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Friday, May 15, 2009

Doing more with less: budgeting!

I am doing a lot better today than yesterday. I slept in very late. I actually wake up at 13 pm… The TSX is burning me. Today, the TSX gain some points and is now at 9 849.2. It’s part of the reason why I am feeling better today. It wouldn’t be the case if the TSX would had drop points again for 2 days in a row.

I took my day-time off until the month of June and it’s going to be very difficult for me to start getting up early in the morning again. But I might continue to sleep-in if it happens I can’t find a day-time job. I just got terribly lazy among the way. But not that lazy as I am trying very hard to make money online. I would very much to make a 200$ per month with Google Adsense. It’s the goal I gave myself.

For now, and let’s say if it happen I couldn’t find a day-time job in June, I would probably work at paying some debts of mine instead of investing. I am making 1460$ per month at my evening job and my weekend job is giving me an average of 620$ per month. At 2 080$ per month, my income is not that much, but its making enough to pay my usual expenses and pay-off some debts.

By “doing more with less”, I mean to minimize my expenses in other to maximize the payment of my debts. And to do so, I need to respect a tight budget.

And here it is:

Rent: 535$
Internet: 35$
Metro pass: 67$
Student loan: 150$
Groceries and coffees: 250$

2 080$ Income - 1 037$ Needed = 1 043$

This makes 1 043$ I have available to pay on my debts each month (this is the reason why I seriously need to begin job searching in June lol). I do not carry heavy debts, but it will be better if I could begin to pay-off some of them. At this time, I have 800$ in my bank account. I just received my pay from my weekend job. I currently have a balance of 645.46$ on my American Express. I like to use my American Express to received Air Miles, but at 19.99%, the interest rate is extremely high. Almost scandalous…

Anyway, I am going to send a check tomorrow to pay the balance I have on my American Express credit card. The remaining money of 154.54$ will go on my credit line at TD. For this month, it’s about all I can make as payment. But I guess I am going on the right direction.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Weekly update... working at taking decisions

I just received on yesterday a package from the Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS). And there I saw the address of Halifax, Nova Scotia on it. I was surprised to see the address of Nova Scotia, as silly as it sound. It’s like I do not have any real connection or interference with the company I invest in. But who really does anyway? I am quite excited here. It’s like me, taking important decisions for the Bank of Nova Scotia? WOW! It’s just unbelievable. But as a proudly shareholder, I am going to do my search and vote seriously. And Nova Scotia is in the Maritimes and me from the Maritimes I. That’s where is located the connection between me and the Bank of Nova Scotia.

The power now belong to…… me, New Brunswicker lol!

Another week pass – and I prefer to take it one week at a time. The TSX is now up to something like 9 000 now. Oh no! I want my low market back! It’s like I am having so much fun! I cannot wait for next week, I will have 1 000$ or so to put down on my credit line and I will be able to purchase other stocks. This time, I might invest in something else than PGF.UN. As little money that I have, let’s diversify, diversify and diversify!!!

And talking about TD (because I unfortunately have a TD Waterhouse account), I get very angry at TD as I received that letter – TD was going to make client pay 35$ for inactive credit line… I was so upset! How disappointed I was, I cannot tell, even if I was not being directly touched by the measure at the time, as I (unfortunately) use my TD credit line on a regular basis. But at least, now, Canadians know, all Canada know now, that TD is just like the other, just a bank looking to make profit on small people. I am saying this, even knowing that now TD had step back – and they probably did it because of complaint they have received. The reason why I was upset is the following: I imagine that if I was going to stop investing and stop using my credit line, it wouldn’t be far for me to take out 35$ of my pocket just because I do not want to continue to use another bad service coming from TD (I just cannot help it).

The ideas behind my taught are the following: if eventually TD had move forward with their bad decisions, I would eventually had to close my TD credit line and open another one someplace else. But than, I would had affect my credit score and than, I taught that if it was going to happen, I would eventually sue TD and ruin them by doing a collective cause and get millions and millions of dollars of those dogs for all the people who had suffer from the same condition as myself (because of a ruined credit score). But lucky for them, they never move forward. Shame on TD and on their way of doing business. Their administrators have no heart.

That’s all I have to say.

And when I read the following coming from TD spokeswoman Kelly Hechler:

"We wanted to cancel the inactivity fee and also do something that we thought would be helpful and meaningful to our customers"

I just can think of one thing: BULSHIT!



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