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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Just like if we were in 2008 again

At $122 837.69, I guess my non-registered portfolio is doing well, knowing the stock market conditions we are in. From what I read, the Maple Group could acquire the TMX Group (X). Of course, no news of the when yet, but I am hoping for the end of the summer... I may get my $50 per share after all! Right now, the stock market is down. If the deal can be finalize anytime soon, it will be the perfect timing to buy some blue chips.

I am moving on June 1th in my old apartment. I am going to keep it all summer long. If it happens I stay in Montreal following my contract, I may try to find something cheaper. My rent is not exactly cheap. All included, but no Internet or either phone. I am close to everything, even work, and I don’t need a metro pass. A metro pass is something like $75 per month. My deal is not so bad after all because I don’t need, at least for the next couple months, to cover for transportation cost. 

I was surprised to find out, but my moving expensive, including my temporary stay in X residence in X street of Montreal, are all being covered my by self-employed work. Now, I just need to get paid. I had done pretty well on HubPages lately. I had received something like a $54 for last month result. If I can stop feeling tired, I will be on my way to write more article on HubPages and rank it up to the why not $100 per month if not more. But even there, it required writing hundred of articles... CRAZY.

The last 2 weeks had been so rough, moving from my X quiet city in New Brunswick to move in Montreal, getting that temporary X job... But at a point, I need to move forward right and stop feeling tired as I do now. Maybe I should just stop drinking after work...... I cannot cook here so I went for supper and got a beer with my meal and it basically finished me up. Just 2 days left before the week is finally over. I cannot wait. I am going to activate my cell this Friday and it will be it.

And guess what....... I have like a $500 I can invest right now. I am very tempted to add more of CNR stocks in my now famous portfolio. Right now is the perfect time to invest. It’s always very difficult to invest when the market is down, but it’s a big must. Focusing on blue chips that you can get at a bargain price should be among your top priority. I am willing to stop drinking lol and search for a part-time job to be able to invest just like in 2008. I am willing to do it all.

I know I talked about getting in some KEG.UN stocks in, but I am much more concern about my margin value. CNR has like a 70% in margin loan value. As for KEG.UN, I don’t know how much it is, but it’s certainly not 70%. But you know that I know, when it come to margin, the only 100% value is cash. Do I have money to pay down my margin? Nope. So it pretty much look like we are going to just keep feeding that baby of portfolio of mine. That’s kind of super hot cool.
I love cash, I need money.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Beyond Pop Up of Tom Wesselmann

My non-registered portfolio closed Friday session at a superb $124 128. I have below 15k left in margin money. I have exactly left $11 752.35, which is a bit dangerous. My preference goes over a 15k. Below that is quite dangerous. When I am under the impression, I simply transfer my 5k credit line value over the margin. Following what, it makes a 16k. This only shows how difficult the market is. Holding a margin in a broker account can be a pain in the a**. You should be smarter than me and just avoid. PLEASE.

My portfolio is down a little, but still, while exceeding the 120k, I remain happy, especially in those market conditions. I had spent a week at my new temporary job. I am going through it I guess, but I wonder what will happen next, will I move back to New Brunswick or am I going to stay in Montreal, should I seek for a summer part-time job, what do I do, etc, etc. etc… With all those, I am having a hard time to sleep at night. I never hard problem to sleep before, really just occasionally and I don’t even remember the last time it happen to me. Also, I am going to move again on June 1th, that time in my old apartment… I am a moving specialist. I had moved around so many times in my life. Did it always worth it? I will say yes ok. Because it had giving me the possibility to save a lot, no matter what. Of course, moving is costly, but worth it if well managed and there’s always plenty of ways to make money. 

Today, I went at an exhibition, Beyond Pop Up of Tom Wesselmann at the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Montréal and it was really cool. 

Gentlemen, if you go see Beyond Pop Up of Tom Wesselmann, you are going to see why us women have it all and most importantly, you’ll experiment the natural power of the woman naked body at its best, I am telling you. It’s pop erotic art, in a certain way. Sexual, but not insensibly, still good for all public, I guess. It was fun. Montreal Museums were free all day long today. I only quickly went to the Musée des Beaux-Arts. I had been busy lately with my freelance, I am praying to be paid, and that’s the worst part of it. Of not knowing if a payment will  be made. Could be, could be not. What a mess of life. 

