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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Ignatieff calling Mulroney: WHY? (or happy birthday criminal)

So far on this blog, I haven’t written at all on politic. But this time, I just had too, as I find the event very disturbing.

Ex-prime minister is a financial criminal (everyone will learn that once the public inquiry will be completed) and the one that is now the Liberal – what leader? - Michael Ignatieff might have thought he had done a pretty good thing by calling Brian Mulroney to wish him happy birthday.


Weak, superficial and arrogant, this is how I describe what a Mulroney family spokesperson had called a "class act."

That poor man accept more than 200 000$ to promote a friend, arms dealer Karlheinz Schreiber, and in date of today, did everyone forget about this? In this affair, Brian Mulroney had been very arrogant. And from my point of view, Mulroney DO NOT deserves any public reconnaissance – especially coming from a politician. Now, if Michael Ignatieff thing he will get closer to Quebeckers because he had wished a man without loyalty and desperately suffering from a lack of judgment, well, Ignatieff than, is not better than Mulroney and I wish him GOOD LUCK. He will need some! How disturbing!!! I just hope Mulroney will be send to jail!

One day, people in Canada will wake up and stand up, but seem like that time didn’t come yet.

When will Michael Ignatieff get laid off? Are politicans are the same like that. Willing to please to get what they want – just more power?

I want Dion back!

Seem like he’s been teaching at Concordia University. A colleague of mine saw him at the metro Guy-Concordia. If I could ever see him by any chance, I will just say to him: PLEASE HELP US!

Like politic really suck and the Liberal party did a terrible bad move by doing what they did to Stephane Dion. But a day will come when some others, like me, will realize and I wish that, when that day will come, Liberal Party people will feel ashamed.

Shame on Brian Mulroney and may the public inquiry reveal all about his stupidity.

But the funniest part is that – even if Brian Mulroney definitely suffers from a lack of judgment, he is chairman of Quebecor.

Am I a stockholder of Quebecor of any Quebec business? OF COURSE NOT BECAUSE I AM TOO SMART FOR THAT.

(And smart people just follow Derek Foster strategy.)

Same thing for Henri-Paul Rousseau who had been CEO of the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec. It’s hard to believe – but after making losing millions of dollars to Quebeckers, the poor man had been hired as a vice chairman at the Power Corporation of Canada. It’s like hello! Who had been involved in this hiring? Come on!

First thing I learn as a very amateur investor is diversification. But its look like Henri-Paul Rousseau never heard of diversification of his entire life. Like I might purchase all 3 books and had it ship to the new CEO of the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec – could it be helpful, don’t you think? It could had make a good leaving gift for Henri-Paul Rousseau, instead of him touching more than 200 000$ in leaving bonus. Ah!

Like for myself, I read the 3 books of Derek Foster so many times – just in order to UNDERSTAND INVESTMENTS and how to do things the right way. But its look like some of today’s leader does not get simple things right like that.

I DO NOT LIKE QUEBEC. I truly deserve a better place to live, pay my taxes and invest. And talking about leaving Quebec, I might be able to leave soon since I will lose my terrifically boring and annoying morning job (I am actually the one who is getting lay-off for now). But that’s another story.

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