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Sunday, April 29, 2018

Lassonde Inc. (LAS.A): the star of the moment on the TSX

It feels quite great to see the TSX exceeding the 15 600 points value this past Friday! I so wanted to see my old 15 600 points back - and I got it after all.

I had been investing in stocks for something like a decade now and its the first time that I ever notice technical problems with the TSX. This is the official message that appears in my trading account: "At approximately 1:40 p.m. on Friday, April 27, the TSX, TSX Venture, and Montreal Exchange closed early due to technical issues." The "approximately" part is quite intriguing, like if the authorities wouldn't even know at what time the TSX stop trading.

My RRSP portfolio (stocks only) closed today session at $37 471.02 , my non-registered portfolio at $185 311.28 and my TFSA portfolio at $68 987.74. Among the great things going on right now, despite the technical problems that affected the TSX this past Friday, my investment in WSP Global Inc. (WSP) is doing quite well. WSP is currently on a gain of 23% inside my non-registered portfolio. Susan Brunner recently posts her review of WSP on her blog. She also posted recently about Fortis Inc. (FTS). I registered a gain of more than 63% on the back of Fortis Inc. FTS had been in my portfolio for a really long time now and its a really good investment, despite recent trouble with its value. It went back a little, but that's what stock do, they go up and down, but what matter is to be able to profit from the stock, despite it all. At 63% gain, I am not doing too bad on Fortis at all.

Other than WSP and FTS, another stock that is beating all expectations is the fabulous Lassonde Inc. (LAS.A). This past Friday session, LAS.A gained 2.42% - maybe it could have gained more if the TSX would have been opened like it should be. 

One last announcement, Parkland Fuel Corp (PKI) closed this past Friday session on a little gain - which is extraordinary.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Welcome in my TFSA portfolio Calian Group Ltd. (CGY)

Sad day in Toronto. I was at worked and they announced the terrible news. This may help to stop immigrants from coming massively to our country and stealing what doesn't belong to them. Alex Minassian - that is certainly not a Canadian family name - was Armenian. another fuck up Armenian just like the Kardashian family, but in much much worst. It's quite disgusting to see immigrants destroying our well being and I would like Canada to stop welcoming illegal immigrants. We shouldn't allow anyone to come illegally on our land, it's so disgusting all those immigrants, sucking at our energy and financial resources. I don't even have a family doctor and I had been on a waiting list for more than a year now. I try to find a nice apartment in Montreal - but so complicated and rents at reasonable prices are all so dirty. Don't tell we have resources here in Montreal to welcome immigrants - that's a lie. We cannot even meat the basic needs of our citizens and First nation people. We don't gain anything by welcoming people who are not true blood Canadians. We have to focus on them rather than focusing on us.

Immigration in Canada should be extremely selective. But it is not at this time and any morons can come here in the best place on earth, and destroy our well being. Terribly sad events, but we can only response with extreme severity. But Justin Trudeau is far too weak to address problems. Anyway, events like the one of today gave you a reason more to go to the gym so you can move your ass quickly if you have to. I miss my gym session this evening because I finish late at work. Personally, I am not afraid and if I have to die, I will die, but I don't believe yet that I can even die. I don't believe one second in my mortality. It will be a discovery that I will make at the end of my life and God will judge me and throw me the eternal flames as He wishes. Because I don't even believe in the power God. I believe in my own. And I am calmly waiting for the moment where He will prove me that I got everything wrong. Just show me, Lord. I am ready anything, anywhere.

Until that time where you won't ever heard of me, I had welcomed today in my TFSA portfolio Calian Group Ltd. (CGY). CGY is giving a nice push over my dividend income. Also today, the transferred of my National Bank of Canada (NA) and Northland Power Inc. (NPI) over my TFSA portfolio had been completed. I now have to transfer some cash from my banking account over my non-registered portfolio to calm down my margin. At an interest rate of 5%, TD Waterhouse is not making me any gift and I am not expecting anything great coming from those banker suckers.

On a happier note, today, I tried to do my legs with some wax trips and it quite didn't work out as well as it should. I might be immortal, but I am a bear, inside out.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

My first TFSA contribution of the year 2018!

I always have a good idea of where my net worth is setting at by looking at my numbers, but I like to post an update of my investment portfolio once in a while, even knowing that I am not beating yet my highest value ever, which was reached back in December 2017. With my hair freshly cut, just get out my way baby, the hunger to beat it up sharply is real more than ever and I am no longer too far behind. The stock market is making me suffer, but nothing best than a good punch in the stomach to wake up this girl.

