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Saturday, February 28, 2009

My first article submitted to Associated Content got rejected

But good news: it wasn’t because of my poor writing skills (!!!). It’s just I had that idea to write a bit on the new Air Miles toolbar that allow users to collect Air Miles through Yahoo! Search. From there, no problems, until I submit the article – which got rejected. But I had the possibility to re-submit the article – but enough is enough, I work 5 hours on that little article lol. Gees! That’s why I post the article write here on my blog - Collecting Air Miles through Yahoo! search engine: the dream now reality. But I won’t be able to re-submit the same article to AC.

I find very cute, like the way its sound, like I am all excited about Air Miles and stuff. Just another marvelous-marvelous post of mine.

Other than getting rejected on my really first submission (which I will explain the reasons for – I didn’t read the guidelines submissions first – part one), I find Associated Content very interesting. It’s a nice way to earn a little extra income via the Internet – way better than just a way-too-boring pay-per-click program!

Unfortunately for me, because I am in Canada – Associated Content do not pay as much as if I will be a US member. It’s part of the reason why I decide just to post the article on my blog – like whatever lol. But I will try again to submit an article to AC later on.

My article got rejected because I insert a Web site address in it. That’s all.

Collecting Air Miles through Yahoo! search engine: the dream now reality

Canada's largest loyalty program now offers a new way to earn rewards! Yahoo! search engine now offer the possibility to earn Air Miles, at no price. I first learn about this exciting opportunity on the cover of free newspaper Metro.

The best marketing combination of all times: Air Miles and Yahoo!

I use Yahoo! search engine on a regular basis. I am also a user of its email and Messenger services. (...).

Air Miles is my favorite rewards program because it’s allowing to redeem loyalty points in order to receive a discount on bus tickets (among other things). Examples: For as low as 150 reward miles, Air Miles program allow users to receive 40% off on regular Greyhound Canada bus ticket. And for only 50 reward miles, it’s possible to receive 40% off on Orleans Express tickets. And here’s where the Air Miles program is getting very rewarding.

The new Air Miles toolbar allows member to collect up to 30 Air Miles per month. Which mean, each month, it makes it almost possible to reach 50 Air Miles in order to purchase an Orleans Express bus ticket at 40% off. Interesting!

Both combined, Yahoo! search engine and Air Miles rewards program are getting very powerful.

How it work?

First, a toolbar is needed. The download is free of charge! The toolbar is available at the following address:

As an Air Miles member, your collector number will be needed. It’s actually being requested before downloading the toolbar. And if you’re not an Air Miles member yet, registered now! The new Air Miles toolbar make it even more rewarding to enroll to the Air Miles program. The toolbar download can be done through Firefox or Internet Explorer. And it takes less than 2 minutes to be completed.

Once the download is completed, restart your computer, and start searching! As soon as the minimum of 50 valid searches is completed, you will earn 5 Air Miles. It’s that easy and rewarding.

And if, like me, you like to track down your Air Miles account balance, you will no longer needed to log in into your rewards account – a simple look at the toolbar will allow you to find out how much Air Miles you have.

As a Canadian resident, I had below described my views on the Air Miles program offered in Canada. The same program is also available in the US, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Spain and the United Arab Emirates.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Out of work again

This morning, I wake up as usual, prepared to get to work, and gave my morning call to see if there was worked from a pay phone close to the workplace… just to learn that there was no work available… It’s always the same crazy story each morning. From that part-time job, I now earn more or less 200$ per work. Before, it was better, I was able to work most of my hours and earn 250$. I was quitted happy with it.

I am really in need of a better – if not a better pay – a better stable part-time job. But I am in a mood for job searching. I am just too lazy at this time to do so. And I was happy to go back home this morning to enjoy my Internet connection. I order the Portable Internet of Rogers. Its not high speed Internet, but it’s allowing me too listen to music and surf the Web – basically the 2 major things I do with my computer. I had been working from Monday to Sunday non-stop. I enjoy a free morning.

There so much possibility right now in the market! Especially now, when the market get so low, PGF.UN is now less than 8$. Even if the dividend had been cut, PGF.UN represent for me a nice source of income, and it should only get better over time, knowing that once, dividend was of 2.65$.

