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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ready? I am

Hello, dear readers of the Dividend Girl? Missing me? I had been unusually quiet these days but that’s because I am unusually busy. My day-time contract will end by the end of September and I am trying to “plan” the rescue-me-that-pretty-girl plan. Either way I have my unemployment benefit valid and available to me at any time until March 2013 (THANK YOU UNCLE HARPER!), I am looking forward to, well, you know, do something with my life. At this point, my dividend earnings are doing great, but it’s not enough to support my living. So I am looking for freelance stuff and I am actually doing well since May.

Now, work is getting more and more available, so I am just like working most of time. I began that new thing, “trying” to wake up at 5 am to work until 8:45 am, going to my daytime job from 9 am to 5:30 pm, reading emails during my lunch break, hitting back the freelance table from 6 pm to until I can take it anymore. I am actually able to wake up at 5 am a few times during the week, but not every single day. I am making that X huge amount of cash, but I am spending too. I rack up to $900 in expenses on my credit card! But that included the little July 1th weekend trip to Ottawa. I realize now that I didn’t even post a single pic of my adventures in Ottawa. You’ll have to wait because I didn’t even download the pictures from my iPod yet. Just tooooo busy.

But I have enough time to tell you this: the mountain lion hero man is back! For the active readers of the Dividend, this is only for you, our hero is doing well but suffers from health problem; that’s why the man had been quiet. But he’s back in the stock game so watchhhhhh outttttt!
The only question being: are you ready for what will follow?

Want to hear the voice of the man?

Ready? Ok, GO:

“Hi Sunny (that's me!)

From now until at least March 2013 or even Sept of 2013 are going to be pretty bad. (I am not expecting a good stock market, I had been working at paying a 10k credit line at RBC for partly that reason) Greece & Spain are messing with the market (I knew that) and now China's market has hit a low matching March of 2009 ("the crash") (I didn't know that!)

I've gone to 30% cash. (WOW!)  There should be some good buying opportunities in the next
6 to 8 months.  TSX could drop below 10,500 (maybe more). What do you think? (I think so too, it won't get better anytime soon, too much euro shit)

Ive been converting to dividend paying stocks (I love dividend too, easy breathy beautiful extra $$$) because I don't believe there will be much growth for a few years.  Ive moved into pipelines (I am into pipelines for a while too, ENB, ENF, PPL = my very love super stocks), power and REIT stocks (5% to 11% div) (be careful with stocks paying over 6% div. High dividend yield are yummy, but sometimes dangerous, just my advice. You know I appreciate you right? BE Careful PLEASE)

Have you got any good Div payers?

Dundee REIT (D.UN) keeps on growing (just bought a big bulding in Toronto) (oh lala Toronto, I never been in Toronto) Check it out (thank you for the pick!)

I've bought "Two Harbors Investment" (TWO) - an American REIT that looks to hold
or grow a bit (only 300 shares below $10.50) - Check it out. (I only invest in Canadian dollars at this time because I am on a big fat margin)

I've been picking up some "Big Bank Big Oil Split Corp" (BBO) 800 shares so far.
I've been paying $9.50 and less.  I think it's a good long time hold.
I have an order in for 300 more at $9.37 right now.  Check it out: (I LIKE THIS ONE. the title is a bit volatile, but adding a few stocks in is of an interest for the Dividend Girl LOVE IT)

I have had some luck by finding good stocks with LOW volume.  I put in a bid for a month
that is 20% low and every once in a while I'll pick up 100 to 300 shares from someone, on
a day that he just HAS to sell - and I get them. it seams to work 10% of the time.  It's a lot
of work. (you are such a good investor!)

