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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dividend earning day: 4.28$!

I was quite happy to received 4.28$ in dividend earnings coming from Livingston International Income Fund (LIV.UN). I really taught that Livingston International Income Fund had cut their dividend for while. Anyway, it was a happy surprise this morning, to see that little 4.28$ in dividend earning. Also on today, June 30, I am expecting dividend from Methanex (MX) and Just Energy Income Fund (JE.UN). I am expecting 20.77$ from Just Energy Income Fund and around 15$ from Methanex.

So far, my portfolio is doing ok. I won’t say I am doing super great because of all that money I lost from Timminco (TIM) and Sprott Inc. (SII). But in all of my investment life, I did 2 majors mistake, and it was those 2 investments. For the rest, I can life with it. It’s very tempting to sale out those 2 investments, but if I sell out, no recovery will be possible. Really annoying.

I didn’t begin my job search yet. I am just too into blogging and these days, I had been closely watching the fantastic TSX who had lost points today, but I was expecting it. For the TSX there’s ups and downs and from what I see so far, it can’t never just go up-up-up for a couple of days in a row lol. But that’s life.

Because of a lack of financial resources, I now wonder how to handle my whole debt things. I currently have a bit more than 1 000$ extra that I can use to pay off my debts… or to invest. It’s a painful decision to make. But I really need to work at paying some debts.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

My best investments pick and why I love them

Precious Fortis (FTS)

I am very proud of my Fortis (FTS) stocks. I own 102 stocks of my own. Fortis was a pick of my very own after reading about the company in the Globe and Mail. My initial investment of 2 548.36$ now worth 2 642$. A small 93.64$ profit had been made, but it’s not what mostly make me proud about this pick is this current fact: within the last 52 weeks, the lowest value for Fortis (FTS) had been of… 20.70 and the highest… 28$. The difference between the lowest and the highest is only of 7.30$, which provide a certain stability to the investment. When I first find out about this, I was really impressed by Fortis (FTS) top-value. And knowing that Fortis (FTS) pay out dividend and have activities in Newfoundland, this was definitely a company I wanted to add to my portfolio. Maritimes rock!

Proof of Fortis (FTS) top-value reside in this: in recession time, I had been able to make a capital profit of 93.64$ from a couple of months only investment… and to what I will add: I was able to make 93.64$ profit in a recession time!

Fantastic Creststreet Alternative Energy Fund

I cannot say how much I appreciate all the strength of this mutual fund. So far, I didn’t lose any money from this investment. I will never stop blogging about Creststreet Alternative Energy Fund. Magical and powerful investment. I initially invest 1 000$ in the Creststreet Alternative Energy Fund and the wonderful super cool investment now worth 1 111$... How about that?

Magnificiance = Pembina Pipeline Income Fund (PIF.UN)

I had purchased 100 units of Pembina Pipeline Income Fund (PIF.UN) when its price was at 12$ per unit: it’s the best decision I ever took in my life! Solid dividend: 1.56$ annual dividend. This investment idea is coming from Derek Foster.

Need another good news? Check out Just Energy Income Fund

This investment idea comes from me after reading about the late Energy Savings Income Fund (SIF.UN) in Canadian Business. I decide to invest in Just Energy Income Fund after several readings. I had read about Just Energy Income Fund solid dividend. But JE.UN title is volatile and its keep loosing-and-gaining on a regular basis. Very volatile investment for the capital value but good investment for its dividend. See what I mean? Lol…

I am getting use to the new name which is not so bad after all. Just Energy Income Fund is THE INVESTMENT. Want to know why? On June 25, the “Just Energy” Income Fund had announced it’s dividend for the month of July, which will be of $0.10333/unit. And thinking about it, $0.10333/unit is more than the current value of Dumont Nickel, which is currently of 0.03 cents lol.

Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS): good intern diversification

I never deal with the Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS of my life, but it’s the only bank I have in portfolio. Bank stocks are quite expensive. When, after the big break p on the stocks market happen, I taught, wow, Bank of Nova Scotia at 44$!

I actually purchase 100 stocks of Bank of Nova Scotia at 44$ each thinking I was doing a good deal. But little that I know that the breaking point I was facing that day was only the beginning of the end… After the purchase I remember, I saw, from my own eyes, Bank of Nova Scotia at something like 27$...

And this is what is hilarious; this circus of the stocks market is truly amazing and fascinating.

I hope that Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS) will one day reach its 50$ of the old days…

Desjardins Fidelity True North Fund: a mutual fund that I love

Desjardins Fidelity True North Fund never disappoints me. I had invest 1 000$ in Desjardins Fidelity True North Fund. This fund is that special for me as it’s been my first investment I ever made in my entire life. It was, I believe, back in 2005.

Desjardins Fidelity True North Fund is a powerful investment. Not that I was able to make money from this investment in our volatile market. But while I was hoping a recovery for my Sprott Canadian Equity Fund, Desjardins Fidelity True North Fund was recovering fairly well from all of this recession-misery. On June 2 of this year, my Desjardins Fidelity True North Fund was up to an extraordinary 1 031.86$. I was able to recover from my lost and make, at the end, a profit of 31.86$! Just amazing! Desjardins Fidelity True North Fund is an amazing fund!

Long road for recovery

Real-life story in recession time

On Friday evening at work, I had the call of this man after hours asking to refill his account… I proceed like I always do. After what, he told me about his recent laid-off. I could feel all the pain and distress in his voice. The eternal enthusiastic that I am told him not to worry, that he was in the Toronto area and that it will be easy for him to find a new job since he was in the Toronto area. In resume, I told him what I always taught of Toronto: Toronto is the best place in Canada for work. Don’t forget I also have my banking account on Ontario side.

My customer replied by saying that many people like him had lost their jobs in the Toronto area and that there were thousands of job seekers right now who were now searching for work. I continue to encourage him by saying, in my broken English, that everything will be find. I wish him good luck and we hang up…

My life in recession time: I could have it harder

Not that I am that disconnect of reality, I lost one of my jobs this year myself. I had been job seeking many times in my life and I find that the best way to go through a job search is to think that you are the only job seeker on earth and forget about all the others that may have applied to the same job as yourself… I always find my best jobs by sending resumes to company without asking a specific position and without answering job offers. I didn’t perform any job searching that specific way since I had been in Montreal. It’s been pretty chaotic since I had been here and I had been on an “emergency” job seeking about 2 years or so ago, and I had been working at the 2 jobs I have currently ever since. Problem became pretty rough when I was out of job and I didn’t to sale my investments for my living. This emergency job searching had been the best thing I had ever did even if I am not using any of my skills I got a student loan for. Anyhow, 2008 had been one those years and 2009 – which is not even close to be over yet – had been so far like a ride in a roller coaster.

I certainly can understand this man suffering. After repeating plenty of time that I will be seriously job searching for good job well, I didn’t. I send my resume to one place, got a call, I should be motivate by that – receiving a call after only sending one resume but it’s actually didn’t do anything. But its help my spirit.

