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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Pembina Pipeline Income Trust all the way in April!

Thanks to DF, I know about Pembina Pipeline Income Trust. I really want to see my dividend earnings rise and the only thing I want right now is to add Pembina Pipeline Income Trust to my portfolio. To see my dividend earnings rise, I need stability, and Pembina can probably provided what I needed – good continously amount of cash!

PGF.UN really put it hard on me. I was expecting something like an annual dividend of 2.70$ and now, almost half of it had been cut off. Experiment dividend cuts at an early stage make me realize that I really need more than just 50 000$ invested in all PGF.UN in order to earn 15 000$ - as I wrote in one of my previous post.

Because dividend earnings is not stable at all, I will probably need way more than 50 000$ and probably need other things than PGF.UN. But things are just sooo simple when it come to investments - it’s all about picking the right stocks – and, also, have enough money to cover the cost of those investments. I expect to invest again in April.

About Pembina – I read somewhere in a title of Stockwatch the following:

"Globe says Blackmont recommends buying Pembina Pipeline". Who’s Blackmont? I don’t know. But that’s not what is more likely to turn me upside down.

Here where things are getting interesting and hot:

"Pembina’s established reputation of delivering stable and reliable distributions to unitholders is supported by premium, energy, infrastructure assets; diversified services; strategic expansions and additions; prudent financial management; and strong stakeholder relationships".

There you go! Seem like Pembina understand it all and if it’s the way Pembina is being managed, my relationship with Pembina will last forever.

And even more interesting:

"As a result of the changes in the way the Canadian government plans to tax certain flow-through entities, including Pembina, commencing Jan. 1, 2011, Pembina’s board of directors has determined it is in the best interest of unitholders to convert Pembina from an income trust to a corporate entity in the latter half of 2010. Based on Pembina’s internal projections and certain assumptions, the fund expects that the current level of cash distributions ($1.56 per unit, annualized) is sustainable through 2013, after the planned corporate conversion. This positive outlook is founded on Pembina’s attractive business fundamentals and substantial inventory of growth opportunities, including the estimated $400-million Nipisi and Mitsue pipeline projects."

I just like that stuff!

Pembina = $$$ lol.

At this time, I am working hard to pay off my credit line in order to be able to use some money from it back and purchase – if not 300 units – at least 200 units of PIF.UN. But for that, I need more cash and save more money.

And after Pembina, what’s next?

Grest-West Lifeco (GWO)! Especially at not even 13$ per stocks! Hope it remain at the same price until… May or June until actually I earn enough to make another purchase. I definitely need more cash!


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