I am still looking forward to add a few stocks of KEG.UN stocks in my fabulous portfolio. It will be a nice addiction since I don’t hold anything in term of restaurant.

Yesterday I walked around to the Plaza St-Hubert.

I also went to Outremont. You’ll notice the student red square in front of some apartments. Outremont is a beautiful neighborhood. 

It’s full of Jewish people who dressed in a strange and very conventional way. I don’t know how their men can stand walking close to me while wearing a skirt. I may not be sexual enough lol. See, I may have some problem to sleep but I haven’t lost my sense of humor yet. Maybe it’s the room that is too big. I am use to small crappy place, not a HUGE bedroom. Well, soon, I will be back in my small one and a half apartment.

Can someone tell me what am I doing in Montreal? Why I am here anyway? Just for 18 weeks of work? WAKE UP U BITCH.


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Nikita in the Old Montreal

You will never be able to guess what happen to me yesterday! I was walking around the Old Montreal on St Paul Street, close to St-François-Xavier intersection and I saw Denis Gagnon wearing his super glasses and riding a bike. It was quite funny knowing how many times I had exposed his dresses through my Staree account. What I am doing is pretty simple; I post on Staree every single picture that is stored on my computer and in exchange, Staree is giving me a few bucks... 

A place where I had been doing well lately is on HubPages. I know, there’s a bunch of my crazy articles post on there BUT it’s all going very well. Nothing to live on, but a nice extra income. I am currently at $77 and the month is not even over. I made $40.79 last month and this month so far a $37. It’s really possible to generate an interesting income from HubPages if you are willing to put time and money in it. There’s a monthly payout as soon as you reach $50.

And in case you wonder, Denis Gagnon is quite skinny and not very tall. He wears his hair, black with a bit of grey, in a ponytail. If it wouldn’t be of his famous glasses, I wouldn’t have recognized him. I had my iPod, but felt it wasn’t really appropriate to shoot him out because he had noticed I was over-looking at him lol. So I continue my way. But I promise to be a bit more provocateur next time. One man I used to see a lot around is Michel Tremblay. I also saw Daniel Bélanger once and also Rick Genest. It’s about all of the celebrities I saw in Montreal while walking around.

That was for the most exciting part. I had spent the last 2 days in the beautiful Montreal weather. Today, it’s unfortunately raining.

I survived my first day at my new job. It went ok but I just cannot understand why they are taking the time to train someone just for a couple of months. There are many things to be learn. Anyhow, I am getting a few months of full-time work at a good salary, which is enough to cover my unemployment later on. It’s the only way I can go through this without panicking. I don’t really have any regrets. I hope to fill in my portfolio with new dividend investments really soon! I want KEG.UN, among other.

My freelance thing is going on very well. I had completed my first assignment yesterday and I am looking forward to continue that way all summer long. :0) I could possibly do a living from that, my dividend income and other online income, but its too soon to tell.

I am very pleased with my investment portfolio. My non-registered is at $124 558.84, quite an interesting amount of money. Facebook (FB) went from $38 to what, was it really $31 that I saw? I really wanted to get in Facebook IPO but my purchase order never went through... Was it a great thing? Oh yes. 

Our JFT Strategic Fund (JSF.UN) has no margin loan value at TD Waterhouse. So far, JSF.UN is stable in its value. I cannot wait to see how the fund will go in the upcoming weeks. Me the under-employment girl, I want to make a fortune out of Jean-François Tardif. Will it work? What will happen? Will TD Waterhouse finally wake up and provide a margin value to the JFT Strategic Fund (JSF.UN)? I am expecting such intelligent act coming from TD Waterhouse. 

I have a few pictures of the Old Montreal I could show you. I will post them later on..

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Hellooo Montreal!

I left New Brunswick for Montreal yesterday. I arrived late in the night. My bus ticket didn’t cost me a penny. Acadian Lines strike finally end. They are offering free transportation to EVERYWHERE and ANYWHERE until Wednesday. I save a good $100 bucks right there and I was very pleased because guess what, I spent the day walking around downtown and yep..... I did some shopping.I spent $188.11 today on all kind of stuff: groceries, water, a plate and bowl, stuff to cook my food...... I also got a new pair of sandals. I used to have a black pair of Columbia ones, but they began to hurt my feet and I began to have blisters... So I purchased a similar pairs for about $60 and felt much better.  

