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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Saying goodbye to my Tim Hortons (THI) shares. Bye bye!

Long weekends are the perfect time to just do all the laundry and cleaning that need to be done before hitting for real in the month of September.

August 27th was my birthday as you know and I spent the special day at work and I had one thing running in my mind, not the fact that I was turning 34 since there's no sign of aging on my pretty face and I don't feel any difference between 24 and 34. My problem on that extra special day was not with aging, but on what to do with my Tim Hortons Inc. shares now that Burger King in on the way to buy the company.

I have to say I was very surprise with that acquisition. Is there any other companies more Canadian than Tim Hortons. It's almost an outrage to see our American friends getting their hands on our Tim Hortons! The world is all so f up anyway... And now its just even more lol... Anyway, you got the idea of what this mean. My concern was: to sell or hold my Tim Hortons Inc. (THI) shares?

I went through a few acquisitions deal with other stocks I had been holding in the past so I knew how it was going to work. First the company that buy the X company offer an amount per share to buy all of the shares of X. At the time, I went through an article saying that Burger King was buying Tim at something like just a bit more than $60 per share - $63 I thing. shortly following that Burger King made its coming out about buying our Canadian Tim, Tim Hortons stock value pop up to $88 per share. That had never happen before. So what was the best thing to do: let Burger King buy Tim at $63 or cash in high profits like now... I knew I had to act fast. My idea was pretty much set on selling all of my Tim Hortons shares now, but I had a little doubt. While hitting back home, I had received in my emails Derek Foster latest newsletter. Derek Foster was selling his Tim Hortons shares or already did. From that point, I had no more doubt, if Derek Foster was selling his Tim Hortons, I was going to do the exact same thing. And in the morning of August 28th, I was flushing all of my Tim Hortons shares and cashing in the cash!

In my case, I did not made a fortune out of the deal. I was holding just a few shares of Tim Hortons inside my RRSP and I decided to buy Tim because its a stock that Derek Foster had in his portfolio. If Derek hold a stock and that's its a Canadian stock and as long as its not Manulife or Power Corporation - I am going to get the same things as the guy. 

My story with Tim Hortons ends on August 28th 2014.

I currently have a $1 200 in cash in my RRSP just waiting to be invest again, but no idea yet.

My non-registered is on the $143 658.20. It seem to me like this baby is going to hit on to the 150k all by itself without the help of new investment! YEAH! The investment game is like a bit too easy these days but sexy is not going to complain.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


34 old, always the same sexy thing! ;-)

At my age - was it - Derek Foster was retiring. Its not going to happen anytime soon for me lol...

Anyway, enjoy the day, time to buy a lottery ticket and eat diner at a restaurant.

Enjoy the day, I will do the same.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Saying hello to my first 200k worth portfolio (excluding debt, of course)

The weather is very hot these days in Montreal, especially today. But there's nothing that a cold beer cannot take care of and I wouldn't mind to spend another weekend at the Parc Jean-Drapeau beach this weekend. I cannot go there during weekdays. I could, but it will only give me one hour to swim. Enough for a quick swim. I am enjoying the last couple days of summer.

This past weekend, I knew, that my investment portfolio was at its highest value ever, so I did what I usually do when my portfolio reach its highest of its highest value ever - I update my portfolio. And surprise, I am very close to the 200k worth portfolio - I reached the $199 863.28 value, and my net worth is of $128 868.77. Those are very good numbers, especially knowing that I didn't invest in a little while.

The Canadian stock market is a real paradise these days. But will things remain the same for really long? I don't know, I only wish. and imagine my surprise... Today, my non-registered portfolio hit on the $143 680.82 portfolio. Which mean that I am currently sitting on a 200k worth portfolio, no doubt about it. 

An this being done 2 days BEFORE my birthday.

August 27th is the date!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

My investment portfolio on date of August 24, 2014

On date of August 24, 2014:

