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Thursday, January 24, 2008

I place a total of 2 500$ for my RRSP so far

And I have another 2 500$ to place. I still wonder where I am going to place the money, but I still time. I wanted to do everything yesterday and today regarding my RRSP investment for 2007, but let's say I have done what I could for now. All those things have exhausted me, plus, I went to a job interview (for a second job).

So yesterday, I had an appointment at CIBC. I went there, the representative was cool, and he was ok to give me what I wanted. I invest 1 000$ in the CIBC Monthly Income Fund for my RRSP. I also invest 500$ in the CIBC Dividend Fund (non RRSP) and also 500$ in the CIBC Emerging Markets Index Fund (non RRSP). I haven't invested in mutual funds since a while now, and I just wanted to put some money somewhere, even if I know what's going right now in the US and everything.

So far, for my RRSP, I have invested in, yes, mutual funds, but also in GICs. Since my situation is not very stable and, let say it, that I don't have a good situation, no pension plan coming from any employers, etc.... I decided to invest in some GIC. But knowing that I have both RRSP and non RRSP investment, it won't hurt that much I believe to put money in a save place, like RRSP. Dividend funds and Monthly Income Fund are pretty save too.

So today, I went to the RBC, have buy 1 000$ in a GIC, 3 years, Canadian market and 500$ in RBC Dividend, both for my RRSP.
I still have a 1 500$ to invest and I don't know yet where to put the money.

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