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Monday, May 31, 2010

Brian Mulroney is a pig

Brian Mulroney is such a pig, such a very nice example of who Quebeckers are truly are: PIGS. Brian Mulroney arrogance on Monday appearance in Toronto among Nobel Peace Prize winner Elie Wiesel is just a sign of his intelligence. A Nobel Peace Prize sitting next to the biggest Quebec ****** of all. I wrote about Mulroney before, and I guess the writing will never stop. If Brian Mulroney had been able to accept cash while being PM, showing up publicly even after.... I mean, we know about the Airbus, we know about the Schreiber affair. There’s been 2 publicly knows, 2 publicly recognize stories, but if there’s been 2, there could be more. And I believe that Brian Mulroney is hiding a lot more than what we publicly know. Are Canadians are completely dumb or what? The money cash from Brian Mulroney had probably served to pay for the education of his children: Caroline Mulroney, Ben Mulroney, Mark Mulroney and Nicolas Mulroney. All Mulroney’s, all children from the evil, educated on dirty money. Currently, Schreiber is in prison, in his native Germany. And what about Brian Mulroney? He’s showing publicly is ugly person. I want the poor man in prison, where he belongs. And what had been Brian Mulroney sentence anyway? The Oliphant public inquiry hasn’t done its job. It hadn’t to come to a define conclusion and sentence. And this allows any Canadian Prime Minister to act like a criminal, accepting money, selling Canadians dignity, without any consequences.

Dividend earnings for May 2010: 364.28$

The month of May had passed by too quickly. The terrible heat we had in Montreal a couple of days ago seem to be gone, at least for now. I am feeling much better than I used to be a couple of days ago.

My first month within my metro pass went well overall. On Saturday, I had received 15.33$ in dividend from Davis + Henderson Income Fund (DHF.UN) and 21.60$ from The Consumers Waterheater Income Fund (CWI.UN). My Consumers Waterheater Income Fund (CWI.UN) dividend should DRIP later on this week to provide me more units. I am looking forward to received somewhere around 3 new units of The Consumers Waterheater Income Fund (CWI.UN). So this close my dividend income for the month of May 2010 to 364.28$!

Currently, I am lucky enough to make new investment on a regular basis. This allows me to see my dividend income grow from month to month. Very soon, I will be earning dividend on a quarterly basis instead of a daily basis, but that won’t change too much things. At that time, I will probably earn a bit less in dividend earning from certain companies. I had received my voting package from Bell Aliant. For now, Bell Aliant is still a .UN investment like I love to name them. Bell Aliant had planned to change into a corporation beginning of 2011. Starting January 2011, Bell Aliant dividend will fall from the current fantastic 2.417$ to 1.90$. This represents, of course, a dividend cut. But at 1.90$ dividend per stock, Bell Aliant dividend will still be impressive. The dividend cut simply represent Bell Aliant tentative to smoothly move into a corporation. Not too many .UN investments will be able to maintain their current dividend once they change themselves into a corporation. BUT….. There’re some exceptions. And I hold them in my investment portfolio!

From my understanding, Just Energy Income Fund (JE.UN) will keep the same dividend distribution once turn into a corporation and same thing (positively sure) with Pembina Pipeline Income Fund (PIF.UN). Those 2 are companies in the energy sector – it took solid business to be able to keep the same distribution level. Those are just examples being took from my investment portfolio. Some other of my .UN investment will shortly cut their distribution. They are: Yellow Pages Income Fund (YLO.UN) and Davis + Henderson Income Fund (DHF.UN). The dividend of these 2 companies will be cut when they will transform into a corporation, just like Bell Aliant.

Other than my very nice May dividend earnings, I am very pleased to announce…

I just received the money from my TD Financial GIC investment that had came to mature date. I had received 1 266.86$ in cash. I had made a profit of 266.86$ on 5 years GIC… Not too bad. It’s represent a gain of 26.64% for 5 years, or if you prefer 5.3284% per year for 5 years. This morning, I had visited a TD Waterhouse office to have the money to get transferred into my RSP broker account, where I currently hold 269.11$ in cash. At a total of 1 535.97$, I will be able to make a nice little investment. I am not quite sure what I am going to invest in. I was thinking about maybe 100 units of Just Energy Income Fund (JE.UN) because I want to hit the 1 000 units of JE.UN inside my portfolio.