My lazyness comes from several things:

-Hot summer weather
I have real problem to work in the hot summer weather. I cannot support the heat.

-I almost reach my 50 000$ goal in investment
And I cannot believe it!!! I find it almost enough for me. That’s another part why I am getting lazy.

-I enjoy being at home and doing nothing, blogging, surfing the net, watching the TSX among other. It’s almost better than watching TV.

But this laziness won’t stay in for long as I got myself organize this evening – usual home stuff that need to be done and by tomorrow or Monday, I should be able to send resume all over the place. I actually spot a couple of jobs offer in call center – as surprising as its sound; I actually just love to work in a call center.

I also recently calculate my overall debts. This is currently another job “emergency” kind of thing. Luckily, I don’t have too much of debts and I could be easily clear off within a year if only I work seriously into it.

My love for Montreal

I could have been refer to work for Desjardins. But Desjardins is way too much of Quebec b-u-l-l-s-h-i-t at the same SPOT for me lol. Did you know that at Desjardins some Vice Presidents are, in real-life, couples? Another great Quebec realization to be place right next to the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec.

Back in January or February 2008, I wanted to turn the Desjardins Fidelity True North Fund investment I have into a RRSP investment, and I was not aloud to go so, while I had been able to do the exact same operation with RBC and CIBC for other funds I had with them. Desjardins might be the largest financial cooperative group in Canada, but within the years, Desjardins had turn out the institution from who I had the worst banking experience of my life. Desjardins is one of the worst out there. And ever in my life I want to work for Desjardins.

Gees, I worth almost 50 000$ in investment, that’s a lot of cash and no one have the right to refuse me something. Understand? lol...

Anyway, since that time, I didn’t invest with Desjardins and I won’t ever invest with Desjardins, ever again.

Anyway, never after I had graduated from high school I stay more than 2 years at the same place. But here in Montreal, it is so nice that’s sometime; you can almost forget that you are in Quebec Province. Montreal is actually that awesome!!

Enjoyable reading in recession time

Just like Derek Foster that I kind of love and hate at the same time, Ernie J. Zelinski had retired at an early age. He is the author of multiple books on retirement and stuff. Learn how to Love a recession with Ernie J. Zelinski. A free E-book from Ernie Z, bestselling Canadian authors, Love a recession because what’s free is fun. I love this recession because it’s during the hardest recession time ever that I will probably be able to reach my first 50 000$.

Friday, June 26, 2009

When the pretty girl next door is an investor and turns the world upside down...

Investments and life and why my life is all about investments… for now

It’s just making be laugh and I actually have a lot of fun just writing stupidities like that one: “my life is all about investments”. Like wow lol. Of course, my life is not only about money but gees I like money. I cannot help it I like cash! And I begin to have a whole bunch of it! LOL!!! I need a good laugh like this one after crying late in the night for what happen yesterday. I couldn’t help it. I am feeling better today, but life won’t be ever the same. Or would it remain unchanged? Life gone on, for myself as I am still alive. But good news today as TSX continues gaining points.

The privilege to be rich

At this time of my life, I am grateful to have almost 50 000$ of my own in investment. And for many reasons. I do consider myself rich even if I hold bunch of debts.

What I like about investing outside an RRSP account is that in case of need, the money can be withdraw quickly and easily. And this make be feel secure and safe. I am not stress by life or should I say, I am less stress in life because I know that in case of bad luck, I have money that is just waiting to be use.

I now almost have 50 000$ (in RRSP and non-RRSP) and for while, since last May actually, I taught wow, that’s a lot of money. 50 000$ is a lot of money and I just don’t remember exactly how I did it lol. Anyway, I really have to work into paying my debts. Forget about the student loan for now, I am talking about real debts, the 4 990$ I have in credit line debt at 8% and the 3 000$ at a special interest rate for a couple of months. Right there, it make around 8 000$ I have in bad debts. The 3 000$ being the most critical one.

Thinking about it, 8 000$ is a lot of money too knowing it’s debts and I should seriously be job seeking because if I plan to be so call financially independent, I have to work on paying on some of those bad debts.

Until now, I was more or less concern about my debts, using my credit line to invest, living happily and investing my money in whatever investment products that I found interesting. I did mistake along the way, I did a bunch of them actually but learn form them. I didn’t fall enough to tell myself I am done with investments, I will never again invest. It’s the opposite that happen… And that’s part of the reason why my TD credit line is... full lol.

I like to diversify my portfolio in a fragmentation of little pieces and all those little pieces are preciously being invested in different investment products. And I could easily add to that that those little investments are like a piece of my soul. And I lost 24% of my soul this year by the way lol.

I lost 24% of my overall investments. This is super great in the following way: I could have lost much more money than that! I had been lucky and unlucky. Lucky because I didn’t lost more than 24%, and unlucky because, well, I lost that 24% lol.

But as I previously wrote in a previous post, no lost is official until the investment being sold right? So guess what, I didn’t lose any money yet because I haven’t sold any of my investments. I actually never sold any of my investments. Just this trick I am trying to do with Dumont Nickel (DNI). But it’s about all. I won’t become a huge penny stocks trader I believe – I begin to hate penny stocks!

I lost most of my money in Timminco (TIM), Sprott Inc. (SII) and 2 mutual funds. Lessons learn: diversify diversify diversify! I had invest more than 7 000$ in Sprott big mutual fund star and it was way too much at the same place! But I learn my lessons and I will no longer invest more than 5 000$ on the same spot. From my point of view multiple investments = lower risks. I am 28 years old and I already understood – a while ago – this simple rule. But seem like those who where consider as Quebec’s best investor like that awful man at the name of Henri-Paul Rousseau haven’t an idea on how to invest or have follow their investments class in … Quebec lol. I am not saying I have the best way, but gees, I only had lost 24% value and this well, again, from my point of view, almost make me a genius. And I should have more than just 3 readers register in my FeedBurner. Like come on… lol… Seem like in Canada, well from my point of view always, it’s in Quebec that we find the biggest losers, impostors of all time. Best investors come from New Brunswick. Of course. Small investor do not need the help of the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec to make money out of the stocks business. The institution should just close their doors. I won’t ever invest through the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec. After loosing millions of dollars, the institution should just close their doors. I don’t trust Quebeckers and it’s part of the reason why my banking account still and will remain in Ontario. Quebec is such a shame.

Anyway, I strongly believe in this diversification strategy and you can see by how much I diversify my portfolio that I truly believe in this diversification rule to which I stick to.

This is just how great my life is with investments and without the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec.

Now, I need to find a day-time job, get more organize for once in my life, and pay off some of my horrible debts. I also have to make valuable gain from some of my investments in order to recover from my 24% soul lost. The easy way: it will be to invest 5 000$ in the Creststreet Alternative Energy Fund – class A. I already make 100$ from that fund, for an initial investment of 1 000$. The 5 000$ could be consider as a one year investment. What I need to recover from my lost is… more money!

