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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Next investment for my TFSA: Royal Bank of Canada (RY)

I came back to Montreal on Sunday night after a few days in New Brunswick. The vacation was nice. I felt bad going back to Montreal, I was like real stress out and I wasn't feeling well for no obvious reasons, if not that I didn't want to go back to work. I didn't want to go back to Montreal. I arrived at 2 am and I was working the next morning so you can imagine the sexy mess. I am doing better now.

2014 had been a rough real. Canadian stock market was a shitty very bad girl. My portfolio is doing better now. My non-registered portfolio closed today at $138 637.62, with a margin value left of more than 15k Wouuuuuhou. 

I rank up to $1 600.25 on my credit card, but I already have the cash needed to pay it off. I even have money left to also pay my rent. And after that, without even considering the next paycheck, I still have left $803. I bought a bottle of sherry AND brandy for the New Year Eve. Its doing to be quiet a bit like last year and its better this way for my budget after my episode of over-spending during Christmas season.

With this upcoming paycheck, I am going to have close to 2k available to invest and I was thinking about Royal Bank of Canada (RY). Later on, I would like to invest maybe in Alimentation Couche-Tard Inc. (ATD.B).

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Hard Time for investors just before Christmas

One thing thing is sure, 2014 haven't been an easy year for investor. Lately, my non-registered portfolio hit as low as the 128k mark. On its highest ever, I hike almost 145k, also in 2014... That's very concrete volatility! Now at $130 176.91, I am doing a bit better, but its still shitty. I am all Christmas ready now, I am only missing my bus ticket and the only damn thing I really need now is a rough stock market.

Its hard to get inspired to write so I am just doing to stop here.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

In New Brunswick, killing people = life prison sentence. In Quebec murder and life don't mean much

In New Brunswick, when an individual commit murder, the sentence is life prison. There's no fool play, even if the individual is completely insane and out of his mind.Quebec has its tragedy with Guy Turcotte, and we in New Brunswick got ours with Justin Bourque.

In Moncton New Brunswick on June 4th, 2014, Justin Bourque, a man in his young twenties, had killed three RCMP officers and had left two others injured. Bourque was an anarchist and in many ways, I find a connection between the murderer and Amir Khadir Quebec Solidaire group. Like all of the very dumb people of Quebec Solidaire, Jules Bourque was an anarchist, thinking that our government is oppressive. Well, to that I can only say, go live in China, Japan, or Middle East, you'll see who's being really oppressive... In Canada, its possible for men and women to have a job, live in dignity. Its possible here to make savings - something that is almost impossible to do for the middle class living in Europe and other part of the world. And best of all, we have one of the most powerful stock market of the world. What else can you need? Why an individual would kill police officers in the name of liberty?

Like Guy Turcotte, Justin Bourque is mentally ill. Both are suffering from psychological disorders.

In New Brunswick, Justin Bourque got sentence life prison. In Quebec, Guy Turcotte who had killed his two children - is currently in LIBERTY while waiting for his SECOND trial. In a society - even in my dear New Brunswick - there's f up people. But problems are very major when its the whole provincial system that is all mess up. Quebec province is showing multiple signs of failure and I am only prouder to be a New Brunswicker. Because in New Brunswick, we know how to treat murderer. We don't need to give a second trial to make people understand that taking the life of other is WRONG. At least, it is being seen that way in New Brunswick.

I don't feel safe living in Quebec because I know the system doesn't work in favor of its citizen. And its for that reason that I still have my New Brunswick health card. If I would become seriously ill, I will go to New Brunswick. Quebec institutions, including hospitals, are all insane and corrupt. And that doesn't matter if in Quebec tax are higher than in the rest in Canada. It doesn't matter because Quebeckers don't care on how much corruptible their system is. Where the money of my tax goes? It goes in the pocket of a government that doesn't do is duty. It goes in the pocket of doctor who don't do their best to cover the minimum care required for the population.

If I am never sick and I am in good health condition - I have this because I am not being followed by the Quebec health system. Hospitals, doctors waiting room are not getting sufficient proper cleaning. By going there, you expose yourself to high dose of risks. Also, doctors in Quebec are tempt to make their patients goes on all kind of check up just so they can get a higher pay. They are corrupted. They are not there to look on your health.

Its really important for immigrants and outsiders to look for themselves while living in Quebec and take all precautions needed because Quebeckers are very dangerous and corruptible people. Make a lot of saving, invest in your TFSA and the sooner you'll be leaving the better it is. Because a tragedy like the one of Guy Turcotte can happen to anyone. No one can go and say mental illness won't ever affect them directly or indirectly. And in Quebec, since the system is shit, individuals are not protect. Our rights are not being respected. And its why Quebec isn't a real part of Canada and it will never be consider for me being a Canadian land. Because Quebec doesn't what it is to be Canadian. Quebec doesn't know what it mean to protect the rights of individuals. The right to health care and the right to be treat equally in front of the law. When the base of a society is not being respected, how do you expect its people to do well? We are currently assisting to the destruction of Quebec society. Institutions are falling apart, law system is not clear and straight forward. In result, it gave situations that are being post in the everyday press. Two little children being kill? Well,its too bad, but in Quebec, the system does not heavily punish that.

In time like these, its time to be even prouder for New Brunswickers to be who we are and for Canadians, its time to push for our nation and our protection. As a nation, we need to protect our democracy and way of living. And its for those reasons that I am totally in favor of any kind of global surveillance programs. The government has the right to be oppressive in a certain way to protect our own interest. If you are a normal citizen, you should mind that the government check on your bank account, trading account. Listening to my calls, checking out on my Internet activities? GO AHEAD. We should allow stuff like that to be check. Its a case of protecting our liberty to spot the bad people from the good ones. If surveillance program can help in any ways to prevent murderer and any other bad actions to happen, as Canadians, we can only be happy and in favor of such spying activities. If you are not criminals, your daily activities being monitor shouldn't be a pain in the ass. Somebody out there is watching and its absolutely AWESOME.

The countries that are currently protecting the traitors Julian Paul Assange and Edward Snowden should be severely punish. And I hope the US will capture them and sentenced them to life sentence. Because giving away confidential information to the press, to ANYONE and everyone - including terrorists is an act of murderer.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

I want to say goodbye to Canfor Pulp Products Inc. (CFX)

Another catastrophic day on the Canadian stock market. The TSX lost close to 300 points. But surprise, my portfolio didn't take a hit at all - for once!!! I hope I will get the same kind of luck next time.

My non-registered portfolio closed at $135 307.47. Enbridge went up closed to 8% today. I hold both Enbridge Income Fund Holdings Inc. (ENF) and Enbridge Inc. (ENB) inside my non-registered portfolio. So that really help my portfolio to take the hit on stuff that are really hurting... like Black Diamond Group Ltd. (BDI) for example. BDI announced a really nice 27 millions that we recently got, but that didn't help. BDI title lost $3 per share today! This is hard because BDI is exactly the kind of stock that I like.

Other kind of bad news. I rank on $1 091 on my credit card... And I didn't buy my bus ticket  for home yet. I think I am done with Christmas shopping! AH NOO! HELP.

Help could come from me selling my Canfor Pulp Products Inc. (CFX). I am now only on a lost of less than $7 on the stock. CFX had been in my portfolio since 2011. Back in the "old days", CFX was paying a super big juicy dividend. The dividend had been  cut and following what, CFX value drop, but its now slowly getting back to the same value as it was back in... 2011. I have to say, I had been more than patient on that one so trust me, I deserve to sell it, even if its only to pay off my credit card.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The National Student Loans Service Centre (NSLSC) is trying to fool the Dividend Girl

Yesterday, I received a letter from the National Student Loans Service Centre (NSLSC) saying that yeah, I had paid off my student loan, BUT I could get a revision and I could need to pay more on the loan upon verification. Come on now! If the student loan is not even able to calculate up front what I own them, well you know what, they can eat whatever they want but they won't get a penny more from me. 

On an happier note, my non-registered portfolio closed today at $135 812.42 - which is good because yesterday, it closed at 132k.... Currently, Canfor Pulp Products Inc. (CFX) is doing great. I am only experiencing a lost of $28 on this one. The road had been rough and tough for CFX, a bit like NFI actually. And even like EIF. I am still having trouble with BDI - so oooo awful. I am in real down with FR. But some other stocks are making the 135k mark possible. Like PPL, CNR etc...

