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Here are some useful links to online financial resources and others that I use on a regular basis. You might like:

For investment ideas:
Derek Foster: Stop working 
Susan Brunner: Investment Talk 
Another link to read articles related to Canadian stocks on Stockopedia, right here.
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For stock news:
Stockwatch (I really like this one) 
The Stock Market, Canadian Stock Exchange (TMX Group, for Toronto stock exchange quote)
The Globe and Mail - Investing section 

For dividend updates:
Dividend Updates page by 5iResearch - This page is very helpful for staying up to date on dividend increases (and decreases...) 5iResearch does a really good job of tracking the TSX.

Need help with your computer? 
Steven Whitney is there to help! Steven Whitney has a forum where you can post your questions and personally, he help me when my domain address registration had expired and that I had no clue of what was going on... Please visit his Web site, completed resources regarding computer world: 25 Years of Programming

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