My first 50 000$ is now from Associated Content! I registered a couple of days ago just for the fun of it. I just submit my first article - it took me 5 hours to write a 462 words article lol. I just hope the English is ok. Since like I am having some free time, it take something to occupy myself. It’s not easy to come with original ideas and write in English because it’s just not my language.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Super-super Creststreet Alternative Energy Fund

While some companies are announcing dividend cut, my Crestreet keep going up up up! So high it make me want to invest another 1 000$ in this magic fund. Well, not that high, but my original 1 000$ now worth 1 016$. And in this difficult time, it’s almost a miracle that this investment is not making me loosing some big cash. Actually, the Creststreet Alternative Energy Fund is the only investment that makes me gain some capital among all of my investments. But here, I am thinking about the value of the investment only, not any dividend earning.

The Creststreet Alternative Energy Fund in the kind of fund I would like to have transfer into a Tax-free savings account, since its look like this in a US fund kind of. I don’t really know too much about this particular fund. And at a point, I don’t care about knowing more about it for 2 reasons: I just don’t have enough time to educate myself on the basic of the basic as I have other things to do and, second, as long the fund is making me gaining some money, I am quite happy here. No major search involves. Only cash is needed. And with Creststreet Alternative Energy Fund, only 1 000$ is needed. It’s the minimum required, unless they have change the rule with their new Class B. Because now Alternative Energy have a twin.

Creststreet Alternative Energy Fund was just one other great move of mine :) lol

I really enjoy my investments.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Me and Nadya Suleman

No that we have that much in common - but I will get back this part a bit later - but I have been very shocked, no that much about her giving birth to 8 cutties - but very more on the bad press she had received from those Americans. I listen to her interview and than - suddently - it all make more sense - it wasn't plan - she was not supposed to give birth to 8 babies. It's mostly the fault to her doctor than herself - but she, of course, never said such things in any of her interviews.

As for me and Nadya Suleman, we do not have in common, but:

She like children - I like children too

She's single - I am single too

She had a lonely children - growing up in New Brunswick was not the best

She's a look-like Angeline Jolie - but I am not lol

And I am looking to donate her some money.

Her Web site:

Facing dividends cut... again

This new dividend cut is making me laugh so much because I got that little piece of paper I made. On it, I carefully write my dividend earnings for the upcoming year. But, now, with the bad news coming from Pengrowth Energy, it’s look like I will have to throw away the precious little piece of paper.

It’s now the turn of my famous PGF.UN to announce dividend cut. But still, I am going to earn 50$ from this investment on the next distribution, which will be in March Just in February, with the DRIP I enroll in, I earn an extra 5 shares of PGF.UN. I would like to earn an extra 5 units in March also. But at the same time, I wouldn’t say no to a monthly 50$ in my pocket. It will pay for my Internet and extra coffees. As little money that I can make from those investment, I prefer just to DRIP from them at this time. Over time, I will accumulate more and more of those marvelous.

I am really looking into purchasing extra 500 units of PGF.UN. That way, I could earn 100$ per month - at this only condition - no more dividend lol

Everything is going fine for now at my jobs and at the full-time one, we begin to receive calls like crazy again like in the old days, which is good. Maybe some overtime will be available soon...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hot news

I very happy with my new 200 Pengrowth Energy Trust (PGF.UN) units of this week. With now 500 of those marvelous, I am now in business lol. And now I am a real investor. :)

I work a lot this week at a couple of different things and I actually didn’t quite any of my jobs yet, but at a point, I am getting very mad and frustrated. But never mind for now. The only thing I need at this time is another good year of income. And I feel very happy to have my blog at this time just to get rid of all those stupid jobs frustration. And working during weekend is very annoying. I would prefer to stay home. I just got my place a bit cleaner lol and I have mass of papers. My taxes papers are not all ready yet. I finally set up an appointment with Desjardins for my RRSP.

And thinking of it, I calculate again my upcoming dividend income, and it should make an average of 1 500$ as Pengrowth Energy Trust is at 2.04$ dividend now. Which make an average of 125$ per month. I just find out that UN like PGF.UN pay a monthly dividend lol. What hilarious.

I now have an eye on Pembina – PIF.UN I think it is because the company had announce that the 1.56$ dividend per share will remain until – something like 2013 or 2014. Which mean that Pembina dividend is practically 100% sure for the next 4 years. This is super great. And the company is about to close a 400 millions deal. Hopefully, I will earn enough soon to purchase at least 200 shares – but it might be only in 2 months. Problem being that Pembina is not that cheap, at 14$ and I wouldn’t be surprise if the price just keep rising as good news are coming from everywhere for Pembina.