One day, The TSX will good to me and it will be a lot easier to focus on the next natural step, which would be the $250 000 value. The 250k doesn't bring in much excitement on me. But the $300 000 is the real deal. Currently, my net worth is of $219 227.69, and that fabulous highest value ever of December 2017 was of $221 989.65. Since the beginning of this new year 2018, I have tried hard to push it over that magic 221k, with no success. 

Currently, the TSX is not steady enough and without a stock market in good shape, its difficult to move forward from my old score. For the time being, I will just be happy if I can finally exceed the old 221k mark. Things are not looking so bad overall and that's why I decided yesterday evening to proceed with my first TFSA contribution of the year 2018. It was about time, especially knowing that I have 10k in contribution room left for my TFSA! Its a real shame, but this is what it is to be linked to a margin account in a non-registered portfolio. It make it difficult to make any moves at all! Currently, I load $103 142.63 on my margin account. And I have left available $25 160.79. I watched closely those amounts every day or almost, just to make sure I don't get stuck in a wrong turn. But at 25k available, I have enough to take some stocks of my non-registered portfolio and have them transferred over my TFSA.

It seems like the rules for TFSA contribution in kind had changed at TD Waterhouse. When I was giving my order, I said I wanted the lowest value of the day for each stocks concern by my request, but it seems like we cannot no longer choose between the lowest or highest value of the day. While proceeding to a TFSA contribution, you can choose the stocks you want to transfer from non-registered to TFSA, but you cannot choose the value anymore. The value picks by the system is the one at the closing for the day. I have no problem with that, but the old rule gave a little bit more flexibility

For this first TFSA contribution, I picked National Bank of Canada (NA) and Northland Power Inc. (NPI). Since I already had NA inside my TFSA, I figured that I should just have the existing NA shares of my non-registered transferred over my TFSA. I already had some NA shares inside my TFSA portfolio. As for NPI, it was currently on a little capital loss, so I taught I could declared and the loss and get the shared inside my TFSA. Following what, I still have contribution room left to make other contribution in kind. for my TFSA. And I was thinking about my BMO shares, since they are too on a little loss right now.

While picking stocks of my non-registered portfolio for my TFSA, I try to pick some dividend payer stocks that currently are experiencing a small capital loss. I won't ever take stocks in which I registered some real big capital gain, like for example Premium Brands Holdings Corporation (PBH) to be transferred over my TFSA because if I do so, I will have to pay extra taxes because of the enormous good capital gains I made on PBH. 

Having stocks transfererd from my non-registered account to my TFSA will affect the value of my margin acount. For example, NA and NPI had a loan value of $3 677 for my margin. This is decreased of $3 677 the money available on my margin. Lucky me, its pay day next week, so I am going to take $3 677 from my banking account and have it transfereed over my margin. In the meantime, the amount left available will go down from $25 160.79 to $21 483.79. The lowest that amount go, and the closest I am getting from a margin call. that's what you need to keep in mind while trading on a margin account. Its a risk I am handling, but I don't recommend any of my dear readers to open a margin account, especially if you are the type like myself who get easily excited and who's a stock junkie, always on the ride and always searching for something new to invest in.

Another shame of mine is to have $2 272.31 in cash inside my TFSA, and I didn't invest that money yet. However, I am now pretty sure that I will be investing that amount in Calian (CGY). The stock seem to be stable and pay a nice reasonable dividend that seem to be reliable. This new investment will bring my annual dividend income to $8 489.73 (excluding RRSP), about $707.47 per month. I think CGY is a good pick and Stockopedia also share the same opinion. On Stockopedia, Calian (CGY) has the status of a Super Stock, and has a StockRank of 97 - two great features.

Right now, I really need to make good investments and those new friends will help me to push it to the 300k value. another stock I would really like to welcome in my portfolio is Logistec (LGT.B). It doesn't rank as wella s CGY on Stockopedia, and LGT.B only pay a tiny little dividend, but I have my eyes on that Susan Brunner stock.

Just to add for the fun, I just found out that one my favorite French rapper, La Fouine, has released a few new tracks and its quite good, so enjoy.

