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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Just getting better

Things are getting a lot better for me those last days. First, I got my laptop repair last week. I had a problem with it, I couldn’t use the Wireless connection – so I couldn’t connect to the Internet since I always go to a cafe about once a week or so to connect. I got it repair from a guy at my workplace and he was generous to do it for free, after refusing the 60$ I had offer him. That’s for the laptop.

It’s been officially been more than a year that I am at my full-time day job as a customer representative. I plan to maybe look for a better job later on. But for now, it’s still working pretty well for me the 3 jobs all combine together. It’s just I can get pretty tired sometimes and my morning job is killing me, as they continue to cut some hours from time to time. And they sometime tell me to call in the early morning to see if they have work available. And it’s killing me because I don’t have a cell or phone at home and I have to get ready anyway, each morning and call from a pay phone to see if they have work. For now, I only have a little pager. I wouldn’t like to have too much bills to pay as for now my mainly expenses are my rent and my student loans. After the regular living expenses, I wouldn’t like to have a lot of bills to pay as it will kill me to have less money to invest. And forgive about paying on my student loan, I enjoy purchasing stocks too much for now.

I now pay off my credit line at TD Canada Trust and it’s just amaze me how much I can save and pay off debt really quickly. Taking money from my credit line to purchase stocks might not be the best thing to do, but I do what I want and what I like about this is no one has a word to say on anything.

Next big project is my RRSP. I plan to save money from December to March 2009 for it. This year, I have around 7 000$ I can invest in my RRSP and I can’t wait to be finally done with it, and the taxes. Its look good for this year, I might be able to make a bit more than 40 000$ which is a lot knowing that just a year or so, I was down to almost have of this. It’s really difficult to make this amount after taxes for me. And I just hope to me able to make more money in 2009 but I haven’t think of doing anything extra, but maybe joining the army but I am in bad shape and I gain a little weight by working 80 hours a week and not doing that much exercise. And I am white like dead. The only things I like about myself now are my hair. But that have nothing to do with my money.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

And now it's Desjardins

After having many issues with TD Canada Trust, now came Caisse Desjardins. I had to update my investment profile with them just because of one mutual fund investment I have with them.

I was really frustrated when I received the letter they send me for that purpose because they told me that if I was not going to update my investor profile, my banking account other asset will be all frozen… No way am I going to invest ever with Desjardins. And this is even worst than what I had last time with TD Canada Trust. Like if I didn’t go through enough yet. Anyway, I place the call, update the stupid profile with them over the phone and promised myself there I would ever again purchase a mutual fund outside a broker account again. It is way too complicated and annoying. And I don’t know if they even realize it, but they are loosing me as an investor and a customer.

When I call to update my profile, I was on my two mornings off and I expect to had nothing to do, but like usual, my plans get disturb and I had to call about 3 times to get this done by an arrogant advisor who was really mean over the phone. Desjardins really suck, just like TD and I am just hoping to find a way out of hell once of these days.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

About my experience with TD

I went to TD in other to place 1 500$ I have rest to invest in my RRSP. The girl I got as an advisor didn't let me buy the mutual funds I wanted. It's the first time ever I am getting that much trouble to invest in mutual funds. I now have more experience investing in mutual funds and I understand the risk and what I can lose. My profile was aggressive, since I have a high tolerance of risk.

She wanted me to put money in one of their portfolio who had a return, since date of creation, of 5 or 7%. That what she had to offer to me as growth portfolio. She didn't want me to invest in the mutual funds of my choice. She told me she would have to ask if I can possibly to so, and I have an appointment with her tomorrow morning. Usually, I do extra hours at work, I arrive always earlier. But tomorrow, I won't be able to do so because I need to deal with the most incompetent advisor of TD bank.

I wanted to invest in the mutual funds I had selected (see below post), but she didn't want. She was sticking to the idea of putting my valuable money in one of her placement idea. Maybe she get a higher commission if she sales a portfolio. Anyway, if it's happen that the poor girl doesn't let me do what I want to do with my money, I am going to complaint.

I had present to her my list of funds, saying I wanted to invest 100$ in each of them. I told her I understand if I am not able to get them all, that just a couple of them would make my happy. Anyway, she could had make the call for me immediately, but the jerk didn't want to.

I ask her if it was the TD U.S. Mid-Cap Growth ($US) or the one in Canadian $ that had receive an investment award. She wasn't able to tell. Isn't hilarious, an advisor who doesn't even know which of her fund had win an award....

I had a similar experience with a TD advisor from Gatineau (QC). The advisor there didn't want me to invest in mutual funds.

I had a credit line and a visa with TD, and next thing I do on Monday morning is I go paying the little money that I have in there and after what I will close the credit line and Visa that I have at TD.

TD suck, and I don't recommend them to anyone.

I got a lot more service at CIBC and RBC, Caisse Desjardins also.

I understand I am a small investor, but I have another 2 or 3 thousands I would like to put my money in, but TD won't get any more money from me. I feel release, I have enough of TD.

I rock.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I didn't lost that much after all.........

I finally had the courage to calculate my total income and investment value in date of January 28, 2008. I haven't calculated my total value since December for my investments. Since I am off today and I have nothing to do since I didn't find a second job. So I proceed and I am quite surprise, I didn't lost that much money with the major crash we had.

I now have in my possession 32 260.73$. I am waiting for my pay this Wednesday after midnight. I should have around 1 000$. I did a bunch of extra hours, since I currently have no place else to work. So we can say 33 260.73$...

I cheat on my "no expense" goal for last week and this week, but that doesn't really matter. My total expenses for the month of January are only of 1 160.65$. If I could make 1 000$ after taxes every 2 weeks, I will be good and I will keep the same job for quite a while. It's almost 1 000$ per month that I could put in savings.

I still have 2 500$ to invest for my RRSP, so I hope I will be able to do that tomorrow, at Caisse Desjardins or TD, I don't know. I am quite tired and I just hope it will turn for the best.

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