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Sunday, January 31, 2016

JFT Strategies Fund (JFS.UN): where are my dividends from the January 15 special distribution???!!!

It was a released to see the TSX going back to almost 13 000 points. My non-registered portfolio almost closed at 125k. It actually closed at $123 656.42. The stock markets are playing with investor nerves. Its not a good financial environment. Its disgusting. And when I read articles like this one, it make me laugh. Life is getting more and more expensive, you can't never save ENOUGH money. It wasn't long ago when I saw cauliflower at $10 each... At that price, you better buy frozen ones. In my hometown in New Brunswick, grocery can get really expensive.

I am very very disappointed, I didn't received yet any dividend distribution for my JFT Strategies Fund (JFS.UN) units. I should had received my dividend on January 15, $0.811 per units. I call TD Waterhouse to find out what was going on. As you know, I book a trip to Cuba and I especially need my money now. 

See, this is the reason why you always need to always check on EVERYTHING. I like to note in my agenda my upcoming distribution date. Because distribution date = fresh new cash to pay for my diet pills, makeup, anti-cellulite cream and so on. :-)

I just hang up the phone with TD Waterhouse - which is no longer TD Waterhouse, but I found that name much more elegant than just a boring TD Direct. The broker create a ticket and I need to call back in 2 business days to find out what's going on. This is the first time that I am not receiving expected payment. So I wonder if its not a problem going from JFS.UN, who suddenly decided to keep the money in their pockets. I had received some JFS.UN special distribution in the past, but not this year. I am upset. And all that for a bit more than $230... What can I say? I want my every pennies. That amount is actually paying a part of my Cuba trip, so sexy keep running for money wherever it can be found.

I will of course keep you update regarding the situation with JFT Strategies Fund (JFS.UN).

The only condition to received JFS.UN special distribution was to be holder of units since December 31, 2015.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

You don't need Weight Watcher to lose wait, common sense is the key

My non-registered portfolio closed today session at $119 098.23 - which is way better than what I had been on lately. These days, I spend a lot of time at the gym and a lot less in from of my laptop. Its been announced that Weight Watchers stocks jumped after Oprah announced losing 26 pounds on the program. To lose weight, eat less, and go to the gym every single evening of the week. No need to enroll in an expensive problem like Jenny Craig or Weight Watcher. Keep your money for investment purposes, no Weight Watcher super junk weight loss program.

This post was short.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

All in a bad day for the stock market

While the TSX kept losing points like crazy, I was at work, and following that, I hit the gym. As I was upset because the TSX went all down, I burned down 700 calories and went back home. At a point, I taught that the TSX was going to hit the 10 000 points, it was going all the way down, what a misery. The weather is quite cold in Montreal these days so I am quite happy to be able to move my booty at the gym rather than outside. Imagine, I train at the gym 2 hours everyday.

This being said, my non-registered closed this bad day at $114 245.91. I did not received yet any special dividend distribution from the JFT Strategies Fund (JFS.UN), I am still waiting.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Thank you JFT Strategies Fund (JFS.UN) for the special dividend distribution

Rough day on the stock market as the TSX closed today session under the 12 000 points. In result, my non-registered portfolio finished the day at $112 999. But I have at least a good news, the JFT Strategies Fund (JFS.UN) is about to pay a massive special dividend to its investor: $0.811 per unit. It may sound like its nothing at all, but its not. I hold some JFT Strategies Fund (JFS.UN) units inside my non-registered portfolio, TFSA and RRSP. Only from my non-registered and TFSA, I will be earning $234.38. I just wonder if the distribution will DRIP or not - and I hope not because I need money!

I currently hold $262.84 in cash inside my TFSA. With that extra $234.38 coming it, its about half of my Cuba trip that will be paid off. Recent reviews on of the resort I book continue to be so-so. I bought a little first aid kit as well as stuff against the mosquitoes - just in case. I also brought some Imodium (!!!) and Benadryl pills, and Advil as well. I don't want anything bad to happen, but at a point, there's nothing much I can do.

While the TSX seem going all the way down, I continue to train daily at the gym. I can do more than 2 hours without any pain now, which wasn't the case last week. I like the gym machines because they show how much calories are burn. This evening was a good 700 calories burn. While burning calories, I don't think of all the money I lost, had lost, or will lost on the stock market. I walk/run, walk/run and I sweat a lot, but I don't get to think a lot. Its the beauty of training. After work, if you train let say like me 2 and a half hour, following that, you won't have much time left to see how bad is going your portfolio and trust me, it might be better this way.

Personally, I would like to invest again in one of my longtime favorite, CNR.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

These days, the stock market doesn't deserve any attention

This past Friday, my non-registered portfolio closed the session at a horrible $115 282.07. 