Non registered Investments:
Stocks and Units investment portfolio $CAN

Timminco (TIMNF): $0.44
Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS): $8 078.40
Hanwei Energy Services (HE): $75
Methanex Corporation (MX): $7 601.40
Fortis Inc. (FTS): $3 647.14
Pembina Pipeline Corporation (PPL): $22 462.44
Just Energy Group Inc. (JE): $5 161.42
Pengrowth Energy Corporation (PGF): $1 536.40
Enbridge Income Fund Holdings Inc. (ENF): $10 782.20
Corby Distilleries Limited (CDL.A): $2 401.20
Davis + Henderson Corporation (DH): $7 169.04
Premium Brands Holdings Corporation (PBH): $10 547.83
EnCana Corporation (ECA): $4 996.16
iShares S&P/TSX Capped REIT Index (XRE): $2 571.80
Horizons Gold Yield Fund (HGY): $1 316.52
Canfor Pulp Products Inc. (CFX): $1 259.28
New Flyer Industries Inc. (NFI): $1 487.16
Exchange Income Corporation (EIF): $4 087.50
Colabor Group Inc. (GCL): $392.70
TMX Group Inc. (X): $437.20
K-Bro Linen Inc. (KBL): $4 061
Westshore Terminals Invest Corp (WTE): $7 293
WesternOne Inc. (WEQ): $3 271.80
First Majestic Silver Corp (FR): $1 078
Kinross Gold Corp (K): $650.81
TransCanada Corp (TRP): $1 397.50
Canadian National Railway Co (CNR): $6 840
Firm Capital Mortgage Investment Corporation (FC): $508
Enbridge Inc. (ENB): $1 526
Agrium Inc. (AGU): $2 645.24
Canadian Utilities Limited (CU): $1 651.44
Crescent Point Energy Corp (CPG): $984.50
JFT Strategies Fund (JFS.UN): $2 032.02
Black Diamond Group Ltd (BDI): $720
Emera Inc. (EMA): $862.50
Cineplex Inc. (CGX): $1 018.75
Barrick Gold Corp (ABX): $798
BCE Inc. (BCE): $1 068.54
Stella Jones Inc. (SJ): $610.40
Saputo Inc. (SAP): $1 314
Toronto-Dominion Bank (TD): $1 152.40
Lassonde Inc. (LAS.A): $1 225
Loblaw Companies (L): $632.16
Lumenpulse Inc. (LMP): $1 000
Laurentian Bank of Canada (LB): $1 027
The North West Company Inc. (NWC): $1 224

TOTAL: $142 603.29

Stocks and Units investment portfolio $US:
Sprott Physical Silver Trust ET (PSLV): $1 232.45
Cash: $4.12

TOTAL: $1 236.57

Tax-free savings account (TFSA):
EnerCare Inc. (ECI): $40.95
Dumont Nickel Inc. (DNI): $115
Sprott Physical Silver Trust UTS (PHS.U): $1 755.13
Sprott Strategic Fixed Income Fund (SFI.UN): $370
Healthlease Properties Real Estate Investment Trust (HLP.UN):
$1 420
RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust (REI.UN): $950.60
Precious Metals and Mining Trust (MMP.UN): $568.80
Sprott Inc. (SII): $2 944.05
Chorus Aviation Inc. (CHR.B): $717.60
Data Group Inc. (DGI): $425.78
AltaGas Ltd (ALA): $1 548
CT Real Estate Investment Trust (CRT.UN): $1 183
National Bank of Canada (NA): $1 139.65

Cash: $182.73

TOTAL: $13 178.56

RSP investment portfolio:
Sprott Canadian Equity Fund: $3 542.02
iShares Gold Bullion Fund (CGL): $3 853.20
Emera Incorporated (EMA): $8 142
EnCana Corporation (ECA): $2 546.12
Sprott Physical Silver Trust UTS (PHS.U): $585.04
Toronto-Dominion Bank (TD): $1 728.60
Barrick Gold Corp (ABX): $997.50
Stella Jones Inc. (SJ): $3 052
Telus Corp (T): $1 934.50
Tim Hortons (THI): $687.70
Cash: $365.21  

CIBC Dividend Growth Fund: $757.77
CIBC Emerging Markets Index Fund: $338.64
CIBC Monthly Income Fund: $1 321.18

Energy and Base Metals Term Savings (Indexed term savings): $577.30
Natural Resources Term Savings (Indexed term savings): $502.06

GIC National Bank: $1 285.65

Manulife Fidelity NorthStar GIF CAP B: $1 400.82
Manulife Simplicity Growth Portfolio: $1 097.35
Maritime Life CI Harbour Seg Fund: $1 304.16

Maritime Life Fidelity True North Seg Fund: $1 400.82
Manulife GIF MLIA B World Invest: $895.69

Great-West – various: $2 539.73

Various other mutual funds: $1 467.71
Other: $445.60

TOTAL: $42 322.77

Social Capital at Desjardins Membership share: $40 Savings + Stocks, units, mutual funds + Tax-free Savings account + RRSP + Online Income ($36.49

$199 863.28

Monday, August 18, 2014

Summer is ending on a good positive market note

While enjoying the last couple days of summer, my non-registered portfolio decided to hit on the $141 523.52. I just to be able to stay on top of the 140k. I have a margin value left of more than 18k now and I feel I should make another sexy  investment move inside my TFSA. I am looking forward for very secure and solid investment stuff, like maybe Canadian Tire. Or maybe some more stocks of TD Bank - I have no clear idea at this time.

