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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

I am now a 37 years old investor

How does that feel? Not so bad. Its now pass and done, I had celebrated this past Sunday my 37th birthday. And my ultimate teenage crush also celebrated its birthday on the very same day, Ma$e baby.
It’s quite sad to see what's going on in Texas right now, but I cannot help thinking why all those people haven't been told to evacuate. I was watching TV and we could clearly see the eye of the tornado Harvey and it was monstrous. No one is talking about it, but some people had slept at their duties. And now more than ever, the US will need Canadian wood and certainly more than just wood. Its a sad twist in the NAFTA negotiations, but this is playing in our favor. If Trump refused to be open on negotiation, I would like our leaders to turn our back and not to offer any help to those super fresh arrogant Americans. No matter what, its all about money, and it will always be about money. And I think that no US officials really wanted to evacuate Houston and areas because it would had cost them too much money. They preferred to see their own people suffer. And taking action quickly would had required too much of a good leadership, which Trump obviously don't have.

We all have something to learn from this. Its important to have cash put away in case some tragedy happen. In difficult times like those, people with money in the bank will have it easier than those who have close to nothing at all. Clothes, furniture, jewelry... All the material can go quickly in case of catastrophe, but the money you have in the bank remain there no matter what. It doesn't worth it to spend a fortune on furniture or fancy clothes. The mistake would be to think that a disaster cannot happen here in Montreal, Toronto, Halifax... but it certainly can. And its another reason that play in my favor: because I don't believe in home ownership, especially in urban area. Why spend thousands on a home that you may lose, for whatever reasons? Because anything can happen. And by the way our government had been dealing with Haitians refugees, don’t ever think that Canada could deal with a catastrophic situation much better, actually not under Justin Trudeau government. Trudeau is not half what is father used to be, it’s not because his father was a great man that he is a great leader. He quite sucks. All those immigrated are attracted by Trudeau image. But leadership need to be much more than only base on image. Unfortunately, the mass is not smart enough.

Many people in the US won't have direct access to clean water, but I don't understand why Canadians should worry about US citizens when people of the First Nation are living in extremely poor conditions, with no access to clean water and in very poor housing conditions. We should worry more about our own people before giving any help to the US or to any Haitians coming to Canada simply to get their dirty hands on our jobs and take advantage of Canadians in all possible ways while entering illegally in our country. After all, this is happening because of Donald Trump. I think we have enough on our plate.

During that time, my non-registered portfolio closed today session at $173 583.88. The TSX is a rough place to be right now, but I am confident about the future because in my view, the overall scene is quite optimistic, because of of evolution on our market. Latest news, a stock that I had been holding for some time, Toromont Industries Ltd (TIH) had acquired a Quebec company, and ever since, TIH had been booming. Canadian Imperial Bank Of Commerce (CM) had increased its quarterly dividend of 3 cents. Nothing much, but its an increased. Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS) is following CM by increasing its dividend by... 3 cents per quarter. This is how to benefit from the system: to partly invest in big Canadian banks and just watched them happily increasing their dividend distribution year after year after year.... There's just no end to this. Mortgage is for poor idiot people who got fool by the system. I don't get fool by the system, I suck at it and take get all it can give.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Jamieson Wellness Inc. (JWEL) announced a second quarter dividend!

To see my beautiful TSX going under the mark of the 15 000 points is sooooo terrible! I used to be right there, on top of my game. But now, it seem like everything is playing against me. Anyhow, sexy bitchy is not about to let it go just because the alienated Americans are messing up with the world economy. I actually think that Donald Trump is a benediction to our modern world. Its time to rely on ourselves and seek economic agreements with other countries. There must be a way that we can avoid dealing with the USA. And there is a way. Why does the world need to turn around the USA? Americans are so selfish. Its time we turn our back on them. I hope that our government play really dirty on the NAFTA. Canada should really go out of the circle and seek in a hurry other opportunities. I am quite certain that Mexico would just LOVE to avoid dealing with the US. Why not just do so, and only deal with good Canadians who won't ever play game on the back of poor Spanish people, or on the back of anybody at all.

This is actually Donald Trump gift to the world: we need to seek richness by our own. The USA is not a good country to deal with. We, the people living outside the USA - we are alone now and our destiny is in our own hands. Who care about the Americans anyway? The world need to reject them as hard as possible. People of the Earth are the boss, not Americans.