If I don't write a lot lately, its because I am very busy. Its busy at work, but I try to leave as soon 5 pm arrived so I can hit the gym and burn some calories before hitting to... Varadero Cuba. 

I registered to my local Econofitness and I had been working out every single day ever since, at the exception of today, because the gym is closed on Sundays. Working out is like a drug., but a good one. Its easy to get in the rhythm of work-gym-bed time. I really like working out.
I am expecting to continue even following my Cuba trip - if I ever come back lol.

The stock market is very disturb. In the meantime, I prefer to put my energies someplace else other than watching the tragedy taking place. I barely pay attention to what is going on right now, believe it or not. My portfolio can go as low as it wanted too, as long I can cover my margin account, I will have the rest of my life to recover. 

Things are extremely shacked up because, among other, the drop in the value of oil. CNR, RY, could worth right now the investment. It take a lot of resilience to invest in those down markets. Its when the markets are down that we need to invest - try to remember that.

I am getting my suitcase for Cuba ready.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

How to deal with yourself when the stock market becomes frightening: investors don't panic

These days, the stock market is a rough place to be. My non-registered portfolio closed the session at $117 577.57. Its better than the 116k I was on not too long ago. During those hard time, its important to stay a bit detach. Of course, we all follow our stock, but it shouldn't be of a great concern when the markets are down. Its not anytime soon that the markets are going to recover. I never saw such terrible financial conditions since I started investing. Its frightening and its ugly.

While dealing with problems that never seem to come to an end, its important to stay focus on other things, if not, its going to be ugly. We all take at heart our finance, but there's when nothing much can be done. As for myself, I decided to let it go. I let my portfolio take whatever direction it want. Despite my detachment, I can feel your pain, I can feel my pain. And its quite of a maybe too hard symbolic to learn that someone like David Bowie died recently. He must have been a good fellow. What a voice and what an enigmatic star.

Now is the perfect time to invest your time and energy in all kind of activities. Now more than ever, its a good time to do it like a Dividend Girl:

-plan a cheap trip (like in Cuba, like I am doing now).
-do an in deep cleaning of your house/apartment (I did so the weekend ago).
-sort your clothes and give away things you don't wear anymore (done!) 
-registered to a gym and train (I registered this evening after work to Econofitness, tomorrow will be my first ever gym session!)
-read a good book
-start a blog (like me!)
 As you know, I book a week at a Varadero, Cuba resort and ever since, I am checking the reviews on TripAdvisor. Most of the reviews are good, but in the last one or two, its been said that some rooms got in fire following a storm and left tourists without electricity. True or not? Its barely possible to know. I gave a call to Air Transat, and from their ends, everything is ok with that resort... So I really don't know, but I am bringing a little flashlight with me in my backpack, who knows, I might need it. 

I have more than one month still left before leaving for Varadero, but I am already preparing my stuff. Once I will be back, you'll know where I had been. I will do a full completed post on my experience. Until that time, I am getting ready.

Regarding the currency, its better to bring in Canadian cash rather than US one. The money bills need to be in good shape - like new - so that way, they won't be refused. According to Air Transat, the best place to exchange the money is at the hotel (CADECA?), where they have a place there to exchange money - their rate is lower than the one at the airport - but that is difficult to know.

Yesterday evening, I was at the Trudeau airport - my brother was taking a plane to go to New Brunswick. As I left him so he could take his plane, I stopped by Currency Exchange ICE and just for fun, I asked about CUC Pesos. Its coming, soon they will offer it. The rate is $1.60 for 1 CUC - which is very expensive. Currently, $1,42 = 1 CUC.

That is for Cuba news for now.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

In a desperate stock market environment, real cash is hard to save

Today was supposed to be an important day. I was supposed to hit the gym (yes!), but before going, I check online, and the local Econofitness where I wanted to registered was closed... Too bad! I was going to respect one of my many New Year resolution, but it just didn't happen. At least not today.

However, I did exercised anyway, despite the rain. I went for a walk on the Mont-Royal Avenue. On my way back, I stop by the Renaud-Bray library on Saint-Denis to read magazines, like I usually do, and to my surprise, I saw a "Quebec celebrity" with his young baby: Guy A. Lepage. I wasn't sure if it was him or not, but I check later on his Twitter account, and I saw that he had post a message about pushing a stroller... and taking note of all the stores that are closed in the Plateau Mont-Royal... It was the man. People left him alone. Only New Brunswickers like myself can get really excited when seeing a celebrity! hahaha! And it honestly very often happen when I am at my worst, wearing   jogging and no make-up on because its Sunday. I didn't learn my lesson yet. 