Jean Béliveau died today. I am not a hockey fan, but there was certainly a good aura around Jean Béliveau. When I was a little girl, I met him in my hometown in New Brunswick. He was going a celebrity tour with Zellers - signing free autographs - and I got my autograph of Jean Béliveau and I still remember it clearly today because it was very moving and Béliveau was charming and just happy to be there in my very small tiny New Brunswick town. Its quite unbelievable. There's no such fantastic star in the hockey today. The only Quebec star that I truly liked for reasons I don't really know has died.

In case you don't know this one, you can check on and I was told by a reader that margin was something like 2.5%. Could worth it to check it out.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Welcome in my non-registered and TFSA portfolio Glentel Inc. (GLN)!

The stock market is very hard these days. Gold and silver, as well as oil are all the way down, creating a difficult climate for investing. Nothing is easy these days. In the circumstances, I guess that my portfolio is doing ok.
This pas Friday, I learned that BCE is going to acquired Glentel Inc. (GLN). For the acquisition, BCE ill give a mix of $26.50 per GLN share and a mix of BCE share. When I learned he news, LN was trading at $25.90 so I jumped in. I bought some Glendel Inc. (GLN) inside my TFSA - since I had over 2k in cash being to be invest in whatever I wanted. I also made a small investment inside my non-registered account.
The deal should go through in the first quarter of 2015 from what I understand. I guess I will be receiving a voting paper soon. And if so, I will go with the option for a maximum of cash. At the most, I will be making a bit more than $60 after commission fees with those 2 investments move. Not much. If you have some cash hidden somewhere, you may like to jump in Glentel Inc. (GLN) now because its will probably trade lower than $25.90 this upcoming Monday. You won't be able to say that I never give great investment tips on this blog!

So go get your hands on some Glentel Inc. (GLN) stocks now before its too late!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

My pot of gold: Canadian National Railway Co (CNR)

Back on October 23, I invested in Canadian National Railway Co (CNR) in my TFSA. That was just a month ago. In that short amount time, CNR had increased of 10.21% in value, resulting in a nice capital gain of $312.41. And of course, I am looking forward for even more. This is how to get rich on one stock and CNR is among my favorite of all.
Canadian National Railway Co (CNR) is definitively a very great stock to hold, but I cannot but my "eggs" (from a female investor, that sound katchy) in the same spot.
Currently, I have $2 369.84 in cash inside my TFSA. I got a bit more than $900 coming from my sell of Chorus Aviation Inc. (CHR.B). With the number of stocks that I hold to in my portfolio, I do my best to track down everything but sometimes, it happen that I miss something. And currently, my unit of Healthlease Properties Real Estate Investment Trust (HLP.UN) had been sold. That used to be a stock that was suggested by Jean-François Tardif. I don't remember getting any notice for this. But anyway, Healthlease Properties Real Estate Investment Trust (HLP.UN) had been delisted from the TSX and in result, my shares got sold out. I am not upset, but its now harder to get on a good reliable company paying something decent in term of dividend. Of well, HLP.UN was good for the time it last.
Remember that I have a $6 136.85 on my CIBC Visa (0% for 6 months)? 6k is quite a lot of money and the idea that cam to mind was to put the money on that debt. But tomorrow is Black Friday and shopping could be on the way.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Quebec Municipal workers wrong interpretation of the "Grand Dérangement"

There are many things that I don't like while having to live in Montreal. The worst is the stupidity of Quebeckers, their . Like real clowns, some Quebec municipal workers strike today and they have name their mobilization "Grand Dérangement". However, using the wordings of "Grand Dérangement" is unappropriated on the name of every single Acadians still living today in the heritage of a very dark chapter of not only Acadian story, but also Canadian history.
Personally, I think those Quebeckers only have what they deserve. After all, don't be tempt ever to say that Quebeckers, generally speaking, are not very honest people. After all, what could you expect from a province who still have an active political sovereign party, Bloc Quebecois. And what to say about Pierre Karl Péladeau who remain a shareholder of Quebecor Inc. even while being an MNA. But on another note, a sad one - and I know its very mean to come with such things but it really express what I think about Quebeckers - how can Guy Turcotte who had murdered his two children and still be left free after a first trial? Why does he has to go in court again? He had killed his two children! Do you have a feeling now of Quebec nonsense?
Everything is link together, no matter what. The Quebec of today reflect the behavior of Quebeckers. And today, Quebeckers had steal a piece of Acadian history to defend their own benefits. The history of Acadian is complex and long, its not something can be very well presented in a few lines like that, but to make history short, in 1755, Acadian got expulsed from their land by the British. Many had dies in the process and some had been deported for as far as Louisiana. Many Acadians had moved in the North of New Brunswick, but there, they had to rebuild everything.
The "Grand Dérangement" happened a long time ago, but I think that even today, deep inside New Brunswickers of today, those who still live in New Brunswick and are French, still live with something remaining of that history. New Brunswick is of course of its time, but there's still a lot of poverty and if it wouldn't be of the deportation, we can easily imagine a New Brunswick that could be in better position today.
The terms "Grand Dérangement" shouldn't be use in Quebec municipal workers case. Once again, Quebeckers are acting like the real assholes that they truly are.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

And what about selling New Flyer Industries Inc. (NFI)

These days, Pierre-Karl Péladeau has such a poor mind that he doesn't even believe in his own political party! Welcome in Quebec, planet of the rich idiots.
It would be nice if the TSX could closed the week at a 15 000 points. Its looking good so far. And in result my non-registered portfolio is at $137 129.99. My Exchange Income Corporation (EIF) stocks are now exceeding the $20 per unit so that's really helping. I keep looking over and over again over my non-registered portfolio. I am now thinking about selling New Flyer Industries Inc. (NFI), for no specific reason. I am also getting tired of holding more than 2k inside the JFT Strategies Fund (JFS.UN). Its just that this fund doesn't come with any dividend distribution. I am really at the point where I want to maximize everything. I have no more time to lose, especially with a 137k portfolio.
I think that no matter how awesome he is, Jean-François Tardif is still a Quebecker and is just imply off everything. No interviews, no naked pictures. No nothing. I think the JFT Strategies Fund (JFS.UN) that I hold in my very own portfolio is a flasher. I had been lucky, I had bought my units right from the start and I was able to make a $500 while partly selling my units. But now JFS.UN is basically going no where. I was expecting more from Tardif. Since I am not getting what I want, I am serious thinking about selling this one too.
I used to have several hundreds in profit with WesternOne Inc. (WEQ) and Black Diamond Group Limited (BDI), but its no longer the case and I am just praying for a recovery.
The only few words that came to mind are unfortunately in French and are something like finit l'@stie de niaisage.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Saying goodbye to Chorus Aviation Inc. (CHR.B)

With a TSX at 14 843 points, we are getting closer to the old 15k mark... We have our first quick snow time show on Friday, but the snow didn't last. But today, its snowing for real and the snow is there on trees and sidewalks. I bought a pair of Sorel boots. The boots I have from last year were longs boots and they were irritating my legs skin so I went for a shorter style and my Sorel are much more comfortable. Today is the perfect day to go try my new boots. I like the Lafontaine Park on its first snow.
This past weak, I sold out all the stocks of Chorus Aviation Inc. (CHR.B) that I was holding inside my TFSA. I was under the impression that it was time to sell this one before I get out of luck again. I double my investment on that one. I have now $939 in cash. With my next coming paycheck, I plan to make what probably going to be my last investment of the year 2014. I was thinking of maybe a bank stock. I want an investment that I won't have too much to worry about. So I was thinking maybe RY. I am still thinking about this one. WCP is a bit volatile, I am not sure about that one.
My non-registered closed Friday session at $135 841. Not too bad, but still 10k away from my old $145 000 value. I have no room left to play with my money anymore. Every investment I make now need to be rigorously selected. I am a very serious investor type now.
These days, Kim Kardashian is proving that her popotin is real steak ugly and Fifty Shades of Grey is showing off its first few shades... Its the kind of world we live on today. I am pretty sure that there are plenty of Bay Street guys are there willing to be dominated and I have to say I wouldn't mind at all to teach Jean-François Tardif a few lessons.
I think I need some fresh cold air right now. :-)

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Borrowing money from your parents? You should be ashame

