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Thursday, August 4, 2016

In my RRSP portfolio, Park Lawn Corporation (PLC) is a rocking star

The weather is very hot these days in Montreal - too hot for my taste. I had been hitting to the gym after work almost every day this week. At least, I exercise in the comfort of air conditioning. Better enjoy the heat anyway because the end of August is coming and so is my birthday! The count down continue until... August 27. Be ready.

My newest investment in Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (BRK.B) didn't grow yet, but I was happily surprise for another reason. My Morguard North American Residential Real Estate Investment Trust (MRG.UN) stocks finally went up. Just a bit, but maybe MRG.UN is going in the right direction. All of my recent investments are doing well. RPI.UN is down a little, but only of $13.29. Among my recent acquisitions, I highly recommend Park Lawn Corporation (PLC). PLC gain 6.4% since it hit on my RRSP portfolio. The activity sector of PLC is very particular, but I think its the fact that its so particular that make this red rose grow grow grow! I can only recommend Park Lawn Corporation (PLC) to anyone searching for their portfolio red rose.

When I came back from my vacation in New Brunswick, there's one thing I was craving for: a good expresso! I got my expresso, but after that, done over. I no longer buy my daily coffee on my way to work. I had been watching my expenses very carefully since I came back. To do so, I work with a cash envelop. My weekly allowance is of $125. That cash allowance doesn't include my rent ($650), my Internet ($45.34), cell phone ($40.24), gym membership ($14.38) or banking fee ($3.45). My allowance represent a $500 to cover all extra living expenses like grocery, a few expressos and other during the month. Its nothing much, but I still have a bit more than $100 left to finish the week. This is really helping me to control my budget. Fact is, the less you spend, the less you want to spend.

As you can imagine, as my birthday coming, all the money save during this month is probably going to fly away over some clothes, make-up, wine and... a cigar??? lol And maybe, a new investment. I need good luck with that.

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