In the meantime, many people are currently working very hard to protect Mexican and Canadian interests. And its kind of sad. At a time when there's so much that need to be done to save our climate and so many other things, well, we cannot concentrate on things that really matter because of those poor Americans.

Its been a crazy summer. I had spent a lot of money. The money was well spend of course, but I am looking forward to squeeze in my expenses like never before so watch out because its going to be quite something. More than just Marc Cohodes, its now the whole TSX that is shitting on me and thank you so much for doing that because I am on my way to become a very savy princess. Thank you all.

Should you never give up trying to save money and to invest because sooner or later, rewards will come. I had lived very dark days in the past and those lived today are just other ordinary dark days. But don't you ever forget who I am, and especially, don't you ever gave up or I am going to go straight where you are and I would to do you what I would only love to do to Marc Cohodes. That's being to kick up your ass and make you move.

This being said, I have a good news: I think I had lost some belly fat - because I eat less when the stock market go crazy down. And secondly, one of my newest proud, Jamieson Wellness Inc. (JWEL) announced some dividend distribution! I wasn't sure if this one was going to pay me a dividend, but it is. JWEL stands strongly in value and its exactly what I need: a strong stock with some great dividend.

Following this, mirror, oh mirror, tell me who's the best investor of the world, please tell me? OH I CAN HEAR HER SAYING: YOU MY DEAR.

Of course, only me. Me and me. And please enjoy JWEL dividend and pray for my soul who will turn 37 on August 27. I know, only 5 DAYS LEFT!!!!


Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Happy Birthday Acadian Investors! And welcome in my TFSA portfolio Novo Resources Corp (NVO)!!!

Happy Acadian Day! On this special day, my non-registered closed the session at $175 625.02. This is feeling great. Premium Brands Holdings Corporation (PBH) closed today session at $99.63 per stock - which its is very highest value EVER. Is it a conicidence that its happening on a August 15th? Not at all! I am probably the most enthusiast, PBH publicist of all Canadian and Acadian investors and its not without a reason. I made close to +500% on that single investment. Its why its my very precious investment.

Savaria Corporation (SIS) had been catching up with the recent loses and decided to bounce back at $13.70 and make me happy, because today is my Acadian special day. Following the announcement of a new acquisition oversea, WSP Global Inc. (WSP) is catching up. Even Just Energy is going up!!! It look to me that of of those stocks of mine finally decided to support me and is pushing it forward so I can be super rich and super fresh on August 27.

Today, I had invested in Novo Resources Corp (NVO) inside my TFSA. I got in at $5.42 per share. I notice that I had closed to $500 in my TFSA cash available to invest and I decided to move on something. That money came from dividend distribution that I touched inside my TFSA.  It was hard not to notice NVO today. I barely read about the deal, but something special is going on for Novo Resources Corp (NVO) and I hope to make some good money on this investment. Never stop trying. You just never know which stock is going to sky rocket.

JWEL is also going pretty well.

Chances are that I might be hitting for something big right on time for my birthday. I knew that my fabulous TSX wasn't going to let me down.

Fact in, when you are Acadian, its not blood you have in your veins, its success. I am not standing on the misery of my ancestors for nothing at all. Marc Cohodes can shit on me on Twitter and try to get his finger on karma, I am invincible.

And during that time, Bill Clinton, a sexual predator, is getting a warm welcome from Quebeckers. Only those people can be idots enough to welcome that cheater and his poor wife.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Tic tac, tic tac, tic tac...

ONLY 13 DAYS BEFORE MY BIRTHDAY! And after that big special day, in only 3 years from now, I will be turning 40 years old!!! NOoooooooo! **DRAMA** 

Nothing exceptional about aging, but the trick is not to see the result of terrifying aging on me. I was told more than more time that I don't like my age and I always welcome the compliment with infinite joy. Like: long hours spent at the gym and spending a small fortune on beauty cream kind of worth it after all. That's why I cannot buy a condo. Now you know my secret.

My non-registered portfolio closed today at a good $174 135.99. PBH got back to its old rich days. I am getting fabulously sexy rich on Premium Brands Holdings Corporation (PBH). And each time I put my eyes on PBH value on the TSX, I think of Jean-François Tardif. While PBH is popping up the cash, his JFT Strategies Fund (JFS.UN) is down of 1.46%. I think of Tardif each times I check on PBH because a long time ago, PBH had been a stock recommendation coming from him. The poor sweet handsome should had think of investing in PBH for his fund.

