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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014!

Life has its own little ways to tell me over and over again just how amazing I am... lol.... euhhh YEAH! :)

My credit card is ranking over the 2k at this time. I bought a "32 TV, a new lamp because my old one broke, a TV Antenna so I won't bother to get on cable, Christmas gifts, Christmas gifts for me, Montreal-New Brunswick bus tickets, clothes, makeup, winter coat, boots... My boots were taking water and I one day went to work with wet feet, it wasn't funny. But now I have new boots. And I have new clothes. And makeup. And I have a TV now. And I never spent that much of my entire life! 

So yesterday, I was checking on my bills and new ways on how I was going to pay off that $2 500 current balance on my credit card. As I normally do at least one per month, I went in all my credit card accounts to check if everything was ok and than, I saw it: CIBC Visa was offering me a 0% interest rate for 6 months, but a one time fee of 1% applied. I was totally shocked. Just when I was quite shocking on my budget and trying to figure out how to pay this off, in an instant, the problem was resolved. I proceed with a credit card balance transfer over CIBC Visa and my credit card balance problem was resolved. AMAZING!

Be assure that I don't plan to spend much more and my next time in New Brunswick probably going to be only in Easter. So I have plenty of time to catch up on savings and get a second job or something like it.

So currently, my only debts are my margin account ($62 410.89 at 4.25%), my American Express which going to expire in April 2014 ($2 355.10 at 0.99%), my student loan (probably something like $5 500), another credit line at something like 4% (balance of 5k), and my newest $2 539.75 at 0% for 6 months at CIBC Visa. 

Thank you CIBC Visa you had made of the Dividend Girl a very lucky magnetic BITCH.

I have a lot of debt, but its now lower than it used to be and I promise to be a very good girl. My NEW YEAR RESOLUTION is to stop purchasing stock using the benefit of my margin account.

... This is going to be hell HARD.

Also, another New Year Resolution is to pay off my credit card debt. I have great low interest rate for now on my American Express and CIBC Visa, but those won't last forever, we know that. So its a $4 894.85 that I am looking forward to pay off as soon as possible. I have until May-April 2014 to do so, but in the meantime, the money will go as a deposit on my 5k credit line that I hold somewhere. That way, I am sure the money will go the right place. 

Today was the last trading day of 2013 and my non-registered portfolio closed at $133 809.40, +16.10%. Very great results for 2013, I am very please.

For 2014, a few things I want to work on:

-Get a second job.
-Pay off some debt.
-Maximize my TFSA.
-Stop buying stocks using my margin account.

I am currently drinking a very great white wine, its a Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough, 2013 and I already drink almost half the bottle. Veryyyy good tasty sexy wine. LOVE it.

Have a good New Year Ever. Since its so cold outside, I am drinking in my bed. Have a nice one.

Monday, December 30, 2013

The Movie Disaster of 2013: The Wolf of Wall Street

The holidays are always a busy time, but this year, Christmas time was a bit too much of rock and roll. First of all, it was snowing, snowing and snowing and it make it quite scary to take the bus for a long trip road to New Brunswick. I went anyway, got stuck in a transfer for 2 hours and I also had a 2 hours wait on my way back... Exhausting. On my way  back, I arrived back in the night pass 2 and I was working the next morning. I went to work without smoking or sniffing anything and even without taking Gravol magical pills and I also did some Boxing Day shopping after work because back home in New Brunswick, there was no Boxing Day, all stores were all CLOSED on the 26th! Can you imagine?

So even after spending the night transferring bus to another and roading, roading, roading, after work, I finally went to my Boxing Day shopping!!! YEAH! It was fun, but as I walked my way back home painfully, I was completely exhausted and I wake up in the middle of the night with a huge fever and it was scary because I didn't want to go to a f Quebec hospital. HELL. But I woke up late the next Saturday in the afternoon pass 3 pm fresh as the princess that I am and the fever was gone. I went for more Boxing Day shopping again and once the stores were all closed, I went to see The Wolf of Wall Street. WHAT A MISTAKE! $12.99 right in the crashhh cannnn! GARBAGE MOVIE!

At the early beginning of the film, Matthew McConaughey, who played a senior stock broker, reveal something quite unspectacular to those who know: investing in stocks is addictive and that is what make it so easy for brokers to make money from poor addicted souls. I had been investing in stock since 2008 and since that time I had made money, lose money, cash in some dividend, enroll in DRIPs, bought stocks, sell stocks over and over again. And I am truly addicted. I - better than nobody else - truly understand the nature of being addicted the stock market.

