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Sunday, January 31, 2021

Saying thank you and good-bye to The Ether Fund Class A units (QETH.UN)

It's been a crazy day this past Friday, but I manage to make the most of it! The TSX closed down at 17,227.02 points. This left me with a somewhat feeling of an ongoing market correction. It wasn't making any kind of sense to see the TSX hitting on the 18,000 points while we are dealing with a worldwide pandemic. The TSX could go lower. It won't be pleasant if it happens. This past Friday wasn't a good day for the TSX, but I was able to finally sell my The Ether Fund Class A units (QETH.UN). The morning before the opening of the market, Ethereum (ETH) was trading on a high value, which made it obvious that QETH.UN was going to open on a higher value for the opening. While trading QETH.UN, the opening is certainly the most important part of the day. I knew that it was going to be my day. 

I was closely watching The Ether Fund Class A units (QETH.UN) when I notice that it hit on the $37 per unit, and so I quickly place my sell order. This time, the sell order took longer than usual to go through. Usually, when I place a buy or sell order, it goes through and the second after, the buy or sell order had been performed. On that Friday morning, my sell order for QETH.UN didn't happen as expected. My order took time before being performed. I was able to sell at the price I wanted, but I got lucky. After commission and margin fees, I manage to make a little profit of $115.04. This trading move had been less spectacular than the one I performed back earlier on January 4. On January 4, the profit made was more generous, $591.19.

I was happy anyway with this past Friday trade because I wanted to lower my margin debt, and also, I felt that the TSX was taking a more volatile turn. With the money coming from the sell of my The Ether Fund Class A units (QETH.UN), I had been able to pay down my margin, and also registered a small gain, which was all good. I am done trading QETH.UN. With my experiencing with The Ether Fund Class A units (QETH.UN), I can say that it's a fund that is actively traded over the TSX, that's why buy orders, as well as sell orders, are slow to be performed. Back on January 4, I didn't have any problem selling my QETH.UN units, but this past Friday, my sell order was slow to take form. It was so slow that I taught I may have pressed the wrong button or something... I made my little money, $706.23, and it's enough for me. I am done trading The Ether Fund Class A units (QETH.UN).

I find however the crypto world to be interesting. A few days ago, 3iQ Corp announced on their Web site that the Net Asset Value of The Bitcoin Fund (QBTC) was now at 1 billion. I had registered for their Webinar, which will happen on February 4, noon. I will be listening to 3iQ Webinar until 12:38, because at 12:40, on the same day, Derek Foster will be giving a MoneyShow conference. It's free to register.

Following the sell of The Ether Fund Class A units (QETH.UN), my non-registered portfolio closed this past Friday session at $113,716.87, my TFSA portfolio at $104,319.06, and my RRSP portfolio - stocks only - at $53,960.61. My margin debt is now at $47,929.51. I now have close to $650 in cash inside my TFSA portfolio. Currently, I estimate my net worth to be in the $268,000, which is not too bad.


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