Plateau Mont-Royal is among one of the most expensive places in Montreal, its not a surprise that many stores have to closed. Rent for business owners might be extra expensive. At a point, there's too many restaurants and little boutiques, all cannot survived. And I think that this reality will be more present in 2016. As the stock market go down, people are getting scare and spend less. Its actually how I react to the very stressful climate we are in right now. Its not something that will be fix overnight. Some compare what we are living right now to 2008 but its far different. 2008 was about the US mortgage crisis. Lately, we had been facing a big drop in the value of oil, many jobs lost in Western Canada, China is coming out with a bunch of new problems that we never had to deal before - or choose to ignore. In all this what 2016 will be like? What I feel is that 2016 will be another very rough year.

You can imagine, now more than ever before, I am extra careful with my spending and I am currently writing down in my agenda how much I am spending and for which purposes... It could seem quite drastic, but I lost thousand of dollars on the stock market alone, I had book a trip to Cuba in February, and I am trying to put away some cash that would eventually stay in my bank account... Possible or not? Montreal itself doesn't make it an easy place to save money. It need a lot of self-control. Everything become possible only from the minute you put time and efforts into it. For the week of January 3th, I spent $120.73.

I don't have any formal cash reserved; its been the cased for the several past years. My dividend earnings bring in some cash, but all the extra money I earned in the past years went directly to buy new investments or to pay down some debt. I would like to have a couple thousands saved at the bank. My worst fear would be to have to sell some of my investments to cover some emergencies spending. Be 100% invested is not a good thing, for the simple reason that money is always and will always be needed. This is really not easy for me because the thrill of my next investment move is what used to keep me going. But in a market with such volatility, its my own little world that is collapsing under my feet and its not fun. Its not fun at all.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Varadero Club Karey for as low as $529 with Air Transat: is there a catch?

The stock market keep going ugly and uglier each day! My non-registered portfolio closed today session at... are you ready... a super low $116 973.90. For once, I will be happy when my portfolio will be back again at $120k... 116k is my new low. Its certainly not a good time to be an investor, but its a good time to go to Varadero, Cuba with Air Transat!  I have a fun time checking on all included resort. Some trips are really cheap... but hotel review are really bad. If you are adventurous, you can always go to Club Karey located in Varadero, a 3 stars resort. Air Transat currently offers 7 nights, all included to Club Karey for only $529... One reviewer had described Club Karey as a Al Capone resort... But there are also good reviews. From what I saw, Club Karey in Varadero is a big no-no. I don't even understand why Air Transat is offering such a disgusting resort option to its clientele.

If you shop around for trips, always add $100 on top of the trip fee - it will give you an idea of how much it will cost. You cannot entered Cuba without showing a proof that you have health insurance. I am keeping a look at the reviews online for the resort I book. I saw one bad review, but some others are really good so I no longer know what to think! It will be a surprise! A f amazing surprise LOL.

In times like these, its better to stay away off the market, completely off, and stay away from any laptop, computer, tablet or cell phone. Cuba is the perfect place to be, its almost impossible to place trades from there, as Internet connection appeared to be slow and access very limited. Can you truly imagine living in a place where WiFi is not available????

I continue my preparation for my trip. I stop by an Exchange Currency spot, but there, I learn that Cuba pesos is a restricted currency and that it can only be purchased at Cuba. I wanted to have a few 1 pesos because I read that its impossible to get small dollar bills at the hotel. Don't expect me to tip $5 each time. I am losing money like crazy right now, I am poor too! Isn't a good excuse not to give any money tips? I won't be making any friends in Cuba, that's for sure! Cheap cheap poor Canadian tourists. I plan to bring a couple of things for the room maids and leave a little something on the bed each day. But don't expect much coming from a broke Dividend Girl!!! 

In the meantime, I am watching closely my expenses. I spent a bit more than $1 000 on my Cuba trip, insurances included. My mom left me with many frozen stuff - she had cook many things while I left her alone during the day - because I was at work. In result, I have all my lunches for next week done and best of all, I still have some groceries left. I will try to spend not more than $300 for what we have left of January. My expenses in December went up quickly, with Christmas gifts, bus ticket to New Brunswick, and the week with my mother in Montreal...

Money is flying away these days and the stock market is not helping me in any ways.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Varadero, Cuba: be ready, I am coming!

As the TSX keeps going down, I am preparing my first Cuba trip with my mother. We plan to go sometime in February. These past days, I had been checking Air Transat Web site. You just need to click there to book your next getaway! The resort I spot was about $100 cheaper last week... I have to do quickly!

I plan to go to Varadero, in a little resort well located, closed to Varadero airport and, most important, close to the beach. I have to say, I wasn't very excited to go to Cuba this year when my mom present the idea, but now, I am into it. Especially when its -16°C outside. All included insurance (which is needed), is $95 (taxes include). The trip itself, including insurance, is, at this time, a bit more than $1 000. But prices vary day-to-day. 

Its very simple to book a resort package. You pick your week, the city and your hotel, everything is included. You call Air Transat and you book over the phone with a credit card. You get the tickets by email, one month before the trip. And you need to be at the airport 3 hours before the flight.