But what I know for sure is that the past couple days spent in New Brunswick were fun fun fun. And soo COLD! The weather is always colder in New Brunswick, but still, I had my bathing suit and it was useless. The nights are cold and so are the mornings. Sometimes in the afternoon, I could feel the heat of the sun over me but it was a tiny little heat feeling compare to what I am used to in Montreal. Basically, Montreal is shitty but the weather is warmer. 

Next time I will be in New Brunswick it will be in October and I except the weather to be cold at that time. Once I will be "home" (Montreal is not my home but its is now), I will have to get over my autumn clothes and stuff. I may be able to have a few sunny days while being "home" this week but after that, it will be over. And be ready for anything because on the 27 of this month, something very unique will happen: I will be turning 34 years of age. I have to deal with it but at 34, with no wrinkles, I don't look my age. I just need to lose a bit more weight and you'll think that I am a real sexy 20 years old or something... I have good Acadian genes and myself and my body were built to take all the shit of the word on my sexy shoulders.

These days, the shit is easy going. Like I am full-time employed, I am going to have a pay next week and stuff. I don't have any wrinkles in my pretty face and I can easily lose weight when I get into the mood so life isn't that hard but I am not taking for granted the job that I have and my current situation. Its the reason I want to play safe with my next couple investments. The idea of hitting on a portfolio of 200k is not something that I dislike and it doesn't bother me at all to have a net worth of 125k+. It won't take forever before I hit on my thirst $50 000 net worth. It won't be long.

Now that the summer is over, it will be easier to save money. As I am hitting back home, I am thinking of a plan to save the max of cash possible in September. I don't think that I am that in great needs of autumn clothes but I will have to check that out, maybe just one pair of pants and one top - very limited, but I need to cut out those expenses. Figuring ways to save up some  money is not that easy and respecting a ttight budget is not easy either way, but what need to be done need to be.

I have to say its not easy for women to save money because more than men, we have specific beauty needs. Hair coloration need to be done at least once every month. Currently, my color is darker than usual, its because I picked and did the coloration all by myself and it SHOWS and its less pretty. I also need powder and foundation - I am ruining out of foundation. I lost weight so I don't know how my pants of last year will fit. As the weather is going colder, to keep it up with my diet, I will need to get a gym membership at some place - that alone is expensive. I am hitting back to New Brunswick in October - that's another $200 only for meal ride and the bus ticket... AND SO ON.

So see, its terribly difficult to save up some money because of all of those excuses. Pretty or not, next coloration will have to wait until October before my vacations. Saving money is more difficult now that I make more money and I really have to think and stick to plan. So the f wish list is only what it is lol.

However, I am good at following plan, even if do change the plan - quite often - among the way. Like for example that student loan. Sometimes, I want to pay it, and sometimes I don't. But at this point, since the amount concern is so little, it doesn't really matter. I way prefer to invest and get richer rather than throwing money away on debt payment. Who knows when I will need the money anyway with those little bastards. Shit is just turn ON. ALWAYS. And always be ready for the worst of your life. Fight for those who can't and invest for those who don't have any money. It's all about taking up all the chances of the world.

Its time like these that I usually left y credit card home and play on in cash only. The upcoming weeks are going to be difficult.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

My left margin value is now of $16 000

Its now getting even better! My non-registered portfolio is at $139 399.28 and I in 2 weeks and one day I will be turning 34. You'll have some big celebration ahead and if you want to offer me something, my wish list include a new laptop, a smartphone, a camera, Ici perfume, a new apartment (bigger than one and a half please!), some furniture (to go with the new apartment). And in case I have a millionaire reader who really like me like crazyyyy, I want a condo ok? And I am all yours.


While dreaming, you'll find a few pictures of the Jean Drapeau beach in Montreal. Its quite a cool place to beat up the hot heat of the summer.

I did my nails and my coloration tonight so I am all ready to go for my New Brunswick vacations, all ready to leave Montreal behind - I only wish it will be for good.