In this article of Leah McLaren, the poor girl who had accepted to "borrow" 200k from her not that rich dad did not disclose her identity so I won't be able to publicly humiliated her, but truly, there's a bunch of little dumb ass out there taking advantage of the generosity of their parents - probably retired folks who worked very hard all of their life to have what they have.
I once received a very too nice offer from a reader who offer to borrow me money. I don't remember what I was writing about - job loss, moving to New Brunswick, moving back to Montreal - what a miserable life! I don't know what it was about, but I had been offered some money and I refused. First of all, I am addicted to the stock market. It took me years to pay off my student loan - not because it was of a very large amount, but because when I have money at my disposal, I invest it. I cannot stop investing. Its a disease I cannot control. I don't even have to explain or say it, it all very well publicly document on my blog.
I have a thing for investing my money. For other, the disease is wanted to be a homeowner. Or being a big spender. As an individual, we all have our weakness, but we must move on by our vey own strength - no one else has a role to play. Its important to live with the money we have at our very own disposal. Want to buy a house? Mommy and daddy are giving away money for the cash down, but what happen after? In cities like Montreal, homeownership doesn't make any sense for middle class people. I think its a fool trap and more than everything, a conspiracy.
Take for example the city of Montreal in Quebec. The city is so poorly manage and so eat up by corruption foe every possible types, its unbelievable. So what do you thing when the city needs money? It take it right straight from condo and homeowner pockets! And there's nothing you can do to overcome tax increase of that type. But its not only that. A "welcome tax" need to be paid, and not only that... think of all the Quebec tax involved with homeownerships, you'll quickly realized - if you are bright enough - the rip off.
I won't ever let anyone take advantage of my financially. That's why I will never own a home or a condo in Quebec province. This province is not reliable enough. I have no confident. Living small like Annie is the best. 
So don't ask or accept money from your parents or readers if you have a blog - if not, you'll finish your dead in hell.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Where is Jean-François Tardif when we need him the most?

My non-registered portfolio closed at a good $136 888.57. I have closed to 16k left as margin money. Is that enough for a new investment? Certainly not, BUT pay check is coming up just around the corner, next week. And this mean that there could be a next investment inside my TFSA account soon. I am surprise to be on the 136k mark knowing everything that's going on. Oil is down. Silver and gold are all the way down. At a time, I was trading on silver, buying-selling, buying-selling and of course, I wrote it all right here on my blog. And I remember a comment of some fresh guy (there're so many little ass reading this blog!!!) saying that he was 100% invested in silver and gold ONLY. I wonder how he is doing now... Ohhhhhh boy. Poor one.

I am just very very grateful not having too much involve in gold and silver (thank you GOD). However, I am not totally out of trouble. I lost a lot on First Majestic Silver Corp (FR), Sprott Physical Silver Trust (PHS.U) and everything related to gold shit that you can find in my portfolio.

I made $125 so far on my latest investment in Canadian National Railway Company (CNR) inside my TFSA. More free cash please! I knew I was going to make some fantastic bucks on this one. Chances were with me at 99.9%. CNR is definitely one of my favorite stock ever. I only invest 3k on it last time. But if I would had 20k, it would had gone - most of it, on CNR. The shoo shoo train is making me rich and richer. Free bucksss on the way, please make up some place!

With the oil price going down, is tempting to buy something in the energy sector, but the question being what? Suncor? No. Husky? Nope. Canadian Oil Sand? No no and no. See my problem? I never had any interest in those socks and I still don't. But my interest is someplace else. I had read here and there about Whitecap Resources (WCP). It recently came up in in a Globe and Mail article. If I check over TD Waterhouse, WCP is very well rank, with a lot of Buy recommendations - something like 12.
For now, I am not sure about WCP as investment.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Stock markets, the inferno road for middle class investors

Today, time is changing. With time change, another month is coming by. And with another month more money to invest. I hope to invest more inside my TFSA. I still have several thousands left as contribution room. And I also have to think at putting down a 6k away because in 6 months from now, I will have to pay down my CIBC Visa at 0%... The need of fresh cash is BIG. ENORMOUS.
I hope that my latest investment in CNR will make me a bit richer. My non-registered portfolio close the month of October at $136 429, which is not too bad, but I still far from the old the 145k I used to be. some stocks went down very sharply and the only way to recover is to pray, invest more and make a wish for a stock market on a real high.
There's been a departure at work, a guy decided to leave the place less than 2 years of employment. Personally, I am not too interest at job searching and job searching anymore because I already went there. All of the hours I work are being paid or put at bank, I have 3 weeks vacation per year paid. I never even used any of the benefit package - that being because sexy is never sick. But I did enroll to the RRSP program they have. I won't get rich on it, but it make a bit of money but away when I will be old and grey. I do have white hair - I discuss of that before - but hair coloration is doing the job. At 34, I can say that there's no sign of aging on my pretty self. And I pray God and the Saints that it will remain that way for a real long time and I wish to still piss you off with my very good investment ideas and blow it to thousands and thousands of dollars.
Having my portfolio (non-registered) at $136 429 is a good indicator that the stock market is back on track. For how long, I don't know but sign of stability is always good to take. Because if not, I do suffer, I get punch in my stomach and I stop breathing, and I feel like falling apart. I think this is the worst time ever to be an investor. Nothing seem to be safe and secure. Not even gold and silver investment! So how in the world am I suppose to be good at this? Being a millionaire, I wouldn't be investing a damn penny on the stock market, be sure of that. I am being so disgust. I wish to no one this inferno road. Stock market is hell. Just like Muslim Extremists are Hell. Amir Khadir is Hell. Iran is a f HELL.
Have fun investing because I don't have fun anymore.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Amir Khadir, enemy of the Canadian nation, spot grocery shopping in Montreal on a Saturday live

Because Amir Khadir does not only work at destroying our nation and complotting against Canadians... he goes his grocery too. As far as I am concern, the poor man can simply eat shit, no need of grocery shopping. I am very good at spotting out people and trust me, I saw Amir Khadir tonight. And there's no man on earth that I hate more than Amir Khadir. No matter how bad I was looking at him, trying to destroy him with the only power of my eyes, he never look back. Amir Khadir should consider that he has many enemies and should never step outside alone. Especially in the dark. How knows what could happen? Amir Khadir should really really be afraid of the dark.
Earlier, before the shitty grocery shopping, the day was perfect. I went to the Old Montreal and visit the night Galerie d'art Ambiance. There's currently an exhibition of Salvador Dali. I was shocked when I saw the prices. Its possible to get your hands on a real Salvador Dali artwork for less than $15 000! The cheapest one was at something like only 6k. A real shame. Prices vary, depending of the piece, but overall, it appears to me that the art gallery is desperately trying to sell at a price that doesn't match at all the reputation of the master. Why Quebeckers should be giving the right to buy some real Salvador Dali pieces of work for a fraction of the price? That poor Argillet French girl might be desperately in need of money. What a lack of judgement to sale such treasure. Sell yourself before selling your Dali art for peanuts! I really like this one. And this one too. The exhibition is on until November 9. I will probably go back again. Its too unique. I don't the Musée des Beaux Arts in Montreal has any Dali work. I don't remember saying any here in Montreal. There's something really special about Salvador Dali, like a real purity in the art, joyful, charming, touching, simple in the lines but beautifully executed. A very nice exhibition. But if you want to go, the real address is 81 St Paul East (and not West as advertised).
Following what, it started raining. I made a stop for a coffee. After the coffee, I stop by the Shoppers Drug Mart on St-Laurent boulevard and after that, I went to the grocery store located at 4001, Saint-Laurent boulevard. I shop there on a regular basis, its the perfect spot for grocery shopping - fruits and vegetables are extra cheap. I came back with 2 full bags for only $21 after taxes. When you see the store from the outside, you can't tell that there's a grocery store in there, but there is one. And there's a little grocery sign standing outside, but its a small one. I did my grocery shopping and once at the cash, its there that I saw Amir Khadir.
He was with a tall young man. It wasn't his son - since he doesn't have any, only 3 girls, no son. But I had the feeling it may not been related. It was more someone he was helping. Maybe a little ass of Quebec Solidaire, his political party. Touching scene, but I couldn't believe my eyes. It was the second time I was seeing the lunatic in live of my life. The first time was at his very first election. I saw him at the Mont-Royal Metro station outside, promoting himself. There was a communist fanatic with him, with a wood cane.
Who is Amir Khadir?
Amir Khadir is a Muslim. He was born in Iran. He immigrated in Canada at a young age. Instead of being grateful to be in our very bless country, the way Amir Khadir thank us by flushing Canada right into toilet. I don't understand why Amir Khadir didn't get deported back in Iran because that's were he belong. He's not a proud Canadian citizen. But we have open our door to his family decades ago. He doesn't have any respect for our Commonwealth heritage. The political party he's in promoted Quebec not as a province, but as a country.
You can read on how is Amir Khadir right here.
Amir Khadir is the perfect example of an immigration story that turn wrong. No immigrate should have the right to play in our back like that. An immigrate who begin - like Amir Khadir - to be disrespectful, and cheat on the Canadian country should be ship back to his country. Living in Canada is a privilege, but Amir Khadir doesn't have the intelligence it take to understand the chance that he had younger, to come to Canada. There's no recognition in Amir.
With the recent terrorist attack that happen in Ottawa, I think the federal government should review in deep its immigration regulation. Why should we welcome in our country any Muslims, knowing that it represent more risk than a real benefit for Canadians? Do we really want to risk to lose our freedom, our security, our way of living just for some f up people like Amir Khadir?
We must protect our Canadian interests, close our door to any Muslim immigrations. We should start by kicking Amir Khadir out of our country. For being a liar, for being unfaithful to the Queen, to the Commonthwealth, to all of the beautiful history that participate in the creation of the country that we are how, we must push forward our identity and come with politics that will protect ours interests.