Friday, April 20, 2018

My debt situation on date of April 20, 2018

Margin account: $103 161.38 @ 5%
Annual interest: $5 158.069

My investment portfolio on date of April 20, 2018

Non registered Investments:

Cold cash: $4 209.59

Stocks and Units investment portfolio $CAN
Timminco (TIMNF): $0.20
Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS): $9 300.06
Blue Note Mining Inc. (BLNMF): $0.51
Methanex Corporation (MX): $8 762.21
Fortis Inc. (FTS): $5 100
Pembina Pipeline Corporation (PPL): $25 031.36
Enbridge Income Fund Holdings Inc. (ENF): $10 846.56
Corby Distilleries Limited (CSW.A): $2 567.10
Premium Brands Holdings Corporation (PBH): $56 760.21
iShares S&P/TSX Capped REIT Index (XRE): $2 561.02
New Flyer Industries Inc. (NFI): $6 343.92
TMX Group Inc. (X): $620
K-Bro Linen Inc. (KBL): $3 538
WesternOne Inc. (WEQ): $13.80
TransCanada Corp (TRP): $1 382.75
Canadian National Railway Co (CNR): $8 658.90
Enbridge Inc. (ENB): $1 113.56
Nutrien Ltd. (NTR): $6 082.26
Canadian Utilities Limited (CU): $1 464.54
Black Diamond Group Ltd (BDI): $62.75
Emera Inc. (EMA): $1 006.75
BCE Inc. (BCE): $1 175.90
Saputo Inc. (SAP): $1 641.60
Lassonde Inc. (LAS.A): $2 570
Loblaw Companies (L): $785.40
Savaria Corporation (SIS): $8 515.57
Canadian Imperial Bank Of Commerce (CM): $3 310.50
ATCO Ltd. (ACO.Y): $2 485.80
Jamieson Wellness Inc. (JWEL): $2 290
Northland Power Inc. (NPI): $2 295
WSP Global Inc. (WSP): $3 188.50
Aecon Group Inc. (ARE): $1 819
BMO Bank of Montreal (BMO): $1 911.40
National Bank of Canada (NA): $2 961.50
Aphria Inc. (APH): $2 120
Canadian Real Estate Investment Trust (REF.UN): $3 033

TOTAL: $191 319.63

Stocks and Units investment portfolio $US:
Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (BRK.B): $1 601.04
General Mills Inc. (GIS): $1 389.12
Cash: $56.69

TOTAL: 3 046.85 US : $3 838.12 CAN

Tax-free savings account (TFSA):

EnerCare Inc. (ECI): $52.50
Dumont Nickel Inc. (DNI): $24.40
RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust (REI.UN): $815.50
AltaGas Ltd (ALA): $763.50
CT Real Estate Investment Trust (CRT.UN): $1 330
Canadian National Railway Co (CNR): $3 848.40
Exchange Income Corporation (EIF): $31.76
Firm Capital Mortgage Investment Corporation (FC): $516
Brookfield Infrastructure Partners L.P. (BIP.UN): $3 525.54
Brookfield Renewable Energy Partners L.P. (BEP.UN): $1 171.80
The North West Company Inc. (NWC): $1 377
Andrew Peller Limited (ADW.A): $3 100.80
Canadian Imperial Bank Of Commerce (CM): $9 379.75
Hydro One Limited (H): $2 111.40
Toronto-Dominion Bank (TD): $1 403.80
Boyd Group Income Fund (BYD.UN): $3 291.60
Canadian Apartment Properties Real Estate Investment Trust (CAR.UN): $2 651.60
Data Communications Mgmt (DCM): $10.50
Morneau Shepell Inc. (MSI): $2 277.90
Royal Bank of Canada (RY): $3 891.20
Parkland Fuel Corp (PKI): $1 863.68
Park Lawn Corporation (PLC): $1 495.20
Toromont Industries Ltd (TIH): $2 230.80
National Bank of Canada (NA): $2 369.20
BCE Inc. (BCE): $481.05
Northview Apartment Real Estate Investment Trust (NVU.UN): $3 810
Pure Industrial Real Estate Trust (AAR.UN): $1 614
Sienna Senior Living Inc. (SIA): $1 424.80
Boralex Inc. Class A Shares (BLX): $910.40
Richelieu Hardware Ltd. (RCH): $1 277.42
Savaria Corporation (SIS): $1 171.10
Enbridge Inc. (ENB): $835.17
Cash: $2 272.31