Pembina is THE mine of gold. And talking about mine of gold, things are getting better for Sprott Canadian Equities, which is up at a bite more than 27$ now. It was about time. But what I really loose money into is Timminco.

So I get in mind to forget those advices I read in the Globe and Mail, Canadian Business and other junk lol, and just continue the way it is. And the way it is is DF way. Again and again and again!!! It’s from the latest Money for Nothing I learn at first from Pembina. Maybe it was from Stop Working and the Lazy. I never before closely look into his portfolio until a couple of months ago.

But one good thing at least I learn from Canadian Business in an edition of their magazine, they classifies Pembina by being one of the best manage company. TD also figure in the list, but I thing they shouldn’t appear there lol.

Anyhow, a lot is going on right now and if things can just keep going, I might be able to build something very nice for the future, before I hit the magic 30.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Dividends update

LIV.UN : 100 x 0.504 = 50.40$
PGF.UN : 500 x 2.70$ = 1 350$
SII : 500 x 10 cents = 50$
MX : 101 x 0.769 cents = 77.669$
BNS : 101 x 1.96$ = 197.96$
FTS: 100 x 1.04$ = 104$
= 1 830.029$

Last time, when I calculate my dividend earnings, I forget about FTS..... I know PGF.UN might not pay 2.70$ this year in dividend, but as a strong believer, I prefer to believe the dividend will be 2.70$... And here I am, with 1 830$ income for life, every year of my life. I am just missing little to reach the goal in 5 000$... But it will be preferable if I could just completely pay off my credit line and get a better job ;)

New PGF.UN: 200 stocks

I just purchase 200 new units of PGF.UN at 10.03$, which I am very excited about. I now have a total of 500 stocks in it. I previously had 300. I was looking on YLO.UN, but the dividend is very low and I really like PGF.UN anyway. Now my credit limit is almost full. lol I refund 1230$ on it this week, but now I just purchase PGF.UN.

Crazy am I to do such things, but I really like PGF.UN. Next purchase might be Pembina PFI.UN I believe it is. But I just hope prices will just false down...

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Worst day ever

The day went just fine, but at a point, I get upset at some point of the day. It take a lot of self control to ge through things like I am getting through and I am really happy to have my blog to at least be able to, if not doing something concrete about it, just to get some kind of a compensation. Anyway, what happen just show the stupidity of the whole thing and maybe some of my own stupidity. I was at my morning job – I was actually working this morning. Everything went super fine. At 1:30pm, at the time I usually finish, one of the supervisors tells something about me, that I could stay until 3PM if I wanted.

Which I was quitted happy of, but than, the other supervisor just told the exact opposite, that I had to go. That what piss me off. And I get to a point that I now have enough. Most of their major projects got cut off anyway and they are not very kind to anyone. They have as excuses that its because of the recession that’s going on in the states, but if they were just a bit more professional in their manners, maybe a lot would had been done in a much better way. I know them to well now and I know they did it just to piss me off. They were running out of numbers anyway and I could see that there was not going to have that much samples for the bunch of people we were. And anyway, I got tired of survey job. My life just makes any sense.

I get through the reading of the documentation I had received from BNS today and I have to say, I find it very interesting. I will probably vote FOR all the propositions. I just find it very cheap from the administration board of Scotia Bank to come along and say ok, here is why you have to vote AGAINST… It’s having the complete opposite effect on me. And when I go through the reading, from what I cam over from my very little interpretation is that the administrative board is suggesting voting AGAINST the different proposals because they do not defend their causes. And there that lady over there who do not even hold 200 stocks of BNS and she’s from the administrative board. Which I find totally out of the track. How can you be on the board of a society if you not only hold 200 stocks? That one had to get out of there and I want her out of there. Oh lol. With me, everyone is going to loose their job. I want them all out of there.

Since I am not working tomorrow, I could take the time maybe to go to an hospital for my left hand because its so weird, I don’t know what to think about it, if its broke of what. Its not getting any better or worst. But knowing myself, I will probably just stay up all night ans writting about everything and anything.

Tomorrow, I have no excuses, I can do my RRSP and all the other little thing I need to do. That's including searching for another job! Starting from right now!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Creststreet Alternative Energy Fund Class A, and now a Class B

Since I purchase my parts in this fund before they had opened the Class B, I believe my parts are in the Class A lol. I just notice a couple of days ago a Class B in the Creststreet Alternative Energy Fund and I think it’s a good sign. I think its mean that maybe the Class A is close, and maybe they have opened a Class B because their Creststreet Alternative Energy Fund is a star fund.

