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Monday, March 31, 2014

Ready to say good-bye to my Shoppers Drug Mart shares. Go go go!

The Shoppers Drug Mart acquisition by Loblaws was supposed to go through on - was it March 27 or something like it??? - but I still have all of my Shoppers shares right in my portfolio and its quite boring. So I am currently waiting and still waiting. I had been waiting for a really long time now, so I hope to deal will move on so I can lower the usage of my margin and I will try to stay that way.

I had been busy lately. A old part-time gig I used to have 2 years ago is about to get back to live and I could make good cash. And I will need it because this past Saturday, I went to do my tax declaration and its going to cost me $70 right there, not to include what I will need to pay extra in taxes, I am getting ready to pay an extra $800. It will be ready in 2 weeks. And in 2 weeks I will get another paycheck. Money is flying away but its not a bad thing.  

Stay tune to find out if I will get my cash from Shoppers Drug Mart - not time to write more unfortunately.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Shoppers Drug Mart acquisition by Loblaws to be completed to March 28th

It took a very long time, but it will finally happen. The Competitive Bureau approved Shoppes Drug Mart acquisition by Loblaws. I had picked the maximum of cash option way back, and I hope to get a few thousands in cash - maybe 3 if I am lucky - and only, please, a few Loblaws share. This remind me of the TSX acquisition deal. At the time, I had picked a maximum cash option too, and I was left with only a few TMX shares - which I don't mind holding now. Those shares are there to remind me of the shit deal - bankers holding on to the end to the Canadian stock market. And now, after selling the TSX to bankers, Thomas Kloet, certainly all proud of his accomplishments, is now calling for retirement. Happy retirement, loser! Bye bye, go retire to North Korea Thomas Kloet please, where you really belong.

I wouldn't mind to hold a few Loblaws shares - there will be no more SC shares when this come to real. This move will help me to lower the usage of my margin. I am currently at $72 687.86 on my margin. It would be nice to get it lower eventually. But with a margin at of more 70k, I have a long way to go before it get paid off. However, it never been a preoccupation of mine. What I do care is to keep my margin under control. Currently, I only have left 5k of unused money margin. Its not a lot. To keep things nicely secure, I need to inject 5k - and 10k would be actually much better to keep my margin secure and safer. But 10k is quite an amount, you understand, so I have fix myself to only 6k.

I own less than 4k on my student loan and its a complete shame not to pay it off. So here is the deal, I only need $9 634 to inject 6k on my margin and $3 634 to pay off my student loan. With 9 months left to go for 2014, I can do both of those things with $1 070.44 per month. So now you know what will happen for the next 9 months. I could deliver a baby in the next 9 months if I get pregnant like NOW. That's not going to happen anytime soon. I wish to get pregnant in my forties only, when all of my sexy youth be wild done and I guess that at that time, I will have nothing better to do than changing diapers, doing laundry, and cleaning, cooking and so on and on. Later please, only later and even never, I wouldn't mind.

I used to have some cash lying in my bank account - years ago. I only keep the minimum required in there now. I may be able to find a 2k to remain in my banking account so I can be just like in the old days and that way I won't have any banking fees. I don't have any cash and before putting any more money down to my student loan or margin, I would very much keep a 1k for each of my 2 banking accounts - that would make 2k.

Following what, a 6k payment on my margin and the repayment of my student loan...

2014 = painful year


Thursday, March 20, 2014

Welcoming Spring, Investors!

Spring! Winter had been very long this year. Usually, winter in Montreal is not so bad but this year, it was like if the New Brunswick winter was in Montreal. I never went to a so cold winter in Montreal, it was quite surprising. Other than that, 2014 had been great so far. I paid off a credit line, credit cards and as you know, I only now have left my margin and student loan to pay off as debt. 

With only left $3 638.07 in student loan, paying it off is my next priority. However, before making any more extra payment on debt or whatever, I need to do my tax declaration for 2013. I certainly earn $50k this year + because I work all year long. I think I will have something like 1k or around to pay extra in taxes, and also, I probably going to have a few days of vacation for Easter in New Brunswick. 

I listen a bit to the Leaders Debate for Quebec next Prime. Nothing too much exciting. Quebeckers are paying millions for this election and the result will probably going to be the same. I don't think Liberals are strong enough to win. No Party have what it take. Legault, Couillard, Marois, David are not very interesting. And I don't find Quebec interests very interesting anyway. They are very fool selfish people and I do not belong here. Stucking in the money and one day I will be out of here.

