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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Collecting Air Miles through Yahoo! search engine: the dream now reality

Canada's largest loyalty program now offers a new way to earn rewards! Yahoo! search engine now offer the possibility to earn Air Miles, at no price. I first learn about this exciting opportunity on the cover of free newspaper Metro.

The best marketing combination of all times: Air Miles and Yahoo!

I use Yahoo! search engine on a regular basis. I am also a user of its email and Messenger services. (...).

Air Miles is my favorite rewards program because it’s allowing to redeem loyalty points in order to receive a discount on bus tickets (among other things). Examples: For as low as 150 reward miles, Air Miles program allow users to receive 40% off on regular Greyhound Canada bus ticket. And for only 50 reward miles, it’s possible to receive 40% off on Orleans Express tickets. And here’s where the Air Miles program is getting very rewarding.

The new Air Miles toolbar allows member to collect up to 30 Air Miles per month. Which mean, each month, it makes it almost possible to reach 50 Air Miles in order to purchase an Orleans Express bus ticket at 40% off. Interesting!

Both combined, Yahoo! search engine and Air Miles rewards program are getting very powerful.

How it work?

First, a toolbar is needed. The download is free of charge! The toolbar is available at the following address:

As an Air Miles member, your collector number will be needed. It’s actually being requested before downloading the toolbar. And if you’re not an Air Miles member yet, registered now! The new Air Miles toolbar make it even more rewarding to enroll to the Air Miles program. The toolbar download can be done through Firefox or Internet Explorer. And it takes less than 2 minutes to be completed.

Once the download is completed, restart your computer, and start searching! As soon as the minimum of 50 valid searches is completed, you will earn 5 Air Miles. It’s that easy and rewarding.

And if, like me, you like to track down your Air Miles account balance, you will no longer needed to log in into your rewards account – a simple look at the toolbar will allow you to find out how much Air Miles you have.

As a Canadian resident, I had below described my views on the Air Miles program offered in Canada. The same program is also available in the US, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Spain and the United Arab Emirates.


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