I invest in this fund because of its 142,69% returns in one year – in a year of recession. I consider Creststreet Alternative Energy Fund as almost as a mystic fund. And I was very happy when the fund finally arrived in my TD portfolio. It took like forever and the poor guy who sale me the fund never told me about the special delay. Usually, you purchase a fund, it get inside you portfolio – not immediately of course, I know that at least, but let say the next day or something like that. But for this purchase, it took forever, and the representative never says one word about it. This is another reason why I dislike TD Waterhouse – for their lake of caring.

Maybe TD is treating me like shit because they dislike me as much as I dislike them. Another idea of mine.

I have that jerk at my weekend job who is now listing to our interviews and I just cannot believe. The place is incredibly dirty, the pay is low, and it’s their buddy who received promotions. I am not talking like this because I wanted to listen to interviews myself; I have absolutely no interest in their business, especially in Quebeckers business. But hey, when a jerk has the authorization to evaluate your work, well that’s a living hell. And I am living in hell in Quebec. And their new person in charge of their Human Resources is like – wow – incredibly out of her mind. And I am seriously thinking about stopping to work there during the weekend. I do not have any free time and I miss sleeping in late and just walking around, doing nothing at all. I don’t want to deal with losers anymore. But at the same time, I earn an average of 300$ bi-weekly – it make it enough to cover the cost of my rent and pay part of my metro pass.

I am here in a shadow. Can I continue another year or 2, I don’t know. But for sure, I want to get out of here if not before, at least at 30. I am just in need of a change. The reason why I didn’t leave yet is because of my jobs situation. I make an overage of 750$ per week after taxes, but it’s true I work 70-80 hours per week. But the only thing I care about is the money, nothing else. And it’s now been going on like this for years.

I am just so incredibly in control of myself that all of it is doing so smoothly and so well even with some difficulties.

But all that talking about Quebeckers just makes the pain in my left hand more painful.


Weekly update... working at taking decisions

I just received on yesterday a package from the Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS). And there I saw the address of Halifax, Nova Scotia on it. I was surprised to see the address of Nova Scotia, as silly as it sound. It’s like I do not have any real connection or interference with the company I invest in. But who really does anyway? I am quite excited here. It’s like me, taking important decisions for the Bank of Nova Scotia? WOW! It’s just unbelievable. But as a proudly shareholder, I am going to do my search and vote seriously. And Nova Scotia is in the Maritimes and me from the Maritimes I. That’s where is located the connection between me and the Bank of Nova Scotia.

The power now belong to…… me, New Brunswicker lol!

Another week pass – and I prefer to take it one week at a time. The TSX is now up to something like 9 000 now. Oh no! I want my low market back! It’s like I am having so much fun! I cannot wait for next week, I will have 1 000$ or so to put down on my credit line and I will be able to purchase other stocks. This time, I might invest in something else than PGF.UN. As little money that I have, let’s diversify, diversify and diversify!!!

And talking about TD (because I unfortunately have a TD Waterhouse account), I get very angry at TD as I received that letter – TD was going to make client pay 35$ for inactive credit line… I was so upset! How disappointed I was, I cannot tell, even if I was not being directly touched by the measure at the time, as I (unfortunately) use my TD credit line on a regular basis. But at least, now, Canadians know, all Canada know now, that TD is just like the other, just a bank looking to make profit on small people. I am saying this, even knowing that now TD had step back – and they probably did it because of complaint they have received. The reason why I was upset is the following: I imagine that if I was going to stop investing and stop using my credit line, it wouldn’t be far for me to take out 35$ of my pocket just because I do not want to continue to use another bad service coming from TD (I just cannot help it).

The ideas behind my taught are the following: if eventually TD had move forward with their bad decisions, I would eventually had to close my TD credit line and open another one someplace else. But than, I would had affect my credit score and than, I taught that if it was going to happen, I would eventually sue TD and ruin them by doing a collective cause and get millions and millions of dollars of those dogs for all the people who had suffer from the same condition as myself (because of a ruined credit score). But lucky for them, they never move forward. Shame on TD and on their way of doing business. Their administrators have no heart.

That’s all I have to say.

And when I read the following coming from TD spokeswoman Kelly Hechler:

"We wanted to cancel the inactivity fee and also do something that we thought would be helpful and meaningful to our customers"

I just can think of one thing: BULSHIT!


Monday, February 2, 2009

Another month

We are now in February, another month had passed by without me being able to reach my first 50 000$ lol But that’s ok.