Other than that unspectacular revelation, The Wolf of Wall Street was a BIG deception to me.

Once out of the cinema, my head was full of coarse language, naked men, naked women, penis, hookers, hookers, hookers and more hookers, drugs, cocaine, crack... Oh, and Leonardo DiCaprio bouncy fancy naked little rich ass, money, money, and MORE money, fancy cars..... I mean, the mix of vulgarity was too intense to make any sense of the chaos. DECEPTION. DECEPTION. DECEPTION.

One of the reason why the movie is doing so great right now at the Box office is well, Matthew and Leo presence in the movie certainly help, but I think our society was a natural wanted taste for hookers, money and drugs. And characters like Jordan Belfort are being acclaimed not without any reason - its the work of Satan himself.

And that is what the life of Jordan Belfort is all about, the life of deception and misery. That guy who want to appear as a genius who can sell anything including a simple pen is only a freak, a sex and drug addict. But The Wolf of Wall Street is nothing more than a celebration of all that sickness. Belfort is being described as a generous man, extra loyal to his friends. And I mean when you get to know the story, when you get to know all the stock manipulation the man had been involved in, I mean, the 22 months he spent in a paradise jail is a joke when you can understand his financial crimes and everything that is involved. Its a miracle that he is still alive actually.

Jordan Belfort is a joke. A liar, a cheater, a miserable man. The stock market is certainly not the place who belong such individual and I just only hope he was no more right to be involved near or far of the stock market.

Playing it real and honestly paid off. It won't provide millions right away but its quite achievable to build on a nice portfolio and start a pretty pink blog.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Canada Bread Company, Limited (CBY) going DOWN

You own this blog post to the generosity of my brother who magically brought Internet with him. I had a great times home, but the snow block a few projects. Old folks are doing well, younger ones too, I had received nice gifts, everyone seem to be please with the gifts I gave. You may be reading the blog of a millionaire right now or a future one. I have a 649 that will be draw tomorrow and before leaving for New Brunswick, I had bought a Loto Max, 50 millions. So if you don't get any more posts for a couple days, you'll know why, its because the babe now a $$$ millionaire.

Ok, the following is incredible. While catching up with the financial news, I learn that Sprott Inc. is no in charge of a Koran pension fund. Wow, I wonder how this ever happen because everything related to Eric Sprott completely suck in 2013. Seem like Korean government is enough stupid to rely on Eric Sprott to manage public funds. Whatever... This deal had no effect on the value of my Sprott Inc. (SII) shares.

I could be interested in holding some Reitmans shares just like Fairfax because Reitmans is trading at a cheap price and I like some of Reitmans clothes but quality is more or less there sometimes.

Its real to bad, but my latest investment in Canada Bread Company, Limited (CBY) seriously went down and its real too bad. I had lost $225 on the investment. However, the non-registered portfolio is at $132 863. I was scared for my Exchange Income fund (EIF), but I am at a profit of $253 on that one. Jean-François Tardif now wake up and seriously kick up some @ss with his JFS.UN closing the year at 15%. It was about time!

Going back to Montreal tonight so just wait for me there.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Have a Merry Merry Christmas Investors!

I was quite please that my latest investment seem to push it to the top! Canada bread Company Ltd (CBY) closed today session at $80 per share! I had purchased my shares at $77.67. So that's a very greattt day to close the year 2013!! Youhou.

I will be away on vacation for a couple days so I am taking time to leave something behind so you won't miss too much...

My non-registered portfolio is currently at a hot $132 624.77, +$17 374.6, 15.08%. My margin is at $19 319.54 value. I am leaving a 5k on it. It should be enough until my return. My only worry-day will be this upcoming Monday, but I think 5k should be enough in those market conditions to support it all.

Complicated, you said? Live can be complicated while living it on margin.

The special dividend of CBY really worth it, even if you perform the hot BUY move on a margin like me. I don't think we'll experiment a big super drop on the value of CBY following December 30th because CBY had a high value even way before the extra special distribution of $8 per share had been announced. The stock is for me a blue chip, so nothing much to worry about. You could get stuck with it for a little while, but stocks like that always go to a way up, even after a year or 2 - like my HRX shares. Remember that one?

I place my option to get the max shares of Shoppers Drug Mart for cash and than I also select a tax option where I won't be penalize if any of my shares get turn in Loblaw shares. So that is done! It was the last little thing left on my to-do list before going to New Brunswick. I also get transfer a $90 that was lying in cash in my TFSA to my non-registered one. It will help to pay for my bus ticket.