During that time, SIS is playing game on me and decided to go all the way down. Savaria Corporation (SIS) lost more than 6% today, for just no obvious reason. Is it the fault of Marc Cohodes? Who care? Us Canadians, we need to stop valuing the opinion of Americans because we are the best of the world. Americans are scaring everyone, including the poor Haitians, when they are killing each others. Americans like Marc Cohodes need to be diminished and completely ignored. Its a funny thing to say when the NAFTA is about to be rebuild, but we should be very hard on Americans and treat them like they deserved. Canadians are always so weak in front of Americans. But that has to change. Marc Cohodes is far from being not an honorable investor and can only kiss my valuable assets. The USA is not a valuable country.

I might be taking some ages, but there's some nice stuff about me that will never change. On the stock market, you need to be strong. SIS is falling for no reason, I am holding on to it for now and I won't let go until blood comes out from all of my orifices. Very all of them. And while waiting, my portfolio will be up to $180 000. See you baby. $$$ and a lot of $$$.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Enjoy a free visit of my Montreal apartment

The TSX lost more than 100 points today, major loses. I didn't even take a look at my portfolio online because I truly know what is there for me: desolation and loses. The best is to avoid looking. Its not anytime soon that I will be posing an update of my investment portfolio. As you might know by now, I only publish updates to satisfy my ego. I only publish complete portfolio updates when I am at my very best and when I am on top everything, like if I would be the Queen of the world.

I don't even want to understand what it might be for financial professionals who are directly involved in the stock market. Dealing with this kind of stress day after day. It might be an of in deep ugly feeling of emptiness. Each moment definitively has it song.

I adore this Garbage song Empty, its a real killer and Shirley voice is just so great. The video is quite awesome too. Its just lately that I understand why I had colored my hair in red for so many years: its because I wanted to get Shirley Manson good look!!! 

I am feeling sorry for myself and my readers because my 37th birthday is coming so soon and instead of being on top of my game, I need to deal with a catastrophic trading conditions. And its not about to end soon. I know its crazy and not convenient at all, but I was very satisfy to read Donald Trump comments about North Korea, saying that he was warning fire and fury if Pyongyang continued to threatened his country. Its about time that a world leader put the North Korean leader at his place. In many regards, I agree with Donald Trump. There's just a few problems with him: he tweets too much, sometimes talk too much and he's too aggressive sometimes, with just so any sense of delicateness at all. And in some points, me and Donald Trump are kind of the same: both monsters. But am a poor version of Donald Trump and maybe I would had done better in life if I would had his gut and extreme arrogance. One of my greatest quality is that I exactly know who and how I am.

Those who dislike Donald Trump just don't see his good sides. Ivanka Trump being around bring on something of positive, but she needs to be more present. She has all the grace and good taste that her father doesn't have. No one is perfect.

When it hurt to be on the stock market, its a really good thing to explore other adventure. Night after night, your dream of seeing me. I can't make that happen now. But I can certainly make you visit my little studio that I recently put some love in. I have a tiny little one and half apartment, but perfectly located somewhere in Montreal. I am now paying $665 per month for that apartment. I had post pictures of the same apartment that I still have today 5 years ago. You can check the old pictures of it right here.

I recently bought new furnitures at Structube. I really recommend this furniture store. It is well located in Montreal, it seem to be a Quebec company and delivery service was totally fine, furnitures came in big boxes and in good conditions. I bought a kitchen chair, a living room chair and a night table there. 

Let's begin with the cool night table. I just received today this lamp and jewelry plate that I bough on Amazon:

I really like this Crystal Silver Table Lamp on my night table. The Umbra Prisma Jewelry Tray also look pretty cool. Don't you think so?

This is what my living space look like:

The faux fur throw and faux fur pillow on the chair comes from Structube. Its their "tiger" wow design...

The frame bed and table got change by the owner. This wardrobe furniture is also from the owner. I bought those cute large sweater-knit baskets at Simons to put on top and store some stuff. It look pretty clean.

This Velvet arabesque rug come from Simons too.

I have some free space in front of my bed,its where I currently put the laundry bed, but I am looking forward to do something with the space.

This is my kitchen, which is decent space - I saw too many small apartments with no decent place to cook and with no storage space! I like the cabinets space.

I like this kitchen rug, really easy to clean. I bought it at Winner. I put a rug at that direct spot because the floor is broken there.

