession 32 260.73$. I am waiting for my pay this Wednesday after midnight. I should have around 1 000$. I did a bunch of extra hours, since I currently have no place else to work. So we can say 33 260.73$...

I cheat on my "no expense" goal for last week and this week, but that doesn't really matter. My total expenses for the month of January are only of 1 160.65$. If I could make 1 000$ after taxes every 2 weeks, I will be good and I will keep the same job for quite a while. It's almost 1 000$ per month that I could put in savings.

I still have 2 500$ to invest for my RRSP, so I hope I will be able to do that tomorrow, at Caisse Desjardins or TD, I don't know. I am quite tired and I just hope it will turn for the best.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

I place a total of 2 500$ for my RRSP so far

And I have another 2 500$ to place. I still wonder where I am going to place the money, but I still time. I wanted to do everything yesterday and today regarding my RRSP investment for 2007, but let's say I have done what I could for now. All those things have exhausted me, plus, I went to a job interview (for a second job).

So yesterday, I had an appointment at CIBC. I went there, the representative was cool, and he was ok to give me what I wanted. I invest 1 000$ in the CIBC Monthly Income Fund for my RRSP. I also invest 500$ in the CIBC Dividend Fund (non RRSP) and also 500$ in the CIBC Emerging Markets Index Fund (non RRSP). I haven't invested in mutual funds since a while now, and I just wanted to put some money somewhere, even if I know what's going right now in the US and everything.

So far, for my RRSP, I have invested in, yes, mutual funds, but also in GICs. Since my situation is not very stable and, let say it, that I don't have a good situation, no pension plan coming from any employers, etc.... I decided to invest in some GIC. But knowing that I have both RRSP and non RRSP investment, it won't hurt that much I believe to put money in a save place, like RRSP. Dividend funds and Monthly Income Fund are pretty save too.

So today, I went to the RBC, have buy 1 000$ in a GIC, 3 years, Canadian market and 500$ in RBC Dividend, both for my RRSP.
I still have a 1 500$ to invest and I don't know yet where to put the money.

Monday, January 21, 2008

One step at a time

So far, I stick the plan of not doing any more expenses until the end of the month. I still have a few pennies left in my purse, but it's about it. I find it quite important to be able to stay I am going to stop spend my money, at a certain point, and be able to do so, until it's reasonable.

I finally take rendez-vous today at the CIBC to buy the fund I wanted. I might try to fix another rendez-vous at the RBC for my free account tomorrow, so that way, I will all be set up.

Good news also, I have an interview Wednesday for a job, hours seem to be pretty flexible, and I can't wait to see if it's going to work out.

I have been doing extra hours at the job. During those last couple of days, I give like an extra 2 hours each day. I try to have a good pay just like the last one. Last pay was bigger because I have been working on January 1. I might be able to make 940$ after taxes for 2 weeks of work next pay. The job is not too difficult, I have been working there since middle of November. What's funny about it is that it's mostly in English all the time so let say I get a lot of practice and I am learning to speak a proper English at the job... lol

Seriously, my English is not that bad I believe, if not, I wouldn't have the job. Everything is going fine so far, I just have comments of my dear follow workers on the extra hours I am doing, but as long as I am authorized to do extra hours, which I have been so far, I don't give a damn about my charming fellow workers....

It's seem like there's a lot of jealousy but I don't care because the one who gave be negative comments are the most stupid and ignorant one and I never give a damn about them since the beginning. I just don't response to their comments, I don't want to make them feel too happy about themself.

Anyway, from my side, I am happy, because when I arrive ealier and ask if it's ok with them if I do extra hours, it's the way it's working there, and that I get a yes as an answer, I quickly find a seat to work and I start receiving call 5 minutes later..... lol

The job is easier now and I enjoy it more, since I now understand what it is about.

I cannot wait to be done with my RRSP. I try to do everything that week in case it's work for my second job and that I can actually begin working there next week. I just hope it's work! I did my job aplication last Wednesday, and I got a response today, finally. And there too, the job is mostly in English...........

It's strange. I am in Montreal and I mostly use my English most of the time. It's a good thing I know English, even if it's a basic one.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

No more any expenses until the end of January

I now have 1 065$ in expenses for the month of January (which include money put in credit card, student loans, rent, etc...) and I will try to spend any more money until the beginning of February. I spend a little bit more than the 1 000$ I was projected to respect, but once again, I went eat out junk food again... It's kind of hard to control all those ridiculous expenses, but I am really determine to stick to the plan and not do any other expenses. I should have enough food for the rest of the month. I have evreything I need, tea, coffee, bread, milk, rice, chicken and so on lol.

So there's no reason why I should spend any more money around.

I did my lunch for next week. After that, it will be the last week of January and I think I will be able to make it without any other expenses. After rent, food is my major expenses and, if I cannot cotrol my rent expense, since it's a fix price every month, well, I can control my food expense. It's really demanding, controlling every penny.