I just received  a 1 dollar dividend from Stella-Jones Inc. (SJ).

Time for me to stop writing this post.

To all of my readers, I wish you a MERRY CHRIST'MAS and chat again later.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Easy money as ONE, TWO and THREE: WELCOME in my non-registered portfolio Canada Bread Company Ltd (CBY)!

There's a couple of things I fell for every single times and extra juicy special dividend is something I just cannot help. We had hit good before with the special dividend of HRX. Well this time, its almost as good as that one. For all stocks settle down on date of December 30th, investors will received $8 per Canada Bread Company Ltd (CBY) shares. I invested in a couple of shares at $77.67... today.

For once, I didn't invest in something at its peak value....

Being francophone is not all bad at all. La Presse had a little something wrote about Canada Bread and voilà, I didn't think much, I was in the spirit of the moment.

CBY is expensive, but I think it should go smooth even after December 30th. And I will sell later on, but no rush.

And on January 6th, bling-bling, I will get some real fresh cash, once again, one more time.

Are you going to do the same?

Monday, December 16, 2013

Derek Foster is selling an impossible dream over and over again

Derek Foster sent his readers a newsletter today. The subject being that we shouldn't rely on government CPP to backup our ass at the time of our retirement. I think the federal governments had shown multiple times that Canadian citizen cannot in any ways rely on the help of government when it comes to our well-being. Being Canada mean that we are alone in a country that is not a united country as long as Quebeckers will be in the portrait.

After selling the impossible dream of Money for Nothing and Stop Working, early retirement and other shit like that we all love, now, Derek Foster open the door to a new hot and sexy money phenomena: how to get rich on TFSA. What Derek Foster says is that if one individual contribute the maximum to a TFSA and invest in quality blue chips, well, at the time the do individual will be a senior, the do will be a millionaire.

Seem to good to be true.

Well, Pappy Gordon Pape has about the same on going say-say in his book about TFSA. Invest in a TFSA and you'll get rich.

Well you know what, I have enough.

At this point, both Derek Foster AND as always Gordon Pape are seriously pissing me off.

What is the madness all about?

I had been on the workforce for what... for 8 years now and I already have enough. I am not happy to have to live in Quebec just to be able to work. I am tired of being dominated. I am tired of Quebeckers. I have enough of my workplace and Montreal.

A lottttt of things are pissing me off right now and I am very extra close to just get the hell out and just leave everything behind. I have more than enough.

So do you seriously think that I will be able to work until I am 65 years old?

Oh F NO!

This is why I am just extremely tired of all this money dividend shit even if I am the one and only Dividend Girl on Earth ok. ENOUGH.

I have enough of the millionaire talk.

Do you seriously think that an individual in the middle class will be able to save 5k+ each and single years of working life? COME ON.

Just wait until I get pregnant by a F Quebecker and we'll see if I still have money to invest!!!

No question to be ask. Once children get in the house, when a family is involve,  there's no way I will be able to find much money to be save. Kids, life, family is all about expense, expense, expense.

It is not realistic to come over, and say ok, do this, and you'll get your millions. How can you, Derek Foster? How can you possible be selling the dream when you agree yourself to say so, that you had been lucky and you are an exception among the exception.

I would like you to be in my pants, be in the most foolish province, working with hypocrites, having to deal with  the same shit day after day after day. Where do you think I am going? I am on the million dollar road here? Nooo. Its the road of poverty, of extreme misery. Its a life with no meaning.

And the dream your selling, you haven't the right to expose it the way you do and this is why that if I see you face-to-face one day, I will be very tempt to beat you up.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Heroux-Devtek Inc. (HRX) is on the high

Earlier this year, back in September actually, I got very excited over the acquisition of Shoppers Drug Mart  (SC) by Loblaw. At the time, I saw a good opportunity to make money out of the deal, as long the purchase would be made below Loblaw acquisition price of $61.54. I bought my shares of $59.08 and since my purchase, I also earn dividend of SC. Cool, but now had came the time!

I had received a letter from TD Waterhouse. I have until December 30 to decided: to cash in $61.54 per SC shares I hold or earn 1,29417 shares of Loblaw (L) per SC shares I hold. 

On today, Loblaw closed the session at $41.71. So let say that each share I hold of Shoppers worth 1,2917 shares of Loblaw at let say, $41.71, for a value of $2 698.99. On the other end, if I sell my SC shares for $61.54 per share, I will cash in $3 077, not including the dividend earlier earn. 

