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Saturday, March 28, 2009

About me loosing one of my jobs on March 31

And it’s going to be alright. I am really not into the job searching kind of mood at this time and I will soon be running out of some good cash to invest more. But I had a pretty easy solution that came directly from my brain (lol!!!): doing more hours of what I had been so far my weekend job lol. And I am lucky (I really I am!) – some work will be available during weekdays on the second week of April.

I plan to do 36 hours there starting in April and I will also be doing 37.5 hours at my current full-time evening job. Which is for me a nice solution since my weekend job is close to where I live and I really didn’t want to be job searching. Really not. And the workflow should continue until August. For the period April-August, it will be more than 8 000$ I will be able to save and invest in a place where maybe I shouldn’t invest: the stock market. I just pray nothing will happen to my evening job.

Everything will just turn out perfectly well if things can just continue this way.

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