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Sunday, May 31, 2015

My new $10 000 credit line at Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CM)

I already wrote about this one, a few days ago, I received a call from a CIBC representative saying I was pre-approved for a credit line. I went to a CIBC branch to have it open. Without having to even ask for it, I got a brand new $10 000 credit line, just like that, at an interesting interest rate compare to the other credit stuff I have. The interest rate is less than 7%. Fine with me. No credit check was required, so why not. 

Glentel Inc. (GLN) is now out of my portfolio for good and doesn't exist on the TMX anymore. I had received cash for all of my GLN stocks in both my TFSA and non-registered account. And of course, like usual when I have money available, I am thinking of my next investments. Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CM) itself doesn't seem as a bad choice. CM stocks are super expensive, but its yield of 4.59% is not leaving me indifferent. I am still thinking of my old crush Northland Power Inc. (NPI). Another cool stock seem to be Brookfield Infrastructure Partners LP (BIP.UN) on which Gordon Pape hugely publicized in the recent past weeks. Other than Gordon Pape, BIP.UN seems to be an interesting investment.

For now, my 2 top picks for my TFSA are: Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CM) and Northland Power Inc. (NPI). I should hurry up and place my investment orders, but I didn't do nothing since received cash for my GLN shares.

I am currently waiting for my JFT Strategies Fund (JFS.UN) investment to hit on the $2 500 value so I can sell some units and bring on a $500 cash, like I did in the past. However, this is not going to happen anytime soon. I was curious to see what the investment manager of JFS.UN, First Asset Investment Management Inc. have to offer. And I find this page interesting. One of the most profitable EFT presents on that page is First Asset Morningstar National Bank Québec Index ETF (QXM). QXM is a five stars Morningstar EFT. Its management fee is only of 0.50%. Its surprising, but QXM is one that brought in most of cash since its inspection and on a one year. But when looking at the holding, I see a lot of stuff that I don't like: Yellow Pages, Dorel, Power Financial, SNC Lavalin... No thanks. I pass. NEXT.

I am not in a hurry to invest because I am not exactly sure of what I want. I cannot mess  up with my next investments. I think CM will be my next investment in my TFSA. I will announce when it will be finally done.

For June - that is tomorrow... my rent is getting increased of a $10, making it to $635. I am really not very happy about it.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Tell me how many credit cards you hold, and I will tell who you are, even if you are a cheap Tequila girl

Those Canadian banks are always ready to make money on the back of poor people. When they are not looking to increase the interest rate of your credit line for no reason like did to me RBC Royal Bank a few years ago - or even worst - they offer you credit line when you did not even ask for one. Never mind, you are pre-approve dude! Ohh yeahh. But does that make any sense at all? Nope!

Credit cards, credit lines, name them, I love them all, especially at low interest rates. I am the perfect example of the typical very nice girl next door who only have to play of her sexy lashes to have all bankers of Montreal downtown throwing money at her with all sort of credit cards and credit lines, you can barely imagine.

Here is what look my credit portfolio:

X credit card with a credit card limit:  $2 600
X credit card with a credit card limit: $7 000
X credit card with a credit card limit: $5 000
X credit line with a credit line limit: $5 000
X credit card with a credit card limit: $500
X credit line with a credit line limit: $15 000
X credit card with a credit card limit: $11 300
X credit line with a credit line limit: $10 000

Best of all, I hold an invisible debt - my margin account debt - $66 000 - doesn't appear on any credit score. Its magic. And I have $17 000 of that magic left to be spend.

I  am currently holding on to $139 000 in term of credits, which is a one thousand more than my annual income for 2014... Is it being consider normal by banks in Canada to hold the equivalent of one year of salary before taxes in credit junk? Unfortunately, yes it is. And they are the ones who need to be blame for the sometime too high level of debt hold by young people.

But this is not the worst.

No matter what is being said about Canada, our beautiful country is corrupted all around. Another example of corruption in Canada is the extreme high cost of university education. Those who decided to enroll in those extremely expensive learning programs can only be a bunch of dummies. Still, its completely immoral to see that happening. University staff are just as corrupted as Stephen Harper government

Education is out of reach, and employment is out of reach too... We lost thousands and thousands of job in April. But during that time university staff keep their big paycheque deep inside their pockets.

Another matter of corruption is the too high cost of housing - especially in cities like Vancouver and Toronto. And guess who make huge bucks from that type of corruption? Banks. The same bank that is now offering me a credit line at less than 7% is also highly involved in the mortgage market.

