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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Welcome in my non-registered and TFSA portfolio Glentel Inc. (GLN)!

The stock market is very hard these days. Gold and silver, as well as oil are all the way down, creating a difficult climate for investing. Nothing is easy these days. In the circumstances, I guess that my portfolio is doing ok.
This pas Friday, I learned that BCE is going to acquired Glentel Inc. (GLN). For the acquisition, BCE ill give a mix of $26.50 per GLN share and a mix of BCE share. When I learned he news, LN was trading at $25.90 so I jumped in. I bought some Glendel Inc. (GLN) inside my TFSA - since I had over 2k in cash being to be invest in whatever I wanted. I also made a small investment inside my non-registered account.
The deal should go through in the first quarter of 2015 from what I understand. I guess I will be receiving a voting paper soon. And if so, I will go with the option for a maximum of cash. At the most, I will be making a bit more than $60 after commission fees with those 2 investments move. Not much. If you have some cash hidden somewhere, you may like to jump in Glentel Inc. (GLN) now because its will probably trade lower than $25.90 this upcoming Monday. You won't be able to say that I never give great investment tips on this blog!

So go get your hands on some Glentel Inc. (GLN) stocks now before its too late!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

My pot of gold: Canadian National Railway Co (CNR)

Back on October 23, I invested in Canadian National Railway Co (CNR) in my TFSA. That was just a month ago. In that short amount time, CNR had increased of 10.21% in value, resulting in a nice capital gain of $312.41. And of course, I am looking forward for even more. This is how to get rich on one stock and CNR is among my favorite of all.
Canadian National Railway Co (CNR) is definitively a very great stock to hold, but I cannot but my "eggs" (from a female investor, that sound katchy) in the same spot.
Currently, I have $2 369.84 in cash inside my TFSA. I got a bit more than $900 coming from my sell of Chorus Aviation Inc. (CHR.B). With the number of stocks that I hold to in my portfolio, I do my best to track down everything but sometimes, it happen that I miss something. And currently, my unit of Healthlease Properties Real Estate Investment Trust (HLP.UN) had been sold. That used to be a stock that was suggested by Jean-François Tardif. I don't remember getting any notice for this. But anyway, Healthlease Properties Real Estate Investment Trust (HLP.UN) had been delisted from the TSX and in result, my shares got sold out. I am not upset, but its now harder to get on a good reliable company paying something decent in term of dividend. Of well, HLP.UN was good for the time it last.
Remember that I have a $6 136.85 on my CIBC Visa (0% for 6 months)? 6k is quite a lot of money and the idea that cam to mind was to put the money on that debt. But tomorrow is Black Friday and shopping could be on the way.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Quebec Municipal workers wrong interpretation of the "Grand Dérangement"

There are many things that I don't like while having to live in Montreal. The worst is the stupidity of Quebeckers, their . Like real clowns, some Quebec municipal workers strike today and they have name their mobilization "Grand Dérangement". However, using the wordings of "Grand Dérangement" is unappropriated on the name of every single Acadians still living today in the heritage of a very dark chapter of not only Acadian story, but also Canadian history.
Personally, I think those Quebeckers only have what they deserve. After all, don't be tempt ever to say that Quebeckers, generally speaking, are not very honest people. After all, what could you expect from a province who still have an active political sovereign party, Bloc Quebecois. And what to say about Pierre Karl Péladeau who remain a shareholder of Quebecor Inc. even while being an MNA. But on another note, a sad one - and I know its very mean to come with such things but it really express what I think about Quebeckers - how can Guy Turcotte who had murdered his two children and still be left free after a first trial? Why does he has to go in court again? He had killed his two children! Do you have a feeling now of Quebec nonsense?
Everything is link together, no matter what. The Quebec of today reflect the behavior of Quebeckers. And today, Quebeckers had steal a piece of Acadian history to defend their own benefits. The history of Acadian is complex and long, its not something can be very well presented in a few lines like that, but to make history short, in 1755, Acadian got expulsed from their land by the British. Many had dies in the process and some had been deported for as far as Louisiana. Many Acadians had moved in the North of New Brunswick, but there, they had to rebuild everything.
The "Grand Dérangement" happened a long time ago, but I think that even today, deep inside New Brunswickers of today, those who still live in New Brunswick and are French, still live with something remaining of that history. New Brunswick is of course of its time, but there's still a lot of poverty and if it wouldn't be of the deportation, we can easily imagine a New Brunswick that could be in better position today.
The terms "Grand Dérangement" shouldn't be use in Quebec municipal workers case. Once again, Quebeckers are acting like the real assholes that they truly are.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