If Amir Khadir wouldn't have been along, I would have wait for him outside and beat him up in the darkness of the sidewalk. No one seem to recognize him anyway. A quick beat up, black eye, no one would have notice. It would have leave him paralyzed and completely lost. I would had run, leaving my grocery bags on the ground.
Canada is not the country of Muslims, its the country of Canadians. Its time for the real people to wake up.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Wecome in my TFSA Canadian National Railway Company (CNR)

Ottawa shooting of yesterday still feel so unreal. Such horrible events in our peaceful country. Take notice that the 2 terrorists that hit in the past couple days in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu and Ottawa were both Quebeckers... SURPRISE! Not to me. I am very not surprise.
I think that now more than ever before had come the time for Quebec province to stay in a corner, and let Canada be govern by real Canadians. I think Stephen Harper should get ready for another term. And why not after all? He is getting Canada out of debt and is getting involved with the US to establish please in the Middle East.
I heard some comments at work that the events of the past couple days happen because Canada decided to enroll with US and France against - how the name it "EI". Some Quebeckers are so stupid that they cannot even understand that the EI is a disease and need to be irradiate. If not, we could be on our way to a Third War. There're just no limit to how far those people can go, and that being for many reasons. First of all, terrorists are not afraid to die for they believes. They believe in God and even if they are not doing it the right way, their faith give them courage and determination they need to fight. Some of them had been born soldiers before even being one. No Occidental countries have all it take along to win over these extremists. Its why we need enroll aside with France and USA, among other. We cannot let terrorists do what they want to do and act they way they want. Because before we know it, they could win over us and control our freedom and everything we own.
We are facing something so incredibly strong and powerful, its even difficult to describe. But to understand, you need to be yourself religious and have such a converted mind to realize how bad can be a religion when what is being teach is being all distorted and compromised. And its really to bad that Muslims all around the word have to live the damnation of their very own religion. Don't underestimate the power of religion.
So when I hear Quebec pigs saying that its all Stephen Harper fault, I feel like screaming at them. But we all know how poorly educated Quebeckers are so there's really nothing to worry about.
One day this past summer, I was walking around the Park Lafontaine. A guy must had followed me because he was waiting for me on the parking lot. We was outside his vehicle and started talking to me. I ignore him and continue my way. Why? By his appearance, he was clearly a Muslim. I am not racist, but I was alone and acting like I didn't hear him was my way to protect myself. Its not like he was in need of help or anything. But the guy was clearly following me. He spoke to me in English but I didn't let him speak to me. I continue my way and as I was waiting for a green light across Saint-Laurent, I saw the same guy again passing by in his car, looking at me. He was a white male but I believe he wasn't Canadian or at least Canadian born. He was tall, well fit, wear glasses and had a bear like the one that Muslim man wear sometimes. I never saw him back after that.
But than, I sit on a bench in Old Montreal and there I saw a man sitting close to me.. a black Muslim with a bear. It was a bit strange.
Anyway, all this to say that what happen right now clearly influence our behaviors between Muslim and non-Muslim. I spent quite some time in France in my twenties and where I was living, there was a lot of Muslim and I never felt uncomfortable and unsecure because there was a bunch of people around and they were just young students like myself trying to have their diplomas and stuff. I am perfectly aware that Muslims are not all dangerous but leaving in these modern times is getting complicated.
But life continue. I still have to build my fortune in stocks. And in Canadian stocks of course, like always.
On another note, I make a $3 000 investment today in CNR inside my TFSA.
I had accepted CIBC Visa offer to increase my limit to 7k. So I took a 5k at 0% for 6 months (but a 1% fee apply). I used a promotional cheque to add money - a 5k - to my margin account. I taught of several things, like my job situation and stuff and I think I will be still working in my current job for the next 6 months so I told myself: go for it baby.
I went to the very easy and very immediate. Currently, the best of the best investment you can make is in Canadian National Railway Company (CNR). This stock is not very volatile and very secure. I own CNR inside my non-registered and I made quite interesting thousands on this one already. And also, its been said that CNR could add up to 45% in its dividend... So this is very to easy. I hope to have a good $400 on this one over the next 6 months. And in 6 months, I will clear off this CIBC Visa. The opportunity was just too easy and too good not to move on with it.
I hope this new investment will add some extra value to my TFSA. I still have a contribution room of 18k inside my TFSA account and I plan to maximize it before paying down more debt (except my CIBC Visa). Its just way to increase my chances to make a few thousands on the market while I still can.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

I am a poor investor with no fresh cash available to invest

My cheque for my student loan finally go through and after that, I only had $5.98 left to pay and I did a one last online payment for that one so officially, I no longer have any student loan! Yeah!
As for my other debt, I own $66 273.91 at 4.25% on my margin account.
I have a $94.67 on my BMO MasterCard.
I have a $1 383.70 at CIBC Visa at 0% for 6 months (but one time fee of 1% applied).
For a total of: $67 752.28
In the previous post, I talked about taking money here and there (I have a credit line at 4% on which I have 5k available. And now, CIBC Visa want to increase my limit to $7 000.. I could add money at 0%...). That's all fun but it took me a little while to pay off my 5k credit line at BMO. It is now all clear off. I no longer have any student loan. I used to have more than 80k in debt for a little while, and now I am 67k. Question being, do I really want to get in the same old pattern again?
That's a reason why I didn't make any new investment, at least so far. I have to say, I didn't have the greatest feeling about the plan expose in the previous post because its seem to be I am destroying all my efforts to pay down my debt. The idea was to have only my margin account as debt and have no more banks or anything else taking money from my banking account every month. It didn't bother me to used a 1k+ on my CIBC Visa because of vacations expenses and also, as announced previously, I bought a new laptop for only $420 after taxes, a good deal and the laptop has a 8 GB memory and a 500 Go storage - I would had preferred a 1 To but the price was too good.
So I have that vey huge dilemma in front of me. The stock market crash, and it make a good opportunity to invest - even if now the TSX gain points.... For now, I don't think I will be investing, unless I change my mind. Or unless I am the lucky winner of a million dollar. And even there... I might preferred to stock the money and live on from the interest without having to live with the market drama.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Dividend Girl way to invest when markets are all f up, brown and ugly at the worst

Things are really ugly for my non-registered portfolio right now. I used to be at a spectacular 140k+... and now, well today, my non-registered portfolio closed at $127 661.39. Its quite hurtful to look at it right now, but since I have a margin account, I don't have too much choices. I feel like its 2008 all over again. Same pattern: did we hit the bottom of the bottom or could it get worst? Its the same damn thing that is repeating over and over again. But we finally had that stock correction after all, didn't we!!!