I spent close to the $900 so far, that number included my stay until the end of May in my special X accommodation someplace in Montreal... Try to find me if you can. I don’t like to see those heavy expenses. But following what, it will be pretty smooth. I won’t even need a metro pass, my workplace is close to where I am right now and it will be close to where I used to live before. I am renting a room until I can get back my apartment in June. The room is the biggest one I ever slept in. It’s bigger than my one and half apartment that is waiting for me. It’s bigger than my bedroom in New Brunswick. It’s big big big lol. 

Once I get out of here, I will post you the name of where I am currently staying. It will give you a good summer accommodation reference if you plan to visit Montreal this summer. Cheap and good places can be hard to find. I would have liked to find cheaper but didn’t, as I need a closed room for my luggage. Here they are, very big and heavy.

Taxi drivers must HATE me. LOL.

I was surprised to see how hot the weather is in Montreal. Back home, I was freezing. I had to open the electric bases to stay warm... Forget about all that here! I am not used to the heat and almost felt like suffocating, but then I went to the mall and felt better. That heat is quite surprising.

Just a few hours ago, I was walking on St-Catherine and I saw a crowd of people! I got so scared. But I got scared for nothing... It was a pacific walked for a Church or something like that. Those Quebeckers like to protest in the streets, whether it’s for the love of God or the love of.... education? 

Whatever it is, the protesters scared me to dead. I am walking around with me two feet so I could face protesters at anytime. I got a metro pass for 7 days, a luxury I wanted to treat myself with. The 7 days only start tomorrow so I look pretty dumb in the metro today and I also took the wrong line. I was sleepy. But I wanted to do the shopping today because tomorrow, I guess the stores are closed right. And also tomorrow, I am waiting for another freelance assignment. And no, I won’t tell you what it is. You’ll have to take a very wild guess.

Just before I left for New Brunswick, I met a friend of mine who’s about to leave for Nova Scotia. It’s pretty funny because all the people of my age living in my area are leaving. I left yesterday, and she’s leaving in late August to complete her bachelor degree. She may be interested in my car. If I am lucky, I may be able to sell my car very quickly. I would like her to get it because it’s a good reliable Toyota car. The car itself is old, 2002, but insurance are cheap and she may be able to keep the car for a couple of years. If she doesn’t buy it, I am keeping the car. I love my bazou! But don’t expect to see me driving my Toyota car here in Montreal.

So it’s all going super fine. My job should allow me to save some money, even if I spent closed to 1k so far. And not to forgive my freelance work. I got something new started very recently and I would like to have it work, just like I would have loved to spend the summer in New Brunswick. Maybe moving for not even 6 months of full-time work doesn’t worth it, but its more than enough to cover my ass for unemployment next year. See what I mean? It’s all about uncle Harper.

What happen is that everything worked out at the same time. I don’t regret my moved, just that I would have preferred to stay in New Brunswick. Do I have the right to say that? If you had been a long time reader, you already know that this blogger life is chaotic. But it is really mine? Was it really meant to be that way? I have the right to riposte. F U life.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Friday, May 18, 2012

I want Facebook stocks. Or should I say I wanted some Facebook stocks

Its been a crazy day. I wake up on time for the market opening. I wanted to get some Facebook (FB) stocks. Facebook stocks became available a couple of hours after the market opening. I was in front of my laptop when Facebook stocks became available BUT I wasn't able to buy any FB stocks. I was placing my buy order properly, but I was receiving errors message. I try for an hour or 2, and without result, I gave up. I was getting tired and I was very annoyed.  My goal was to do a quick buy-and-sell move with Facebook today, but the f buy order never go through.  The stock reached $45 at its highest and close at almost $38.

I kinda of hate TD Waterhouse right now.

Brokers were not able to deal with the huge demand. If all BUY orders of retail investors like myself would had go through, Facebook could had reached $50 per stock during the day. Brokers suck and their CEO are getting paid millions of dollars. TD Waterhouse is no exception. TD was not able to deliver. That's the bottom line.