Monday, March 17, 2014

House owning is for suckers

My grandmother is 91 years old and lately, it appear that she could no longer digest food. She couldn't keep in her stomach the normal portion of food that she normally eat for a meal. And as a result, she went to the hospital (in New Brunswick, of course, - she wouldn't be alive today if she would had been hospitalized somewhere in Quebec province!!), stayed there a couple of days, went better, was sent back home. Once back home, it started again. And at that time, I prayed for her and after a while, she has doing better and began to eat normal food again.

In Quebec, they have a Catholic show name Les Victoires de l'amour ??? or something like it. And yesterday, there was that girl in a wheelchair, saying that she was spiritual, but didn't believe in the Bible. And once again, I taught: those poor little f Quebeckers. They don't go to church, they don't believe in the Bible and they thing that God will help them anyway among the way? Forget about it. Deal with your own salvation. God won't answer.

There's nothing much more stupid than Quebeckers, that's for sure, and I have new proof of that day after day after day....

House owners are suckers and I am a suckers myself for working full-time in Quebec province, for stealing jobs to Quebeckers and for hating Quebeckers so damn much. And God is giving anything I want. So call money, so call b*itch. Is it really how its working? Oh yeah. After giving birth to many babies, a woman of 91 years old deserve to go in the last years of her life without too much pain.

Finally, Derek Foster got a few hours off from changing diapers and everything else to FINALLY write a nice letter to all of his readers and that including of course the famous me. Personally, I never dream of owning my own place. And that being for many reasons. 

In a place like New Brunswick, you can buy a very nice house for $150 000 and even less. Sound great at first but in New Brunswick, you got to clean the roof of the house a couple times in the winter. And if only it was the one and only expense... Taxes, which usually go up every year or so can hit a tight budget. When you become a home owner, you become a slave of the system. Once the tax go up, you have no choice, you have to pay more. you cannot battle that in any ways.

And once you want to sell, consider yourself lucky to sell at the initial price pay. I am not a believer of house owning to create richness. That is pretty much all bullshit. Mortgages are there so banks can make money and pay their CEOs millions and millions of dollars. The mortgage system is not there to help the middle class to make money. Its much more of a trap that can easily ruin your financial future. 

Its much more better to invest, make a 7k income or even more in dividend and have money to pay off yourself and your living expenses rather than bank and the corruptible financial system we live in here in Canada. Because if you lose your job, trust me, its not the bank who is managing your mortgage that will help you find a new job. No situation is secure. And that, Derek Foster is not saying a word of how much a house can diminished you financially. Derek Foster, now father of many  babies, has lost in intensity among the way.

You can compare a mortgage to the situation of my brother with his student loan. Student loan required close to $500 per month to my brother. That's what I call money sucking. The student loan suck $500 or close to my brother every and single months, and a mortgage, its even more, non stop for 25-30 years. Money sucking mean that it take money out from you, money that could be use to for much better things.

Money rule the world, but it doesn't have to control your every moves. Home owning is time and money sucking.

And yes, it was the post of the day!

My debt situation on date of March 17, 2014

$72 759.68 at 4.25% (margin money coming from my broker account): = 
$3 092.29 in annual interest

$3 638.07 at low interest rate loan at 5.50% (student loan) = $200.09 in annual interest

TOTAL: $76 397.75

TOTAL in annual interest: $3 292.38
[In date of March 17, 2014]

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sprott Inc. (SII) is on a chou-chou train

This past Friday, I decided to partly sell my investment in New Flyer Industries (NFI), I currently hold just half of what I used to have. I used the money to pay off completely my CIBC Visa. Other than my margin, I now only have my student loan debt left, which is at $3 634.25. It could be paid off very quickly...

Lately, I had been surprised on how much Sprott Inc. (SII) had gained in value. How knows, it could possibly catch out its old $10 per stock value. If I am lucky, the Shoppers Drug Mart acquisition by Loblaws will go on and I will be able to cash out some money from the deal. but its been report, report, and report again... what is the problem? I want my money now and I cannot wait! This is very exciting. I could used the cash to pay off my student loan and pay if off forever and bye bye debt (except for margin of course).

I don't blog on a regular basis these days. Its because I have a part-time job online, I earned $750 from it so far. Its helping to pay extra expenses, like my trip to Quebec city last week and etc so I am quite happy about it. However, work doesn't come on a regular basis. Sometimes I got work, and sometimes now.

