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Monday, March 3, 2008

Diversify, diversify, diversify……..

I had post a thread in Canadian Business Forum, which title was Mutual funds and bank bankruptcy: is there a risk?

I invest quite a lot in mutual funds offer by major Canadian bank. But always a fear remains: loosing my money. And not loosing it because of a recession or because of natural ups and down of stocks, loosing it because of another reason. And than came the idea of “bank BANK-ruptcy” lol or something else. But my first taught was bank bankruptcy because I had read in the forum that CIBC could face bankruptcy or something similar to that. Anyway, my only fear is to loose money in something similar that some small investors, who could have been myself, had live with Vincent Lacroix and other lost personalities of Quebec finance. I read quite a bit on those. Never from my life I want to loose my money in such a way.

So, I ask in my own little words if there was a risk of losing money if it happens that a bank declared bankruptcy. It might be seen like a stupid question to ask, but I just post it anyway. But I was happy that I did, because I learn interesting things. I got good responses. I am not scared of looking stupid, the only thing I am scared is about loosing money, but not loosing money because of ups and downs of the market. By loosing money in another way.

Anyway, from what I understand, GIC and money being in bank are safe if they are secured under CDIC. For savings and GIC, I am probably ok. Regarding mutual funds, the money remain mine since it’s money invest in stocks and not into the bank itself. And it’s make it more appealing now to buy stocks. I might start a thread on the really basic stuff about buying stocks. It’s seemed like the most important things of life haven’t been explained to me.

The reason I only invest in mutual fund offer by major Canadian bank is I believe it’s saver to invest through a bank than from a private institution, not to name them. The only way to be sure that my money is put at safe is to invest my money in different funds offer by different banks, and diversify, diversify, diversify…


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