TOTAL: $63 330.08

RSP investment portfolio:
Emera Incorporated (EMA): $10 872.90
EnCana Corporation (ECA): $1 752.84
Toronto-Dominion Bank (TD): $2 105.70
Telus Corp (T): $2 254.50
Royal Bank of Canada (RY): $1 945.60
Savaria Corporation (SIS): $3 379.46
Thomson Reuters Corporation (TRI): $2 023.20
Park Lawn Corporation (PLC): $4 984
Richards Packaging Income Fund (RPI.UN): $1 065.90
Toromont Industries Ltd (TIH): $390.39
CAE Inc. (CAE): $1 731.80
CGI Group Inc. Class A Subordinate Voting Shares (GIB.A): 2 579.50
Boralex Inc. Class A Shares (BLX): $1 138
Quebecor Inc. (QBR.B): $600
Cash: $296.73

Total: $37 120.52                         

CIBC Dividend Growth Fund + CIBC Emerging Markets Index Fund + CIBC Monthly Income Fund:
Total: $2 817.31                   

Energy and Base Metals Term Savings (Indexed term savings): $577.30
Natural Resources Term Savings (Indexed term savings): $502.45

GIC National Bank: $1 326.27                       

Manulife Fidelity NorthStar GIF CAP B: $1 246.52
Manulife Simplicity Growth Portfolio: $1 357.16
Maritime Life CI Harbour Seg Fund: $1 202.28
Maritime Life Fidelity True North Seg Fund: $1 526.79
Manulife GIF MLIA B World Invest: $1 248.22
Total: $6 580.97

Other various: $10 714.27

TOTAL: $59 639.09

Social Capital at Desjardins Membership share: $35
Pending online income: $17.56
Savings + Stocks, units, mutual funds + Tax-free Savings account + RRSP:
$322 389.07

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Again today, my non-registered portfolio closed the session at its HIGHEST VALUE EVER: $192 923.55

Today, I wake up with a bad hair day and I decided it was time to get a haircut. I had one just less than 3 months ago, which is sad, but in my case, with my naturally curly hair, I really had stretched it until I couldn't stand myself. I try to extend the moment I get a haircut to the maximum to help my budget breathe a bit, but from now on, I am going to stop that stupid game. It feels so much better with a fresh haircut, you should try it! In my case, once every 2 months is not even a luxury. I just need to keep cutting on other stuff just the way I had gone it since the beginning of the year. 

I am now basically back to my old self of the year 2007, when I was just starting this blog and was working really hard to save everything I possibly could to invest my hard earned money. With regular paycheques coming in and with a net worth exceeding the 200k since last year, I would have been too easy to lose it up a little. I am even trying to sell a few things on Kijiji. I haven't been successful with my latest items so far even if I am selling nice stuff at good price. It helps to remind me not to buy any new purses or new clothes, because I am not in need of anything.

It was an amazing day on the TSX today. It seems like the stock market heard my wish: to have a TSX back on its old 15 600 points value. We are not there yet, but at now 15 529.97 points, we are pretty close and its feeling quite good to get what I want. I taught I was doing very great yesterday, with a non-registered of $191 720.21. Well, a $192 923.55 sound better isn't? For the third day in a row back to back, my non-registered keep exceeding its highest value ever.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Again, my non-registered portfolio closed today session at its highest value ever: $191 720.21

Yesterday, my non-registered portfolio closed at $191 569.57, and today mark another little jump forward at $191 720.21.

I cam with a few interesting stocks today:


Longer post tomorrow.

Monday, April 16, 2018

My non-registered portfolio closed today at its highest value ever: $191 569.57

A lot of things happen today to make that happen. Real soon, Premium Brands Holdings Corporation (PBH): will exceed the 60k value inside my non-registered portfolio. My APH stocks had gone down since I bought them, but today Aphria Inc. (APH) gains 7.37% on the TSX. I am confident that APH will gain again in value. I loved this stock right from the start, but APH is not an easy stock to hold, its title is super volatile and it's not the type of stock that I usually like to hold. If only my Nutrien Ltd (NTR) could finally start to perform well just like my old Agrium shares, I would be in heaven. While having a TSX under the 15 600 points, I never taught that I could possibly exceed the 190k value anytime soon.

Park Lawn Corporation (PLC) is probably one of the best stock that I had found using Stockopedia. Only for that one single stock, I will be eternally grateful for the magical finding. I am a good stock picker after all. And it has nothing to do with how much you know or not about finance. For me, its all about in deep common sense and when a stock light me up like PBH did to me ages ago, and more recently PLC, well that's a watch out baby. I will sometimes fail, but I am rarely on the wrong track.