Loblaw could be a good stock to hold on to, but I am very tempt to do like I first wanted to do: cash in $61.54 for every single shares of SC that I hold. 

Nice, but there could be chances that not all of my shares of SC get sold and I could be left with a few shared of Loblaw - just like it happen with my TSX shares when the X got acquired by some Maple caca bankers. I am pretty sure I am going to place a sell order because its what I now want. I wouldn't mind to have a little left over of Loblaw in my portfolio.

I need to lower the usage of my margin anyway, so this sell option will just work fine for me.

Other extraordinary things, for one of the first time ever, I am in a positive territory with Heroux-Devtek Inc. (HRX). I made a profit of $2.66 on my shares... I had made $500 out of the special dividend payment of HRX. That was over a year ago, but ever since, I stick and hold tightly to my very precious HRX shares.

I have to say that I began to worry about my Saputo shares. The deal in Australia is taking long to happen. However, nothing is lost, it could go through.

So it all going well. If it wouldn't be of the stock market falling upside down, it would be ALL GOOD.

But hey, I guess pappy Gordon Pape little rich friends of the golf Club are buying stocks like crazy right now. Right pappy?

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A friendly hello from your favorite Dividend Girl

I guess you wonder what happen to your favorite Dividend Girl! Where had I been? 

Well, I had been home watching TV! I bought an Insignia "32 TV for $212 at Future Shop. I had conducted experimentation with TV Antenna. I bought a cheap one at $29.99. I was able to get 2 channels with it. Knowing that I can get my money back within 30 days, I bought another antenna, close worth to $70 - and that one work better, I got 5 channels with it. I thing I will get my TV really next to the window to get better receptionut so far, I am having fun with my TV. I get TVA, Tele Quebec, CTV, Radio Canada in French and another French channel, canal V. No way I am going to pay $40+ to get cable at home, so I guess the $70 antenna will do the thing.

My non-registered portfolio is at its highest ever. I am now at $128 586.89... And my credit card balance its getting at its highest ever too. I am racking on the $1 500 and the month is not even over. But it was kind of expected. I did my Holidays gifts, went to the movies, bought a new necklaces, bought coffees like crazy, bought some clothes, a nice pajama at Reitman, makeup and a bunch of other things...  And not to forget my 32" TV and digital TV antenna. Once the month will be over, I guess my credit card will be at something like $1 800-$1 900. Pretty wild! And I didn't even get my hair done.... For once in my life, there will be no saving in December. I spent all of the money. WTF. I am not thinking of what my next investment will be, even if I already know!

Chorus Aviation Inc. (CHR.B) announced its going to something like double its dividend. I was quite happy, those are great news. I hold CHR.B in my TFSA. I don't know how much my ? prospective ? dividend income will be for 2015. Anyway, I do not focus exclusively on my dividend income. My next investment is probably going to be in Lassonde Industries Inc. (LAS.A) and I would also add in Stantec.

I would do my best to invest more in my TFSA. I wanted to have Saputo - which is my latest investment - in my TFSA, but its still in my non-registered portfolio. Why? Simply because I had spent quite some $$$ and I may take money from my credit line but to do so, I need to have a good margin value...

Anyway, you know the drill, its completed. 

I will be however able to cover all expenses, but I may withdraw $200 in cash for my trip in New Brunswick because I had experimented some problems with my credit card when I went home once something like that never happen to me in Montreal - but it happen in my hometown... what a gangster paradise, trying to make money out of fraudulent operations on my credit card. And I also need a coloration and haircut - which probably stand around the 40-$50 even while going at the beauty school. I am in deep need of coloration and hair cut. Like right now.

And now, I am going to watch TV so good night and talk later about money and sex and spending.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

What do you want for Christmas Gifts?

I went back to the Source this past evening and I talked to the guy about the fabulous MP3 transformer that I wanted to buy for my brother - but the only problem I got was that if he had one already. So I asked if it could be return. Oh great question to be ask because everything related to MP3, even if its still in the box, it cannot be return or exchange. So knowing that, I gave a call to my brother. So I explain what I saw, that I was very excited about the gift but it wasn't exchangeable in case he already had it and... imagine, he already had it, but had a more expensive version of it. What I was going to offer him cost something like $80+ and the machine is not small, not extremely heavy, but still heavy for a bus ride Montreal-New Brunswick.

And than my brother told me I didn't have to buy him anything.