And what about selling New Flyer Industries Inc. (NFI)

These days, Pierre-Karl Péladeau has such a poor mind that he doesn't even believe in his own political party! Welcome in Quebec, planet of the rich idiots.
It would be nice if the TSX could closed the week at a 15 000 points. Its looking good so far. And in result my non-registered portfolio is at $137 129.99. My Exchange Income Corporation (EIF) stocks are now exceeding the $20 per unit so that's really helping. I keep looking over and over again over my non-registered portfolio. I am now thinking about selling New Flyer Industries Inc. (NFI), for no specific reason. I am also getting tired of holding more than 2k inside the JFT Strategies Fund (JFS.UN). Its just that this fund doesn't come with any dividend distribution. I am really at the point where I want to maximize everything. I have no more time to lose, especially with a 137k portfolio.
I think that no matter how awesome he is, Jean-François Tardif is still a Quebecker and is just imply off everything. No interviews, no naked pictures. No nothing. I think the JFT Strategies Fund (JFS.UN) that I hold in my very own portfolio is a flasher. I had been lucky, I had bought my units right from the start and I was able to make a $500 while partly selling my units. But now JFS.UN is basically going no where. I was expecting more from Tardif. Since I am not getting what I want, I am serious thinking about selling this one too.
I used to have several hundreds in profit with WesternOne Inc. (WEQ) and Black Diamond Group Limited (BDI), but its no longer the case and I am just praying for a recovery.
The only few words that came to mind are unfortunately in French and are something like finit l'@stie de niaisage.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Saying goodbye to Chorus Aviation Inc. (CHR.B)

With a TSX at 14 843 points, we are getting closer to the old 15k mark... We have our first quick snow time show on Friday, but the snow didn't last. But today, its snowing for real and the snow is there on trees and sidewalks. I bought a pair of Sorel boots. The boots I have from last year were longs boots and they were irritating my legs skin so I went for a shorter style and my Sorel are much more comfortable. Today is the perfect day to go try my new boots. I like the Lafontaine Park on its first snow.
This past weak, I sold out all the stocks of Chorus Aviation Inc. (CHR.B) that I was holding inside my TFSA. I was under the impression that it was time to sell this one before I get out of luck again. I double my investment on that one. I have now $939 in cash. With my next coming paycheck, I plan to make what probably going to be my last investment of the year 2014. I was thinking of maybe a bank stock. I want an investment that I won't have too much to worry about. So I was thinking maybe RY. I am still thinking about this one. WCP is a bit volatile, I am not sure about that one.
My non-registered closed Friday session at $135 841. Not too bad, but still 10k away from my old $145 000 value. I have no room left to play with my money anymore. Every investment I make now need to be rigorously selected. I am a very serious investor type now.
These days, Kim Kardashian is proving that her popotin is real steak ugly and Fifty Shades of Grey is showing off its first few shades... Its the kind of world we live on today. I am pretty sure that there are plenty of Bay Street guys are there willing to be dominated and I have to say I wouldn't mind at all to teach Jean-François Tardif a few lessons.
I think I need some fresh cold air right now. :-)

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Borrowing money from your parents? You should be ashame

In this article of Leah McLaren, the poor girl who had accepted to "borrow" 200k from her not that rich dad did not disclose her identity so I won't be able to publicly humiliated her, but truly, there's a bunch of little dumb ass out there taking advantage of the generosity of their parents - probably retired folks who worked very hard all of their life to have what they have.
I once received a very too nice offer from a reader who offer to borrow me money. I don't remember what I was writing about - job loss, moving to New Brunswick, moving back to Montreal - what a miserable life! I don't know what it was about, but I had been offered some money and I refused. First of all, I am addicted to the stock market. It took me years to pay off my student loan - not because it was of a very large amount, but because when I have money at my disposal, I invest it. I cannot stop investing. Its a disease I cannot control. I don't even have to explain or say it, it all very well publicly document on my blog.
I have a thing for investing my money. For other, the disease is wanted to be a homeowner. Or being a big spender. As an individual, we all have our weakness, but we must move on by our vey own strength - no one else has a role to play. Its important to live with the money we have at our very own disposal. Want to buy a house? Mommy and daddy are giving away money for the cash down, but what happen after? In cities like Montreal, homeownership doesn't make any sense for middle class people. I think its a fool trap and more than everything, a conspiracy.
Take for example the city of Montreal in Quebec. The city is so poorly manage and so eat up by corruption foe every possible types, its unbelievable. So what do you thing when the city needs money? It take it right straight from condo and homeowner pockets! And there's nothing you can do to overcome tax increase of that type. But its not only that. A "welcome tax" need to be paid, and not only that... think of all the Quebec tax involved with homeownerships, you'll quickly realized - if you are bright enough - the rip off.
I won't ever let anyone take advantage of my financially. That's why I will never own a home or a condo in Quebec province. This province is not reliable enough. I have no confident. Living small like Annie is the best. 
So don't ask or accept money from your parents or readers if you have a blog - if not, you'll finish your dead in hell.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Where is Jean-François Tardif when we need him the most?