An angel is now in heaven

Today had been a sad day.

Two beautiful superstars had died on the same day. But I was very sad for the death of Michael Jackson. Something was not going right at all with his comeback. It’s been said that he was on an ongoing physical training and all that. But I remember, just a few months ago, there’s been pictured revealed where we could see Michael Jackson in a wheelchair, followed by his children. On those pictures, he was wearing a chirurgical mask and he was looking skinny. His skin was also very white. How come a few months after it’s been announced a big comeback with several shows in London and how come he had been set on an ongoing physical training? So many questions remain without any answers. And it is so dramatic.

Maybe this comeback was representing too much work and maybe it had caused his heart failure. It was also said that he was suffering from skin cancer. Regarding his physical training, I read somewhere over the Internet that Michael Jackson had been see healthy enough to follow a physical training. But what if it wouldn’t be the case? Was there anyone to take care of him? What went wrong? I just don’t understand.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Overtime is… death

The good news of yesterday regarding my overtime at work didn’t last for long. I did 4 hours extra at work today since overtime was available. But later on during the day, we were advice not to do more than 40 hours weekly… How annoying!

Seem like I will have to begin a serious job searching. What I was desperately trying to avoid didn’t last for long.

My situation won’t get any better until I begin job searching. A good reason for job searching: my debts!

My debt situation:

TD Visa: 2 999.97$
Credit line TD: 4 989.19$
RBC Visa: 251.55$
Student loan: 10 627.99$
AE: $51.72
TOTAL: 18 920.42$

Until that time, I am looking forward to watch my expenses and live on a budget. Which I was doing more or less these last couple of days.

Minimum require:

Visa TD: 26$
Credit line TD: +-60$
Rent: 535$
Student loan: 165$
AE: 10$
Internet: +-35$
Food and other: 300$

TOTAL: 1 131$

I make 720$ bi-weekly after taxes from my evening shift, not much, but it’s more than I need to cover my basic need. It’s make an extra 309$ to pay off on my debts. But 309$ is not enough to pay off my debts. The only solution: job searching! Which I have to begin tomorrow. If not, live is going to be rough and miserable, no more investment, no more shopping, no more big payments for my debts.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

When overtime = good news = $$$

I just received my new driver license on today. I am only missing my health card now. Something incredible happen today at my evening job: overtime is now available! It’s since last Friday actually. But at first, I taught it was only for that weekend. There was some overtime available today too…and there will be some tomorrow… I am quite happy with it! Part of my money problems will be resolve.

Tomorrow, I plan to begin at 12pm. It will make a 12pm to 12am… But when money is needed, where could I possibly stop? I am just not in a job searching mood right now so I plan to do as much overtime as I can. Today went extremely well but we were receiving calls like crazy… This overtime news is very good but in order to do some I have to arrive at lunch time because if I arrived later, there will be no station available.

Anyway, I cannot wait for tomorrow. I would like to earn 2 000$ from that job for the month of July. I had reach 5 000$ on my credit line. I would like to pay off some of it and also my TD Visa, where I have 3 000$ at a smaller interest rate. I have about 5 or 4 months left. I would like to make a deposit of at least 1 000$ on my debts each month. My the end of the summer, I could at least clear of the TD Visa debt card. I don’t like to have this credit card debt. But back than, I didn’t have any solution, I had to pay 3 000$ extra in taxes. But I am so lucky in my bad lucks. I was able to get the loan at smaller interest rate.

I didn’t forget about my dividend goal. But I prefer to pay off some debts for now and will see if I can manage it all at the end.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Horrible Monday for the TSX... and me!

I taught we were on the road for recovery, but once again, TSX lost more than 300 points and is currently under 10 000 points. Very awful. I won’t be able to hit the 50 000$ value in investments if TSX keep falling like that. Anyway, life goes on. I was feeling tired this morning so I just slept in. Not that my weekend was that exhausting. This weekend was horrible at work because of a lack of numbers. No one wanted to answer the survey. And I don’t want to burn myself on stupidly like job searching lol. I am in a position where I can choose and at the same time, not... lol. But I know my problem.

Usually, I am full of energy; I can work and work and work. Money $$$ like crazy in my banking account. But now, nothing is working for me. And this morning, after seeing the TSX falling again, it makes me feel kind of sick. I should be stronger by now. It’s not the first time I am seeing the TSX losing points. But I cannot help it, each time the TSX fall, it make me feel bad. Sad for myself and my investments. And especially now, I taught it was going to be fine…

And check this out, yesterday for lunch, I wanted to go to the restaurant. Once there, my TD card, which only holds my credit line, had been refused! I had reached the limit! I have around 47$ in cash in my TD Waterhouse broker account. I just transfer 10$ on my TD credit line this morning. I don’t like when my limit is almost reach. My latest investment, 23 000 stocks of Dumont Nickel (DNI) really took it off! But at least the value of the investment remains stable at 3 cents. Dumont Nickel rock lol!

I should be able to do more things tomorrow. For now, I still have my evening job and, good news, some overtime was available this last Friday and also for this weekend. I love the stability of that job. At least one thing is doing fine.

At the end, I should be able to make things work out.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

My week in review

This week was not super productive, but I guess I did some stuff a bit. I just find one job at 10$ per hour. They call me for their evening shift, but I am not available for now. And nothing for the day-time for now I was told. They were supposed to have something going on this weekend, but I haven’t been called. And I haven’t called either. Anyway, I am working this weekend at my usual weekend job.

My experience with penny stocks: Dumont Nickel (DNI)

I try to make money from penny stocks this week but it didn’t work out yet. But I am not in a hurry for money. And I am not in a hurry to sale Dumont Nickel anymore. Currently, I have a sale order at 0.04 cents, but I might modify it for 0.05 cents maybe on Monday or so. For me, Dumont Nickel had potential. Dumont Nickel own different mines in Canada and the US. It’s not like Blue Note Mining who only had one mine in Caribou (New Brunswick). Dumont Nickel price had fall to 0.025 cents today. And as always, no change for Blue Note Mining who remains at 0.01 cent… I am also looking into Stem Cell Therapeutics Corp (SSS) and also SIRIT Inc. (SI).

I am happy with my 23 000 stocks acquisition of Dumont Nickel. It’s actually the only positive thing I accomplish this week. As for the job searching, I need to invest myself in it a bit more.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Why should I be job searching after all?

I currently have enough to cover my bills for the month of July, which is nice. I wouldn’t like to have to sale some of my investments to cover the cost of my living. My lifestyle is cheap and I am able to pay everything with a 1 000$-1 200$ per month. As always, I wake up late again, around 11… lol. It’s seemed to be my favorite hour to wake up! I love my night shift. I wouldn’t like to loose it for anything.

And look at the hot news!

