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Monday, January 30, 2017

Enough of Muslims in Canada: will Justin Trudeau wake up?

I came back Friday from a one week vacation spent at Melia Jardines Del Rey located in Cayo Coco in Cuba. I had a good time. I will post my review about the Melia Jardines Del Rey later on. I won't forget to post pictures, I promise! But quickly, I can say that for a one week stay, we could only book 3 restaurants - but it was a common thing to see Quebeckers coming in without any reservation, gave cash money to the server to come in and eat meal that they were not entitle to. Totally disgusting Quebec shit at its best.

While I was facing a wonderful time, some people in New Brunswick had a real hard time. Some 28 000 residents still don't have electricity. Its very horrible. I put my mom in Montreal bus yesterday evening. When I hit back on, I was watching TV and I learned about the Quebec mosque shooting. Its a very sad even, I am not in favor of terrorism acts or murderer most of the time - the only time that I was "ok" with a murderer act was when the Charlie Hebdo event happen - anyone who draw the Virgin Mary with the legs wild open truly deserve to die and I won't ever tolerate any disloyal act against my religion. I am not in favor of opening our borders to Muslim. I am not in favor of welcoming Muslims in our country. This is a choice that had made the federal government and not the Canadians themselves. Don't ever believe that Muslim countries tolerate the invasion of other religions in their lands. So why should we act the opposite way and accept foreign religions to find roots in our blessed land? So we became as fuck as they are in their home country?

Let me make myself clear, I am not against immigration, I am in favor of good common sense. See, in Canada, we don't have a legislation that is strong enough to protect the interests of Canadians. An employer can decide of who he or she will hire. There's no law to govern employment. First, jobs must and should fill by Canadians and only if there's a need, than, an immigrant can come fill out an empty place. Its terribly hard for young Canadians and older to to find employment. Even at my workplace, they're many immigrants and many of them are not residents or not even Canadians. Those immigrants occupy jobs that could easily be fill by Canadians, even temporary jobs. But the employer doesn't care. Its all about money and nothing else. Hiring is done all over the place and without any judgment. And generally speaking, Quebec mass absolutely have no common sense or either good judgement.

And think seriously for a second. What happen Sunday, January 29 is very sad, but fact is, all terrorist offenses that happen in Quebec territory so far had been done by... Quebeckers. Quebec is a very sick society and the disease show up from time to time taking the form of corruption, crimes and terrorist actions.

As a good Quebecker, Justin Trudeau doesn't care either about the interests of Canadians. He's giving a good speech now, saying that Canada is willing to accommodate immigrants, no matter what their religion is. But what about us? Can we make sure that all Canadians willing to work can actually occupy a full-time job in their field?

We shouldn't have to worry about those kind of things but because our leader is incompetent, we have too. Muslim is just another problem that we have to deal with on top of everything else. Its a shame.

No one care. Justin Trudeau should work at making Canada great again.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

My first contribution in kind of the year... 2017

This past Friday, I proceed with my first TFSA contribution in kind of 2017. I took the shares of Park Lawn Corporation (PLC) and Andrew Peller Limited (ADW.A) that I was holding inside my non-registered account and have them transferred. I already had some ADW.A stocks in my TFSA, so it was "kind" of logic to have all ADW.A shares standing together in the same spot. With all those changes, my non-registered portfolio closed today session at $145 547.78.

I got stuck in a messy situation today. I received a call from my bank saying that my rent check didn't have enough fund... I totally forgot about my rent. I had proceed with a money transfer to my margin a couple days ago and I was real excitement because the amount was closed to 3k. Today incident make me think that this time is the good one.

This kind of things happen when you have no money at the bank. Its great to have a net worth of very close to $190 000, but it would be nice to have a couple thousands to show off and no more bank call please and no more stupid money problem.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Its time to proceed with new TFSA contribution in kind investments!

January is a great month for Canadian investors because it allow us to make a new contribution to our TFSA accounts. Investments made inside a TFSA are FREE OF TAXES. Which mean that the capital gain AND dividend earn inside a TFSA account are not tax, and will never be. For 2017, the TFSA contribution limit is of $5 500. Knowing how much I am pack of stocks inside my non-registered portfolio, no need to have new cash available to invest in my TFSA. 