Anyhow, June is happily coming over, with a new RSP investment. And surprise, I am able to pay off everything needed with what I currently hold as cash (and from I have leftovers on credit line…). I know doing this is bad, but I debit what I had left from my credit lines to pay off my expenses of this month. I usually never do this. But I did it for this month because I planning for my next investment (non registered one). The debit off my credit lines only represent 320$ anyway. For the month of June, I want to save as much possible for my next investment, which is suppose to be 100 extra stocks of Corby Distilleries Ltd. (CDL.A). At more than 15$ per stock, 100 units represent at least 1 600$ in total, quite some money knowing my situation. My feeling is good despite my situation; I am pretty sure I am going to be able to make it happen.

Latest update of my investment portfolio

I just update my investment portfolio. With the recent TSX gains, I really wanted to have a clear look at what everything is looking now. And it’s looking good! I am now at 87 042.86$, a loss of 1 666.65$ compare to May 12. The loss is not major, I am sure I will be able to recover very soon.

My investment portfolio in date of May 12, 2010


Non registered Investments:
Stocks and Units investment portfolio

Sprott Inc. (SII): 2 155.52$
Timminco (TIM): 134$
Blue Note Mining (BNT): 40$
Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS): 5 575.60$
Hanwei Energy Services (HE): 132$
Methanex Corporation (MX): 2 392.69$
Fortis (FTS): 2 887.50$
Pembina Pipeline Income Fund (PIF.UN):
7 646.08$
Just Energy Income Fund (JE.UN): 9 539.55$
Yellow Pages Income Fund (YLO.UN):
2 897.31$
Bell Aliant Regional Communications Income Fund
(BA.UN): 2 607$
Pengrowth Energy Trust (PGF.UN): 1 128.90$
Enbridge Income Fund (ENF.UN): 4 271.96$
Corby Distilleries Limited (CDL.A): 1 540$
Davis + Henderson Income Fund (DHF.UN):
1 759$
Premium Brands Holdings Corporation (PBH):
2 670$
Cash: 9.88$

TOTAL: 47 386.99$

Tax-free savings account (TFSA):
RBC O’Shaughnessy Canadian Equity Fund:
2 773.47$
The Consumers’ Waterheater Income Fund
(CWI.UN): 2 072$
Sprott Canadian Equity Fund:
5 503.35$
Dumont Nickel Inc. (DNI): 460$

TOTAL: 10 841.31$

RSP investment portfolio:
Claymore Gold Bullion ETF (CGL): 2 242$
EnCana Corporation (ECA): 3 317$
Emera Incorporated (EMA): 4 932$
Cash: 259.21$

CIBC Dividend Growth Fund: 508.35$
CIBC Emerging Markets Index Fund: 400.31$
CIBC Monthly Income Fund: 1 020.15$

Energy and Base Metals Term Savings (Indexed term savings): 546.25$
Natural Resources Term Savings (Indexed term
savings): 502.06$

GIC National Bank: 1 170$
GIC Finance Plus: 1 513.97$
GIC Plus: 500$

TD Canadian Bond: 113.28$
TD Monthly Income: 106.12$
TD Emerging Markets: 78.70$
TD Energy: 82.09$
TD Precious Metals: 117.52$
TD Latin American Growth: 90.86$
TD Entertainment and Communications: 105.39$
TD Dividend Growth: 202.55$
TD U.S. Mid-Cap Growth: 103.96$

Maritime Life International Equity Fund
(Templeton): 606.34$
Manulife Simplicity Growth Portfolio: 856.15$
Maritime Life CI Harbour Seg Fund: 1 016.35$
Maritime Life Fidelity True North Seg Fund: 982.60$
Maritime Life Trimark Europlus Seg Fund: 568.63$

Great-West – various: 1 753.62$

RBC Canadian Dividend Fund: 519.63$
RBC U.S. Mid-Cap Equity Fund C$: 1 849.12$
RBC Global Resources Fund: 896.94$
RBC O’Shaughnessy International Equity Fund:
RBC O’Shaughnessy All-Canadian Equity
Fund: 1 037.23$

GIC Canadian Market: 1 000$

TOTAL: 29 565.26$

Social Capital at Desjardins Membership share
for 3 accounts: 40$

Savings + Stocks, units, mutual funds + Tax-
free Savings account + RRSP + Online Income

88 709.51$

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sunshine, shopping and Bell Aliant dividend