If you have the ability to record TV you should record a US financial program:
CNBC "Squawk Box" (3:00 AM Pacific time) (I don't have TV)
Lot's of information and interviews with top economic and political experts.
Another good program on Saturday is CNN "Your Money" (politics & Finance) (Thanks)

So where are you living now - where are you working - how are you doing?
(I am in Montreal until the end of September, contract what I do? I won't post it here lol)

I had a mild stroke 4 months ago (oh no!) but all is fine now (ouf!!!).  Had kidney problem, it's fixed now.

Summer has been strange - much cooler - way to much rain (6 months rain in 2 hours)
Floods and landslides in the area (we're okay so far).

You HAVE to see the movie To Big to Fail” (I will try to rent it)

We all like u, mountain lion hero.

We are now going to change of topic, if you don't mind.

In his "The pursuit of yield" letter, Gordon Pape is trying to explain that the only way we can get interesting dividend yield with low risk is by purchasing his newsletter or going for under-paying dividend of the like of 2%. Well, I can advice you that Gordon Pape knowledge of what is available out there is very very low.

My secret name itself Sprott Strategic Fixed Income Fund (SFI.UN). SFI.UN is in the category of the safest kind of investment available on the stock market scene: fixed income. Usually, fixed income are extremely boring. The asset type is GIC, bonds, treasury stuff... You see what it is? All the extremely LOW paying stuff that you don't ever want in a portfolio.

However, Eric Sprott is among the genius an his team is able to generate extra powerful dividend yield on the fixed income class. Look for yourself, SFI.UN dividend yield value is of close to 8%. SFI.UN value is stable. Units were in sale at the time of its release at 10$ per unit. Of its life so far, SFI.UN never went under the 8$ per unit. The investment if pretty reliable. However, don't expect the investment value to grow, at least not at this time. However, SFI.UN is a good investment to feed you in what the Dividend Girl like the most: DIVIDEND.

So see, you don't need to give one single buck to Gordon Pape to learn more about how you can enjoy the stock market by regulating the risk.

I was quite disappointed by reading in here that an MBA help people manage their money. MBA diplomas don't worth anything. What worth something and bring in cash is the market experience. No need to spend 100k on a diploma to learn. Individuals need to learn the power of their money by themselves. No teachers can never teach you what I am giving you right now as information.

YOU are a lucky reader of the Dividend Girl. Don't be an idiot follower. The stock knowledge doesn't exist. Its only a trap to make you spend thousands to hear some arrogant teachers. Don't believe them. Be aware. Now, you know.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Looking for cool day trading moves? Right now, Agrium (AGU) and Just Energy (JE) has the hot stuff

I added Agrium Inc. (AGU) to my portfolio for the first time on December 14, 2011 at the price value of $67.20. OH MY! Since that time, AGU has been among my very top performers.

The company increased its dividend, it’s been, so far, very interesting to hold Agrium Inc. (AGU). Today, the title explodes in profit and established itself at a very EXTRAORDINARY SEXY $96.69. I remember saying that I had a feeling that AGU could hit the $80 without any problem... Well, now, it’s kind of supa easy to see that yeah, you na, supa chitta knows best. The $200 000 worth portfolio?

IT’S JUST AROUND THE CORNER BABY. F_I_N_A_L_L_Y!!!!! We had fun among the way, that’s for sure! My non-registered portfolio is at a very good $123 585.69 right now. Ok, I can now hear you scream from here: yeah, but you haven’t done so well on your silver investments.

Yeah yeah yeah.

That’s true, but I still HOLD ALL of my silver stuff. Which mean that when the silver goes UP, I go straight UP too. Easy right? Well, it is really that easy. Eric Sprott is confident that silver will raised against the machine sooner or later. And TD Waterhouse too. Ok so now, what’s the point of adding on TD Waterhouse in the silver game? Well, on my American Sprott Silver Sprott Physical Silver Trust ET (PSLV) that investment worth right now less than 2k. But no matter what, TD Waterhouse is giving me a US margin value of more than 1k!