Moving on to such a correction is awfully difficult, but its in the same rough times, back in 2008, that I built my portfolio... Its time to pack in quality stocks that are trading at a lower value than it usual. Its not time to invest in crappy stock, only quality please.
I had been able to survive to the 2008 stock crash and this time will be just the same thing. But to do so, and to benefit from this correction, there's no 100 solutions, I need to invest in quality stock that trade at down value. Bank stocks didn't lose that much when you take a serious look, but I am still interest. I never been that much interested by the oil sector so I am basically skipping.
Basically, my first idea would be to invest a $7 000 in my TFSA, exclusively in quality stocks. A 5k would come from a credit line at 4%. A 1k from my next pay. And a 1k from my CIBC Visa at 0% for 6 months for a fee of 1%...

And here's a first idea of a few investments:

Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS)
Canadian National Railway Company (CNR)
Empire Company Limited (EMP.A)
Intact Financial Corporation (IFC)
Canadian Pacific Railway Limited (CP)
Canadian Tire Corporation, Limited (CTC.A)

All of those companies don't pay much in dividend, but rewards could be for later on. I am still thinking about it for now. All of those stocks are from this pick list.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Investors, Happy, very Happy Thanksgiving

I just came back from a few days of vacation in New Brunswick. The weather was very nice - but what a bad  timing for a vacation! Worst time ever. I didn't have a direct access to the Internet, but while watching the news, I quickly realize that my portfolio wasn't going to be in the 140k anymore.

The TSX is down down down... what a spectacular crash! With all of the shit going on, my non-registered portfolio is down to 131k.

I had sent my check to pay off my student loan before leaving and no matter what, the check haven't been withdraw from my bank account. I cannot wait to be done with those losers of the National Student Loans Service Centre. The amount I own over my student loan wasn't much at all, but in Canada, we like the fact that our youth has to enroll into debt to get an education. Our system is just there to make money where no one should look over to make money. Every time I walked my McGill University, I cannot help it, I think of how pitiful are the students of today who were stupid enough to get into one the most expensive university ever. What a bunch of total morons. Quebeckers especially are among the best of the best morons ever. These days, we heard a lot about the piece of shit Pierre-Karl Peladeau and I am just very happy that finally things are on and that Canadians can finally see his true colors: liar, arrogant and being in politic only to make his Quebecor stocks going on the high.

No matter of how hard things of looking up at the market, now is the time to buy. With real good positive data for the job market in Canada - and not Quebec - I think the market is just reacting to strongly to stuff we should really not care about. Like Ebola - I am never sick, I can beat Ebola just like anything else (really).

Right now, we must be grateful for all the drama going on in the world.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Stock correction or not, that student loan will be paid off

Tomorrow was supposed to be an happy day for the Dividend Girl. On the same day, I am going on vacation AND paying off my student loan once for good. WOW! Nice, but now that that the stock market is all upside down, paying off my student loan is a pain knowing deeply inside that I should be investing instead... That's what we need to do in a down market. The check is not in the mail yet if you see what I mean... The exact sum is of $3 053.93. Its all I have left in student loan debt. Can you imagine?

With my $145 000 non-registered portfolio, I used to be the Queen of the stock market. My portfolio was going to hit on the 150k all by itself without any new investments! I was going to make it! BUT NO. BANG! Take that honey baby. It simply not going to happen that way! The road to the 150k will be alllll inn painnn and nothing else...

However, I am still going to pay that student loan because following what, my monthly budget will be quite interesting if I keep myself on a budget. Its just too bad that the markets are in the red right now. I was just doing too well. This correction is my fault because without knowing, during that all that time, I was the centered of the world and you have just no idea about it!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Saying goodbye to my student loan debt really soon

I am going to New Brunswick for a few vacation days soon, right on time for the hunting season - yeah! - and the beautiful autumn colors. For all of you who cannot make it to New Brunswick, I promise a few pictures. I recently catch the first sign of autumn in Montreal somewhere close to McGill University.

Its hard to believe, but just before my vacations, I will be finally paying off my student loan debt, which is about $3 100. Not that much, but anything exceeding 1k begin to make a lot of funky cash. Of course, I am all getting exciting because following what, the student loan topic will be no more. Sincerely, I never taught I would feel that much exciting about paying down my student loan... At now $68 442, my margin debt is a bit high, but at least, its tax deductible. If I put myself into it, I could pay it off in a bit more than 3 years, but only if I don't invest. And that's barely possible. I could sell off my portfolio but its not something I would like to do. My margin debt is not something that really bother me, but I see its currently too high for my taste. If I could lower it by half, it would be great. My margin is like candy, its what make the game all fun. And did I have fun with my money? Oh yesss. But I don't want to see that  margin debt of mine exceeding the 68k.

Margin debt is not a bad thing, but while enrolling into it, you should set your mind in a certain limit. I have no problem dealing with the market volatility but seeing my portfolio going down from time to time is always a pain, but I can deal with the pain. One thing for sure, lowering my debt is a way to deal with the market volatility, in a certain way.

By the end of the year, if I am not tempt to invest in anything, which I doubt, I would like to lower the usage of my margin to $65 000.

There's currently a few cool stocks that could be a good acquisition: Royal Bank of Canada (RY) - another bank stock that I don't currently have in my portfolio. I know no stocks are 100% safe, but for me, a bank like Royal sound like a safe investment for me. From time to time, I like to invest in Canadian National Railway Company (CNR). Its one of my favorite stock. If you invest in CNR now, you probably get hungry because of its tiny low dividend distribution but this stock will pay on the long term. And currently, the capital gain that I made on CNR are enormous. I could be tempt by another 1 to 2k investment in CNR soon. RY could be a good fit for my TFSA. 

Talking about my TFSA, I have a contribution room left of exactly $21 238.83. Its a shame, I know. RY could be add in my TFSA as well as a little investment in CNR. Really recently, s tock that I hold in both in my non-registered portfolio and in my RRSP account, Emera Incorporated (EMA), has announced a 6.9% increased of their dividend. And they say they are looking forward to have an increase of 6% for the next 5 years. This could sound like a good news at first, but I find the increase of 6% every year for 5 years is a bit to high to what I like. I now try to invest only in stock that pay a reliable dividend - not more than 5%. A stock that pay more than 5% in dividend year could be more dangerous than a good pay off. So I really don't know what to think about that dividend increase.
Currently, I didn't come with very new investments ideas, but for that, you can always rely on Susan Brunner who had set up a nice little stocks list purchased for September.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

TSX taking a hit low down, market looking like something brown once again

A TSX at more than 15 000 points, my non-registered portfolio happily popping up to the $145 000... It was just too good to last and a taste of in deep market shit is now coming to live for real. My non-registered portfolio closed today session at $138 147 and a few cents...
Right now is just a good to pay down my student loan and look forward to keep some cash away in my bank account. I really don't like when the market is down, it make me wanna run! BUT, its a good time to buy, and a few stocks that I currently hold could be good investment ideas at this time - like Black Diamond Group Limited (BDI).
Other than that I had colored my hair in a dark shade of red... if you would see me, you wouldn't even recognize me lol...
This post needed to finish in a positive way. 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

GoodBye David Alward blue face, Hello New Prime Minister of New Brunswick Brian Gallant!

Its not exactly a good bye to ex-Prime Minister David Alward because he got elected and win his seat. However, it will probably be quite an humiliation for David Alward to be there just as another Deputy. I hope the humiliation will be big. While he was the Prime, Alward was acting like an idiot, pushing over the gas shale like a dog. He never had the intelligence it take to control New Brunswick finances. We don't want to have finance being out of control like stupid Quebeckers. They might have all the richness of the word, mines and mines of gold, the capacity to produce 100% of their electricity needs and so on. But no matter what, Quebec finances are in the deepest red ever. WHY?
Like right now, Quebec and New Brunswick are in the same deep red. And its the strangest thing. Quebeckers got what they deserved, their arrogance had killed them. But in New Brunswick, the red is in place because of  people having to leave to find work. Cost of university is extremely high in New Brunswick. We don't have enough job. Youth is going away. There're so many problem. But the biggest problem is having too many debt for the little resources we have available. We have just little left to do. But one good thing that could be done is downsize the government. We don't need that many number of deputies to represent the people. Just in the north of New Brunswick, a small place like the North West is being represent by at least 3 deputies and that area barely have a population of 20 000. So let's go Brian, cut in the butter! There're too many bastards in New Brunswick politic. Less will be better.
We may be poorer, but we are smarter. We really need a political change in New Brunswick and we got what we need now to move forward. Brian Gallant is a sweetheart of only 32 years old - that's right, my Prime is younger than me - but am I getting that old??? No, I am a sexy 34!!! aha!
Anyway, New Brunswickers always know which choices they need to make. Remember when Hydro Quebec try to get his hands over New Brunswick electricity business? People said NO and there was a nice cute little crowd in front of the parliament. Us New Brunswickers, we have the intelligence to take the good decisions when needed. We won't ever get control by rats who are unfaithful to the Canadian country, among other things. We need to keep the control no matter what.
I had just no doubt in my mind. I knew Liberal Party was going to win in New Brunswick. Conservatives had treat New Brunswickers like shit. And they got what they needed to have. BOOM. Liberal is a majority, nothing will hold Brian Gallant behind. The young man has a lot of work waiting for him. I hope he'll have the intelligence to listen to the people and make us proud. I hope he stays out of any corruption. I will pray for him and his family. May God bless Brian Gallant.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Voting machine going nuts in New Brunswick

