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Friday, April 4, 2008

Trouble co-worker

I had a co-worker of mine who had a trouble past. She’s VIH and had a criminal record, she caught catch buying drugs. And I get very anxious when she told me she had applied to a job at CIBC. The things are that she can be very nice, but at the same time, I caught her taking very nastily in my back. I used to hang out with her a little and we did volunteer work together for a foundation regarding VIH.

So when she told me she had been approved by CIBC to get a job there, I was really anxious because I didn’t want her to get into my investments and my credit card. I didn’t want her to have access to personal information on me. So for a couple of weeks, I wasn’t doing to well, but I felt a lot more better when she told me she finally didn’t get the job at CIBC. We work together at a call center and myself, I would like to work in the call center of a major bank. For now, I am not doing the move, as I feel ok where I am right now and the salary is good with overtime, since I can do so. And I work so hard just to be able to learn only the basic tasks of the job, I won’t go now and anytime soon, unless I get fired.

My trouble co-worker continues to search for another job and she keeps sending me some jobs offer. But I won’t change of job only because she wants me to do so and that she keeps making fun of me on behind my back. During daytime, things are ok, as we receive many many calls and everyone is busy. Our breaks and lunch times are not the same, so I barely see her. She might believe I am a complete idiot because she kept asking me to do volunteer work with her. I went with her one time. After I caught her making fun of me, she asks me again. And I refused to go with her.

Another I don’t like about her is that she touches unemployment insurance while working. Of course, she caught catch, and now, she has more than 10 000$ to pay to the government. She has all the money she needs to pay off the debt, but she keeps it, because she wants to buy a car. I don’t know what exactly she was thinking when she told me that, but yeah, I am a tax payer and she doesn’t have the right to live like a queen when I am paying 350 weekly on taxes of all sort. I just hate her and I don’t understand people like her. Her father is a doctor. I don’t understand what went wrong with her.

But it’s true that Montreal is a big city and there’s all kind of people living in it.


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