On yesterday Wednesday 18, Dumont Nickel (DNI) closes at a fantastic 0.04 cents lol! 0.04 cents could sound like nothing at all, no big deal. But once cent is one cent and with cents we can make hundreds of dollars in one small trade! I had place a sale order of 0.05 cents on my 23 000 stocks of DNI. But wouldn’t be great if I will be putting a sale order of 0.04 cents?

Let’s calculate….

23 000 stocks x 0.01 cent of profit = 230$ - buying commission of 29$ - selling commission of 29$ = 172$ in profit

(And on top on that, we need to add the taxes… but let’s forget about them for now)….

Just for the fun of it, should I but a sell order of 0.04 cents instead of 0.05 cents! YES!!! Let’s do it now!!! I think that to be able to make money from penny stocks, a close follow to the market is needed. Dumont Nickel hit the 5 cent a couple of days ago, but it was a couple of days ago. I might be able to make money sooner if the Dumont Nickel (DNI) goes up to the 4 cents again, maybe by the end of the day?

TSX gain some points and the company Dumont Nickel (DNI) seems to remain stable… So let’s take some action and officially make my first penny stock trades – maybe by the end of the day if I am lucky!

This is how much fun penny stocks can be!

There so many ways to take advantage of the market and penny stocks are one of them. It’s good to buy and invest for the long term, but it’s also nice to make money from trading! By doing this, small investors like myself can take advantage of the market volatibility, bu this time, in a positive way.

And from my point of view, risk of loosing money are low, especially if the investor is only looking to make a few hundreds dollars per trade on a penny stock trade. At least, it’s the way I see it.

About Timothy Sykes

I learn about Timothy Sykes while playing the analyst on Twitter. Than a guy response to me, and told me to follow his buddy, which I did.

I like this expression he is using on his Web site « short sale ». This is exactly what I am going to do with DNI. He also said the following about penny stocks, among the following: “the vast majority of people who play penny stocks are suckers and all-around ignorant people” lol…

So now, knowing the possibilities, tell me why I should be job searching for another part-time job? Tell me why...

Money, Magic Money

I just arrived from work. I cannot say up too late as I want to wake up early tomorrow. But I still wanted to blog about the Pengrowth Energy Trust (PGF.UN) dividend I just received. I might have received it during the day sometime, because I didn’t notice them again. On this beautiful summer day, I had received 52.50$ from Pengrowth Energy Trust. I am still “dripping” and I had received 5 extra new units. I am now at 530 units of Pengrowth Energy Trust. Which I find awesome. I really like Pengrowth Energy Trust. The trick will be to find another good investment like this one in another sector, just to diversify my portfolio a bit more.

I contact RBC today regarding a credit line. At RBC, they do not offer a credit line, but only a margin credit. And with it, the interest rate begin as soon as the money is being used… anyway, all complicated and stupid stuff I no longer want to hear about. But it won’t work for now because they want a proof of revenue and so on, and even something regarding my investment, as it could help me to obtain more credit. For now, I do not want to divulge my investment money. Not a bad thing it didn’t work out after all. But I learn at least that I had a good credit. This is nice to know. Maybe TD could just extend my credit line I have with them. I just don’t know.

I am working as hard as I can but my projects are just slowly moving on. Same thing regarding job searching as I basically didn’t do any job searching but it’s my own fault. Lazy me lol.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A quick way to make 442$ from Dumont Nickel (DNI)

I keep calculating and calculating! I could possibly had made 442$ today from trading on Dumont Nickel (DNI). Penny stocks are very fun for that.

Here what I could do, only if I had 3 029$ in my pockets right now (which I don’t have):

Purchase of 100 000 stocks of Dumont Nickel at 0.03 cents this morning and… as soon as the order being executed, sale it all for 0.035 cents... and make 442$! This could had been realize today, as the stock value of Dumont Nickel varies from 0.03 cents to 0.035 cents.

This is really interesting!

It’s possible to make money extremely quickly from penny stocks, but just a problem occur: thousands of dollars are needed. 3 000$ will be actually a good start. And I was thinking about opening a credit line with RBC. Since I have a 10 000$ credit card with them, could my credit line be of 10 000$ too?

I had been with TD Canada for my credit line for many years now. Since the start, my credit line had been of 5 000$, it didn’t increase over the time. RBC seems to be generous when it comes time to deal with customer credit.


-A credit line from RBC is needed;
-I need a better paying job;
-I need an account with Scotia to pay only 19.99$ per trade.
-It’s possible to make money easily from one trade; the only thing needed is… money!
Explore and achieve.

Great news today!

I have no boyfriend, work at low salaries at multiple jobs, haven’t take vacations for quite a while BUT… I am might be able to make money from penny stocks after all. And I might be the next best thing that could happen in the scene of Canadian penny stocks lol.

This is really an exciting time for me. I am very happy! My order of 23 000 stocks at 0.03 cents for Dumont Nickel had been proceed. I now own 23 000 stocks of Dumont Nickel.

After trying to trade on Blue Note Mining, which price is still stuck at 0.01 cent, I move on, pick whatever penny stock company I find in a newspaper call La Presse. And guess what I find: Dumont Nickel. After what I did some search around the stocks. Seem like a good company to me and not too long ago, I think it was on June 11 or 12, a good news was made coming from the company and at a point, the stocks value raise to 0.05 cents. So what I did just now is that I place a sale order for 0.05 cents, which will be valid until June 30. This is super cool and dealing with penny stocks is a great adventure for multiple reasons.

First, not too much money is involved. The value of my investment with Dumont Nickel had been of 690$ + 29$ of commission, for a total of 719$. I plan to sale at 0.05 cent.

The only thing I need for this trade to work is another major announcement coming from Dumont Nickel – and it will need to be a positive one. Since the stock value had reached 5 cents not too long ago, it’s possible that the price will reach 5 cents again. Dumont Nickel had many mines at different location and still in activities. And from their Web site and from what I read on them, it’s possible to make some cash out on Dumont Nickel.

I wake up late again this morning. I got so anxious yesterday because of my job interview and about my health card and license renewal that. It’s exhausted be. But true I went to work to do a 7 hours shift.. Anyway, the week is the over yet and I hope to do better tomorrow. I would like to continue job searching to see if I can find a better paying job.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

No money made so far from my penny stocks

I cancel my order for Blue Note Mining. Instead, I had place an order for 23 000 stocks of Dumont Nickel (DNI) at 0.03 cent. But so far, no positive result. The prices seem to be stuck at 0.035…. I don’t want to purchase Dumont Nickel at 0.035 because I find it too expensive lol. Trying to make money this way can be very stressful. Trading is very stressful. Since I am so lucky, I guess I won’t be able to purchase DNI at 0.035. 0.03 seem to be a bit too low since the company had made, not too long ago, a positive announcement. But since TSX continue to fall, maybe DNI will reach the point of 0.03 cent. Maybe.

I went to my job interview this morning. I was nervous as I am always am at a job interview lol. It’s a survey job… 10$ per hour. There are so many survey jobs in Montreal. But for now, it’s ok. At least the office is super clean, not like at my weekend job.