TD Waterhouse wouldn’t be giving that kind of margin value to the American Sprott silver Sprott Physical Silver Trust ET (PSLV) if the value of silver would be = $0. See what I mean? There’s a value in silver, but right now, that value hide behind the economic crisis we are in right now. BUT, because the margin loan value on the PSLV is SO high, we can certainly believe in the words of Eric Sprott. Quite interesting.

There's a hiding relation in stuff sometime what you won't even believe. Sprott Physical Silver Trust ET (PSLV), Sprott Physical Silver Trust UTS (PHS.U), Agrium Inc. (AGU) and Just Energy Group Inc. (JE) are the tops of the tops. La crème de la crème. And I like frost...

As for Just Energy Group Inc. (JE), well, there’re been some urban rumors, the stock is not doing well and other blabla. That’s all bullsh@t. Someone is trying to destroy my Just Energy Group Inc. (JE), but it won’t work. NOW is the time to buy Just Energy Group Inc. (JE). Its the best time ever. There's a real buzz around JE right now and its going to bring extra value in. It could be the good time to perform a quick buy-and-sell, just like in the old times...


I am very tempted to buy some Just Energy Group Inc. (JE) stocks at a bargain price. And now could be a good time. I am even tempted to buy some more Agrium Inc. (AGU) stocks. I am very very tempted. The temptation is too high.

More dipp PLEASE.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I do not hold any RBC Royal Bank mutual funds anymore

Some really nice dividend had kicked in lately. Watch below:

Student Transportation Inc. (STB): $9.92
Premium Brands Holdings Corporation (PBH): $130.24
Pengrowth Energy Corporation (PGF): $16.42
New Flyer Industries Inc. (NFI): $14.91
Firm Capital Mortgage Investment Corporation (FC): $3.12
Enbridge Income Fund Holdings Inc. (ENF): $34.81
Crescent Point Energy Corp (CPG): $5.16
Colabor Group Inc. (GCL): $18.36

And best news is, the month is not over yet!

A long time ago, Premium Brands Holdings Corporation (PBH) was Jean-François Tardif number ONE stock. PBH is still a good runner today. PBH is kind in the same industry as Colabor Group Inc. (GCL). I do like PBH, but not GCL as much.

In a portfolio – at least in mine – there’s stuff performing VERY extremely amazingly well and others, like GCL are the so-so stocks. But who care? The extraordinary of the extraordinary are performing sooo well that they just pushed away all capital loss. Its a reason why I LOVE the JFT Strategic Fund (JFS.UN) because just like my extraordinary stocks, the extraordinary JFS.UN will simply push away the result of the capital loss on my portfolio.

I just have like less than 5k in capital loss in my non-registered portfolio. So its not too bad. I have my chances to go over a +++ value instead of just a + value. See what I mean? ;)P

ADIOS, RBC BANK ROYAL MUTUAL FUNDS. I flush you yesterday!

I used to hold some RBC Royal Bank mutual funds inside my RRSP, but I sold them all this past Monday. So you won't ever see again ANY RBC Royal Bank mutual funds inside a portfolio value update of mine. NEVER AGAIN. I wasn’t going to do so, but I did this to protest against the 3% interest increase made over my RBC line of credit. A 3% increase for no reason. I never miss a payment on it, I have a great net value, probably a great credit score too, and there’s no change for our prime rate. I find it very insulting. 

No change over the prime rate, but RBC Royal Bank is still increasing the interest rate on my credit line? What the heck RBC Royal Bank? Who do you think you are?

Well, watch out RBC Royal Bank because I am FLUSHING u forever from my life.

I have more than 5k in RRSP money that I will transfer to a competitor. Should we say the same? Who’s going to get the RRSP money? The answer: TD Waterhouse! Following what, I plan to inject the money in the JFT Strategic Fund (JFS.UN), but that’s not exactly closed yet.

That’s what happen when bankers little F mess up with the Dividend Girl! :0) Come baby darling, come and mess up with me!!!

Lovely, isn’t?

