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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Getting rich is easy with DH Corp (DH)

I didn't blog in a little while, I had been busy at living stuff, but its not because I am posting nothing that I am not watching the stock market shit. Yesterday, I got scared, my non-registered portfolio was down to $124 000. What???? But that's only because there was a hold apply to my DH Corp (DH) stocks. I had purchased my DH stocks many years ago and since that time, the stock grow like crazy, showing up to the world how damn good I am. Years may pass by, but good stuff are here to stay FOREVER.


According to some analysts, DH could hit on the $45 per share... Can you imagine!!

Today, my non-registered closed on a $133 502.73, which is where it should be. I have left $16 573.03, which is very good knowing that I try to stay around 13k but the higher is the better. I am no longer investing on margin and I try to do my best not to go pick on the 16k left. $67 087.12 is what I hold in debt. I don't expect to really pay it down because the amount is too huge and I already sacrifice enough by paying my student loan and all the other debt I used to hold in my trouble past. Don't ask me where I am going, but I can say for sure that I will no longer get into debt more that I have now.

I am going on a vacation and after that, I will be doing my tax declaration and after that, I will do my best to invest in something new for my portfolio, probably RBC stocks like announced previously.

The JFT Strategies Fund is doing quite well and I am just looking to sell off a few units to get my hands on some cash, but that will not be for now. My invisible rule is to sell off each time I get a $500 in profit. I had been holding JFT in my portfolio since its initial public offering and since that time, I had made a one time $500 profit - it happen once. I hope it will happen a second time. Free cash for the summer would be fun.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Save and easy investment: Royal Bank of Canada (RY)

With the cold wither weather, my hair turn dry and when I went for an hair cut, I have them cut shorter than usual and I have problem to get use to it. It's not super short either way, but I miss my longer hair. Winter had been really rough this year, making it impossible to enjoy the weather at some points. I just started taking again some walks and stuff. Its been crazy and not a very enjoyable time.

I have a few vacation days plan ahead and I am going to happily leave this Quebec province behind for at least a few days. Life is too hard.

While Derek Foster is at home doing home schooling to his many children and writing a newsletter about it and publishing it, I for my part, I haven't invested in something new in quite a while. And since Spring is in the air, I am in the mood for new investments for my portfolio!

The idea is not new, I had my eyes on Royal Bank of Canada (RY) for quite a while. Its still on the $76 and I just have one idea, its to buy a few shares of RY while the price is still right. As always, the stock market is all mess up with a bunch of up and down. But good thing is, its a great time to buy stock for the long run. And again, it should be done inside a TFSA.

Royal Bank of Canada (RY) is an easy and simple choice. At this point, the yield is 4%. Do you know a lot of investment that pay out a 4% guarantee? Its really the way to see it. At this point, I am really amaze because I thing I have my chances to reach the $140 000 in net worth by the end of 2015. I believe in the chances. It make quite a bunch of cash.

For new investment, I also had my eyes on Progressive Waste or something like it, a Canadian stock, but Susan Brunner had a bad experience with it. Let say that its not a killer stock. I also had my eyes on Dorel, but I am very happy to not be invested in Dorel because of it current situation. One stock that I mention before and that I still have interest on today is Alimentation Couche-Tard Inc.

I had bought a new lipstick at La Baie today, Baiser Velours Nude Kiss by Lise Watier and I love the shade.

(Sorry for ending being off topic but it cannot be worst than a millionaire writing about home schooling instead of stocks. 

Cannot get enough of M. Derek Foster).

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Two contributions in kind to my TFSA at TD Waterhouse

A few days ago, Derek Foster finally gave sign of life and wrote a newsletter about the TFSA, and that we should all contribute to it, that too much people do not invest inside their TFSA. Well, it happen that I am one of these people. 

To start the year 2015, I had $23 738.83 contribution room left for my TFSA.

I even have more contribution room inside my RRSP, but I no longer want to invest inside a RRSP. First of all, RRSP is complete bullshit. You get a tax credit for the year you invest in the RRSP, but 30 years later, bad surprise, heavy tax come once its being touched, so there's no real gain. And anyway, I don't want to benefit from my money when I will be old and grey and that my whole sexy body will be hurt because of gravity. I want to benefit from my money now while my body is still fresh and shining. And for that, the TFSA is the perfect tool.

We never know when a bad luck can happen, job loss, or health problem, or whatever else. And when those things happen, we need money NOW. Not later. That's one of the biggest reason why I am against the idea of investing inside a RRSP. I do invest in the RRSP with my current job, but that's all.

So today, I listen to Derek Foster and I decided to invest inside my TFSA. I did a contribution in kind of my current investments in Exchange Income Corporation (EIF) and Firm Capital Mortgage Investment Corporation (FC) that I hold inside my non-registered account.

To make a contribution in kind - that mean to take existing investments that are from a non-registered portfolio and make them transferred to a TFSA - is really easy. You just need to call your broker, tell which stock you want to transferred, give your order and in a day or two, the investment will be inside the TFSA. The broker will ask a funky question: do you want to place the transferred for the stock at its highest or lowest level value of the day? To that, I suggest to always answer the lowest because the lowest you go, the more you have left in contribution room for the TFSA. Also, if you currently experience a capital gain on the investment you want to get transferred over the TFSA, you'll pay tax on that - that's another reason why to always answer the lowest value of the day.

With EIF, I was experiencing just a few dollars gain and for FC, it was a small capital loss.

EIF had a margin value loan of more than 1k. If you have a non-registered account with a margin, you need to make sure to have enough in cash reserve inside the non-registered portfolio to take the place of that 1k value that will be soon gone.

A contribution in kind is free of charge at TD Waterhouse.

While holding a margin link to a non-registered, stuff are always complicated, but things will go smoothly if you enjoy dealing with stress and if you are good dealing with market shit.

I guess everything had been said. lol

I had applied to a job. So far, I got a phone interview. And I also did a test. No answer yet, but I believe in my chances because I prayed God to help me.

Thank you

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