I need to quickly confirm my vacation and closed the trip as soon as possible. Prices are very expensive in March!!

Monday, January 4, 2016

Finest Sherry ever: Regency Fine Old, Canadian Apera, Fortified Wine, 20% alc.: drink your life while you can

Sometimes in 2016, I will be turning 36.

(Off topic).

When its a cold -17°C outside, that Montreal sidewalks are on ice and that the TSX closed at less than 13 000 points, when all of those events happened on the same day, well, in such a day, you have the right to finish the day with a glass of sherry, or a beer if you don't have anything else, in front of your laptop. Its what I am doing right now. Not that I am trying to escape from the reality, but I am seeking for a consolation price. While the world is all falling apart, the worst is to follow it.

The year 2016 start the wrong way.  I didn't update my portfolio in a very long time but since April 2015, the TSX just kept going down. In the real life, the TSX is a hard place to be. It take good nerves. But its how it goes. In some years, the TSX is heaven, in other, hell, and in some other, you can only dream you would had never EVER invested a single penny out there.

(If you ever get tired of the present post, you can always tune to this one).

I do no longer update my portfolio online because in that fantastic month of April 2015, I was on top of my game. I was at my highest value ever registered. I did not update my portfolio because ever since, the value of it went down. I never again exceed that value, but I have a lifetime to recover.

In the meantime, following Christmas, the holidays, and my mother visit in Montreal for the New Year Eve, better watch out, Santa Close is out, but debts are in! Not exactly debt, but the credit card statement in coming and it need to be pad on January 11.

After surfing on a very difficult year on the stock market, trust me, it won't be very difficult for those who are extra serious investors to respect a very tight budget in order to pay debt, or inject fresh hot new money into a portfolio or to pay down an investment margin.

Currently, I am doing all right, I always said that I was feeling ok with a margin usage of 65k - but not everywhere exceeding it. And currently, I am at $64 512.17. And I also always said that I was feeling comfortable with a margin left-over of at least 13k. And my margin left-over is exceeding a bit 13k. Everything is awesome. But I want more money, I need a net worth of at least 200k to be happy. There's no magic trick. With an annual salary of something like 50k, choices need to be made. Never forget, life is a bitch and is hard. But who can you beat if its not yourself?

I came with this budget:

Monthly living budget:
Rent: $635
Internet: $48.50
Cell phone: $40.24
Coffees: $51
Grocery: $320
Entertainment: $76
Total: $1 170.74 x 12: $14 048.88

This is the budget for my basic covering needs - this doe not include: my Cuba trip sometime in February, my numerous visits to my hometown province, gifts, clothes, hair cut, coloration... Life is expensive, but only your personal choices will make of you a loser or a winner, not the market TSX ugliest bitch on earth.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Happy New Year 2016 Investors!

Finally, 2015 is now part of the past forever! 2015 had been very rough. The stock market had been too volatile. There was nothing that could be enjoyed. Until April 2015, everything was super great, but following that... NIGHTMARE. Ohhh my goshhh!

I haven't wrote anything in a little while, I was away on vacation during Christmas week and after that my mom came from New-Brunswick to spend a week in Montreal with me. We have a nice time. As we arrived at Berri-UQAM bus station, we needed to take a taxi to go to my apartment. But there, it was a bit crazy, taxi drivers were fighting to take us. One of them had his hand on my bag and my mother began to freak out as two taxi drivers were fighting over us. I told to the fucker to leave us alone. My mom was disturbed by the incident, but I told her that while facing disturb people like that, you need to scream and fight back. Stuff that she's not use to in our very peaceful, perfect and wonderful New Brunswick province. And to that she replied: what would you had done if he had continue? I told my mom very seriously: I would had punch him in the face! She was surprised by the answer and laugh hard. Ahahah! I always dream to have the opportunity to beat up someone one day, but for a good reason. If someone attack my mother, no discussion, you'll see hell. I have an angelic look, but I am no angel, and I don't have any mercy. I could eventually be an excellent drug dealer, among other.

Now, this being said, this incident speak to itself. In 2016, we'll need to fight in different ways in our life. We'll need to handle the rise cost of food, and probably again in 2016 the volatility of the stock markets. We'll need to spend our money wisely. And more than ever before, it will be very important to save money and pay debt. Its been said that paying down debt is among Canadians top financial resolution for 2016 and its a great thing that it is.  

My non-registered portfolio closed 2015 session at only $121 406.07. To talk seriously, I am getting very tired of the stock market. When I invest, its to shine, not to feel like shit. While investing, I want to feel important and be on top of my game. But lately, nothing good from the market is coming for me so I will need to find love and valuation someplace else.

I am personally getting ready for another difficult year on the market.

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