I am desperately trying to follow live the results of the elections in New Brunswick... but seem like a server was down somewhere on the Acadie Nouvelle for a few minutes... lol. Servers are down, and voting machines going f nuts. Its going to be a tough and rough fight. But Liberals are probably going to win - just like expected. David Alward won't be in for a second mandate. I am pretty sure. That's also what I had announced yesterday.
The fight is not only rough in New Brunswick right now. The Canadian stock market is quite racy too at this time. My non-registered is at only $140.
I am now finally watching live Radio-Canada channel and imagine what... votes will need to be count one by one... but so far, Liberals are in the game and Conservative pretty much out.
Love the elections, but got to go to bed.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Saying yes to CIBC Visa 0% promotional credit card balance transfert

I know you haven't heard of me really often lately. One reason being because of the summer - I had been enjoying the sunshine. I have to say that when the stock market is on a positive note, I used to stay away from my laptop. Another reason being that I have a mini laptop with only a 1 GB drive and it sometime give me a headache. When it want to, the little machine can be quite slowww.
But now, the stock market is down. My non-registered portfolio used to be at $144 000+, its now at $141 000. Summer is over... sniff sniff...
The only good thing these days is that I bought a new laptop. That one had a 8 GB memory so its much faster. I can easily go on the Web and do all of my stuff. Its quite life changing. And also, my screen is bigger, so its overall much better. The deal was too good to miss, this Acer laptop at the Source was only $380.. about $420 after taxes. I don't regret buying it... especially knowing that CIBC Visa - one again - decided to be extra generous by offering me a 0% credit card balance for 6 months. But there's a catch, a onetime 1% fee apply.
I know I once said I wasn't interested by CIBC Visa promotional offer but I am not going to used much of my CIBC Visa, just what I currently have as expenses on my BMO MasterCard. By doing so, I still can pay off my student loan like plan by the end of October. Also in October, I have a few days plan in New Brunswick. And at the time, I hope that at that time, David Alward will only be a bad souvenir.

Provincial elections on September 22, 2014: Welcoming our New Prime Brian Gallant

Its too bad I cannot be there to vote, but I have no worries. New Brunswickers are smart people and watch out my prognostics: a big kick in the ass to the Conservative and a very good welcome to the Liberal under Brian Gallant. Go Brian go!
In New Brunswick, we had experimented many problems with the Conservative. New Brunswick has among the highest number of individuals who benefit from the unemployment insurance - and that being for many reasons. One reason being the lack of opportunities. Before being able to find a job in my very own province, I had been offered a job in Montreal after I guess less than 12 weeks while being under the unemployment benefit. That was about 2 years ago. The contract turned into a permanent job here in Montreal. But back in the time, the only jobs offer I found coming from New Brunswick were contracts. It seem like New Brunswick workplace is built just in order to give us the number of weeks required to get the unemployment benefit - that's what I figured out...
Poor seasonal New Brunswick workers had lost their dignity under the Conservative government and come a time where their voices will be heard. And that time is tomorrow.
In New Brunswick, we rely on our natural resources more than anything else and someone of the name of David Alward want to all f it up and open the door to pipelines - but there's much much worst, like shale gas. And the only reason why we don't have any shale gas exploitation in New Brunswick is because of the courage of our Indian people who massively come over to protect the province and said no to shale gas. New Brunswick has a lot of problem to deal with right now. Let just don't add another shit plan to everything else. I want to be able to go back live in New Brunswick one day.
Under Stephen Harper, New Brunswickers who work in seasonable industries, like in the fisheries and forest related stuff have suffer from very tighten laws and regulations related to unemployment benefit. Workers who are involved in lobsters, fisheries, forestry, tourism etc. cannot work all year long.
Without being there, I know New Brunswickers will do the right choice and massively vote for Liberals because its really the only thing to do.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Paying off that student loan once for good

I currently have a $1 300 available in cash, but I didn’t do anything with it so far – which is very unusual. I made a very painful decision: to pay my student loan by the end of October of this year. The balance of my student loan is of $3 147. Its quite a bit of money, but not that much either. I find it painful to pay off my student loan because its money that I won’t be able to invest inside my TFSA and I didn’t invest in something new in quite some time. My latest investment in Stantec Inc. (STN) doesn’t count at all because it was made inside my RRSP.

I had in mind to pay off my student loan but I never been really super enthusiastic over the idea. But I am now very serious about it. Currently, its $98 every month that goes as payment on the student loan. If I can erase that debt and leave a 1k in my bank account, I will be saving $101 per month. $101 is quite a lot of money to get in term of dividend money, its the reason why I decided to pay off my student loan and later on in November, I will have a 1k that will be laying on my bank account.

Following what, I will only have my rent, grocery and extra to cover up, all extra money will be put on my margin account and/or new investments. By the way things look now, I could only have 10 years left to do on the workplace. Not that I expect to retire at 44, but I want to have the choice to retire or not at that age, and please trust me on that one, I really don’t want to work until my late sixties… Or if I do, its because I will want to, not because I will have to.

Dividend investing is a good shit plan cover off. A shit plan is something you put on place in case shit happen, like a lay off or any kind of other shit that could happen. And the Canadian stock market is a good place for shit plan. The idea to have investment working for me for the rest of my life is just terribly sexy and I cannot wait for my non-registered portfolio to hit on the $150 000 value. And the Dividend Girl will be forever and employers could only kiss me good night.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Hey, Stantec Inc. (STN), welcome baby to my RRSP portfolio

My non-registered portfolio closed today session at $144 680.41 - still very good for a day down on the TSX. And since a very long time, I have a margin left over of $20 498.02 - SSS. without any new update, I am pretty sure that my overall portfolio is now exceeding the $200 000. Its not a net worth of course, but I wasn't expecting to come so soon. 

I currently have a $1 300 to invest inside my TFSA and a $1 200 inside my RRSP that are just waiting to hit on the stock market. So what's going to be my next investments?

I talked of Stantec Inc. (STN) a bit previously before. But now I am really into Stantec Inc. (STN) because the company declared a 2 for 1 stock split. This is making the perfect occasion to finally invest in Stantec! If you want to be part of the deal, you need to invest at least 3 business days BEFORE October 31th.

Stantec Inc. (STN) is the perfect stock to in a RRSP portfolio - partly because its not with a dividend yield of 1% that I am going to be able to buy that Aldo purse that I am just dying to buy! The best place to dumb Stantec stocks is inside a RRSP portfolio. Leave it there, and maybe later on the company will worth much more than now.

I invest through my employer inside my RRSP but I don't plan to add extra money into it as my motto is: I NEED MONEY NOW. PRINCESS NEED THE CASH """NOW""" PLEASE. Aldo purse now please.

I had money available to invest inside my RRSP after I sell my Tim Horton stock. I just hope that Stantec will be the hot deal that will make me look fabulously hot.

I didn't invest in my non-registered portfolio or TFSA in a little while and no longer remember what I had as wish list for upcoming portfolio. Or maybe all I remember is... that Aldo purse.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Saying goodbye to my Tim Hortons (THI) shares. Bye bye!

Long weekends are the perfect time to just do all the laundry and cleaning that need to be done before hitting for real in the month of September.

August 27th was my birthday as you know and I spent the special day at work and I had one thing running in my mind, not the fact that I was turning 34 since there's no sign of aging on my pretty face and I don't feel any difference between 24 and 34. My problem on that extra special day was not with aging, but on what to do with my Tim Hortons Inc. shares now that Burger King in on the way to buy the company.

