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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Pembina is now at 14.25$ and I had lost my morning job

I was so right! Pembina Pipeline Income Trust went up – just like I expected it will! It’s seem like I just make a lovely profit of 225$ right there – and its truly needed. This makes all my week and I didn’t expect Pembina to grow so fast – or actually its share to gain value so much. And once again – my only regret is not being able to invest more more more in Pembina! The lack of money really makes me feel miserable. But seem like I am going to suffer more and more of lack of money in the upcoming following weeks because I will get laid-off of my morning job on March 31st. Seem like... I am going to have a lot of time to write on my blog for now on lol! Its not a totally desperate situation since I still have my full-time evening job and also my weekend job but it’s going to make a major difference in my life not to wake up early in the morning and for the money right, because my life is all about that lol!

On what happen at my morning job and why I do now believe in God.

God exist – I now have a formal proof lol! And it’s H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S! This is actually one of the most interesting things that never had happen to me of my entire life!

You can imagine, I got very tired during the last couple of days. And during my evening shift I sometimes get very but very tired. On that day, I told to a co-worker of mine from my evening job something that probably changes my life forever (like I guess I will have to go to church or something lol). This had happened just this last Monday.

My or what had been my morning job is quite easy. But sometimes, customers can really disturb me and are acting like I-m-the-customer-and-your-the-poor-employee kid of thing. Anyway that’s basically why I am following Derek Foster strategy like hell because gees, I have enough of all this and working hard for my money I want this to stop.

Anyway, on Monday morning, what happen is what something happen. That’s all. End of the explanation. I just don’t want to re-live the even against like whatever. I had been working at my morning job for 11 months now, in April, it would had make a year. And I never had any troubles before. And of course, the incident happens with a.. QUEBECKER lol.

And than see, I continue to chat with my co-worker complaining about what happen to me and how I was tired about the job. And after what, I said the following. I said it in French, but in English, it would have been something like: « If God exists, they will fire me, I am tired of the job and I need a rest ».

But little that I know on what was going to happen next. And this if the most interesting part.

The day following the incident, I learn that my last day of work at my morning job will be March 31st. Believe it or not. God exists.

This lay-off affects me and the other workers as no more jobs will be available after March 31st. People working during the day had the possibility to work during the evening as work will me available during evening but for me, the option is not good because I am already working during evenings.

The problem being that the company we had been working for is based in the US and they have decided to move a project to Asia. Anyway… Maybe an Indian will do the job I was doing. It might be better this way – as for me and for them. Someone else will conduct satisfaction surveys to Americans and Canadians that’s all.

I wasn’t shocked about the news by itself. I was prepared and aware. I just knew or doubt something would happen as satisfaction surveys and more kind of an extra. So let’s say I was ready for anything, but I was not expecting a sign of God…


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