Job done and completed.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Watch out for the disastrous Maple Group or The Salvation Group

My non-registered portfolio closed yesterday session $122 799. I had been waiting for this for a very long time, and it’s going to happen, the destruction is among the way. Canadian authorities had been dumb enough to approve the Maple Group acquisition plan over the TMX Group Inc. (X). I am not a supporter of the Maple Group. What I want is to benefit from the situation. $50 per share for the TMX Group Inc. (X) and no selling out commission fee to pay out. Following what, I will be free to partly restructure my portfolio. Hello money! 

Westshore Terminals went from a .UN company status to a newly incorporated or what so ever. There’s nothing much to say. The transformation happens and you can now invest Westshore Terminals under the ticket symbol WTE. I invested in WTE a little way back. Best thing about a blog is getting reader emails and getting those really good investment ideas. It’s been the case with WTE, EIF and WEQ.UN among other. I get the best stocks in and just keep watching the wild ride. I am note done yet.

Some beautiful dividends had arrived for July, magna cash. I think July is going to be a very great month.

I want to be an attorney too. Meet Chloe Wolman

It’s not often that I wake up at 5 in the early morning dawn… but today I did. I have some freelance stuff to complete. It’s now done finish and completed. And I am just waiting for more… I really began to be addicted to the work. It was far from being easy to get use to the job, but once in, I am in and ready to make some cold rough cash! 

The best part of being a freelancer is the: after waiting over 30 days to receive payment, well, the really best part is: pay me within 2 weeks or you’ll have to deal with a small claim! I feel like a boxer in the ring! Ready to PUNCH whenever the occasions present. JUST BE READY! And gees, I might be a pretty cutty scary damn thing because well, it worked. At least this time. I am going to tell you all about how to freelance really soon and how to deal with the shita that might and will certainly present by itself among the way. Because shita is my specialty!  

Being a freelancer is not easy, especially when trying to combine freelance to a regular full-time job. In my case, I don’t really have any choices; I need to create a good cash reversed because by the end of September, my full-time contract will end. I am currently waiting for payments that were due for MAY. Yeah, I know. In my case, nothing is really easy, but as I was reading the Globe and Mail and reading the story of the Nikita Chloe Wolman. You can read it too right here. She’s an attorney and has lost her job in Beverly Hills. She has over 100k in student debt and might have lived the vida loca in Beverly Hills. She must be living off. And unfortunately, I guess that while being an attorney, you have the attorney lifestyle. 

The lifestyle part is very dangerous. I wouldn’t have the portfolio I have if I wouldn’t have control my expenses. My wanted to fit in too much, people take wrong money decisions. By wanted to be somebody, people spend thousands on MBAs. I personally don’t need any of that shita. And I am not afraid to push down what I don’t want in my life and I am ready to fight HARD for what I really want. It’s a matter of education too. Being from a well fair background certainly doesn’t help in the process. Being well off created unnecessary needs. Like the big car, big apartment, designer clothes and etc. etc. etc. Being plastic is soooo boring. While listening to the Desperate housewives of Vancouver, I couldn’t help it but find those women, at a point, despite being pretty, being so plastic, overdone, overrich, overplastic. And somewhere, so desperately boring, unreal, fake.
Life is all about choices. If you make the wrong ones, you are going to fail. Going to the best schools, holding the MBAs of the year won’t ever make a change on how you are successful in life. Universities are money s@ckers. Take McGill University right here in Montreal. A real joke. Those types of institutions want make us to believe that while attempting their programs, we’ll become somebody, the big cash will just show up like that. Come on.

I feel sorry for Chloe Wolman, but at the same time, she has to assume her decisions.
People like her, and I know I am judging super hard – are from the freak universities junkees show. If you are stupid enough to spend thousands and thousands away for an education, well, at the end, it’s no surprise that you’ll pay the price. It’s all about values and the society of today is totally missing the point. Don’t come after and cry ohhh I have $100 000 in student debt!