We don't see it well on the oven, but there's a spoon rest piece of this kit.

Next to my oven is my shoe rack, which I find useful.

I like this wood alike rug. I bough it at Winner too.

And here's my bathroom. I really like my shower curtain. Its a Rococo shower curtain that I bought at Simons. I bough the basket at Stokes. The bath rug is from Simons.

A cute little basket is always welcome in small spaces, including in a small bathroom. I have too many hair products. I bought it at Simons too.

This is something new that been installed recently:

And finally, I got this little Parisienne theme garbage can at Stokes.

Et voilà, that complete the visit of my apartment. From now on, you know where I blog, I sleep and watch TV. I had been living in there for about 10 years. I recently made all those changes and ask my landlords to change some stuff. It was all greatly needed.

3 Reasons Investing Abroad in Dividend Yielding Stocks is Good for Your Portfolio

Diversification is one of the cardinal rules of investing that you can't afford to flout if you want to protect your investment portfolio from unpleasant surprises. Telling you not to put all your eggs in one basket already sounds cliché and most smart investors will have a mix of conservative and speculative investments in their portfolios. 

Many investors diversify their portfolios across stocks, mutual funds, precious metals, bonds, and forex. Others investors diversify across multiple areas of the economy and some investors diversify across multiple sectors of the same industry. For a dividend investor, diversifying your portfolio across national borders is one of the smartest ways to enhance your dividend profile. This piece examines 3 reasons why investing abroad in dividend yielding stocks is a smart diversification move.

Access to different market cycles

The economic reality is that different economies operate on different market cycles. A global recession or bull run will have varying effects along a spectrum on different economies. Even in the best/worst economic times, some countries will get in/out faster than the others. Investing in dividend yielding stocks abroad provides you with an opportunity to access massive dividend payouts especially in emerging economies where a rising middle class often trigger bullish sentiments for stocks prices, earnings and dividends. 

If you focus only on investing in companies in your home economy, you'll most likely be recording massive opportunity cost in the international markets.

Diversification away from the U.S. dollar

The U.S. dollar is de facto global reserve currency but the greenback is gradually losing its position as other economies continue to challenge the economic dominance of the U.S. In addition, some of the unconventional economic policies (and statements) of President Trump are Dollar-negative and the greenback is experiencing an unprecedented level of volatility, Investing in dividend stocks abroad provides an window for receiving your dividends  payouts in other currencies such as the Euro, Pounds, Yen, CAD, and Yuan among others. 

Of course, one could make a counter argument that investing abroad to diversify away from the USD might not make much difference because  of FX fees relating to transferring your money abroad and collecting your dividends from a foreign currency back to the USD. However, the good news is that international money transfers are no longer in the exclusive domains of banks. Now, you can find tons of international payments options to send and collect money outside the country at fair, reasonable, and competitive prices.

Access to international credit

Apart from the fact that investing in dividend stocks abroad helps you to book gains from bigger markets and it protects your portfolio against economic shocks, international investing can also be a great tool for extending your creditworthiness beyond national boundaries. You can easily access a broader credit base in the countries where you have significant investments. 

Investors who only have portfolios locally are often at a loss when credit is unavailable or expensive in their local markets – the worst part is that lenders reserve the right to approve/deny credit applications. However, you can easily send it a credit application to a lender in another country and use the investment portfolio as the basis of an existing relationship for the credit facility.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Me and Ivanka Trump

I came home late this evening because I was busy shopping for an upcoming wedding. I already know which dress my mom will be wearing. Its a simple, but pretty dress. I didn't want to override her outfit by wearing something more dressier. I already have  dress that could do the thing in my wardrobe. But I decided to stop by La Baie.

In Montreal, La Baie store is located right downtown and its certainly the best of the best shopping spot. I tried many dresses of course. I fall in love with Tadashi Shoji dresses. Unfortunately, its a bit too much, as explain, I cannot be prettier than my mom. I tried this dress on. It was really pretty, it was the perfect dress. However, quite expensive. And I couldn't resist, I also try this one, but in a shorter version - it was real pretty too. Tadashi Shoji is an amazing designer. Too bad my mom isn't wearing something more classy. It was fun to try on some princess dresses.

I kept shopping and I stopped by some Ivanka Trump dresses. I don't know if you remember, but I had bought an Ivanka Trump winter coat a little while ago. Fact is, I like Ivanka Trump designs. She has really nice stuff. I decided to buy this Ivanka Trump dress. Its looking real pretty on me. Want to see?