But I told myself that since I only have a job now, I should discipline myself if I want to continue to save. And I am kind of surprise pf the reasult because in regular savings, I now have close to 7 000$. I should be the minister of Finance of Canada, I could do miracles (I am just saying that in order to keep myself motivate...). :)

RRSP investment

I have calulate my total earning without changing anything of my mutual fund amount. For the mutual funds, I kept the same amount like the one I had in December, because I don't want to cause myself an emotional breakdown.

I now seriously thinking about where to invest my RRSP money. As I previously wrote, I have about 5 000$ to invest. There's at least 2 mutual funds that I want. For now, I was thinking to put a 1 000$ in the CIBC Monthly Income Fund. It's a well-known fund with a strong background. Since inception, the fund gave 10.3% of return each year. I will definitely put money in there for my RRSP. I never buy CIBC mutual funds before and I just hope I will be able to buy that fnd without any problem.

I was also thinking to put RRSP money in a mutual fund that I already have: Desjardins Fidelity True North Fund. This fund his awsome. Even with the big crisis that we have now, I didn`t loose any money of my initial investment. I invest 1 000$ in 2005 in it, and in date of today, I now have something like 1 200$ in the account for the Desjardins Fidelity True North Fund, which I really love. So I believe that the fund is strong enough to be consider for my RRSP. In the Desjardins Fidelity True North Fund, I will invest 500$.

It's the only 2 ideas placement I know I will invest for sure for now. I still have a 3 500$ to invest for my RRSP. I have until the end of February to think of it.

Friday, January 18, 2008

It is now easier than ever for me to save my money

And I will explain why. I now only have one source of income. Before, I was spending a lot more on going out, going to the movies, clothes, eating out, etc... Now that I only have one source of income, I cut on almost everything that I could cut. I find it easier than ever to save, because I now discipline myself more.

And it's about 800$ to 900$ that I can put in saving monthly. Which is really good I believe. My expenses are now of about 1 000$ monthly. So I can say that I cut on almost everything. I eat out from time to time but it happen rarely. I fix the goal of 1 000$ not more not less for this month, and February too...

On my situation at this time

I lost a great deal of money lately and I didn't calculate how much I have lost not to do a major depression... lol

Anyway, I lost hundred and hundred of dollars. The situation is very terrible for me at this time, knowing how much I work hard for that money. And now is harder than ever because I do no longer have my second job, because of a lack of work. I search to fill similar positions, but unfortunately, I didn't get any responses yet. I did my search earlier this weeek. Time is passing slowly and I would like to see all my problems resolve. Anyway, the good news is that I have been able to make extra hours at my job, I am able to do extra hours if I arrive earlier than I am suppose to at my regular shift. But it make it hard at the end, doing the same thing for about 12 hours or near straight. It's easier for me to switch of place and work someplace, but at this time, I have no other solution. Regular shift are of 9 hours, and I try to do an extra 2 hours daily, but it's not everyday that I can do so because I have to admit, I sometime have problem to get up of bed, so it's hard to wake up earlier to show up earlier at the job and do those extra hours.

Other than that, I follow the news, and I have to say that I will definetely set my account shortly at the RBC to buy mutual fund by my own, I will actually set a time Monday because wow, all the units of mutual funds are so low, it's a good time to buy. Too bad the RBC O'Shaughnessy Canadian Equity Fund is now clos because now, the units are only 15.23$ each....

And I prefer not to think too much about it because I have lost about 7$ on each unit so far....

Let's say that fo now, I didn't sell anything and I am very proud of that. No matter what, my money will stay there, until I reach my first 50 000$ at least....

Thursday, January 10, 2008

I am loosing big bucks in mutual funds

If it wasn't for my good nerves, I will be in a major depression right now lol

The units of my super mega fund, the RBC O'Shaughnessy Canadian Equity Fund had past from about 22$ to 16.20$. Even during the crisis regarding the credit thing, that fund wasn't doing so bad. It's just recently that things had been rough, that I begin to loss the money that I initialy invest.

I barely look at my other funds, but I know I might had lost a couple of hundreds of dollars. I just pray thing will get better. And in the meantime, I don't touch to the money, it's the best thing to do I believe for now. My situation is not that bad knowing that I invest that money for a long time basis. And I have like about more than 10 000$ put in save regular saving bank account. So let's say that things could be worst than what they are now.

So I won't calculate for now how much I have for now in mutual funds because I know I might have lost a lot. And it's terrible knowing how hard I work for that money. The situation is very terrible for me. And like if that wouldn't be enough, I only work 9 hours at my second job this week. So plus the bad news regarding my investment, I also have a bad news at my second job, lack of work. I am looking for something else because when I was working nearly full-time at a second job, it was 300$ after taxes that I could make weekly.

I am still not set for my 2007 RRSP, I plan to do so in the following week. It make a lot to take care of and it's hard some time to get organize in a way to make it happen.

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