I have close to 100k in debt too and I have no problem living with that. I assume myself and my decisions.

Another problem is that people are way too naïve and gave have way too much confident in the systems and institutions while they should just stay as far possible and use only what they need.
Relying on other people than yourself is a big no-no. See, I am pretty sure that somewhere, Chloe Wolman employer could have keep her, but they preferred to keep the big bucks for themselves. Selfishness is everywhere, even here on this blog. Never forget that.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Some stuff going on for our Westshore Terminals

According to TD Waterhouse:

"Westshore Terminals Investment Corporation Stapled Units
TERMS AND CONDITIONS:Please be informed of a Plan of Arrangement between Westshore Terminals Investment Corporation and Westshore Terminals Holdings Limited. As a result, holders will receive one (1) common share of Westshore Terminals Investment Corporation (WTE (TSX)) (96145A200) for each stapled unit of Westshore Terminals Investment Corporation held."

We'll talk about this later.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

To be or not to be a sexy anonymous blogger

My portfolio closed yesterday session at a very good $123 840. Oh, not exactly… $123 840.98. LOL. It’s all in the power of the cents. And right now, the cents are quite powerful. So far for June, my dividend income had been of $669.99. I have no regret over breaking my DRIP on my non-registered portfolio. I am quite busy, it’s harder than ever to follow my stocks. However, the portfolio is doing quite well and I am very pleased.

As you know, I spent the weekend of the 1th of July in Ottawa. I haven’t seen my brother in almost a year. It was a fun weekend and the weather was perfect. I went to the Van Gogh exhibition, the Casino of Lac-Lemay, the Maya exhibition on Quebec side. I shopped at the Rideau Centre, went to the By Market, got my Obama cookie (once every year, that’s a good treat lol), I ate at fabulous restaurants and I probably gain weight. If you go to Ottawa, go to Radisson or Rodisson at the end of Spark, it’s really good. I also went to a Vietnamese restaurant in Somerset (?), all you can eat Japanese food on Rideau I think and I walked downtown, went to the Ottawa Jazz Festival and, of course, I was at the July 1th celebrations. It was quite impressive to see Jully Black live. Remember the HubPage article I wrote about her while back and remember that she wrote me on Twitter? Well, I finally got the chance to see a live performance of her. She was fabulous. Rock Voisine, Acadian icon was there live too and many other. All this to say that yeah, I had a fun time in Ottawa. I may visit again in August.

As you can see, I am doing well like a charm, the dividend income is quite good and my 4 months contract will end in September, bye bye la visite, bye bye Quebec. I am about to cash big on the Maple Group deal. Everything seems to be in order for the Maple Group to acquire the TMX Group Inc. (X). I had picked the maximum cash option, $50 per share. Following what, I will restructure my portfolio. Remember, I plan to hit the 6-6-6, 8k in dividend income. That’s about to happen soon. I just need to take some time to study. It’s quite a job on itself to invest in stock. Time is flying by and I have organization problem. Especially during summer.

Imagine what, I have received an email from Cimon Plante. That’s what he wrote me:

“Hi Sunny,

I've just stumble upon your website and I really enjoyed it! I am an investment advisor, in Montreal, for 7 years now and I applaud your financial acumen.

If you need info for a stock or you want to grab a cup of coffee, let me know!


By the way, Cimon Plante works in the same building where is located Blue Note (BNT).

First, we need to admire the gut of the guy. Mr. Cimon Plante wants to meet the Dividend Girl. Oh lala. Does he really know what he’s getting into? I mean, despite being married, I have to say, it was quite tempting to meet Cimon Plante to see what he would have to say. Fact is, yeah the man is married (I did my search – remember that I want to do like the Desperate Housewives of Vancouver now and married a millionaire) and I don’t like to lose my time in meeting that will just drive me no where. Why will I go have coffee with a married man? Also, meeting someone like this will rip off me as being a sexy anonymous blogger. A man will know who I am, what I look like. Do I want that to happen? Certainly not. Do I want to meet Cimon Plante? The answer is not no, but I prefer to stay away from married men. Because married men are what they are: married.


