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Sunday, April 5, 2009

My watch list

This post is about stocks and units I would like to purchase next.

I watch the index and of course, I am looking to extend my portfolio and invest more and more into current and other companies. Those are the stocks and units I would had purchased right away… if I would only have some money left.

My love’s one:

Bell Aliant Regional Communications Income Fund (BA.UN)
Current value: 24.73$
52 Week High: 30.55$
52 Week Low: 21$
Annual dividend: 2.904$

Time to buy before it’s become unaffordable!

I really like BA.UN. That’s actually a real one from the Maritimes and it rock! The annual dividend is huge! Almost 3$ per unit. This is an optimum BUY and HOLD lol :)

Great-West Lifeco Inc. (GWO)
Current value: 18.58$
52 Week High: 35.94$
52 Week Low: 11.21$
Annual dividend: 1.232$

For me, it’s seem a good one. Great-West Lifeco offers services to other companies like RRSP along others. GWO is a BUY.

Manulife Financial Corporation (MFC)
Current value: 16.40$
52 Week High: 40.59$
52 Week Low: 9.020$
Annual dividend: 1.04$

A buy? Maybe, maybe not. Analysts seem not to thrill about Manulife. I personnaly prefer GWO rather than MFC. But other than that, if I had a lot more than what I have now, I would have for sure invest in MFC. But in the conditions that are mines, I prefer Great-West Lifeco.

Energy Savings Income Fund (SIF.UN)
Current value: 11.25$
52 Week High: 15.40$
52 Week Low: 6.32$
Annual dividend: 1.236$

This is a good one. SIF.UN is kind of like Pembina Pipeline Income Trust on the sense that they plan to keep paying dividend (and no plan to cut) to their shareholders and its sound – by reading different press release – very well organized and stuff. It’s all I kind say about them, with all the knowledge I have. Among other, I would also like to purchase some other PIF.UN units and Fortis stocks. PIF.UN is affordable and pay good dividend. I just cannot imagine DF at the moment he had sale his PIF.UN units! Unimaginable!


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