Its been a short and relaxing weekend and watching the elections going on in Quebec is making me laugh. We Canadians are watching the social destruction of Quebec province and believe it or not. Shit doesn't come for nothing. It pay back happy time.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Its going to be paid off one day

I went for a quick shopping trip to Quebec City yesterday and it was fun. I met my old folks at the Place Laurier where their travelling bus was waiting for me and I arrived just on time! I was able to spend the day with my mom and dad, my aunt and a few friends. We haven't seen each other since Christmas, so it was a fun time. 

I need to make a payment on Monday, but after that, my CIBC Visa will be down to $984. With my student loan being at $3 634.25, I only have left $4 618.70 to pay off - excluding of course my margin. In 6 months from here - which lead us to October - my CIBC Visa and student loan will be paid off. Why only October? I have vacations days in April, and after that I probably going to pay 1k more in taxes or around that. And I also have vacations during the summer... But with that part-time job I have now, it probably going to be much earlier. 

And where its getting interesting is that one I get my CIBC Visa and student loan paid off, I will be able to live on less than 1k a month. I am working hard to make it happen. the sooner, the better.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

How much it pay to follow Susan Brunner, Derek Foster and Jean-François Tardif

I don't know exactly what's going on, but my non-registered portfolio is popping up to a mega pow-wow and its on the $137 792.82 that I am playing hard. Back on January 1st, my non-registered was at 130k and my overall value was at $183 000. I could be sitting on a 200k right now, but I don't have enough time to work on an update. But I can certainly imagine, very easily a 200k and a net worth of 120k+. When the TSX is on the high, absolutely everything become very extra easy and achievable. Its way much easier to become rich on a smooth good looking TSX market rather than a rocky bear whatever else stock market.

With only $320 in dividend income for February, the richness was low in February, but I am looking forward for a very good dividend income in March. I already received FTS, ENF and CU dividend so far. I am making that debt payment on my CIBC Visa, and once that baby is all paid off, I am thinking of investing inside my TFSA. I am a Susan Brunner follower like I am a Derek Foster follower and a Jean-François Tardif follower. When I like, I just get stuckkkkkk innnnnn. And I really like Susan Brunner, she's, like DF and JFT one of the financial persona behind my successful 111k net worth. 

I had invested in KBL, ABX, CNR - among other - after reading about those great stocks on Susan Brunner stock. And today I read that Susan lost a love one - very unfortunate - life follow after dead but the money don't follow. However, I had the investing taste too in deep now to not invest from time to time and right now, I am in deep of something new, something fresh. And Susan Brunner came to the rescue. I find her Canadian Real Estate Investment Trust (REF.UN) interesting and it could be a nice fit for my TFSA. Once my CIBC Visa is completely paid off, I will reward myself with a nice and sexy new investment and it could be REF.UN because whatever Susan Brunner invest in, I want the same. The very same as her.

All this to say that everyone and get a net worth of 100k very easily and it doesn't take a 50k a year salary to make it. It took me a few years, but I went there. I begin with not even 35k a year. Its not a matter of how much you earn, its a matter of how you spend your money, and how you save in invest. For example, take Quebec province. It has all the richness in the world, mines, its produce its own electricity. We do not produce all the electricity we need in New Brunswick. But no matter what, Quebec province is full of debt and not to add to this full of shit too. Taxes are way higher is Quebec than in New Brunswick. And you don't want ever have to go to a Quebec hospital. The whole social system is insufficient in Quebec, but they have all the possibilities in the word. 

We may not be that rich in New Brunswick, but we understand the power of religion, we respect God and our government respect it citizens. Never you'll see in New Brunswick taxes going as hard and far as Quebec province do. And now, Quebec province is simply running more its economy by going under elections. How much the upcoming provincial elections will cost to Quebec? Certainly a couple millions. And Quebeckers certainly don't deserve any better.

By ruining the identity of other with their anti-religion law, Quebec is currently dealing with much more problems we could ever imagine and this is the revenge of those who are suffering for being religious and having to be ridiculed by stupid Quebeckers.

Its not always the richer who are the smartest ass. 

Us New Brunswickers, we are the best, Quebec can be throw to Hell where its belong. And just watch me catching the 200k portfolio real soon. Watch me baby, watch me.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Scotia Bank (BNS) increase its dividend distribution

My non-registered portfolio close the session at $137 438.68. Quite good, but it seem too good to stay on like that. Pappy Gordon Pape is still saying that we are going to have a correction, blablabli, blablabla, friends of the Golf Club will get richer, and I probably going to be poorer. Anyway, hit it on baby, I am ready. Crash baby crash. 