I have an annual income salary of less than 60k, I have a net worth less than 200k, but no matter what, the Canadian Imperial Bank Of Commerce had approved me for a credit line... Don't you see that there's something wrong here? I would like to see Canada being on top of everything but here like in too many places worldwide, our system is all fuck up. We are not better. And I am a credit junkie.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

I am getting the star treatment at CIBC

A couple of weeks ago, if you remembered, I had received a call from a representative of RBC Royal Bank, asking me to review my account with them. I declined their offer because a few years ago, for no reason at all - and no sign of change with the prime rate - RBC decided to increase the interest rate of a credit line that I had with them and that I was using. I only had a small balance and had several thousands in investment with RBC Royal Bank at the time, but no matter what, a decision was made to increase the interest rate. And in result of course, as you may already know the story, I sold all of the investments I had with the no class bastards and I quickly paid of my credit line. I stop using my RBC credit line, as well as my RBC credit card. For me, RBC Royal Bank mean nothing at all, if not only shit.

I had a very bad experience with RBC Royal Bank, but fortunately enough, its not every bank in Canada that like to treat the Dividend Girl like a real piece of shit. I am not repeating myself with my old dying stories like you may think, but I am coming to it. I had received a call from a CIBC representative. That one wanted to give me a credit line at a very low interest rate, something like 6.25%. So I told myself, why not? After that, my idea is to withdraw all of the credit I hold, all of the credit lines and credit cards I have, put the cash in a suitcase and fly to the in deep jungle of Vietnam where no one could find me. Of course, this is a joke, but... LOL.

I want to take advantage of the CIBC offers just to show off. After all, it won't cost me anything and it will be there in case of needs, just like the thousands of other dollars I have in credit at my disposal. CIBC bank did the right thing, they decided to treat me like a princess and you know what, they are totally right about it.

Glentel Inc. (GLN) is no longer trading on the stock market, but the stocks still appear in my online portfolio, but with the mark of an * so I guess it mean something is pending. I had been thinking of new investments to take over the left place - and why not CIBC? After all, Canadian Imperial Bank Of Commerce (CM) pay a good 4.4% dividend yield distribution to its investor. I may invest in CM inside my non-registered portfolio. I am pretty sure that CIBC has a very good loan margin value. Maybe even 80% and I do need high margin value stock like that inside my non-registered portfolio.

And for my TFSA, to take the place of Glentel Inc. (GLN), I am still thinking. Maybe BIP.UN, but I don't know yet.

Monday, May 18, 2015

A small investor (me) facing rough choices: to save money or to invest it?

For once in a very long time, I left a $1 000 in my banking online savings account. That way, I won't have to pay and repay that $2.95 banking monthly fee. Banking fees can be really annoying, especially when you have that huge investment portfolio and have barely nothing at all in savings... The reason behind is the little money I have at my disposal, I am a small investor. I need to choose between saving and investing, and every single times, its my investor mood that win. But not this time. Investing in stocks is highly addicting.

I hope not to pay for banking fees ever again. I would like to have another 2k left in cash there just in case of needs. I don't know if banks with no monthly fee exist in Canada, but from what I know, the best checking accounts you can get is probably with Desjardins - or like I have - with the Caisse populaire acadienne, the best checking account for the fee. Having still my banking account in New Brunswick is my way to stay somewhat connected and to give a bit of my business to my homeland.

In 2 days, Glentel Inc. (GLN) will be acquired by BCE and I will be cashing in some $$$. This will leave me with a bit more than 2k inside my TFSA to reinvest. I am facing the same dilemma that one of my reader who asked by email what could be good investments for a TFSA. At first, I was thinking about investing - again - in the JFT Strategies Fund (JFS.UN). The fund performs well, no doubt about it, but its not a dividend payer in a regular basis and believe it or not, I need cash.

So I am now in the same situation that my reader, I am looking for a good growth dividend stock that will pay me a nice income to add up to my current dividend distribution. And when you already hold everything that I could imagines as good investment, its not easy to make a choice. I am searching for a grandpa stock - really save even if nothing is save when it come to stock - and a 4% dividend yield.