I have to say I was very surprise with that acquisition. Is there any other companies more Canadian than Tim Hortons. It's almost an outrage to see our American friends getting their hands on our Tim Hortons! The world is all so f up anyway... And now its just even more lol... Anyway, you got the idea of what this mean. My concern was: to sell or hold my Tim Hortons Inc. (THI) shares?

I went through a few acquisitions deal with other stocks I had been holding in the past so I knew how it was going to work. First the company that buy the X company offer an amount per share to buy all of the shares of X. At the time, I went through an article saying that Burger King was buying Tim at something like just a bit more than $60 per share - $63 I thing. shortly following that Burger King made its coming out about buying our Canadian Tim, Tim Hortons stock value pop up to $88 per share. That had never happen before. So what was the best thing to do: let Burger King buy Tim at $63 or cash in high profits like now... I knew I had to act fast. My idea was pretty much set on selling all of my Tim Hortons shares now, but I had a little doubt. While hitting back home, I had received in my emails Derek Foster latest newsletter. Derek Foster was selling his Tim Hortons shares or already did. From that point, I had no more doubt, if Derek Foster was selling his Tim Hortons, I was going to do the exact same thing. And in the morning of August 28th, I was flushing all of my Tim Hortons shares and cashing in the cash!

In my case, I did not made a fortune out of the deal. I was holding just a few shares of Tim Hortons inside my RRSP and I decided to buy Tim because its a stock that Derek Foster had in his portfolio. If Derek hold a stock and that's its a Canadian stock and as long as its not Manulife or Power Corporation - I am going to get the same things as the guy. 

My story with Tim Hortons ends on August 28th 2014.

I currently have a $1 200 in cash in my RRSP just waiting to be invest again, but no idea yet.

My non-registered is on the $143 658.20. It seem to me like this baby is going to hit on to the 150k all by itself without the help of new investment! YEAH! The investment game is like a bit too easy these days but sexy is not going to complain.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


34 old, always the same sexy thing! ;-)

At my age - was it - Derek Foster was retiring. Its not going to happen anytime soon for me lol...

Anyway, enjoy the day, time to buy a lottery ticket and eat diner at a restaurant.

Enjoy the day, I will do the same.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Saying hello to my first 200k worth portfolio (excluding debt, of course)

The weather is very hot these days in Montreal, especially today. But there's nothing that a cold beer cannot take care of and I wouldn't mind to spend another weekend at the Parc Jean-Drapeau beach this weekend. I cannot go there during weekdays. I could, but it will only give me one hour to swim. Enough for a quick swim. I am enjoying the last couple days of summer.

This past weekend, I knew, that my investment portfolio was at its highest value ever, so I did what I usually do when my portfolio reach its highest of its highest value ever - I update my portfolio. And surprise, I am very close to the 200k worth portfolio - I reached the $199 863.28 value, and my net worth is of $128 868.77. Those are very good numbers, especially knowing that I didn't invest in a little while.

The Canadian stock market is a real paradise these days. But will things remain the same for really long? I don't know, I only wish. and imagine my surprise... Today, my non-registered portfolio hit on the $143 680.82 portfolio. Which mean that I am currently sitting on a 200k worth portfolio, no doubt about it. 

An this being done 2 days BEFORE my birthday.

August 27th is the date!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

My investment portfolio on date of August 24, 2014

On date of August 24, 2014:

Non registered Investments:
Stocks and Units investment portfolio $CAN

Timminco (TIMNF): $0.44
Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS): $8 078.40
Hanwei Energy Services (HE): $75
Methanex Corporation (MX): $7 601.40
Fortis Inc. (FTS): $3 647.14
Pembina Pipeline Corporation (PPL): $22 462.44
Just Energy Group Inc. (JE): $5 161.42
Pengrowth Energy Corporation (PGF): $1 536.40
Enbridge Income Fund Holdings Inc. (ENF): $10 782.20
Corby Distilleries Limited (CDL.A): $2 401.20
Davis + Henderson Corporation (DH): $7 169.04
Premium Brands Holdings Corporation (PBH): $10 547.83
EnCana Corporation (ECA): $4 996.16
iShares S&P/TSX Capped REIT Index (XRE): $2 571.80
Horizons Gold Yield Fund (HGY): $1 316.52
Canfor Pulp Products Inc. (CFX): $1 259.28
New Flyer Industries Inc. (NFI): $1 487.16
Exchange Income Corporation (EIF): $4 087.50
Colabor Group Inc. (GCL): $392.70
TMX Group Inc. (X): $437.20
K-Bro Linen Inc. (KBL): $4 061
Westshore Terminals Invest Corp (WTE): $7 293
WesternOne Inc. (WEQ): $3 271.80
First Majestic Silver Corp (FR): $1 078
Kinross Gold Corp (K): $650.81
TransCanada Corp (TRP): $1 397.50
Canadian National Railway Co (CNR): $6 840
Firm Capital Mortgage Investment Corporation (FC): $508
Enbridge Inc. (ENB): $1 526
Agrium Inc. (AGU): $2 645.24
Canadian Utilities Limited (CU): $1 651.44
Crescent Point Energy Corp (CPG): $984.50
JFT Strategies Fund (JFS.UN): $2 032.02
Black Diamond Group Ltd (BDI): $720
Emera Inc. (EMA): $862.50
Cineplex Inc. (CGX): $1 018.75
Barrick Gold Corp (ABX): $798
BCE Inc. (BCE): $1 068.54
Stella Jones Inc. (SJ): $610.40
Saputo Inc. (SAP): $1 314
Toronto-Dominion Bank (TD): $1 152.40
Lassonde Inc. (LAS.A): $1 225
Loblaw Companies (L): $632.16
Lumenpulse Inc. (LMP): $1 000
Laurentian Bank of Canada (LB): $1 027
The North West Company Inc. (NWC): $1 224

TOTAL: $142 603.29

Stocks and Units investment portfolio $US:
Sprott Physical Silver Trust ET (PSLV): $1 232.45
Cash: $4.12

TOTAL: $1 236.57

Tax-free savings account (TFSA):
EnerCare Inc. (ECI): $40.95
Dumont Nickel Inc. (DNI): $115
Sprott Physical Silver Trust UTS (PHS.U): $1 755.13
Sprott Strategic Fixed Income Fund (SFI.UN): $370
Healthlease Properties Real Estate Investment Trust (HLP.UN):
$1 420
RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust (REI.UN): $950.60
Precious Metals and Mining Trust (MMP.UN): $568.80
Sprott Inc. (SII): $2 944.05
Chorus Aviation Inc. (CHR.B): $717.60
Data Group Inc. (DGI): $425.78
AltaGas Ltd (ALA): $1 548
CT Real Estate Investment Trust (CRT.UN): $1 183
National Bank of Canada (NA): $1 139.65

Cash: $182.73

TOTAL: $13 178.56

RSP investment portfolio:
Sprott Canadian Equity Fund: $3 542.02
iShares Gold Bullion Fund (CGL): $3 853.20
Emera Incorporated (EMA): $8 142
EnCana Corporation (ECA): $2 546.12
Sprott Physical Silver Trust UTS (PHS.U): $585.04
Toronto-Dominion Bank (TD): $1 728.60
Barrick Gold Corp (ABX): $997.50
Stella Jones Inc. (SJ): $3 052
Telus Corp (T): $1 934.50
Tim Hortons (THI): $687.70
Cash: $365.21  

CIBC Dividend Growth Fund: $757.77
CIBC Emerging Markets Index Fund: $338.64
CIBC Monthly Income Fund: $1 321.18

Energy and Base Metals Term Savings (Indexed term savings): $577.30
Natural Resources Term Savings (Indexed term savings): $502.06

GIC National Bank: $1 285.65

Manulife Fidelity NorthStar GIF CAP B: $1 400.82
Manulife Simplicity Growth Portfolio: $1 097.35
Maritime Life CI Harbour Seg Fund: $1 304.16

Maritime Life Fidelity True North Seg Fund: $1 400.82
Manulife GIF MLIA B World Invest: $895.69

Great-West – various: $2 539.73

Various other mutual funds: $1 467.71
Other: $445.60

TOTAL: $42 322.77

Social Capital at Desjardins Membership share: $40 Savings + Stocks, units, mutual funds + Tax-free Savings account + RRSP + Online Income ($36.49

$199 863.28

Monday, August 18, 2014

Summer is ending on a good positive market note

While enjoying the last couple days of summer, my non-registered portfolio decided to hit on the $141 523.52. I just to be able to stay on top of the 140k. I have a margin value left of more than 18k now and I feel I should make another sexy  investment move inside my TFSA. I am looking forward for very secure and solid investment stuff, like maybe Canadian Tire. Or maybe some more stocks of TD Bank - I have no clear idea at this time.

