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Friday, December 14, 2007

I just received a 50 cents augmentation at my second job

So for now on, instead of 9.50$, I am getting paid 10$ per hour. lol :)

What I used to like about that job it's that the hours were flexible. Right now, it's not the case, and I can only work there 2 days per week, only when I don't work at my other job. So I can only work 13 hours weekly, at 10$, which make 130$, minus taxes... It's make a little extra.

I paid a 900$ debt that I had in my TD credit lign, so any extra money is welcome, especially during Christmas.

I continue my search for the best investment for my RRSP. I also need to open an account at RBC, in order to buy the mutual funds that I want.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I desperately need more growing in my portfolio

In order to spice up my portfolio of mutual funds, I want to add more funds to my "collection". I just enjoy so much receiving the papers that the bank send, I believe it might be something like once every 3 months, about how well did the mutual funds

I put those papers in a luggage that I actually block, but if I continue like that, I might take the whole space of the luggage just in order to keep all those papers. I didn't buy a mutual funds in a long time and now I would like to, but for now, I have that 5 000$ for my RRSP that I need to take care of and it's exhausting me, all those searches. And since I don't make a fortune, I still need to keep sme money for my living. But I don' t expect doing to much expenses in December, because I decide to do so. I have a 900$ and something that I took from my TD credit lign and I expect to pay it all this month. I keep browsing the web by searching for "best investments for RRSP", but nothing come out. I found advisor talking about it, but they don't get to the point, they don't provide the name of any best investments at all. And it's really frustrating. See for example, an article of talking about the subject, having for title Selecting investments for RRSP, right on the topic and it's by James Yih. The article is interesting and everything, but it doesn't go to the point, it's doesn't even propose investments idea. I read many articles like that one over the Web and I am getting to the point where I am asking myself if there actually someone out there who actually know what they are talking about! Everyone talk about those best investments for RRSP, but no one actually names them. Could anyone just write about it? Or am I going to be the first one? Anyway, since I am not a professional, my advices don't really count. But do I really care? I am so use to do everything by myself. But at the same time, I am risking a lot here. I almost feel like I am risking my life. If I fail, what will I do if something bad happen and I find out I pick the wrong funds? Because it's only a matter of that for me. It's not even a matter of do-I-have-the-money-in-oder-to-invest but it's only a matter of choice. So far, I am doing ok, but only ok. I cannot say I am doing very well. I am just at a point right now where I would like to be able to do better, but I just can't.

Dreaming of retirement: Sticking to the plan

It’s so funny that at 27, the only thing I have in mind is to retire early. Some people could eventually not understand, but knowing what I pass through at different work places, I am still lucky to be mentally healthy lol. It will be the second year that I invest massively in my RRSP. I have the money waiting in bank. I now just have to pick the funds that will make me a rich old miss. Because in my mind, it’s all what it is about, it’s about picking the best investment, crossing fingers and just hope it will turn for the best, knowing I can wait for 20 years in order to retire.

Since I am currently working and its look like I might still have that job for the upcoming days… I begin my search for the best investments for my RRSP. I have a 5 500$ to invest, but I might just invest 5 000$. I plan to invest the major part in mutual funds. I get through the analysts pick of the MorningStar and I had pick the following so far:

RBC O'Shaughnessy US Value
TD Dividend Income – I
TD Entertainment & Comm – I
TD Monthly Income – I

And it’s about it for now. It’s look like I will mostly invest in TD mutual funds. From the experience I got in the past, I might no be able to invest in the mutual funds that I want. So I am looking at other alternatives in case I cannot get what I want, as usual.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Where all that money is coming from?

It's too bad, I way too much impress on my savings and on the return I got from my mutual funds. I have been working so hard for my money, from Monday to Sunday, week after week. It's hard to believe what I am able to do with not so much.

I am so close to reach my first 50 000$ goal now! If only I could make a little bit more than what I am having right now. My salaries varies from 9.50$ to 12$ and for 15$ for overtime. It's nothing much after taxes.

I will be able to invest 5 500$ in my RRSP this year after all

It's now my third week as a customer representative for a cell phone company. I have been through a too short 2 weeks training before beginning the job for real. Not that the job is that complicated, but there's a lot of things to learn and it's been a little bit hard on me since I didn't know anything about cell phone before I begin. Basically, the job is about answering customer calls and answers their request regarding the service they have for their cell phone.

The job pay 12$ per hour. Overtime is being paid 15$. I have been able to add my other job with that in my schedule. I did a lot of money during my 2 weeks period at the job as a customer representative because I have been able to work on a full-time at the 2 jobs at the same time. But only for 2 weeks. Once my regular hours came out from the cx representative job, I had hours all over the place, sometimes 10 am to 20 pm, other times 15 pm to midnight, etc... It's harder to put the second job in my schedule, but I hope to work at least 2 full-day per week at the second job, so I will be able to make at last 500$ after taxes. That's what my plan is about for now.

I will now be able to but that 5 500$ in my RRSP. I am currently looking for mutual funds and other in which I could invest that RRSP money.

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