Following what, I completed an assignment for my new freelance job. I would had liked to received something else for this weekend, but nothing else came because since I am new, my work is going under review and blablabla. Do I need money? Oh yeah. Review as long as you want but give me some cash.

Also today, the JFT Strategic Fund (JFS.UN) of Jean-François Tardif came to live!  Unit close the session at $9.88, which is close to the purchase price of $10. Not too bad. But the Vice Presidents of TD Waterhouse are soo wonderfully dumb that they haven't give a loan value to the JFT Strategic Fund. This mean that this investment is not adding up to my margin value - which kind of suck.

I am moving to Montreal this Sunday. I am almost moving ready. Just a few months of work ahead but hey, after I will be under unemployment for 2 f years or almost. Uncle Harper is kind of a bad guy. He's under his way to modify unemployment benefit rules. Uncle Harper think that I am going to accept whatever job when I had paid super huge taxes on my income.

F U Stephen Harper. This is my finger.

Facebook (FB) will enter the market at 11 Eastern Time

Its official, Facebook (FB) will begin to trade at 11 Eastern time...

JFT Strategic Fund (JFS.UN) had started the session and is now at $9.80 per unit. There's no loan value for my margin associated with JFS.UN at this point.

Exciting day, isn't?

Globe and Mail live coverage of Facebook IPO

Right here. Someone said that Facebook will start trading at 11 this morning.... True or not? I don't know.

JFT Strategies Fund (JFS.UN) start today!

Jean-François Tardif had raised $120 million with his super JFT Strategies Fund (JFS.UN). Its going to hit the market today!!! It seem like the fund is not going to pay any dividend. So why holding JFT Strategies Fund (JFS.UN)? ... its in the hope that Jean-François Tardif will make be richer than what I am now. :)

Happy Friday!

You want to purchase some Facebook (FB) stocks this morning? You can, but don't place an order now before the opening

This is what TD Waterhouse has to say about Facebook birth delivery lol:

Facebook Inc. (FB) expected to begin trading Friday May 18, 2012
We anticipate that Facebook Inc. (Symbol: FB) will commence trading on the NASDAQ stock market starting Friday May 18, 2012. Please note the following:
  • Due to a U.S. regulatory rule, market orders submitted before the stock officially opens and has been traded will be rejected
  • If you elect to place an order prior to the stock trading on the exchange, it will need to be a limit order
  • The first trade could occur as early as 9:30 a.m. ET, but could also take place later in the morning (LATER IN THE MORNING???? Facebook is telling us: catch me if you can!)
  • If you access a quote for Facebook Inc. prior to the stock trading on the exchange, the bid and ask will display as “zero.”
Further information will be provided if necessary or available.

Thank you TD Waterhouse :)

I am expecting to buy some Facebook stocks for $500 this morning.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Margin call or survey call coming from TD Waterhouse?

I received a call today and I was barely listening because I was eating at the same time, but I heard “TD Waterhouse”... at that point, I taught I was receiving a margin call. For a few seconds, my world, once again, was upside down... I kept listening, and I heard “survey”. It was a short one, wasn’t? 

If TD Waterhouse wants to make me happy they have to cancel their RRSP fee (under 25k it’s like $150 or $100 a year!!), they have to give the margin value in real time with the rest of the portfolio, they have to remove their one withdraw rule regarding the TFSA.

At TD Waterhouse, you can withdraw from the TFSA only once every year, which really s*ck. If you withdraw from the TFSA more than one time, you’ll be paying a F penalty. Is that supposed to be acceptable? NO, it’s not.

TD Waterhouse has a lot of things to learn and a lot of things that need to be improved. However, their brokers have nice sexy voices and I always LOVE to hear male brokers. Kind of my thing :)

Also, TD Waterhouse, lower your interest rate on your margins. Then, I promise, I will be happy, for once.

JFT Strategies Fund by Jean-François Tardif

My 2k for my investment made in the JFT Strategies Fund had been withdraw yesterday. The settlement date is this upcoming Friday, May 18, 2012..... So you know what this mean right? It mean that Friday, it will be tadammmmmmm.... Jean-François Tardif will be back where it belong! To the the belove stock market and publicly. And I hope Tardif will never leave ever again.