Currently, Bank of Montreal (BMO) with its 4.137% dividend yield could be a good stock pick.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Finally getting rid of Glentel Inc. (GLN) in my non-registered and TFSA portfolios

"FINALLY" is by far the most perfect word. I am too often an impulsive investor. But I only hope to become better while aging. After all, this hot chick will be turning 35 sometime in August. I like to invest in whatever announced a special dividend like the cutest rabbit. I invest in whatever BEFORE a stock split announcement, acquisitions... I adore. Nice, but sometime, following an announcement, it take a long time before a deal is being closed. And its been the case with Glentel Inc. (GLN). However, on May 20, the deal is supposed to be closed. I should received my money soon, May 20 if I got it right. I will be cashing in close to 4k.

This is very good news because I had enough of holding Glentel Inc. (GLN) in my TFSA and non-registered portfolio. In my non-registered portfolio, the sell of GLN will help to decrease my margin usage. As for the TFSA, the money will be reinvest. In what? I don't know yet.

Good Canadian dividend payers are common, its just a matter of doing the right pick.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

A smart choice for investors: The North West Company Inc. (NWC)

Lou Schizas recently review a stock that I own, The North West Company Inc. (NWC), and the review is quite positive. So if you are looking for a great company that pay a decent dividend, NWC could be the right pick for you.

I had been holding JFT Strategies Fund (JFS.UN) in my portfolio since its early beginning and for this investment, I had decided to sell of some shares as soon as I hit on the $510 in profit. I had been able to successfully sell off some units at $510 one time since I had been holding JFS.UN. And I am patiently waiting for the second time. With the summer coming in a hurry, it would be nice to have a few hundreds extra to cover my expenses. I would be more in need of a 2k rather than just a $500, but hey, its how it goes. Currently, I am at $230 in profit with my JFT Strategies Fund (JFS.UN) investment. It shouldn't be

I still have a $19 000 in TFSA contribution room left, which is a shame. I selected a few stocks that I hold inside my non-registered portfolio that I can use for a contribution in kind for my TFSA. They are: 

 Black Diamond Group Ltd (BDI)
Toronto-Dominion Bank (TD)
TMX Group Inc. (X)
Crescent Point Energy Corp (CPG)
Emera Inc. (EMA)

After that, I don't see any other investments that I could switch over to my TFSA - so I will be getting a break from contribution in kind. And maybe a break from investment. With summer coming in, my expenses went up - on all kind of stuff from clothes to sunscreen and so on. CIBC Visa had sent me a 0% percent credit card balance transfer offer - but there's a catch - a 1%. However, I don't want to increase my debt level and I plan to slow down on my expenses for a little while. After all those years of investment after investment and more and more stock purchases, I am no longer the extra efficient saver that I used to be. I guess Quebec corrupted me. But in a way, my purchases were most of them needed, t-shirts and just a few summer clothes. A new pair of running shoes because the old ones gave me blisters - I have the most sensible feet of the word. What else can I say? could I really say no to a new mascara? NO.

Anyway, my next big thing is to save a $1 000 in my banking account. I never leave any balance in there and for a change, I would like to leave a little something so my banking fee will be free. Its kind of funny to switch from investing to saving. I hold close to $150 000 in net worth, but this girl have nothing that stay in her banking account. Emergency fund is not my style either way, but it's fully needed. Its not because I hold a stock portfolio that I don't need an emergency fund. I would like even a $2 to $5 000 to cover myself in case of need. 

Its about all I need right now, a bit more cash for savings.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

RBC Royal Bank: stay away from these idiots

A few days ago, I received a call from an RBC Royal Bank representative. It was regarding that letter I received from them, saying that they wanted to review my account with them. Three years ago, RBC decided - over no reason - to increase the interest rate on my credit lines. At that time, I had a small balance on the credit line. Bank of Canada did not increase its prime rate in the past probably 5 years if not more. But no matter what, RBC Royal Bank came with that idea to increase the interest rate on my credit line, and that being for no reason at all. I was always paying the credit line on time. 

Also at the time, I had several thousands invested in different RBC mutual funds. So why in the world RBC target me for an increased of a credit line that I had been holding for several years now? I try to get that decision reversed. I visit my RBC Royal Bank, I call RBC, but nothing move in my favor.

Oh yeah? Really? Treating my like a shit slave did not serve any of RBC Royal Bank interests because I had decided to stop using my RBC credit line - I pay it off as quickly as possible. As for the mutual funds invested, I sold them and got the money transferred at TD Waterhouse. That was my answer to RBC Royal Bank. You don't need to treat like shit an honest worker for no reason at all. Especially knowing that there's been no increase to the prime rate. This was only made so that their CEO can touch his millions in annual salary.