But what I know for sure is that the past couple days spent in New Brunswick were fun fun fun. And soo COLD! The weather is always colder in New Brunswick, but still, I had my bathing suit and it was useless. The nights are cold and so are the mornings. Sometimes in the afternoon, I could feel the heat of the sun over me but it was a tiny little heat feeling compare to what I am used to in Montreal. Basically, Montreal is shitty but the weather is warmer. 

Next time I will be in New Brunswick it will be in October and I except the weather to be cold at that time. Once I will be "home" (Montreal is not my home but its is now), I will have to get over my autumn clothes and stuff. I may be able to have a few sunny days while being "home" this week but after that, it will be over. And be ready for anything because on the 27 of this month, something very unique will happen: I will be turning 34 years of age. I have to deal with it but at 34, with no wrinkles, I don't look my age. I just need to lose a bit more weight and you'll think that I am a real sexy 20 years old or something... I have good Acadian genes and myself and my body were built to take all the shit of the word on my sexy shoulders.

These days, the shit is easy going. Like I am full-time employed, I am going to have a pay next week and stuff. I don't have any wrinkles in my pretty face and I can easily lose weight when I get into the mood so life isn't that hard but I am not taking for granted the job that I have and my current situation. Its the reason I want to play safe with my next couple investments. The idea of hitting on a portfolio of 200k is not something that I dislike and it doesn't bother me at all to have a net worth of 125k+. It won't take forever before I hit on my thirst $50 000 net worth. It won't be long.

Now that the summer is over, it will be easier to save money. As I am hitting back home, I am thinking of a plan to save the max of cash possible in September. I don't think that I am that in great needs of autumn clothes but I will have to check that out, maybe just one pair of pants and one top - very limited, but I need to cut out those expenses. Figuring ways to save up some  money is not that easy and respecting a ttight budget is not easy either way, but what need to be done need to be.

I have to say its not easy for women to save money because more than men, we have specific beauty needs. Hair coloration need to be done at least once every month. Currently, my color is darker than usual, its because I picked and did the coloration all by myself and it SHOWS and its less pretty. I also need powder and foundation - I am ruining out of foundation. I lost weight so I don't know how my pants of last year will fit. As the weather is going colder, to keep it up with my diet, I will need to get a gym membership at some place - that alone is expensive. I am hitting back to New Brunswick in October - that's another $200 only for meal ride and the bus ticket... AND SO ON.

So see, its terribly difficult to save up some money because of all of those excuses. Pretty or not, next coloration will have to wait until October before my vacations. Saving money is more difficult now that I make more money and I really have to think and stick to plan. So the f wish list is only what it is lol.

However, I am good at following plan, even if do change the plan - quite often - among the way. Like for example that student loan. Sometimes, I want to pay it, and sometimes I don't. But at this point, since the amount concern is so little, it doesn't really matter. I way prefer to invest and get richer rather than throwing money away on debt payment. Who knows when I will need the money anyway with those little bastards. Shit is just turn ON. ALWAYS. And always be ready for the worst of your life. Fight for those who can't and invest for those who don't have any money. It's all about taking up all the chances of the world.

Its time like these that I usually left y credit card home and play on in cash only. The upcoming weeks are going to be difficult.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

My left margin value is now of $16 000

Its now getting even better! My non-registered portfolio is at $139 399.28 and I in 2 weeks and one day I will be turning 34. You'll have some big celebration ahead and if you want to offer me something, my wish list include a new laptop, a smartphone, a camera, Ici perfume, a new apartment (bigger than one and a half please!), some furniture (to go with the new apartment). And in case I have a millionaire reader who really like me like crazyyyy, I want a condo ok? And I am all yours.


While dreaming, you'll find a few pictures of the Jean Drapeau beach in Montreal. Its quite a cool place to beat up the hot heat of the summer.

I did my nails and my coloration tonight so I am all ready to go for my New Brunswick vacations, all ready to leave Montreal behind - I only wish it will be for good.

Montreal is certainly a nice place to visit for "tourist", but living in Quebec province is certainly far from being a dream. In our country, Quebec had destroyed all sense of Canadian patriotism. We are united united as one country and we have a lot to blame to the selfish Quebeckers. And suddenly, while facing the failure of their poor choices with the Partie Québécois of Pauline Marois, well suddenly, the bastards decided it was time to be "nationalist" again and here come again the Liberal party... a real show.

Quebeckers took away too much time from our federal leaders. Too much efforts had to be put into "trying" to to keep Quebec in good faith over Canada and that is truly for me unforgettable. I hope Quebec will never join the constitution because they don't deserve to be in Canada. And I truly prefer to have Stephen Harper - again - in power for 4 years rather than having a Quebec cheater and liar for Prime Minister. If Justin Trudeau become Prime Minister, you can say hello to massive deficit. The guy doesn't have what it take to be Prime Minister. He's of an extreme arrogant and insouciance that is difficult to describe.

Stephen Harper cut massively into federal jobs and he should only cut more. I had been to Ottawa in my twenties and there's way too much jobs where people have little to do. The government should reform itself more and banish jobs that don't serve at anything. I think there's a lot more that could be done. Citizens shouldn't rely on government for jobs, that's just a basic of any powerful economy.

While we were f with Quebeckers, all energy put in the wrong place should had served our very own Canadian interests. That's why Quebeckers need to be banish.

In the mean time while living in Montreal, I am a honey money sucker and I enjoy what Montreal have tlo give but I am not in any way a promoter of Quebec - I am just sucking until the end and while doing so, my margin is explosing to a 16k value. The best thing I ever done in my 33 years of life is all right here.

Monday, August 11, 2014

All you need is money and summer love

As I am getting ready for a few vacation days, my non-registered suddenly decided to pop up to the $139 082 value. Now, its not a joke, I really getting ready to hit on the 140k mark. Not kidding! I am enjoying the last days of summer - that's why you don't get to hear a lot of this sweeettttt Dividend Girl soon turning 34 years old of life on earth. The heat is not bothering me that much. I spent all weekend long at the beach of the Parc Jean Drapeau - I really like the beach there. I got some nice pictures for you later on.

Anyway, for now, the big news were all about the 139k$ non-registered portfolio value.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

CIBC Visa offer to the Dividend Girl: 0% interest for 6 months... but watch out the 1% fee

I had received today a promotional offer from CIBC Visa; 0% interest for 6 months, but an initial 1% fee apply. The 1% fee is what is f it all. No way, I won't pay a 1% fee just to get a 6 months at no interest. No Sir.

This make me remember the time when I used to have a 0% with TD Visa. At a point, the promotion stop and I decided to pay off the credit cards. I now only have my student loan and margin as debt, and its a real challenge to pay down those debt already, so I won't add up a credit card debt on top of that!

I had quite heavy on the expenses so far in August so I decided that the necklace I bought at La Baie was going to be the only thing I will buy this month for my birthday. I rack up at $550 already and the month is not even half pass and please don't ask me to skip the morning coffee please because I can't. But I can however control my expenses. Other than coffees, I have a thing for makeup, hair products, clothes... Today, I left my credit card home and I didn't buy anything except my morning coffee. And I only bought that single coffee.. So I feel I had made a great deal of efforts today.

I now realize that its not because I make more money now that it make it easier for me to save money. I always have to stay alert. I have a few vacations days coming up, and I don't want to spend more than another $500 for this month, that include the cost of my bus ticket. But lucky me, I have a tiny - but still, a $147 in cash coming from the dividend earns inside of my TFSA... hello mercy cash. The dividend cash coming from my non-registered account is also helping.   

But what is helping the most is to leave my credit card home and stop spending.

In Montreal, the temptation is EVERYWHERE. And I don't understand how middle class folks can afford a condo AND regular basic living feels + EXTRA curricular summer EXPENSIVES. I mean, impossible. Even while on a 50k annual income before tax. 

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