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Monday, January 15, 2018

Easy ways to save money in your everyday life on a tight pushy budget

I simply don't believe this! After my Johnny, France Gall, its now Dolores O'Riordan who left too early this earth for I hope a better a place. She was only 46! I was born in 1980 and during my teenage years, Dolores O'Riordan was the girl you just dream to be. Her voice make it easy to listen to any of the Cranberries songs.

I think this one if my all time Cranberries song:

I think it was just a year or so ago that the Cranberries were supposed to play in Montreal, but it got cancel, if I remember.

Are those good songs or what? I didn't listen to any of those in a really long time.

Is there a way to preserve the artists we love from actually dying? Just so sad.

Live go on, but its quite of a shit hole... especially when... I didn't wrote about this, but I actually invested in Aphria Inc. (APH) at its almost highest peak. And than, it went down... I didn't wrote about this because I felt awful.

And of course, when you suffer, you become a quiet wolf, you don't make that much don't you. There's a lot volatility in APH, I knew I was going to go back up. Actually, I didn't give a damn. If APH wanted to do its job on me, FINE. I taught I got what I deserved, that I am a really bad person for investing on margin, etc etc etc... It didn't took long for my APH to go back in high. My relation with Aphria Inc. (APH) is far from being simple, but I am under the impression I am on the road for gold. I am just going to hold my stocks for now. Especially now that APH announced the acquisition of a business for a couple millions. Its just super great thing for APH to go even higher.

Anyhow, now, everything is smoother, APH is what I expected it to be: a super rough boyfriend, but still manageable, because I AM the bitch here.

Now that you know everything, let's continue on a little post that I began to wrote this weekend. These days, I don't have too much times on my hand, and its really for no reason. Not only that are getting best free investment advice ever, but you also get to learn some super AWESOME tips on how to save money.

I made a few mistakes while trying to establish my budget and expenses for 2018.

First, in my monthly budget, I forgot to calculate my weekend money $20 x 4 weeks, so its what my current monthly budget look like:

Grocery: $280 ($70 per week)
Coffee: $60 ($15 per week)
Rent: $665
Internet: $45.34
Cell: $40.24
Weekend money: $20 x 4 weeks: $80
Gym membership: $14.38
TOTAL: $1 184.96
$14 219.52 for 1 year. However, its possible to cut down on those basic monthly expenses.

1-Tip number 1 on how to save money on a tight budget: cut in the existing butter

I like this budget because its realistic - that being for one glamorous unfortunately single woman. What I like is that I have a bit of space to cut down some expenses. For example, I usually spend less than $20 per weekend. I have a little routine of my own like if I would be a veryyyy olddddd ladyyy. On Saturday, I usually go at a coffee shop before going to the gym and I buy a double espresso, at $2.50 and I something buy a bagel or a sandwich like I did this past Saturday. Both items cost me $8.75 - and its the only money I spend over the weekend - as weekend money. 
In result, I will probably save around $48.75 per month. Not much, but it allow to cover for extra expenses...

I haven't been a good girl all week long I spent $99.54 in one single evening as I went out this past Thursday. I also purchased a cute lamp online at Walmart because my existing one was standing right anymore, and a super cute little spices rack for my little kitchen, for a total of $91.45. I also bought a new rug for my entrance, $31.03... Those are extra expenses that are not include in my budget.

This week, I spent $373.63. But surprise, I return a Christmas gift that wasn't wanted, and I got back $128.13, which reduce by miracle my weekly expense at $245.50.

I am looking forward to purchase a kitchen cart, this IKEA bookcase, and a few decoration items for my tiny little apartment.