The situation is looking a bit better at my jobs, even if the overtime had been cut at my evening job. And now, I begin to regret times where overtime was available and I wasn’t doing any or so little… But again, the overall is not looking so bad at the end, but only at the end. And I get a point where I get exhausted, just like for last Sunday evening. But I felt a lot more better Monday morning and I didn’t sleep in like I taught I would as I was feeling better than the previous evening. The weekly routine is quite awful for me. Week after week, day after day, I know exactly what my day will be, from 9 am to midnight, from Monday to Friday, no surprises, or almost none. And than, again, Saturday and Sunday….(lol)…. But good thing it’s only an 8 hours shift on the weekend. And the fact is that if it wasn’t from it, I wouldn’t be able to purchase as much stocks and I really enjoy investing, as I keep writing.

I plan maybe to take a couple of days of vacations from my evening job. I now accumulate something like 1 000$ in vacation pay. I try to cash in the money without having to take the vacations, but it’s seemed impossible. And I taught of that idea that it’s should be aloud by government to cash in vacation pay if it’s for RRSP investments. I am in this situation like now.

All my little efforts seem to be so vain lol. Concrete real-life example: I had 30 000$ in my TD Waterhouse portfolio and now the 30 000$ only worth 18 000$.... lol. And there is multiples reason for this. A bad market and bad choices. Let say I learn from by bad moves. But it’s not that it should be read as bad moves by itself, its just maybe that I am trying too hard. The worst for me was Sprott and Timminco. At this time, Sprott is doing better than Timminco. If only Sprott could reach at least its original stock price, I will sale them all, and instead I would buy TD stocks or BNS or PGF.UN or just something else lol. I doubt Timminco will ever reach back its 20$ or so as the price is so low now. However, I do no regret any my choices and I continue enjoying the market and act stupidly lol. I just be just out of my mind when I purchased BN lol… I am just an operator and a survey girl after all.

My good moves and the ones I am proud of: FTS and PGF.UN. But also BNS and MX. And let’s add to that list LIV.UN and also MX. At this time, I still need a low market so I can invest massively in stocks. Just in 2008, I invest more than 30 000$ in my portfolio. I only need to repeat the same thing for 2009 and 2010. In 2010, I will be 30 and I hope I will be able to reach 15 000$ in dividend earnings at that time. And if, by any chance, the market remain as low as it is now, I will probably be able to built a nice portfolio who could provide more or less 5 000$ in dividend income by the end of 2009. That’s really the goal for 2009. I keep calculating over and over again my dividends earning from the stocks I have so far and I am still like, Wow! I just hope I am getting the whole concept correctly. And who said anyway that you have to understand the company you invest in? Oh yeah, it’s DF again. Well, I do not understand it all but my idea is that if I keep investing, than, something good will come out of it. Stock, market, all those companies, it is all complicated and it make it impossible for me to understand. And I barely know the company I earn. I will not deny it.

Thinking again, the really best would be a 2 years of low market. By low market I mean a market where stocks are cheap enough so I can purchase them all lol. Because I don’t have that much money, when a stock price reach 20$ or more, that’s expensive for me.

I will probably be able to purchase 200 extra stocks of PGF.UN by next week. For a total of 500 at the end, as I already own 300 of those precious stocks. I just pray that the stock price won’t explode in the meantime… !!! I could invest 1 000$ right now, but I prefer to wait and be able to invest around 2 000$ or a bit more and than purchase 200 stocks. At 29$ per trading, I way prefer to wait until next week. I just need to be more patient. But I am pretty please with my portfolio the way it is right now, even if I lost a lot of money and I won’t be too sad if I would have to stop purchasing stocks for a while because of a lack of work, job lost or anything else. From my point of view, my portfolio show a good potential of growing as time pass by. And it’s getting ridiculous, working 70 or more per week as result of a sweet obsession. But as far as I remember working, I almost had been working like this for a long time. And it get at a point that I want to cash in my vacation pay, but it’s seem not to be possible and I find it very unfair knowing that the money could had served for my RRSP.

Nothing else had been done this week for my RRSP. I am really getting bored when it get to it. The only left that I see I could do about it is the Fidelity Frontière Nord mutual fund and also the little money left in ING Direct. But lucky am I if I can reach 5 000$ this way for my 2008 RRSP. The best would be to be able to reach the max possible of 7 000$. But it’s look like things never turn out the way I want.

Thank you

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