I was very very upset to received a call from RBC representative asking me to review my assets with them. I didn't close the credit line neither the credit card that I hold with them because that would had affected in a bad way my credit score. So I kept everything open, but don't ever expect me as a RBC Royal Bank customer EVER never again for the rest of my living life. There you go sexy bitch!

Its really important to fight on until your last breath and no let anyone take out your dignity. In other words, do it like a Dividend Girl and FIGHT on.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

A good reason not to vote for Stephen Harper and his blue clowns: Omar Khadr persecution

I never been able to understand clearly what had happened to Omar Khadr. I read the big lines of the story, but I never understood how a child soldier could had been put away for so long and the most disturbing thing: how and why was Omar Khadr put in prison for so long. But today, everything been clear up and Omar was released, under strict conditions, but release, at least. And during all that time, Stephen Harper and his bunch of blue clowns had publicly fight against the liberation of Omar Khadr. And its specifically why I won't be voting for Stephen Harper at the next federal elections. Just like at the last elections, I will vote for NPD. 

Was it already 4 years ago - I don't know - but at the last federal elections, I also vote for NPD. At that time, my vote was a strategic vote to quick out Duceppe and his Bloc whatever Quebecois. And this time, my vote will be a politic vote. I have enough of Stephen Harper. He's too arrogant and doesn't have strong community values.

I hope Canadians will wake up. Its the only way to give to this country another turn, another strong leadership, a government that will act with dignity on behalf and for its citizens.

Omar Khadr now live with his lawyer and its been said at the news that he'd pass 13 years away. I never understood how a child soldier could had spent so many years away in prison, and I don't have anything left for Stephen Harper and his Tories.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Alex Colville, a Maritime proud is exposed at the National Gallery of Canada

We are now in May. Its unbelievable, but we are in May. And in May, we'll be celebrating an holiday: the birthday of the Queen! The timing is perfect. I haven't go to Ottawa in a while. There's something exceptional going on in Ottawa right now. There's always great art show at the National Gallery of Canada, but this time, you'll all going to be very excited as a true Maritime jewel is being exposed. He wasn't born in Nova Scotia, but did his studies in New Brunswick and spent most of his life in Nova Scotia.

Prepare to discover the enigmatic world of one the most marvelous Canadian painter: Alex Colville. His painting style is very unique, minimalist, pure. And his mise en scènes are totally mysterious, extraordinary, with a lot of character and greatly inspired by the Maritime. We had inspired a very great painter. On the art scene, there's no one like Alex Colville. You can only dream of being Mr. Colville. One of a few genius of art that died just a few years ago, at a venerable age, but couldn't be possible to push away the death arrow for the ones like that. I adore Alex Colville. So you'll understand that I am very excited. I am very curious about the exhibition and cannot wait to see it. This is going to be fun!

The great thing is that Ottawa its only at 2 hours away from Montreal. No need to spend money on an hotel room (budget stretching still on no matter what, you are going to understand why soon).

If my calculations are correct, my net worth is probably around $143 000 right now. So close to the 150k! I am really not missing much at all. I used to read a blog name Fabulously Broke. I do still read from time to time but it is not as much interesting as she doesn't personally write on her blog anymore. And she's not a fanatic of the stock market. She had 155k in net worth, 4 years ago. She was a consulting - so making way much money than be, but I am following. Its just all very logical. 50k, 100k, and after 150k, and 200k, 250k, 300k... I am lucky, I may be able to reach the $200 000 net work by the time I am 40, and even maybe 250k. I don't know how much can cost a painting of Alex Colville, but it must be pretty expensive.

Very recently, Lou Schizas had reviewed a stock on which I made a small fortune on. They're some stocks like that who are the rock on my portfolio, stocks that I bought at cheap price, but became massive! And years ago, under the suggestion of Jean-François Tardif who had gave a positive BUY for this baby, I had invested in Premium Brands Holdings Corporation (PBH). Jean-François won an investing price from the Globe and Mail for that pick. When you really think about it, the goof pick, the best decisions had the power to make you a millionaire! I am smart enough to follow Tardif in his every moves and it only paid off so far. Lou review of PBH is pretty much all positive. I don't believe in any downturn anytime soon for PBH but my impulse is sometime wrong. In his next article, Lou is going to review another stock that I hold, another Maritime proud: The North West Company Inc. (NWC).

Other than that, beautiful day in Montreal, got to get ready and go outside.

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