I had received today the dividend for Bell Aliant. I had received 24.17$, like every month. So far for the month of May, I had received 327.35$ in dividend, and the month is not even over yet! I am still missing Davis + Henderson Income Fund (DHF.UN) dividend. After what, I believe I will be done with May dividend. So it will bring the overall to close to 340$ for the month of May. Nice! Of course, all of those marvelous dividend DRIP, which mean I won’t touch directly a third of what I had earned… It could be easy to cash in the dividend and spend the money, but the DRIP does worth it and at this time, I am lucky to earn enough money to cover my needs and even more. But I have to say, for the month of June, I am running short in cash. I need my paycheck of next week to cover for the month of June. Which I dislike. The key of my money management is to save and be able to be the upcoming month with the money earn during the current month… Anyhow, I do not have any problem when it come to managing my money, just I am no working full-time at my day-time job, but maybe I should. Anyhow, this is giving me a lot of freedom to do just whatever I want and that whatever mean mostly, these days, sleeping late in the morning. Working, investing, following the market, it can easily kill a girl. It didn’t kill me, but I have to say, lately I had been catching on sleeping. And trust me, I sleep a lot. But strangely, the more I sleep, the more I want to stay in bed and it’s part of the reason why I haven’t launch my Web site project, it’s part of the reason why I didn’t write any new HubPages for quite sometime now. But I plan to catch on because I am need of more cash; you are going to find out why…

The no shopping week had turned into a shopping week as I purchased sandal as I couldn’t stand wearing big running shoes anymore with the hot weather. I put my sandals of last summer right to the garbage after getting my feet hurt out of them. Last year I had purchased some very cheap sandals, I had purchased 2 pairs directly from Zellers lol. Nice ways to save money, but the 2 pair of sandals were comfortable only for one summer. I shop around a bit, finally purchased a real good pair and after wearing them; I started feeling better right away. I am now at more than 40$ in Google AdSense money, I am looking forward to work on my HubPages and than I may be able to reach the 100$ by July, if I am lucky. Working long hours online for so little money could be seem vain, but it can turn out o be very fun, especially when its money being earned during spare time. And not only did I purchase a new pair of sandal, but I also purchase 3 long skirts absolutely beautiful for the summer. So summer is going to be hot! lol…

Other than sandals and Google AdSense., the TSX gain extraordinary points today and I am glade it did. My overall portfolio might not worth 88 000$ and up like it did previously beginning of May, but I am getting this tough market time quite easily and I just cannot wait to hit the 100 000$ in assets, even the 90 000$, it’s going to be quite something, just spectacular. A 90 000$ for my 30th birthday in August would be very fun. Champaign and caviar please! lol...... :0)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Checking out the margin investing at TD Waterhouse

I begin my check about margin and it’s not by tomorrow that I am going to write a « Margin Investing for Dummies » kind of post lol. Not that margin is terribly difficult to understand. But I find margin investing quite horrible and disghting. And myself, after reading a bit and asking some questions to TD Waterhouse, I am insecure about margin and I personally do not recommend margin to anyone. Why? Because everyday, you have the responsibility to check your account to make sure you are not under a Margin Call. And if you are under a Margin Call, you have to refund whatever need to be refund on the same day. Because the day following the Margin Call, the credit department had the right to sell your stocks and units! How horrible that sound? The explanations giving at TD Waterhouse were clear on that point and I begin to think that margin is just a very horrible horrible thing. I don’t want to have to worry about the market condition at all. I don’t want any such of whatever responsibilities.

There’s no easy way, but borrowing money to invest through margin is not a good option, especially in those difficult times. The stock market is unpredictable, very difficult to time the market these days. My very last investment was 100 units of Pengrowth Energy Trust (PGF.UN) at around 10.50$ per unit. At the time, I taught it was a good deal. But on date of today, Pengrowth Energy Trust (PGF.UN) is at… 9.47$! I do no regret my investment, but today price for PGF.UN is of course a lot cheaper that what its use to be.

Myself, I do not plan to use the margin money to invest, but more to pay credit lines I have. That way is not easy either and to tell the true, margin is disturbing me to a point where I might not be able to set it up to my account. I am still thinking at this down, but I am really not getting a good feeling about margin so I might not set it up. I didn’t move yet. Right now, I work at my jobs, I try to follow the market and combating the heat! I am a Western girl, whenever the weather is too hot I just cannot stand it. I would prefer much winter to the weather we have right now in Montreal but this is of course my own preference. The fact that I have to walk 2 hours everyday do not help and you can imagine, as soon as I hit home, I hit... my bath. I am trying to keep my expenses under control. Also for this week, I am looking forward not to spend any money, as I have everything needed.

So for now, it will be a no margin and no expenses week while trying to beat the heat… ;)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Thanks God, the TSX had gain 115.40 points today

At a point, I really begin to think that God himself want me to reach 100 000$ in assets before the end of 2010… The TSX close today at 11 521.35 points, a nice gain of 521 points. My non registered portfolio partly recovers. I am currently at 45 775.96$, but I am still experiencing 1 611.03$ in losses compare to May 12. I am confident I will recover form the money loss in the upcoming weeks.