I had renew my license and my health care card. This was needed for a long time now. I am glade I am done with this. Now, I can continue my job search if I want. I also want to open an account with iTrade of Scotia Bank. I need to print the form. Each trade is at 19.99$ (instead of 29$ with TD Waterhouse). My TD Waterhouse account will remain open because it’s free to purchase mutual funds through them. It’s seemed not to be the case with iTrade.

Everything so far so good. I would just like to get a better paying job. Maybe I should continue my job search.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Having fun with penny stocks

I am enjoying my weekend. Mont-Royal had been closed to circulation lately and it’s quite nice, being able to walk without any cars around. The whole Montreal Island should be close to car circulation! After the job, I was supposed to go to the Old Montreal again, just like last week, but since the sky was grey, I taught it was going to rain. But it didn’t rain. I spend, once again, my evening in front of my computer. But it worth it, as I conduct some search regarding penny stocks. Currently, my goal is to make a profit from penny stocks trade.

Is Blue Note Mining a good penny stocks deal?

First, as I previously explain, I came with the idea of Blue Note Mining (BN.H). Since Friday, I had set an order for 80 000 stocks of Blue Note Mining at the price of 0.005 cent. After what the goal is to sale the overall 80 000 stocks at the price of 1 cent. The order will remain in until tomorrow. And tomorrow only because I had set-up myself another plan, that could actually be even better.

I just extend my search, and it could happen I won’t be able to purchase 80 000 stocks of Blue Note Mining at 0.005 cent. Why? Because the price of Blue Note Mining barely changes these days and basically no one is currently trading on Blue Note Mining. This could be one of the reasons why the value remains quite stable at 1 cent. This last Friday, only 9 trades where perform around Blue Note Mining.

Could Dumont Nickel Inc. (DNI) be a better deal?

I did some quick search and I came yesterday with this company I never heard of before, Dumont Nickel. Actually, I first learn about Dumont Nickel by taking a look at a newspaper. Dumont Nickel is currently in activity. It’s not like Blue Note Mining who had declared bankruptcy just a couple of months ago.

The plan around Dumont Nickel

Here’s the plan: purchase Dumont Nickel at 0.03 cents for 30 000 stocks (900$ investment value + 29$ in too high commission) and sale the investment at 0.05 cents for a 2 cents profit… and a fantastic 542$ extra in my pockets!!!! That’s enough to pay off my 535$ monthly rent. See the deal?

I am actually more confident about Dumont Nickel than with Blue Note Mining. Blue Note Mining is not doing well all and price seems to be stuck in the ground, it won’t move lower than the 1 cent! Anyhow, my live move on.

Tomorrow, I have to wake up early and go at a TD Bank to make a deposit of 344$ (amount of my latest pay check) on my credit line. I have only 200$ left on it. I plan to move the 344$ and the little 200$ in my TD Waterhouse account. I also have to place a call regarding a job offer I saw just today. And after what I need to go renew my driver license and health card. If I have anytime left, which I thing I will have, I will return home and check if my order had been proceed for Blue Note Mining. Looking forward for $$$.

Friday, June 12, 2009

On how are doing my little things

I am almost done with the stuff I needed. Just a couple of things left and I will be done. Probably on Monday. I could have been done today, but it was raining extremely hard last night and I couldn’t sleep. And of course, I sleep in late again.

On Monday, I have to renew my driver license (yeah, I have one lol) and my health card. After what I will need to subscribe to the insurance program that’s been giving by my employer. At first, I didn’t want to subscribe because they are taking around 15$ per pay check for it. But I was told by the accountant that did my taxes for 2008 that it might be better if I subscribe, it will make less to pay for the Quebec health insurance at the end of the year. Those of the biggest last 3 things I need to do. I plan to wake up early on Monday evening to have those done.

After what, I will be job searching. I didn’t do any job searching this week. I had been quite busy. I also had that little investment project going on.

At first, I wanted to invest 500$ extra in the Creststreet Alternative Energy Fund, but unfortunately, at TD Waterhouse, all extra investment of Creststreet Alternative Energy Fund is of 1 000$. At Creststreet Alternative Energy Fund it self, it’s actually possible to invest as little as 100$ per extra investment. I don’t really see myself an account with Creststreet Alternative Energy Fund just for 500$.

Anyway, I came with this other idea; to purchase 80 000 stocks at 0.005 of Blue Note Mining (BN.H-V) and sale them at 1 cent. This is possible. But I really need to purchase Blue Note Mining at 0.005 and not at 1 cent. If I purchase BN.H at 1 cent, the project won’t be successful. Generally these days, Blue Note Mining value had varied between 0.005 and 1 cent. The project is realizable, but it could take time. I would like an extra 400$ in my pocket as I would like new sandals for the summer and other stuff.

A quick way to make money: Blue Note Mining still rock!

Here’s the plan: I had place an order to purchase 80 000 stocks at 0.005 cent of Blue Note Mining (BN.H) now from the TSX Venture. Today the price had varied from 0.005 cent to 0.01 cent. I had place my order at 11:49AM (I wake up late again – but I shouldn’t).

The investment by itself, 80 000 stocks of Blue Note Mining at 0.005 cent is of 400$. The commission for the trade is of 29$. For a total of 429$. I plan to sale as soon as possible the 80 000 stocks at 0.01 cent, for a value of 800$. 829$ (800$ investment value + 29$ commission for the trade) – 429$ = a nice profit of 400$.

I am doing this just for the fun of it to see if I can possibly make money by trading.

It’s now 12:48pm, I call 2 times TD Waterhouse lol, and my order had not been executed still.

Stay tune.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I had lost 14 826.18$ from my investments

I stay up late yesterday as I was feeling anxious. For a reason or another, I really wanted to calculate my overall lost. I had a happy surprised to see that I was only loosing 14 826.18$. Yes, 14 826.18$ represent a lot of money, especially knowing that I work at several jobs (up to 3 lol) at the same time and so on, but – there’s a but – knowing also that I am not a specialist when it come to investment, I could had lost much more than 14 826.18$ in my investment journey.