2-Tip number 2 on how to save money on a tight budget: take advantage of the super great Pharmaprix Optimum points program

The Pharmaprix Optimum is a reward program offer in any Pharmaprix and Shoppers store. Each time I purchase something in a Pharmaprix store, I show my card and received reward points base on my purchases. You can exchange those points to pay off products purchased at the store.
Also, Pharmaprix has special offer, like today, it was possible to exchange points for products, and you where receiving a little extra while doing so. I took advantage of the offer, I exchange 50 000 points and I was able to get a $105 off, which was extra of $20, normally 50 000 points give you $85 of free stuff. I bought for $136.76, and only paid $28.76. I bought vitamins, calcium, sunscreen lotion (for my trip to Cuba) and a bunch of other things.

3-Tip number 3 on how to save money on a tight budget: take control of your other expenses

Personally, I have a monthly minimum budget, and on top of it I add all other expenses, that include everything - excluding vacation - that I am probably going to spend money on in the year to come.

Other expenses:
HAIR CUT: 5 4 times this year @ $40: $200 $160
I decided to have a hair cut 4 times a year instead of 5. Will see how it goes.

CLOTHES: $1 200 - $300 per season, not much, but I already have plenty of clothes…

CLEANING PRODUCTS: I always buy them at Dollorama. To clean my apartment, and floor, I like to use Pine-Sol, it’s at $2.50 at Dollarama. I never calculated how long a bottle last me, same thing for dish soap, windex or cleaning products for the bath room. I estimate 2 products at $3 each per 2 months and 1 product at $3 per month: $72

I already have a good supply of some cleaning products, so I can easily deduct $38.50 of the amount: 

TOILET PAPERS: $10 per 2 months (let say...): $60

LAUNDRY TICKETS FOR CLOTHES: $6 per week: $312   

LAUNDRY TICKETS FOR SHEETS: $6 per 2 weeks : $144

LAUNDRY SOAP: $10 per 2 months: $60 
$3.99 for 2: $7.98 
Laundry soap can be really expensive if you buy it at regular price. I bought two new bottles at $3.99 - which cover me for the year, since I already had some left in supply.

Jamieson 100% Complete Multivitamin for Women: $16 per 2 months: $96  
I previously had 3 bottle of 90 vitamin pills, I only got to purchase a new bottle to cover the year.
Caltrate with Vitamin D3 Soft Chews Chocolate, Bone Health Supplement, 600 mg Calcium: $102
9.79 x 4: 39.16
Jamieson Magnesium: $56

I decided to cut on the magnesium pills. - not quite sure about that right now...

ADVIL: $54

F PADS: $144 (can't cut on that one for SURE).

I go with the cheapest and perfume free, which is Ivory.

DENTIST: $87.80 x 2 visits: $175.60

Other expenses you need to take into account:
DEODORANT: let say 1 per month @ $5: $60


MAKEUP: $480


Total of the OTHER EXPENSES:

$2 910.26 (About)

When you get through all of those numbers, you quickly realize that life is expensive, saving money is easy, but the good being of humanity, we all need a minimum salary of $15 per hour, at least in Canada.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Budgeting budgeting budgeting

I am getting sloppy with my expenses! It’s been 2 months in a row that my expenses reach more than 1 400$! What’s going on with me!!?

I took a lot of my expenses for the month of May so far…… and it’s not looking good at all:

Various expenses put on credit card: 674.77$
Rent: 520$
Student loan: 165$
Metro pass: 67$
TOTAL: 1 426.77$

I know I could easily save around 360.85$ in those expenses. I just need to be more vigilant about eating out and I need to slow down on coffee. At some point, I buy 2 coffees per day, one for the morning, and the other one before I hit my full-time shift.

It’s a good thing that I don’t have a phone, cellular, Internet and cable bills to pay, it will just ruined by budget. For the Internet, I am quite lucky, I get thought it the Wireless, and instead of a phone, I have a little pager. Its working fine for me, as I purchase a 20$ card to place calls. One of those cards last for about 3 months.

This week is the last week of May and I promise myself not too spend a penny more that what I have spend so far. It won’t be that difficult, knowing I had about 100$ in cash. A part of the money will go to my metro pass.


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