Montreal is certainly a nice place to visit for "tourist", but living in Quebec province is certainly far from being a dream. In our country, Quebec had destroyed all sense of Canadian patriotism. We are united united as one country and we have a lot to blame to the selfish Quebeckers. And suddenly, while facing the failure of their poor choices with the Partie Québécois of Pauline Marois, well suddenly, the bastards decided it was time to be "nationalist" again and here come again the Liberal party... a real show.

Quebeckers took away too much time from our federal leaders. Too much efforts had to be put into "trying" to to keep Quebec in good faith over Canada and that is truly for me unforgettable. I hope Quebec will never join the constitution because they don't deserve to be in Canada. And I truly prefer to have Stephen Harper - again - in power for 4 years rather than having a Quebec cheater and liar for Prime Minister. If Justin Trudeau become Prime Minister, you can say hello to massive deficit. The guy doesn't have what it take to be Prime Minister. He's of an extreme arrogant and insouciance that is difficult to describe.

Stephen Harper cut massively into federal jobs and he should only cut more. I had been to Ottawa in my twenties and there's way too much jobs where people have little to do. The government should reform itself more and banish jobs that don't serve at anything. I think there's a lot more that could be done. Citizens shouldn't rely on government for jobs, that's just a basic of any powerful economy.

While we were f with Quebeckers, all energy put in the wrong place should had served our very own Canadian interests. That's why Quebeckers need to be banish.

In the mean time while living in Montreal, I am a honey money sucker and I enjoy what Montreal have tlo give but I am not in any way a promoter of Quebec - I am just sucking until the end and while doing so, my margin is explosing to a 16k value. The best thing I ever done in my 33 years of life is all right here.

Monday, August 11, 2014

All you need is money and summer love

As I am getting ready for a few vacation days, my non-registered suddenly decided to pop up to the $139 082 value. Now, its not a joke, I really getting ready to hit on the 140k mark. Not kidding! I am enjoying the last days of summer - that's why you don't get to hear a lot of this sweeettttt Dividend Girl soon turning 34 years old of life on earth. The heat is not bothering me that much. I spent all weekend long at the beach of the Parc Jean Drapeau - I really like the beach there. I got some nice pictures for you later on.

Anyway, for now, the big news were all about the 139k$ non-registered portfolio value.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

CIBC Visa offer to the Dividend Girl: 0% interest for 6 months... but watch out the 1% fee

I had received today a promotional offer from CIBC Visa; 0% interest for 6 months, but an initial 1% fee apply. The 1% fee is what is f it all. No way, I won't pay a 1% fee just to get a 6 months at no interest. No Sir.

This make me remember the time when I used to have a 0% with TD Visa. At a point, the promotion stop and I decided to pay off the credit cards. I now only have my student loan and margin as debt, and its a real challenge to pay down those debt already, so I won't add up a credit card debt on top of that!

I had quite heavy on the expenses so far in August so I decided that the necklace I bought at La Baie was going to be the only thing I will buy this month for my birthday. I rack up at $550 already and the month is not even half pass and please don't ask me to skip the morning coffee please because I can't. But I can however control my expenses. Other than coffees, I have a thing for makeup, hair products, clothes... Today, I left my credit card home and I didn't buy anything except my morning coffee. And I only bought that single coffee.. So I feel I had made a great deal of efforts today.

I now realize that its not because I make more money now that it make it easier for me to save money. I always have to stay alert. I have a few vacations days coming up, and I don't want to spend more than another $500 for this month, that include the cost of my bus ticket. But lucky me, I have a tiny - but still, a $147 in cash coming from the dividend earns inside of my TFSA... hello mercy cash. The dividend cash coming from my non-registered account is also helping.   

But what is helping the most is to leave my credit card home and stop spending.

In Montreal, the temptation is EVERYWHERE. And I don't understand how middle class folks can afford a condo AND regular basic living feels + EXTRA curricular summer EXPENSIVES. I mean, impossible. Even while on a 50k annual income before tax. 

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Air Miles got rid of the Orleans Express travel certificate

I used to order some travel certificate with Air Miles. I travel by bus a couple of times a year to visit my family in New Brunswick. I only had one travel certificate left so I taught about ordering some this evening but unfortunately for me, Air Miles no longer offer the 40% travel certificate for Orleans Express and it kind of suck, oh yeah - especially knowing that I only have one travel certificate left.

For only 50 miles, I could get a 40% rebate on my bus ticket. I used to save I guess around $40-$50 per 2 ways ticket so I am very disappointed. I had been ordering those for many years now, but the fun had come to an end and I am not very interested by the Air Miles anymore because it was my only interest. So I guess I can finally stop using my BMO MasterCard and switch to another card. I will need to check on the options.

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