PLC closed today session on a trading halt. A trading halt is the strangest thing ever. While all the other stocks on the TSX trade actively, a trading halt on a stock make it impossible to sell or buy it on the market. Today, Park Lawn Corporation (PLC) made a great announcement. PLC is looking forward to acquiring The Signature Group and Citadel Management. Those two acquisitions will help PLC to expense in the US territory. Quite great news. I never expected to be involved in the funeral industry, but its a business, like any other. And Park Lawn Corporation (PLC) is no different than Premium Brands Holdings Corporation (PBH). Both are super great stocks.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

I am not sure if Brookfield Renewable Energy Partners L.P. (BEP.UN) belong in my portfolio anymore

The weather is turning really ugly in Montreal and its probably going to be worst tomorrow morning. I am just glad I can work from home. This past Friday session, my non-registered portfolio closed the session at a very good $189 723.58. My TSFA portfolio closed at $63 010.48, my US portfolio closed at $3 066.61 US and my RRSP portfolio closed at $37 088.64. This is quite good knowing that the TSX closed its session at a low 15 273.97 points. I would like to see the TSX at its old 15 600 value. But what I wouldn't like to see is a TSX under the 15 000 points... These days, nothing is easy and I am doing my best to protect my capital.

Like always, my Premium Brands Holdings Corporation (PBH) investment has a positive effect. My PBH investment is now exceeding the $55 000 value. I am like a little mermaid desperately trying to stay alive in an ocean of storm... And while doing so, my PBH is my rock and is pushing me all the way to the top. There's just nothing you can do about it so stay calm.

Last week, I decided to sell my Morguard North American Residential Real Estate Investment Trust (MRG.UN) shares. That left me over 2k to invest inside my TFSA portfolio. I was also thinking about selling my investment in The North West Company Inc. (NWC), but I didn't proceed with the move yet. It cost me like always to sell any of my babies, but they are only stocks, and I am the mermaid.
But currently, more than NWC, I am much more concern about my investment in Brookfield Renewable Energy Partners L.P. (BEP.UN). Things are not looking well for BEP.UN. If I sell Monday, I would make a tiny profit of... about $7 following commission fee. If I can sell BEP.UN at a profit, even tiny small on Monday morning, I will do so.... And I am still thinking about selling away The North West Company Inc. (NWC).

All of those selling inside my TFSA portfolio will leave me with a couple thousand. I am thinking about investing a part of that newfound money in a stock that I also hold inside my RRSP: CGI Group Inc. Class A Subordinate Voting Shares (GIB.A). CGI Group Inc. took it time to gain in value inside my RRSP portfolio, but it's not a bad stock to hold to for the long run. CGI doesn't pay a dividend, unfortunately.

Seem like even really smart girls can't have it all.

In the meantime, one of my newest investment, Canadian Real Estate Investment Trust (REF.UN) is going quite well inside my non-registered portfolio, it registered a gain of 2.54%. It's a real an ego booster to have one of my latest investment performing well in the stock market. Because as you might know, the TSX is not an easy place to be right now.

Inside my TFSA portfolio, another recent investment, Enbridge Inc. (ENB, is now on a 3.44% gains. If I can just continue being so real smart, I should get on the 230k net worth quickly, but I desperately need a TSX in the 15 500 points. Without a TSX in good shape, I am almost nothing.

For once in a really long time, I now have over $4 000 in my banking account. And I have the feeling that this time, the money will stay straight there since I have some money available inside my TFSA to satisfy my thirst for new investments.

I almost have it all after all.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Saying good-bye to Morguard North American Residential Real Estate Investment Trust (MRG.UN)

My non-registered portfolio closed today session at a $186 881.02, my TFSA at $63 410.25 and my RRSP (stocks only), at $37 366.11. I made the decision to sell all of the Morguard North American Residential Real Estate Investment Trust (MRG.UN) stocks that I was holding inside my TFSA portfolio. It wasn't a very difficult decision to make. And nothing retain me to get back in MRG.UN later on. Right now, I don't want to lose any money and MRG.UN had been on the low side for the past year. Luckily, I had been able to make a little profit of $153 by selling MRG.UN today.

Again inside my TFSA, I am thinking about selling my The North West Company Inc. (NWC).

And eventually, I could sell also those two, form my TFSA:
 National Bank of Canada (NA), and Canadian Imperial Bank Of Commerce (CM) stocks. 

Currently, my margin debt is at a fat $103 012.38. I don't dislike the idea of paying down that margin debt and get on a fresh start. 

There are a few stocks that I hold inside my non-registered portfolio and that I could easily sell:
ENF, PPL, TRP. I have no real attachment towards those oil stocks. I could also easily sell my ENB shares.