The gorgeous is sooooo extraordinary smart. I prepared to caash in big later on. The rules for selling the JFT Strategies Fund are really specific. First time I had deal with selling rule was with the Sprott Canadian Equity Fund. The investment made in the Sprott Canadian Equity Fund needs to be hold for at least 6 months. If you sell before, there's a penalty. Investing in mutual funds through a broker is extremely annoying because at the time of the sell, the broker keep a percentage of the sale...

I will make sure to be in front of my laptop for the market opening ok and I will be celebrating with a glass of... beer lol. All the wine had been drunk, there's nothing left. Living on a budget is not always easy, but may try to do an exception.... I need a bottle and instead of drinking my usual instead coffee (because instead is cheaper), I will be drinking a fruité white wine. :0)

I hope you guys will drink something tasty for the occasion at 9:30 in the morning (10:30 for me).
My mom will probably say something but I will just say we are celebrating something. And following what I will be drunk alllllllll dayyyyyyyyyy.

I don't feel as heartbreaking today. At least, Jean-François Tardif is going to make me rich....

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Montreal, here I come

I had received some very good dividend payment today. With my DRIP that been cancelled, I can enjoy the cash. I am trying to decrease my margin a bit. I had applied a 1k from my own money. The stock market is not doing that well, but personally speaking, I am doing better. I got another freelance job. Its interesting, but there's a lot of documentation that I need to read. I read it all, but I will need to do another reading. Its a bit complicated. After a first try, it should be all right. I am looking forward to begin by tomorrow.

On top of what, I am leaving for Montreal this upcoming Sunday. I began to put things aside for packing. I also took care of several things. All a lot of work. I had moved so many times in my life, but each and single time, its a pain. Soooooo many things. Like my car, my insurance, etc... oh lala. AND my credit line at RBC. Its about to get resolve, but its all little things like that who had been taking my time. I am enjoying a few days left to do some more paintings and give my new freelance gig a try.

Problem being, everything is happening at the same time and on top of that, the TSX is under the 12 000 points.... CRAZY. I cannot wait for the JFT Fund to hit the market. Its going to be on Friday :)

Friday, May 11, 2012

$125 318 and a few pennies

Look at the lovely summer dress I just bought! Very pretty, don’t you think so? I am leaving very soon for Montreal. I am pretty much all set. And best of all, I am going back in my old apartment where I used to live when I left Montreal in September 2011. My accommodation problem is resolved. I am staying in a University residence for 12 days in X University somewhere located in Montreal lol.;0)

I took the cheapest accommodation I could find and in result, I am leaving exactly 2 days before beginning my job. I would had liked to go earlier but at $34 per night (it’s cheap, I know, but I am really on a budget), I decided to do a last minute thing. I will have at least a day to do my nails and visit Montreal. What I plan to do is to take a part-time summer job so I can save more cash for once I will be back under unemployment. 

It’s a chance to have those credit cards. I had paid around $400 for my temporary stay at the student residence and I had to pay $300 in front as a security deposit to get my old apartment back. Does it worth it, to go to Montreal just for a temporary position? Well, it worth it in my case. It’s not like I have many years of experience and I prefer to take whatever present to me, especially while it’s something related to my field and especially knowing the workplace conditions. It will also give a good work reference if it goes well because let forget about my late employer ok, I am suing them in court. I know what you are thinking and please, just stop thinking. It’s about my extraordinary life here so calm down. 

I know Montreal quite well so it’s not like I am moving to a place I don’t know. I am getting a 16 week for sure of labor, enough to make my unemployment for next year I guess but I don’t know for sure how it work. But what I know for sure is that my investment portfolio is performing very well. The TSX is under the 12k points, but my non-registered portfolio is at a very good $125 318.13. Yesterday, I closed the session at 124k+. I have more than $14 000 left on my margin. Very soon, a 2k will go to cover my new investment in the JFT Strategies Fund. I already injected in cash a 1k in my margin. I need to add on another 1k by May 18. I really need to have a around a 15k value left in cash in my margin. The best will be to have a 20k left to keep it safer, especially in those very hard market conditions. I kind of having no choice than to seek for part-time work when I hit back Montreal or I will have to limit my purchases.

Thank you

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