Fact is, no matter how charming they sound and no matter how good looking they are, please, for the sake of God, stay away from investment advisors, especially Quebec ones. Here in Quebec, society suck. Just follow the education crisis in Quebec, follow those students coming from outside Quebec who are getting ripped off by Quebec society, listen to the outsiders like myself getting over-tax while living in Quebec and not being able to benefit from health care. Listen to the anarchists, those who have no respect to our Royalties, to our roots. I mean come on. Quebec society is a whole piece of shit. Never give your trust to a Quebecker, never give directly ANY of your money to ANY financial advisors of the like of Cimon Plante. Quebeckers are not trustable. They are vulnerable, they don’t pray God, they have no religion. The Quebec popular mass is completely disgusting. They are selfish individuals who only think for themselves.

Cases like Earl Jones are not isolated here in Quebec. In their freshness, people think that advisors are there to help. It’s not true. They are only sale people who touch commission on investment they sell out and, even worst, it’s easy to lose your money. In a case like Earl Jones, some people never gained back the totality of the money they had lost in the hands of the criminal. So wake up, be smarter than the 99%.

Go there, invest by your own and kick some ass. It’s easier than what you think. My blog is the real proof that anyone can save money no matter how little they gain. Take in consideration that we live in a capitalist world, there’s nothing you can’t do about it, if not just to fully take advantage of it. Poor don’t have to become poorer. If you can eliminate all luxuries from your live, big car, big house and big whatever else, you’ll be able to make it. Myself, I am almost there. How would you feel not having to rely on an employer or anybody else other than yourself to make a living? That’s what success is all about. Not having to deal with stupid employers, not having to deal with laid off. Your financial security will be your big finger over all that. Of the poison of life. No investment advisor is able to do that for you. They are working themselves their ass off to pay their big mortgage and luxuries etc. Why would you trust financial advisors? Do you know who they are? Do you know what they hold as investments? No, you don’t know anything about them. They are completed strangers. In front of strangers, don’t have any money talk, if not just the Dividend Girl because well, you know me now.

No one knows what will happen tomorrow on the stock market. There’s no magic trick with the investment game. For that only, I own Derek Foster big part of what I have today. It’s unbelievable how much his books help me to build in a portfolio by my own.

I wrote about my experiences with Quebec financial services, with banks, Desjardins, BMO Bank of Montreal, Manuvie etc. It’s really important that you read them all (in other word, you need to read all of my posts of 6 years of happy financial blogging). Get in touch with Quebec reality read about all the shit I went through to build myself a portfolio. They wanted me to fail, but I succeed. Ok, well, it’s not anytime soon I will stop working but more than ever, the whole investment game is getting interesting. In other word, I seriously begin to kick some ass.

LOL. So for that reason, sharks are around. RBC Royal Bank is increasing my credit line of 3% and Cimon Plante wants to meet me. In your wildest dream baby.

The only Quebecker I trust from the heart is Jean-François Tardif. I trust him and only him for many several reasons. I don’t think I will get rip off by him, sincerely. It’s not all Quebeckers who are bad of course; I speak in general terms, but please, watch your back. Don’t trust anyone, if not just a man. I like JFT because he doesn’t hold a stupid MBA title. AND he went back on the public investment scene after making millions. He didn’t need to come back, if not just for me (I KNOW LOL). To help me increase my overall income through his JFT Strategic Fund (JFS.UN). So see, in other word, Jean-François Tardif is all mine and I don’t want to get out of the anonymous blogging scene because being anonymous is HOT and Jean-François Tardif is F hot too.

Thank you

Thank you for visiting!
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