And about my DRIP

I had received 56.50$ from Emera (EMA). Emera dividend provides me 2 extra stocks. I also received 29.57$ in dividend from Enbridge Income Fund (ENF.UN), which bring in 2 extra units. So everything is rolling over and everything is just fine the way it is. I am at the 1 300$ in dividend earning so far for 2010!

Working online for Google and me

I am now at a bit more than 30$ in Google AdSense income. I would like to reach one again the payout of 100$. So I am looking to spend some time working on articles for HubPages. I have developed more than 100 article ideas so now had came the time to hit another 100$ Google payout. And if you think it’s easy to work online, well it’s truly not.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Happy birthday Brian Mulroney

Today is Brian Mulroney birthday. Last one before being put in prison.

I had been quite busy lately. I have to say, I took lot of free time when I wasn’t working at one of my 2 jobs. So when I am not working, I walk, walk, walk. I no longer have a metro/bus pass. Sometimes after work, I just walk around downtown before hitting back home. The walk from downtown Montreal to my place is about 1 hour. Those days, I had been walking more than 2 hours per day. It’s better this way because it allow be to not spend to much time in front of my computer watching my units and stocks going down, down, and down again. The European crisis may be a lot heavier than what I taught. Actually, when the crisis is there just in front of me, I never know what to think about it. The European crisis didn’t affect my portfolio as badly as the crisis of 2008. My portfolio had loss a lot in value and I decide not to update it for now. Not that I don’t want to exposes publicly my losses, but I feel kind of sad because I was way on track to reach the 90 000$ in assets for the month June or July. But it’s looking like nothing of this will happen. Well not the way it is known. It’s fun to invest, to earn dividend, but the stock market is sooo volatile, it’s crazy. The volatility of the market never scare me, but the ups and downs of the market are just destroying my 100 000$ assets goal. Anyhow, good news is, the companies I invested in are still going to pay dividends, European crisis or not. Well at least for now. Because of course the situation could change. I didn’t open my margin account yet because of the recent TSX point’s loss. It would be so fun i it something that could be done through the phone, but TD Waterhouse told me its something that needed to be done at a TD Canada Trust branch. And no credit evaluation needed, from what I was told. And no minimum payment required each month. Margin is still new to me, so I want to read more about it and I may call TD Waterhouse to ask any questions I may have about it. But for now, I don’t feel like getting into margin at all. So nothing had moved regarding my project that was to pay off 2 credit lines by using the money of my margin account. This project is pending for now.

My budget for June…

With the paycheck I received today plus the paycheck I will be receiving next week, I will have just enough money to pay off everything. I will just miss some money to pay my credit expenses, the one I use to pay for groceries and all other living expenses. So I will need part of my earnings of the first week of June to actually pay my expenses, but that’s ok. My next investment will be probably in July. July is a good month as I will be receiving 5 paychecks, as there are 5 weeks for the month of July.

Four Pillars Blog change its name for Money Smarts Blog

Back on May 16, a very well-known money blog had changed name from Four Pillars to Money Smarts. Four Pillars was such more a powerful title, powerful in the sense it was more original. The current blog title do not mean anything. It’s just too common. Just like if I will name my blog something like: Making money online or some boring stuff like it with no essence. Ok, may not be seen as very impressive but I have a very fun time with it and hey, it’s my blog after all. And the ex-Four Pillars now Money Smarts Blog logo just look… cheap. Ok, I may appear pretty mean here, but it’s not my blog who drive thousands of visitors per month lol. The Money Smarts Blog logo is a look-alike Walmart logo: cheap look. Anyhow, on his road to success, Four Pillars had lost his soul by wanted to be too much commercial. But guess what? I am not a fan of commercial stuff. I want the do-it-by-your-own stuff, not some stuff being written by some literate financial dude. And I pretty sure that people out there want to read about a girl being laid off from BMO Bank of Montreal rather than reading the too smooth stories of a young fortunate, well-educated young man right? lol The author of the Money Smarts Blog remains the same as for the Four Pillars, but now, it’s not the same good old stuff. It’s now a Money Smarts: boring ideas for your money.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Brian Mulroney or liar liar: the scandalous affair of a Quebecker, ex Prime Minister of Canada

Need another example of why Quebec needs to be kick out of Canada ASASP? Politicians like Brian Mulroney, corruption affairs coming directly straight from Quebec province are costing honorable Canadians like myself millions of dollars each year. Yep, Brian Mulroney is a Quebecker born in Baie-Comeau in 1939. Brian Mulroney will be celebrating his birthday on this upcoming May 20. If I count right, Brian Mulroney will be celebrating his 71 birthday.