My portfolio:

Savings: ING Direct:
Around 30$

Non RRSP Investments:
Sprott Inc. (SII): 2 245$ (value in date (VID) of June 2, 2009)
Initial investment value (IIV): 4 925$
-2 680$

Timminco (TIM): 322$ (VID June 2, 2009)
IIV: 4 065$
-3 743$

Blue Note Mining (BN): 120$ (VID June 2, 2009)
IIV: 689$

Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS): 4 064.70$ (VID June 2, 2009)
IIV: 4 572.71$

Hanwei Energy Services (HE): 525$ (VID June 2, 2009)
IIV: 674$

Methanex Corporation (MX): 1 407.60$ (VID June 2, 2009)
IIV: 1 612.61$

Fortis (FTS): 2 459.35$ (VID June 2, 2009)
IIV: 2 548.36$

Pengrowth Energy Trust (PGF.UN): 4 961.25$ (VID June 2, 2009)
IIV: 5 171.43$

Livingston International Income Fund (LIV.UN): 477.36$ (VID June 2, 2009)
IIV: 635.97$

Pembina Pipeline Income Fund (PIF.UN): 1 458.44$ (VID June 2, 2009)
IIV: 1 241.70$
+ 216.74$

Just Energy Income Fund: 2 218$ (VID June 2, 2009)
IIV: 2 460.01$

TOTAL: 20 258.70$ (VID June 2, 2009)
IIV: -8 337.09$

Mutual funds
Sprott Canadian Equity Fund: 4 269$ (VID June 2, 2009)
IIV: 7 033.50$
-2 764.50$

Desjardins Fidelity True North Fund: 1 031.86$ (VID June 2, 2009)
IIV: 1 000$

TOTAL: 5 300.86$
IIV: -2 732.64$

Tax-free savings account
RBC O'Shaughnessy Canadian Equity Fund: 2 162.88$ (VID June 2, 2009)
IIV: 3 000$

Creststreet Alternative Energy Fund: 1 090$ (VID June 2, 2009)
IIV: 1 000$

TOTAL: 3 252.88$
IIV: -747.11$

CIBC Dividend Fund: 438.85$ (VID June 2, 2009)
IIV: 500$

CIBC Emerging Markets Index Fund: 404.35$ (VID June 2, 2009)
IIV: 500$

CIBC Monthly Income Fund: 856.24$ (VID June 2, 2009)
IIV: 1 000$

Energy and Base Metals Term Savings (Indexed term savings):
503.46$ (VID June 2, 2009)
IIV: 500$
+ 3.46$

Natural Resources Term Savings (Indexed term savings): 502.06$ (VID June 2, 2009)
IIV: 500$

GIC National Bank: 1 001.82$ (VID June 2, 2009)
IIV: 1 000$
+ 1.82$

GIC Finance Plus: 1 513.97$ (VID June 2, 2009)
IIV: 1 000$
+ 513.97

GIC Plus: 500$ (VID June 2, 2009)
IIV: 500$

TD Canadian Bond: 104.96$ (VID June 2, 2009)
IIV: 105.75

TD Monthly Income: 89.78$ (VID June 2, 2009)
IIV: 102.69

TD Emerging Markets: 68.69$ (VID June 2, 2009)
IIV: 100$

TD Energy: 77.90$ (VID June 2, 2009)
IIV: 100$

TD Precious Metals: 83.06$ (VID June 2, 2009)
IIV: 100$

TD Latin American Growth: 75.34$ (VID June 2, 2009)
IIV: 100$

TD Entertainment & Communications: 80.73$ (VID June 2, 2009)
IIV: 100$

TD Dividend Growth: 167.67$ (VID June 2, 2009)
IIV: 204.73$

TD U.S. Mid-Cap Growth: 82.60$ (VID June 2, 2009)
IIV: 100$

Maritime Life International Equity Fund (Templeton): 586.16$ (VID June 2, 2009)
IIV: 1 000$

Manulife Simplicity Growth Portfolio: 756.18$ (VID June 2, 2009)
IIV: 1 000$

Maritime Life CI Harbour Seg Fund: 932.65$ (VID June 2, 2009)
IIV: 1 000$

Maritime Life Fidelity True North Seg Fund: 881.76$ (VID June 2, 2009)
IIV: 1 000$

Maritime Life Trimark Europlus Seg Fund: 527.38$ (VID June 2, 2009)
IIV: 1 000$

Great West - Various: 1 451.71$ (VID June 2, 2009)
IIV: 1 471.95$

RBC Canadian Dividend Fund: 443.26$ (VID June 2, 2009)
IIV: 500$

RBC U.S. Mid-Cap Equity Fund C$: 1 560.55$ (VID June 2, 2009)
IIV: 2 300$

RBC Global Resources Fund: 692.55$ (VID June 2, 2009)
IIV: 1 000$

RBC O'Shaughnessy International Equity Fund: 557.10$ (VID June 2, 2009)
IIV: 1 000$

RBC O'Shaughnessy All-Canadian Equity Fund: 805$ (VID June 2, 2009)
IIV: 1 000$

GIC Canadian Market: 1 000$ (VID June 2, 2009)
IIV: 1 000$

TOTAL: 16 766.02$
IIV: -3 039.34$

Savings + Stocks, units, mutual funds + Tax-free savings account + RRSP:
45 882.92$ [In date of June 2, 2009]
-14 826.18$

I calculated my overall lost in capital for my portfolio. In total, I had lost 14826.18$. I had lost 8 337.09$ in my stocks portfolio alone. I had lost 3 039.34$ from my RRSP portfolio. And I had lost -747.11$ from my Tax-free savings account.

If I calculate the current value of my portfolio (45 882.92$) and the money lost (14826.18), it make a total of 60 709.10$.

Should I just had invested the 60709.10$ in GIC and other related product instead than investing massively into stocks or other? Even with the 14 826.18$ that had been lost, I don’t think so.

I am not ashamed to come up with all that money lost and I do not regret investing major part of my savings in stocks or other.

So far, it’s been a learning experience and I plan to continue the same way as I am doing right now. My biggest losers in my stocks portfolio are: Timminco (TIM) with -3 743$; Sprott Canadian Equity Fund with -2 764.50$; Sprott Inc. (SII) with -2 680$; RBC O’Shaughnessy Canadian Equity Fund with -837.12$ and Blue Note Mining (BN) -569$.

The money lost is not being truly lost until I sell my investments. I will only be able to officially declare 14 856.18$ in money lost when I will sale the investments. That time is not going to happen anytime soon.

But there’s hope

I know I talk a lot about Creststreet Alternative Energy Fund, but as a small investor, I cannot help it! By checking their Web site, I learn that extra parts are only of 100$!!! I already have 1 000$ invested in the Creststreet Alternative Energy Fund, but in a CELI account. At this time, I would like to invest just a 300$ for now outside CELI account, just for the fun of it, to keep the dream alive…

What’s going with Sprott Inc. (SII)?

For a while, I was using Sprott Asset Management (SII), but it’s only Sprott Inc. (SII). Yesterday, I notice that Spott Inc. stocks had fallen under 4$. These days, the stock value had been between 4$ to 4.50$ if not a bit higher.

At first, I taught it was because one of the managers of Sprott Asset Management, Jean-François Tardif, had announced his retirement for beginning July. Jean-François Tardif was a manager of Sprott hedge fund. Extraordinary hedge fund, but it take at least 100 000$ to invest in it… I just cannot understand how a successful manager can aspire to retirement.

Anyway, it was kind of a short notice for investors and I don’t know if some investors had began to sale their mutual funds they had with Sprott Asset Management because of that leaving. It could be one of the reasons, but it’s not all. I just learn that Sprott Inc. had sold out some Timminco (TIM) stocks. Good start. But Eric Sprott had confirmed, from what I understand, that he still own 12% of Timminco stocks. That enormous!