This upcoming Friday is going to be interesting because I am waiting for my pay and that money will go on to pay my CIBC Visa. I guess it will be something like $1 200. on top of that, add my dividend income for March - maybe something like $500. If lucky, its something like $1 700 I will be able to pay on my Visa, leaving a tiny balance of $704 behind.

Oh, and I don't know if you have catch the news, but Scotia Bank is making so much money that they decided to increase its dividend of 2 cents........ Quite hilarious, whatever.

The best thing I can do for now is to pay my CIBC Visa and after time, my student loan.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Does it really make any sense at all?

I knew my brother own a lot in student loan, I was still shocked to learn yesterday that he owned close to 40k in student loan debt.  He has to pay close to $500 pet make month just as minimum payment only. It just doesn't make any sense. As her sister, I told him to give the f student loan a call and shake up things. My brother live in one of the worst place in Canada: Ottawa. Ottawa is a shitty expensive place where public transportation suck. Ottawa only get exciting on one day per year: 1th of July. The Hill is full of shit and the whole renting area is super upper expensive and the workplace is extra fresh and arrogant and many workers are under paid because too much jobs are being managed by staffing agencies. I lived a few years in Ottawa and I was really happy when I left if you see what I mean. I very dislike my time in Ottawa, but I like to go there once in a while, but not very often.

So knowing all that, and especially knowing that my bro live on less than 50k per year, knowing he live in an extra expensive fresh f arrogant Ottawa are, hell in the world, why does he have to pay close to $500 per month on a F student loan. Does it make any sense at all?

My bro decided to follow the flow and do like too many other young people do: enroll to a Canadian university, be clean and and go deep into debt by enrolling into student loans. And what did he got in return? A holly bunch of debt. And a job, sure, but not a 50k a year salary. I don't think the Canadian educational system worth the debt it cost.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

February was an awesome investing month

Already the month of March coming in! Another rent to be paid, and bills, oh yeah. I rank up to a total of $1 681 in expenses for March. I have bought a new office chair for $191 in February. I didn't have any comfy chair, but now I have one so just be ready to read on some more interesting blog posts!

My credit card rank up to $895. Oh lala. I plan to control more my expenses in March and cut off morning (and sometimes) afternoon coffees and stuff. Its not outrageous spending, but I plan to be more careful and not buy any coffees at work - or at least I try. I don't like to rank close to the $900 on my credit card.

I am going to Quebec City next week for a shopping trip as my folks are going there so hopefully, we'll be able to meet without too much trouble. I have a cell phone, but of course, they don't. Anyway, the goal is not to spend more than $500 for the month of March on my credit card. Or maybe 600. Budgeting is HARD.

Even after a deposit of $1 600 on my student loan, my monthly payment is still the same $98, it didn't actually reduce the amount. But in result, my student loan balance is now of only $3 6030 and 42 cents. Not a fortune at all and I would very like to get rid of my student loan sometime by the end 2014. My brother own closed to $50 000 in student loan and believe it or not, his monthly payments are close tot he $500 per month! Students loans staff are retarded for sure.

In the immediate time I have my $2 404.45 credit card balance at 0% with CIBC that soon will expire. I will be ok to pay it off by the end of April. But wait, in April, I am going home for Easter and April is also the TAX month.

For the second year in a row, I have pop up the 50k in income for 2013. I probably going to have something close like the $600 to $800 to pay extra in taxes. I may need to use my BMO credit line for a limited time, I don't know. But the good news is that April will probably be a very good month for my dividend income.

Other than the usual money problem, I stop coloring my hair and my natural color is slowly showing and I don't dislike what I see. Its been 2 months since I didn't color my hair and I don't regret. I had been coloring my hair for close to 10 years now and the whole process of getting my hair colored is taking long each time and it need to be done every single months. So I got enough and stop coloring my hair, saving about $25-$30 each month. But I am not doing this to save money, its just that I really have enough of hair coloration.

To close February in all in strength and fabulous beauty, my non-registered portfolio finish the session at $137 516.02! In result, I have left $7 633.77 on my margin. I like to see the TSX at more than 14 000 points. I hope things will remain as good for the upcoming months as I am working at paying down my debt.

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