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Sunday, April 5, 2009

On my lovely weekend

I just cannot believe such individual can posts such comments on my blog! Like this is not a professional blog or something like. It’s just something I am doing for myself and for the fun of it. And I really enjoy blogging. I have several blogs and it might be poorly written, but I am not looking into winning a literature prize. Some individual can really be disturbing. And I am talking here about a comment that I had been left on my last posts. Anyway, I got the picture right. But what actually I like about this is how much I can write and tell in this sort of basic by nature English of mine. It could surprise since I am from New Brunswick but I am not originally from the English part of the province. Anyway, let’s pass on.

But something worst disturb me this week. It shouldn’t be something disturbing but it did disturb me – because I had been very tired in the last couple of days. I am tired of my daily routine, tired of it. Of me working so hard for my money. And I got stress about the taxes I have to do. This is stressing me more than anything else. Sometimes, just the accumulation of different things just make it too much at the end. And for me, I meet the end when I received the package to vote for Methanex. Like enough and enough. I want some free time. And this remains me of the old days when I was only working on weekdays with one pay check. Like everything was nice and gees, what did I did with myself.

And this weekend was one of them, like I had the whole Saturday for myself. I was working – thankfully – this Sunday. I really need the money to pay off my credit line. In this difficult time, it might had been better if I would had just pay more on my student loan, but I am too excited about reaching 2000$ in dividend earnings – probably by the end of the summer.

I confirm the deal, I will be able to work 36 hours weekly at what used to be my working job. The plan almost got ruined because of my morning job. Where I used to work on the morning, they refer me to 2 jobs. First I got excited, I taught it was going to be a good job and all that but gees, it was 12$ per hour, « under the table » lol – as a self-employed and it was really just occasionally, very temporary work. But I didn’t accept the offer. It wasn’t paying enough and the reason I gave for refusing was because it was a job as a self-employed.

I do not care about the jobs I am doing or what so ever. What I need is continuous amount of money coming in my banking account. And for that, I need stable jobs, no matter are bad paying they are. But I do not complaint. I can easily myself go like this for another 2 years or 4, depending on how things are working for my portfolio. That occasion job I had been offered could had disturb the plan of me reaching 8 000$ in extra money by end of the summer. That make valuable money I can invest in Pembina or other if I want to. But I had other plan than Pembina Pipeline Income Trust. Those are from my watch list and I am going to write next about it.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

On my every day life

As I just get up early to go to work this morning for nothing. There was no work for me and I had been send back home. I am getting sick of this situation as sometime there’s work and some time not. It’s getting really frustrating. But it was part of my fault, as I didn’t call the previous evening to see if there was work for the next morning. I didn’t call because I taught there was enough work. Yesterday, I did my full shift, 4.5 hours, and everything went fine. Anyway, it’s a chance I can write about it, its provide at least a small release. I call it therapeutic blogging.

The trick with having multiple jobs is to remain calm when critical situation like this one happen. But I feel I deserve better treatment. In the morning, I am free from 8-9am until 3pm the latest. I can barely work 22.5 hours per week at the morning job I have right now and it’s been going on like this for several weeks now. And not only for me, for all other employees too.

I do not really want to get involve into job searching as I dislike searching for job and at a certain point, I just gave up, get into 3 jobs and that’s all. But now the plan is getting hurt a bit because one of them is just not working out correctly. I give myself until the end of the week to see what I will do about it. For now, I enjoy my free morning. But I am just not using the time correctly as I had my RRSP to look at and other. At this time, the situation is not critical. Last week, I work around 19 hours or so, and earn 200$. I just want to earn extra cash at this time.

I just take a quick look at my stocks and right now, PGF.UN is up to 9.83$, FTS is at 24.27$, SSI remain at 4$, which is better, and TIM down to 4.29$, BNS up at 31.52$, MX up at 12.04$, my funny BN down at 0.02 cents… and I could continue watching like this all day long, but it wouldn’t make any difference.

I had a friendly talk, if I can call with a colleague of mine. It was getting really quiet and than he begins to ask me why I was working at this place, the salary is low; I am bilingual (!!) and so on. The funny part came when he told me that I was the only one around who was a Quebecker and than, I told him proudly that I wasn’t a Quebecker, that I am from New Brunswick and so on… I didn’t go through the overall explanations, but part of the reason I have that night shift because its allow me to have a morning and beginning of the afternoon other job. And its also allow me to wok at another place during the weekend. But of course, I didn’t go through all this with him.

And another part of the reason why I remain like this is that before I had a well paying job, back in somewhere 2006, I was around 20$ per hour, but too much was taking away from the pay check – part of it was for the wealth benefits we were receiving and they were also taking money for my RRSP. That year, for the taxes, I was all mess up and really dislike the initiative, as I almost end up investing too much in my RRSP. Anyway, at the end, I was only touching 535$ after taxes per week on my pay check and I couldn’t take any other job with that one because it was too much. It’s after that job experience that I begin to make big money and invest in stocks and so on. And I am happily ever after and never regret the move.

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