It’s very sad, but Timminco is no longer in position to rock the TSX. Having a huge number of TIM stocks in the Sprott Canadian Equity Fund that I invest 7 000$ in cannot help the fund to return for a recovery.

Example: during the darkest days of the recession, my Desjardins Fidelity True North Fund fallen to 700$ or even less. Now, the investment is at 1 031.86$. I was able to gain even money from the recovery. I actually make a profit of 31.86$ on Desjardins Fidelity True North. This is just an example I have of an investment of mine where I have regained the money lost. I am expecting the same thing to happen with Sprott Canadian Equity Fund and all of my other mutual funds.

But I am far of the same result with Sprott Canadian Equity Fund. The manager of the fund needs to shake up the overall portfolio. As an investor (small but still an investors), I am expecting a recovery for the Sprott Canadian Equity Fund. And I don’t think Timminco will become what it had once had been, a powerful company of the TSX.

Initially, its 7 033.50$ I had invested in the Sprott Canadian Equity Fund, just before the TSX begin to fall close to the ground lol. Curently (in date of June 2, 2009) the value of the investment is at 4 269$. Not bad, but I had lost 2 764.50$ and no recovery yet.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I received Fortis and Just Energy Income Fund Dividends

On today, I had received 26.26$ in Fortis (FTS) Dividend. The Dividend allow be to acquire one Fortis stock. I also received today the dividend of Just Energy Income Fund (JE.UN). I received 20.67$ from JE.UN and the dividend gave me one extra unit. I now own 102 stocks of Fortis and 201 units of Just Energy Income Fund.

In total, it make 46.93$ that I earn in dividend for today... Slowly getting rich ;)

Monday, June 8, 2009

What had to happen happen…

I just check out again the activity of my broker account, and some new change happen on date to today. The extra 200 units I hold from Just Energy Income Trust (JE.UN) will soon disappear from my account. Let’s consider that I am now at the point where I should be, I now have 200 units and not 400 units of Just Energy Income Trust… No big deal. As soon as I will have more money, I will be able to invest in more stocks or units.

I wake up late this morning. I didn’t stay all night on my computer but the sleep was good. But I just don’t want to sleep late every morning like a lazy girl. Only thing I have time to do today are my hair. I need to dye my hair. And tomorrow, I am looking for a hair cut.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Another week begin and I am now seriously job searching

Job survey nightmare

It was horrible at work today. I got a dude who answers my entire questionnaire. It went find but he was complaining about fact that I had to slow down and that he had problems to understand me. For all other respondent that I interview in English, it went extremely well. But just that one, it was very bad. Some English speakers are not respectful. I do not care about my English because I am French. But I blog in English because it’s to practice my English.. Is that clear enough? lol

Anyway, call end that the poor guy ask for my name and the company number. Which I had to provide because the call had been recorded… I cannot wait to see if I am going to get feedback on that one.

Job searching for the better or the worst

In 2 days from now, I plan to send resume and begin my job search at a café that I very like. As long as I remember, I always had been able to find work when I start my job search at that place. Before, I didn’t have Internet at home and each time I was job searching at that café, I got good result.

Lazy me

But in the meantime, same problem remain, I didn’t do any of the stuff I needed to do, so let’s say I am basically at the same point as before. But I guess this time was needed for me just to take a break. Now, I do not have any excuses, I need to move forward. And I did tonight by cleaning my place. For a reason or another, my tiny little apartment cannot remain clean at any time. I only clean once or every 2 weeks. Anyway, the cleaning part is done and completed for now.

And just this evening, I complete my vote through the Internet as a shareholder of Hanwei Energy Services (HE) and Just Energy Income Fund (JE.UN).

As for my job search, I already begin it, but I didn’t send any resume yet, as I plan to send them as soon as I will do with everything I need to do. I probably be able to get another and when I will begin working again like before during day-time, it’s going to be hardcore again, as I will be working from 9am to midnight on weekdays and not to forget about my 8 hours shift on Saturday and Sunday. I might be pushing it to far, but I am really working into continuing at investing massively in stocks and to do so, I need more money. But I know I can do it as I was working that way for almost one year when I got laid-off of my day-time job because the project I had been working on had been closed.

I am better beginning a serious job search as soon as possible because at my weekend job, they had announced the lost of a big contract. It could happen that I could be out of work anytime soon from that job.

One thing I need to do as well is to go to bed earlier and not to spend my night on the Internet. It’s going to be rough, but since I want to reach 200$ income per month in dividend earnings by the end of the summer, I guess I will find the courage to just shake me up a bit.

Its official: I now own 400 units of Just Energy Income Fund

Today was a beautiful day in Montreal. I was working from 10am to 6pm. After what, I went for a walk in the Old Montreal. The weather was perfect. I enjoy my evening. Now that I back, I just check my broker account and yes, I still have 400 units of the late Energy Savings Income Fund (SIF.UN), which name recently change for Just Energy Income Fund (JE.UN). Look like I can consider myself like having so far a projecting 1803.07$ in dividend earning (calculate for a year basis). That’s good news!

More about the new Just Energy Income Fund

“Just last week” lol… I received another voting package…. This time, it was concerning the new Just Energy Income Fund. We learn by the Chairman that the new name had previously been tested in the US and had been well view… For myself, as I said, I way prefer Energy Savings. JE.UN had a new Web site! New domain address and brand new looks… It was about time lol! I didn’t like SIF.UN Web site at all.

Upcoming project: seriously job searching

Among my upcoming project, I need to begin my job search. I already begin in this late evening. Tomorrow I work until 8pm, but I plan to totally invest myself in my job searching process starting by tomorrow evening. I cannot wait to see if what I will be able to find. Just please God, not another job as an interviewer ;)

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Summer is coming and crazy things happening in my portfolio

Like always when I come back from work, I took at look at my portfolio… and I had a huge surprised! But I have no clue of what is going on!

Because it’s all about money

Let’s begin by the good stuff, my initial 1 000$ investment with Creststreet Alternative Energy Fund now worth 1 102$ in date of today! I really like this mutual fund. Money, crazy money. This fund is going to make me rich. The only thing I want right now is to invest an extra 1000$ in this fund RIGHT NOW lol.

Now, about the crazy stuff…

I knew that Energy Savings Income Fund (SIF.UN) was changing of name for Just Energy Income Fund (JE.UN). That part, I knew it. But what I didn’t know about is the crazy thing it will make later on in my portfolio… Check it out. When I say crazy, it’s crazy!

Here is what I have in my portfolio regarding the late Energy Savings Income Fund (SIF.UN) and the new Just Energy Income Fund (JE.UN):

ENERGY SVGS INCM FND T/U* - 200 -2 449,00$ - 2 236,00$
JUST ENERGY INCM FND T/U 400 4 898,00$ 4 456,00$

I had 200 units of SIF.UN and now, I have 400 units of JE.UN. Shouldn’t it be 200 units and not 400 units?

