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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Go Hanwei go!

Hanwei Energy Services (HE) is up up up! Not that I stop believing in Hanwei, but it was a lovely surprise to see its value rise to 1.71$.

I cannot access my broker account at this time, but from what I remember, I had purchased 300 units of HE at the price of 2$ or so per unit. And of course, this investment – like other that I have – made me lost some money! Now, HE is at 1.70$ - which is extraordinary. I might even be able to make money from this investment one day. And one day, Hanwei Energy Services could even begin to distribute dividends to its shareholders. Maybe in a close future.

I really like Hanwei Energy Services and I believe it have good potential to grow over time. Hanwei is a BUY and HOLD forever lol!

Why? Hanwei has present in emerging markets, more especially in China and the company promote green energy. And this might be one of the reasons why Hanwei price had been rising lately. Among their activity, Hanwei deliver Wind turbines and had growing business opportunities in Asia. Hanwei is also having interests in coal power, among other.

I am looking forward to see the price rising in the upcoming weeks.

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