My non-registered portfolio closed at a good $136 888.57. I have closed to 16k left as margin money. Is that enough for a new investment? Certainly not, BUT pay check is coming up just around the corner, next week. And this mean that there could be a next investment inside my TFSA account soon. I am surprise to be on the 136k mark knowing everything that's going on. Oil is down. Silver and gold are all the way down. At a time, I was trading on silver, buying-selling, buying-selling and of course, I wrote it all right here on my blog. And I remember a comment of some fresh guy (there're so many little ass reading this blog!!!) saying that he was 100% invested in silver and gold ONLY. I wonder how he is doing now... Ohhhhhh boy. Poor one.

I am just very very grateful not having too much involve in gold and silver (thank you GOD). However, I am not totally out of trouble. I lost a lot on First Majestic Silver Corp (FR), Sprott Physical Silver Trust (PHS.U) and everything related to gold shit that you can find in my portfolio.

I made $125 so far on my latest investment in Canadian National Railway Company (CNR) inside my TFSA. More free cash please! I knew I was going to make some fantastic bucks on this one. Chances were with me at 99.9%. CNR is definitely one of my favorite stock ever. I only invest 3k on it last time. But if I would had 20k, it would had gone - most of it, on CNR. The shoo shoo train is making me rich and richer. Free bucksss on the way, please make up some place!

With the oil price going down, is tempting to buy something in the energy sector, but the question being what? Suncor? No. Husky? Nope. Canadian Oil Sand? No no and no. See my problem? I never had any interest in those socks and I still don't. But my interest is someplace else. I had read here and there about Whitecap Resources (WCP). It recently came up in in a Globe and Mail article. If I check over TD Waterhouse, WCP is very well rank, with a lot of Buy recommendations - something like 12.
For now, I am not sure about WCP as investment.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Stock markets, the inferno road for middle class investors

Today, time is changing. With time change, another month is coming by. And with another month more money to invest. I hope to invest more inside my TFSA. I still have several thousands left as contribution room. And I also have to think at putting down a 6k away because in 6 months from now, I will have to pay down my CIBC Visa at 0%... The need of fresh cash is BIG. ENORMOUS.
I hope that my latest investment in CNR will make me a bit richer. My non-registered portfolio close the month of October at $136 429, which is not too bad, but I still far from the old the 145k I used to be. some stocks went down very sharply and the only way to recover is to pray, invest more and make a wish for a stock market on a real high.
There's been a departure at work, a guy decided to leave the place less than 2 years of employment. Personally, I am not too interest at job searching and job searching anymore because I already went there. All of the hours I work are being paid or put at bank, I have 3 weeks vacation per year paid. I never even used any of the benefit package - that being because sexy is never sick. But I did enroll to the RRSP program they have. I won't get rich on it, but it make a bit of money but away when I will be old and grey. I do have white hair - I discuss of that before - but hair coloration is doing the job. At 34, I can say that there's no sign of aging on my pretty self. And I pray God and the Saints that it will remain that way for a real long time and I wish to still piss you off with my very good investment ideas and blow it to thousands and thousands of dollars.
Having my portfolio (non-registered) at $136 429 is a good indicator that the stock market is back on track. For how long, I don't know but sign of stability is always good to take. Because if not, I do suffer, I get punch in my stomach and I stop breathing, and I feel like falling apart. I think this is the worst time ever to be an investor. Nothing seem to be safe and secure. Not even gold and silver investment! So how in the world am I suppose to be good at this? Being a millionaire, I wouldn't be investing a damn penny on the stock market, be sure of that. I am being so disgust. I wish to no one this inferno road. Stock market is hell. Just like Muslim Extremists are Hell. Amir Khadir is Hell. Iran is a f HELL.
Have fun investing because I don't have fun anymore.

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