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Saturday, April 4, 2009

My top performers: Pembina Pipeline Income Trust and Crestsreet Alternative Energy Fund

I didn’t calculate my overall value for quite a time (like do I really care), but I did it intentionally, knowing I might be close to the same amount of money – still after several weeks of waiting for the TSX to come up again. The market had move a lot like always, but no drastic change still in my portfolio. Pembina and Crestsreet are the exception for the rule and they are both very, extraordinary amazing.

Pembina and Crestsreet Alternative Energy Fund are about the only 2 investments who had took some value in my portfolio and I am still impress by the fact that, well, it had taking some value!!!! LOL.

I was very proud of my choices: purchasing 100 units of Pembina Pipeline Income Trust was one of the best ideas I ever had. I purchased 100 units of PIF.UN back on March at 12$. For now, each unit worth 13.42$. Since that time, the highest Pembina reach was something like 14.50$. I was like wow! Like its way too much fun! And for each unit, I earn 1.56$ per year, as the annual dividend is of 1.56$ per unit.

In date of April 3, my 1 000$ initial investment made in Crestsreet Alternative Energy Fund now worth 1 042$! I just hope it will continue this way. It’s seem like in my portfolio, Crestsreet Alternative Energy Fund had taken the place of Sprott Canadian Equity Fund. But that’s now wanted from me. It’s just how things went by.

For me (a while ago lol), Sprott Canadian Equity Fund was the "investment" or was supposed to be the one. Sprott Canadian Equity Fund was supposed to be my mine of gold. But nothing happen. Instead, I lost half of the money I invest in it and I am just upset about it. Anyhow, there is no – officially – no "money lost" until the investment is being sold, so for now, I stick and hold. But eventually, the goal would be to make a huge amount of cash from Sprott and than sell it to purchase high dividend paying stocks. But the question that remain is if Sprott Canadian Equity Fund still represent a good investment and to this question well, I do not have the answer.

Rock on :)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Another mutual fund....

I call TD yesterday to see if there was any fees related to the purchased of some units of the Sprott Canadian Equity Fund (SPR001) and there's none. I was told that for some funds TD charges fees and for other, they don't. Which I really don't understand, because I believe they get a compensation on a way or another from the company where individuals like myself purchase funds. I know how it works.

I don't really follow what I write on this blog. I first taught about the iShares, now stocks, and now back to mutual funds, when I just told myself I will not purchase mutual funds ever again... Anyway, that Sprott Canadian Equity Fund is a mine of gold and I would like to invest in it, even if the management fees are high (2.5%). And they also request that we keep the investment for 6 months, minimum investment is of 5 000$, which I currently have in my Waterhouse account. If not hold for 6 months, there's a penalty. But in case of need, I could always pick in my non RRSP mutual funds I have everywhere else. Because it's really investment all over the place. Like if I was willing to try anything kind of investment for money. This is the case. And it's really only for money.

But so far so good, as I stick to my 3 jobs to make near 800$ per week after taxes. I get kind of tease at one of the job. But I don't really care, as I never really care about what was going at my different work places. At one of my job, some idiots keep talking to me in English, while I am French and speak a some kind of broken English. Anyway, I don't pay too much attention, I reply in French. I don't care for anything else than the money I can make from different jobs. I am so not such difficult that everything is going very smoothly. And I am pretty good, as it been going on for a while now and money is coming like crazy, I just have to look at my expenses carefully.

After this investment (5 000$ in the Sprott Canadian Equity Fund, non RRSP), I won't be able to make any more investments for a while maybe, as I need to save 7 000$ for my RRSP of January 2008. And it will be good if I could pay off those stupid loan debts.

I feel lost in the finance world and stocks are tricky. Sprott Canadia Equity Fund appears to be a good solution. It's been well ranked by MorningStar even if the fund doesn't appear in the Analyst pick. Maybe because of its high fee. And it's also a bit volatile, but I am looking for a long-term investment. So now, I only have a phone call to place to make myself super rich with the Sprott Canadian Equity Fund. It is soooooo simple.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Making my first bucks from stocks

If it wasn't because I am working, I might spend the whole day in front a computer, looking for my SII stocks.... In date of yesterday, I made 75$ from those Sprott stocks. It just now I am realizing how much I can make if I can just be lucky for once in my life.

I also have an eye on Rogers stocks, the B ones. I just put another 1 000$. I also would like to invest in Sprott Canadian Equity mutual fund. It's just too bad I didn't find about this fund earlier. There's like too much I want to invest into and I just have too little money. I also have to thing about my RRSP.

Stocks are a lot of fun. Regarding Rogers stocks, I believe they are a good investment. I learn that the dividend will go up to 1$ per share in 2008, from what I read in their financial statement. I had been looking into them for a while, and they are a buy for a short term period, as previously, Rogers share went up to 52$.... And now the price is 40$ and something...

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