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Sunday, February 3, 2008

I finally got what I wanted with TD

I went back to TD yesterday. I finally was able to get the funds that I wanted. I invest 100$ in each of them, except for one, in which I invest 200$. I was really happy. And after what, I went to work. So in date of today, I am done with my 2007 RRSP and I am quiet tired, running all over the places for my investments. I got a cold and I have been sick. It's the reason why I wasn't happy at all when the advisor told me I will have to come back on yesterday for my mutual funds. But my hard time is finally over.

I believe I have made great choices. I invest in a mix of GIC and mutual funds. I didn't want to put everything in mutual funds. I wanted to have money put in risk free investment because I don't benefit of a pension plan of any employers. And since I also have money put in mutual funds as non RRSP investment, I wanted to put money in a capital guarantee type investment.

Last year, I try segregated fund with Manuvie. 2 of my segregated fund (on 5) had made well. I had invested in those because a couple of them are 100% risk free investment, other 75%. I was anxious last year about putting money in mutual funds for my RRSP, but not anymore, since I now understand more what it's all about.

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