But hey, I am not going to complain about it and I won’t even call TD Waterhouse about it either because 400 units of Just Energy Income Fund (JE.UN) will provide me, for a year, 494.40$ in dividend income. So I won’t complaint about it lol…. But still, a mistake might have been done somewhere. Originally, I only had 200 units of Energy Savings Income Fund (SIF.UN) and now, from the exact same company who now has a different name, I now own 400 units… No sense! But thank you TD Waterhouse, thank you!

I now have 400 units of Just Energy Income Fund (JE.UN) and if it happens that 200 of those units go away from my account some day, well, I am going to cry lol. And after what I will definitely call TD Waterhouse. Do not touch my portfolio!

Isn’t awesome?

About my dividend income goal

This is s good for me, since I had fix myself that 2 000$ in dividend income by the end of the summer!

Let’s calculate our dividend income:

Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS) 102 stocks
[1.96$ annual dividend]: 199.92$

Fortis (FTS) 101 stocks
[1.04$ annual dividend]: 105.04$

Livingston International Income Fund (LIV.UN) 102 stocks
[0.504$ annual dividend (but suspension of the dividend]: 17$ (total received so far from LIV.UN)

Methanex Corporation (MX) 102 stocks
[0.7975$ annual dividend]: 81.35$

Sprott Asset Management (SII) 500 stocks
[0.10$ annual dividend + 0.15$ special dividend]: 50$ + 75$: 125$

Pengrowth Energy Trust (PGF.UN) 525 stocks
[1.20$ annual dividend]: 622.80$

Pembina Pipeline Income Fund (PIF.UN) 101 stocks
[1.56$ annual dividend]: 157.56$

Just Energy Income Fund (JE.UN) 400 units
[1.24$ annual dividend]: 494.40$

TOTAL: 1 803.07$

I am only missing 196.93$ to reach my 2 000$ annual dividend earning income! I will just need to invest in 100 unit of Bell Aliant Regional Communications Income Fund (BA.UN) instead of 200 units like it was initially plan. This is the perfect situation for me, especially at this time, since its summer. I didn’t even begin my job search for a day-time job…

Thursday, June 4, 2009

I am now at 45 882.92$ value!

I am so happy! Earlier this week, I calculates the overall value of my investment, and it’s now worth 45 882.92$! Which mean I am only missing 4 117.08$ to reach my first 50 000$! I am so close to my goal right now! It will be super great if I could reach 50 000$ by the end of the summer. Thanks for the TSX, I was able to gain some money I had lost.

The wonderful Creststreet Alternative Energy Fund is now up to 1090$. My portfolio also gains a valuable jump. It’s hard to believe I almost there. This should help me and keep me motivate. I had a lot to do but I didn’t move forward in any of my projects so far this week. I blog a little, go to work and it’s about all. I was planning to search for a day-time job, but I didn’t perform any job searching yet. I am just not into it at all.

Gain today, I wake too late, and it’s ruin all of my day because the only time left is barely enough just to write this post, eat lunch-breakfast, take my shower and run to work. Life is such a cruelty... the weather had been awesome since yesterday in Montreal! I have to be a bit more alert. Tomorrow, I have to wake up early and do some of my stuff, if not job searching.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hanwei Energy Services is an Energy Rock!

I was really pleased yesterday as the TSX jump to more than 10 500 points! Last week, I received the 2008 Hanwei Energy Services Annual Report and Notice of Annual General Meeting of Shareholders.

While being at work, I began to read the 2008 Annual Report of Hanwei Energy Services. I like Hanwei Energy Services from the start, since I read about the company in The Investor 500, special issue, summer 2008 of Canadian Business.

The Letter to Shareholders of Fulai Lang, Chairman & CEO of Hanwei Energy Services begin like this: "2008 was a remarkable, historic period. In a 12-month span, we saw energy prices retreat from historic highs to multi-year lows as the global financial crisis wreaked havoc in the capital and commodity markets worldwide. While these reversals caused many companies to retrench or delay their business plans, Hanwei successfully advanced, reporting profitable top line performance and significant growth from all three operating segments."

Those are very good news for Hanwei shareholders like me. I own 300 stocks of Hanwei Energy Services. I am very glade to have those 300 stocks in my portfolio. Hanwei has activities in China: “In China, our primary market, energy demand is projected to continue its strong growth to a point when China will surpass the USA as the world’s largest consumer of energy.” But could it be the case? Could China surpass the USA in term of energy demand? It’s not that difficult to imagine, but when it will happen, Canada government will have to do much more for the environment. And not only Canada, but all countries of the world. But seem like China government is aware of the situation because according to Fulai Lang, the Chinese government is promoting green energy and had invested, in other, in wind energy with Hanwei Energy Services.

One of the reason I like Hanwei Energy Services is because the company is doing business in the green energy sector.

With all those great news surrounding Hanwei Energy Services, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Hanwei Energy Services stocks rise to… 2$ per stock lol. Funny… But see, HE value is currently of 1.75$ per stock. I believe that as soon as Hanwei Energy Services will declare more growth, there will be a point where the value of its stock may jump to 2$ and let’s wish it, even more.

Thining about green energy investment in my portfolio, we find Methanex and Creststreet Alternative Energy Fund. In the future, I am looking forward to earn more stocks of companies being involved, like Hanwei Energy Services, in the wind power and green energy sector. A lot of money can be done in those fields. You want to verify by yourself? Just check out the fantastic result of Creststreet Alternative Energy Fund. The 1 000$ I invest not even one year ago now worth 1 084$! Just incredible!

Hanwei Energy Services Fulai Lang Chairman closes its letter with those powerful worlds: “our future is very bright”.

Beautiful letter!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Another week begins… and I am officially a day-time job seeker!

I will begin my job search tomorrow. I had been talking about job searching for weeks! Now that June is in, I am officially beginning my job search. I don’t know which direction to take. I will probably begin by looking into regular job postings and if I cannot find from there, I will just begin to send my resume all over the place. It’s going to be fun lol. Somehow, I am quite exciting about it. Another job more money and more money mean Bell Aliant Regional Communications Income Fund (BA.UN) in my portfolio!

Time run out fast soo quickly. Just earlier today, I was feeling lost. I was thinking of all I have to do and I was feeling desperate. I begin to write down the things I need to do and I felt much better after that. I realize I didn’t have that much to do. I promise myself to not push too much on myself. If not, it’s in those times I begin to feel anxious and way too much tired. I can handle working at 3 different jobs at the same time, but I cannot handle blogging on my different blogs and be working at 3 jobs at the same time…

Anyway, I actually do not that much things to do. Just regular stuff that I wanted to do. I should probably have been done with all those before beginning my official job hunting period. But sometimes, it’s good to take a rest and do just whatever. And I had been through that “whatever” period. Done and completed.

The weather was again quitted cold today in Montreal. Too bad I didn’t have a great weather for my last free-time week.

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