By selling those investments and by putting down my saving for the next 8 months, I could reduce my margin usage to around $30 000. I like to come with scenarios like this one. Its always good to have options on the table.

However, this year so far, my non-registered portfolio registered at 15.01% gain, and since 2012, I am on an 18.51% gain. Knowing that, it would be foolish to sell any of my valuable stocks only to pay down my margin. One thing for sure, I shouldn't go higher on my margin usage. I have everything it takes to support my existing big fat 103k margin. I know that one day will come where I will partly sell my investment to pay down my margin, but I still have the place to grow and I am not scared. I never had a real fear of my margin. I am exceeding 20k on what is left on my margin so its alright.

In the meantime, no new investment in the radar.

Regarding NWC, I am not sure if I should sell or not but its more a yes than a no at this time. I mostly would do it to protect my capital.

Monday, April 9, 2018

Stockopedia, please tell me where is hidding my next best thing

Things are not exactly going the way they should be on the TSX, especially since we are getting closer to a NAFTA deal. Investors should be enthusiasm as I am and leave the poor spirit behind. With its 15 227.70 points, my non-registered portfolio closed today session at $186 509.07, my TFSA portfolio at $63 395.22, and my RRSP portfolio stock only at $37 486.76. If the TSX can possibly hit its old 15 600 value, I could exceed my old time highest value ever in term of net worth, $221 000.

I have little money to invest and I was looking for a new find on Stockopedia, but no luck so far. However, my search makes me realize that my belove investment in Morguard North American Residential Real Estate Investment Trust (MRG.UN): - a stock that I pick on Stockopedia, had been going down all year long. However, no worries, I am still on the profit zone. I didn't place my move yet, but I think that my time had come. It's time to sell MRG.UN at profit while I still can.

I love all of my stocks, but sometimes, selling is a necessity. Especially knowing that some of my other stocks are down, and some other like PBH, MX, PLC, etc. are on nice capital gains. I don't understand Stockopedia, MRG.UN has a StockRank of 95 on their Web site. And Park Lawn Corporation (PLC), I stock that I made a lot of money on, which I also pick on Stockopedia a while ago, well my fabulous PLC is only at 75... StockRank is not all, but it seems like me and Stockopedia, we are not that at the same rank right now. And ho, my REALLY fabulous PBH... is only at 75!!! That's bullshit!!!! PBH worth more than a 75. Its the stock of my life. Can anyone understand that?

I will not wait for the poor man to wake up. I am going to get the extraordinary all by myself. I am the one that found AAR.UN, PLC, JWEL and how many great stocks that I hold. And I am going to do it again. Just watch me, little gangsters.

Anyhow, I do recognize the fact that I made real good findings using Stockopedia and I wish I will make another discovery soon. And of course, I will keep you posted. So lazy readers have no hard work to do. Wish me good luck, I am in need of some. I need to find my next best thing asap. Its something I need to be alive and find my oasis of satisfaction. I need to find back my power and I will not let it go.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Despite the storm, Premium Brands Holdings Corporation (PBH) is staying strong

I came back Monday evening from a few vacation days in New Brunswick, but now, it's not funny to be back and watching the TSX slowly getting under the 15 000 points is a real pain. Luckily, my biggest holder, Premium Brands Holdings Corporation (PBH) is acting like no storm is going on. PBH is still going strong and closed today... at a fantastic $116.36 per share.

When the TSX is volatile like this, I don't like to blog, I don't like to invest, I don't enjoy watching my investment portfolio online. Just at a time when I was at my highest value ever inside my non-registered portfolio, everything is all shacked up and it's hurting me, and it's hurting my portfolio value. It's just terribly annoying. It's not fun to be an investor at this time.

I had planned to proceed with a TFSA contribution in kind following my vacation, but with a TSX going all the way down, I am not in a position - because of my margin situation - to place such move. So I am doing the best to distract myself. Before leaving for my vacation, I had sold a leather chair on Kijiji and it gave me what I need to just continue selling whatever and everything I not wearing or using anymore, from books, clothes, boots, coat, and jewelry. I post a few items, no response yet. However, it seem like selling stuff on Kijiji can be a good way to earn extra cash. I am looking forward to make a $500 if not more - if I possibly can. I also have to go through all of my clothes. Maybe I will be able to push it to $600. As for now, its an experiment. I already earn $80 by selling that leather chair that I didn't like anymore. One great thing about Kijiji is that you can post for free, it's not like eBay, where you have to pay in other to post an item on their Web site.

Money is hard to earn and hard to be made on the stock market right now.

Thank you

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