There you go readers, the first pic ever of the Dividend Girl on this blog:

Looking great or what??!!! Oh check, you can see some of my blond hair!!! Wowwwww LOL

The lady at La Baie told me that it wasn't a convenient dress for a wedding because of the zipper it has on the front, but I will be the bad ass wearing a dress with a zipper at a wedding. I now own that Ivanka Trump dress. There's a nice stretch into it to keep the little but existing beer belly all in and not out. I am going to bring that dress and the other one I had in mind for the wedding with me when time come.

I spent an entire evening shopping for that Ivanka Trump dress. Now, I need a white purse and a white sandals. When the TSX get boring, go outside shopping and spend all that money.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Jamieson Wellness Inc. (JWEL): on the run for gold returns

My latest investment in Jamieson Wellness Inc. (JWEL) is paying off. JWEL had gained 3.67% so far inside my non-registered portfolio. I need this new jewel to really kick it on and bring on smoothly some fresh new cash that I so desperately need at this time. Today, JWEL hit on $19.95 per share - among of its highest value ever. Unfortunately, Jamieson Wellness Inc. closed today session at $19.33. But quite good no matter what. And its quite easy to imagine JWEL hitting on the $20 per share in a close future. No, JWEL doesn't pay any dividend. Its a new stock to the TSX, its quite normal that its not paying a dividend yet, but I can easily imagine that JWEL will be paying a dividend later on. I wanted to invest in Jamieson because it was for me an interesting company to invest in and it bring in some diversification in my portfolio, as I don't really have anything related to health care inside my very very awesome portfolio.

Basically, I am running after fresh cold cash like always. Time is passing by, but nothing is really changing. And this special one will be turning on 37 years of life on August 27 so watch out. The world will never be the same. And be ready because I am back in the money making gold with JWEL. My latest proud is definitively paying off so I not getting lost. I still have a bit to do on the TSX. Its really my place to be, even if its quite hard to be an investor these days, especially on the TSX. I don't understand why our index is not exceeding the 15 500 points, its nothing I can understand and I don't care. I only want to make gains. 

My non-registered portfolio is really awesome, really great, but its only standing at $173 949.10 while it has really everything to be on the $180 000 mark. I have everything, at the exception of a great TSX. Its difficult to have amazing results when the TSX is hitting below the 15 500 points. I just cannot make it work.

Anyway, in the meantime, since it seem like I cannot find a decent and clean apartment at a decent price in Montreal, I went through a major organization of my current one and a half apartment. I gave away many bags of clothes, got rid of many things and it just felt better ever after. I am not the type who have that many clothes, but I am sweet hoarder. I like to keep things just in case..., and things just keep accumulating. Like for example, I had kept an old hair dryer that wasn't even working anymore, old clothes that I don't wear, old pair of sandals, old winter jacket....... and so on. Its just easier sometimes for me to put things away rather than getting rid of them. Its just in case that I would need them... I don't have any problems to get rid of things once I put myself into it, which happen from time to time. I am not a terrible hoarder, just a sweet nice one. Now, my apartment is more organize, and for the small space I have, that was important to do. 

I also got some new furniture and other stuff for my apartment. I had been living there for a really long time now and I never really spent money to get nice stuff. I bough a nice night table to replace the ugly plastic table I had and that I cannot see anymore. But see my problem, I didn't get rid of the ugly plastic table yet, I just slide it against the wall... I got to throw it away. I got a nice living room kind of chair that fit in my small apartment. I taught about a chair rather than a couch. And I also got a new kitchen table chair that is really comfortable. 

In Montreal, Ikea is located far away in the wood. I never went to Montreal Ikea. I lately located a nice furniture store downtown Montreal on René-Levesque: Structube. They have really nice pieces of furniture at a reasonable price. Structube offer delivery at $70 - which I had. And I had been delivered my furnitures in time and in good condition in very big boxes. I got this dining room chair - its the most comfortable chair ever. My nightstand kind of look like this but not exactly - it has one upper drawer but below is empty. It has the same white color and finish. I also got this armchair, in black. This recliner is really nice and comfortable for this old lady and not too heavy. I wanted light furniture, nothing too heavy. And best of all, the delivery guys where not ugly at all to look at ;-)

Thank you

Thank you for visiting!
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