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Friday, August 13, 2021

Welcome in my TFSA portfolio PFB Corporation (PFB)!

Finally! Yesterday, I invested in PFB Corporation (PFB) inside my TFSA portfolio two days ago. I still have at my disposal over $13,000 left in TFSA contribution room left. I had some cash left inside my TFSA account which help to cover about the third of the investment value. For the amount that was missing, I took the money from my margin account and got it transferred over my TFSA. I am getting paid this week so I should be able to cover this quite quickly. This investment in PFB Corporation (PFB) is probably my last investment before I hit 41 years old.

Two days ago, my non-registered portfolio closed the session at $132,877.37, my TFSA portfolio at $127,366.01 and my RRSP portfolio - stocks only - at $61,514.89. My margin debt is currently at $46,736.13. I estimate my net worth to be in the fabulous $325,000. I am enjoying the good results as it last. In somewhat 15 years of investment, the road haven't been easy. However, I was able to jump from a 10k net worth to $325,000 in 15 years, by only investing small amounts after small amounts. I like to think that my blog is the best illustration of how easy it can be to build financial help, one investment at the time, on the TSX. The TSX is simply the place to be.

With my newest investment in PFB Corporation (PFB), my annual dividend income is now getting closer to the $9,800. I didn't invest in PFB for its dividend, but fact that its playing a little dividend is helping to build my dividend income.


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