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Sunday, April 20, 2008

I now have an account with TD Waterhouse

It wasn’t that difficult to open an account with TD Waterhouse. It was not difficult at all. But the funniest part was when the girl asks me what I wanted to do with the account. I told her I wanted to buy one stocks of all of the above (I had my list I show her). Than, she tried to understand me, saying that it will cost me 29$ for each stock I buy. I didn’t provide more information on why I wanted to buy one single share of each. I wanted to open the account as quickly as possible. I told her I wanted to open the account on today, and that I had previously had purchases GIC and mutual funds with TD, and that I now wanted to purchase stocks.

Is it that difficult to understand?

One thing, TD Waterhouse has no connexion with the regular TD. When I presented my TD card, she told me she didn't need it, that she couldn't access it. That kind of information is always good to know.

I had a problem, like I don't have any Quebec ID. I couldn't find my license. And let say it, I don't want any Quebec ID. I don't like being here. Quebec is the worst province of Canada. So I told her I had invest in RRSP in Quebec with TD this year, and that she could verify my TD account if she wanted. But she told me she couldn't access to that account.

After she was done with her questions, everything went fast. And it was so quick that the girl at TD Waterhouse didn’t even present herself to me, she never told me her name. Wow.

Anyway, I don’t care, my account is now open, but I cannot access it via Internet yet. TD is too slow.

It was really easy to open a brokerage account. No appointment need, as I already had an account with TD for investments. I just need to present myself to a TD Waterhouse with 2 pieces of ID. From the date the account is creating, I had to wait 2 business days. And than, I call their IT team that have another name to combine both account – TD Waterhouse and regular TD. When I call, they also provide a password, which is a temporary password to buy and sell stocks. I only call this late Friday night, so the combination should be ready by Wednesday. I proceed with a first 4 000$. The only thing is that anywhere between the one to 1 000 shares, it cost 29$ per operation of that type. But I don't mind. I will buy and hold forever.

Once both accounts will be combined in one, I will be able to register to eService. That way, I won’t have any fees, and I will avoid the inactivation fees.

I just cannot wait for next Wednesday.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

I finally got what I wanted with TD

I went back to TD yesterday. I finally was able to get the funds that I wanted. I invest 100$ in each of them, except for one, in which I invest 200$. I was really happy. And after what, I went to work. So in date of today, I am done with my 2007 RRSP and I am quiet tired, running all over the places for my investments. I got a cold and I have been sick. It's the reason why I wasn't happy at all when the advisor told me I will have to come back on yesterday for my mutual funds. But my hard time is finally over.

I believe I have made great choices. I invest in a mix of GIC and mutual funds. I didn't want to put everything in mutual funds. I wanted to have money put in risk free investment because I don't benefit of a pension plan of any employers. And since I also have money put in mutual funds as non RRSP investment, I wanted to put money in a capital guarantee type investment.

Last year, I try segregated fund with Manuvie. 2 of my segregated fund (on 5) had made well. I had invested in those because a couple of them are 100% risk free investment, other 75%. I was anxious last year about putting money in mutual funds for my RRSP, but not anymore, since I now understand more what it's all about.

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