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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Super-super Creststreet Alternative Energy Fund

While some companies are announcing dividend cut, my Crestreet keep going up up up! So high it make me want to invest another 1 000$ in this magic fund. Well, not that high, but my original 1 000$ now worth 1 016$. And in this difficult time, it’s almost a miracle that this investment is not making me loosing some big cash. Actually, the Creststreet Alternative Energy Fund is the only investment that makes me gain some capital among all of my investments. But here, I am thinking about the value of the investment only, not any dividend earning.

The Creststreet Alternative Energy Fund in the kind of fund I would like to have transfer into a Tax-free savings account, since its look like this in a US fund kind of. I don’t really know too much about this particular fund. And at a point, I don’t care about knowing more about it for 2 reasons: I just don’t have enough time to educate myself on the basic of the basic as I have other things to do and, second, as long the fund is making me gaining some money, I am quite happy here. No major search involves. Only cash is needed. And with Creststreet Alternative Energy Fund, only 1 000$ is needed. It’s the minimum required, unless they have change the rule with their new Class B. Because now Alternative Energy have a twin.

Creststreet Alternative Energy Fund was just one other great move of mine :) lol

I really enjoy my investments.

Friday, January 2, 2009

May 2009 be the year

I had been searching lately for a mutual fund or stock that would had help me gain money – knowing that I had lost so much so far. That’s part of the reason why I purchase Fortis. And its part of the reason why I purchase Dereck Foster third book just today actually.

Today I was off from my 2 jobs and I really enjoy the stay. I sleep in and I went downtown. Some stores were open until 9pm. It was amazing.

On my way, I went to Chapter. Read on some magazines about Angelina Jolie, Britney Spears and so on and, it wasn’t plan from me, I went on the upper floors and there, I saw it, it was it, the third book of Dereck Foster. So I told myself, why not? And there you go, I went home with the book. At first, I read a couple of pages, and I was like gees, he is repeating himself from his previous books, talking about mutual funds and their fees and blabla… But than, I begin to read some new content, something about options… There, I decide to purchase the book, as I felt there was something new right there. And I felt that it was important to purchase and not just to read directly on the spot. One of the reason why of this is that everyone deserve to earn money from what they want to share with others and second, I couldn’t understand at first what it was all about so I decide to buy to study the book at home… oh lol! And I didn’t read it yet.

In the meantime, I am just looking for easy alternative to make money. And I am really sucked at investing. I lost around 15 000$ if not more. But anyway, I just continue doing my way. And there it comes, the Creststreet Alternative Energy Fund (CAM400). The fund had provided a very huge benefit of 21.33% within the last 3 months. This is the kind of return I am looking for. I first did a search on MorningStar. Only the Horizons BetaPro catch my eyes, but those are closes now, from what I understand. After what I go through La Presse Affaires. And there I read Creststreet Alternative Energy Fund. The minimum investment is of 1 000$, which is perfect for me. I read in Canadian Business about the fund and for some people, the fund is kind of suspicious. And no one seems to know about the fund fees. And someone told that the fund had provided 1% in return per week…. For 1 000$, I have nothing to loose. And after loosing so much, I decide to give it a try. My next purchase, on Monday 5th will be Creststreet Alternative Energy Fund.

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