I guess its because HE didn't buy me anything for Christmas. Oh ggeees. But no matter what, I am the oldest, I am the richest, so I am the one buying Christmas gifts for everyone around and its kind of a tradition that I write my name and my brother name to all gifts provided to grandma and the rest because hey, I don't know, but bro is poor. And certainly spend too much.

I have a few great things for my self-employed work. I pass a test and I am going to work verrryyy soon. Nothing illegal, nothing explicit. This blog is enough explicit anyway. And no, I am not going to prostitute myself. That is not what I name as my self-employed work. And I am not a stripper either.

So who I am anyway? I guess you'll simply never know.

But I am happy to have that new gig starting out because you know it like me, I talk and talk and talk about getting more involve in my self-employed work but I never done really anything about it... But I now had acted. So I have 2 self-employed things going on doing what you will never know about and I also work full-time somewhere in Montreal doing X thing that you'll never too probably.

I mean, how can you live like that? How can you stand yourself without looking at my pretty face and pretty me, without knowing me. I am really taking away the dignity of my readers.

For Christmas, I would like:
-A 32" TV
-A new laptop
-A comfortable chair
-A little furniture to put the nice TV on.

Currently, I have a crust on a 32" Insigna TV at Future Shop. Sell end tomorrow at $212 and I have until tomorrow to buy it or not.

Or hey, you could buy it for me, why not?

Monday, December 2, 2013

At TD Waterhouse, Heroux-Devtek Inc. (HRX) now has a margin loan value of 70%

What does that mean? Well it mean that Heroux-Devtek Inc. (HRX) worth some valuable money now. If TD Waterhouse increase the margin loan value of HRX, it mean that HRX has now a more reliable value in term of $$$. At TD Waterhouse, Heroux worth 70%. Which mean: if you have a $1 000 invested in Heroux-Devtek Inc. (HRX), it will procure a $700 cash in loan value. Cool isn't? Very cool, but the 70% value vary depending of the value of the stock, so the amount of the loan value change every second of the trading day. That's the tricky part, but hey, I am now a margin account expert! Oh yeah!

And during that time, Canadian National Railway Company (CNR) has completed it 2 for 1 split. I am kind of lost now in term of value when it come to CNR. I used to see a $118+ value and I used to like the big 3 numbers very much. But it's no longer the same. However, "splitting" are always happy time. It usually help to push over the top the stock value. But no matter what, I preferred my CNR is the 3 numbers data; it use to be my richness, my fancy f expensive stock. I have to say that I had been pretty good over my CNR investment. I made several investments over the years in CNR and it paid off. For the upcoming years, I just need to keep being that of a smart ass and invest in many many other $$$ companies.

And of those $$$ companies is: Lassonde Industries Inc. (LAS.A). One of my old time reader who used to work for me for free - sex appeal make man do crazy things - who came with that genius stock idea. Ever since, I didn't invested in LAS.A, reason behind that the dividend yield is terribly tiny little but hey, these days, I would be interested in making a small investment in Lassonde Industries Inc. (LAS.A), maybe it will be my next investment. 

Ok, some of you might thing, crazy bitch, all over the place. A mess of a portfolio of yeah sir. Well, fact is, I invest in stuff that I feel I have somewhat an attraction too. But its not all of sex appeal. I love to get a new stock in my portfolio: what is that stock could be THE STOCK to make me rich? I already made several thousands on CNR, PPL, MX and a bunch of other. It can certainly continue this way. And certainly, other good discoveries can be made.

So if you kind of reading a fabulous pink blog telling that Lassonde Industries Inc. (LAS.A) could be a good stock idea to invest in, well you know, just go for the wild ride. GO FOR IT.

I would certainly GO FOR IT myself too but I am missing up some cash, and the Holiday season is not helping. I already had purchased a Cineplex gift card to my brother but while looking at TVs at the Source, I saw something amazing: its a machine on which you can make play Vinyl CD (you know the old CDS?) and you can get that transfer over an mp3 format... My bro had hundreds of hundreds if not thousands of Vinyl CDs... So imagine the fun of getting all those in a mp3 format. WOW WACKED! The fabulous machine cost like $70... probably $85 I guess after taxes. Next time I will post it on my blog. What a nice gift. My bro is going to me soooooooooo shockkkkkkkk.

I love you even if I don't always like you and even if I yell at you sometimes and also when I say ugly things about your ex girlfriends. I cannot help it. Got to say something or yell.

DON'T TELL MY BRO ABOUT IT OK? Its our secret. Shut!

This is why I am broke and still going to be broke. Have happy broke Holidays.

Thank you

Thank you for visiting!
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