What I like to do from time to time is call contribution in kind to my TFSA. A contribution in kind is when you take an investment from a non-registered account and transfer it to the TFSA. While doing so, when a stock is involved, the broker will ask if you want to invest at the lowest or highest value of the day. I never totally understand that question because at the end of the day, the stock price is fix. Anyway, proceeding with a contribution in kind is the easiest way to contribute to the TFSA when no fresh cash is available.

While doing a contribution in kind, there's a couple of things you need to watch out. The following is basically the TFSA contribution in kind "bible", so please enjoy and read carefully.

-Before proceeding with any contribution in kind, make sure you have contribution room left. If you exceed the amount you have left in contribution room for the TFSA, you'll pay very hard for your mistake. Its going to cost you money. You'll be very badly penalize, and you don't want that to happen because you are too sexy smart for that!

-If, inside the non-registered portfolio, if you have a margin account, you need to watch out carefully the loan value of the investment you think about switching over to the TFSA before doing the famous move. Because once the move is completed, your loan value left on the margin will drop. Personally, I try to only pick non-registered stock that have a low loan value.

-I like to pick non-registered stocks that are dividend payers.

-While proceeding with the contribution in kind over the phone with your broker to the curious question lower or highest level, I suggest to always ask for the lower value, that way, you'll have more room left to make even more investment inside the TFSA!!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The TSX begins the year in fire and so does Donald Trump

So far, 2017 start the right way. And its very strange because whenever I don't feel it right, the market react very often exactly on the opposite way. If the stock market would be a male, we wouldn't be sexually compatible. I would be left without a lover. Like not at all. On a more serious note, Donald Trump is in my opinion playing with fire and is provoking the leader of North Korea by publicly declaring that North Korea doesn't have the technology it take for their nuclear weapons to reach the US. It take a very incompetent leader to declare such thing. And it scare me to death because its now official like it never been before; Donald Trump is going to drive us crazy!! Its like a Third World War is on the making. Maybe North Korea won't be able to reach the US, but it could hit on South Korea or Japan.

For people of my generation, grandfathers, grandmothers lived the Second Word War. Our parents lived under Korean and Vietnam war, and now, what is coming up for people of my generation could be much worst. We could believe that after so many loses their lives and that we still carry  Syria is already devastated. It could take not that much to provoke a world conflict under Trump.

During the US election, I was mostly in favor of Donald Trump because I just couldn't stand the Clinton. And I taught that Donald Trump would had calmed down once he had the power in hand. Now Trump just keep pushing his luck and if he continues, he could provoked unprecedented conflicts. And he could even get killed.

What is wrong with Donald Trump?

Happy New Year 2017 Investors!

I happily welcome the year 2017. 2016 had been quite major for me. I am praying for a good 2017. 2016 mark my 10 year blog anniversary. After 10 years, its unfortunate, I begin to have quite an history of my own and I am slowly but certainly getting older even if age haven't broke in my skin yet. This being said, 2016 had been the year of the almost $200 000 net worth. I closed the year sitting on a pot of gold of $184 074.35.

In 2016, I realized how bad I can be as an investor - but not in every way. Whenever I try to play a quick buy-and-sell game to make money fast on the market, most of the time, it won't work. It was the case with SWY and my US gun stock SWHC. I cannot be good at everything. Since I began to invest in stock in 2008, my goal was to build a portfolio for the long run, with many many stocks that could take place as beautiful diamonds. This make 9 very long years of investing for the long run, its where my instinct work at its best. I don't make the greatest choices when I picked for the sort term, so I decided to flush on the short term right now and only have the long term in my mind for my 2017 investment brand new fresh year. 

Think about this. In a flash, back in 2014, my net worth was at $101 172.99. 2 years later in grow up to $184 074.35. I haven't invest much in 2016. I expect 2017 to be about the same in term of new investments for many reasons. Two of them would be to leave some money in my bank account for once and try to reduce my usage of margin. But even before paying down my margin, I would be very happy just to have a couple thousands in the bank.

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