It’s been reported that related to the Schreiber affairs, Brian Mulroney had been reimbursed close to $2 million in legal costs. And where the money had been taking from? From my taxes, from everybody else taxes! Scandalous! Poor living are living in the streets, some families are having problem to make ends reach and the poor man is getting his lawyers cost being refunded by money that could had help people in need. But guess the poor old man that is Brian Mulroney does not care about that! Brian Mulroney does not care at all about the welfare of real Canadians. The only thing Brian Mulroney had ever cared about is himself.

Watch out: it’s not the first time that legal costs are being refunded to Brian Mulroney. I don’t remember anything about it as I was too young at the time to understand what was going on, but back in 1997, Brian Mulroney had appeared in court for what had been known the Airbus affair. Back than, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) was investigating allegations where it’s been told that Brian Mulroney had been accepting bribes in the retribution of contracts, Airbus contracts in this case. Later on, the case was closed but had resurfaced again in 2000 with the explosion of the Schreiber affair.

Can you imagine: in total, its not close to $2 million that Brian Mulroney had cost to Canadians, but we are taking of an amount of close to $4 million! $2.1 million reimbursement for legal cost regarding the Airbus affair and 1.8$ million reimbursement for legal cost regarding the Schreiber affair.

Brian Mulroney had cost to Canada more than $4 million in legal cost. And where the money had been taking from? Not from Brian Mulroney pockets of course, but from ours, from our taxes. You’re getting a taste here of what Quebeckers are as people and as Canadians: blood suckers. I experiment it myself, me Neo Brunswicker, I had experiment it with my laid off of BMO Bank of Montreal and it many more occasions. If you want a friendly advice, if you are a new immigrant, student, job seeker: to not come to Quebec province. Quebeckers will only make you loose your time and money. And Quebec shit needs to remain in Quebec, and in Quebec only. I had written previously about my experience at the Montreal call center of BMO Bank of Montreal. You can do a search in the search engine located in the right column if you want a taste of the shit... As for the other stories, I will write about them later on. But as for now, let’s talk about Brian Mulroney. Soon 71 years old, but not that much of a man.

When it comes to Brian Mulroney, historians are used to talk about 2 affairs: the Airbus affair and the Schreiber affair. But when reading about it, the 2 affairs are so closely related to each other that we could talked about 1 big scandalous affair. Not to say that Brian Mulroney is a scandalous man. Period.

So basily, we could say that the Schreiber affair begins as early as 1997, at the time the Airbus affair had been publicly exposed. So its all begin as early as 1995 when there have been suspicions about the affair. But the case itself begin in 1988 and involved Brian Mulroney, Air Canada and Airbus. The Airbus deal generated billion of dollars to Brian Mulroney elite close friends. Brian Mulroney himself had touched 300 000$ directly from the Airbus deal. The deal was the selling of 34 Airbus A-320 jets to Air Canada. Behind the deal was the man who later on denounced it all: Karlheinz Schreiber. Karlheinz Schreiber had paid Brian Mulroney a commission of 300 000$ for the deal to be book between Airbus and Air Canada. Karlheinz Schreiber had talked about a commission of $300 000 and Brian Mulroney of $225 000. Who do you believe between the two?

In 1997, the case resurfaces, but the investigations had been close too quickly by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). The case resurfaces shortly in the years 2000. With the testimony of Karlheinz Schreiber, the case finally had been reopened. This episode is known as being the Schreiber affair. Karlheinz Schreiber, a German business man is the one who made the investigation possible. Without him, no one would had never known what kind of man is Brian Mulroney, a dishonorable cheater. The investigation had been taking place in May 2009 under the name of Oliphant inquiry. The Oliphant inquiry is an independent review of the allegations between Karlheinz Schreiber and the Ex-Right Honourable Brian Mulroney. David Johnston is the Independent Adviser of Prime Minister Stephen Harper. The review is being done independently, even if the adviser reported himself to Stephen Harper. More than just lawyers’ fee, this commission itself is costing thousands of dollars, if not million to Canadians. And who pay for it? Certainly not Brian Mulroney, but us, people of the country, the real Canadians! The Oliphant inquiry had been going on since 2007. Which mean that since 2007, honorable Canadians had been paying for a commission needed because the dishonorable Brian Mulroney had been hiding the facts and the true for more than 20 years!

During the Oliphant inquiry, Brian Mulroney publicly declared that he had accepted $225 000 from Karlheinz Schreiber. In this affair, Brian Mulroney had said that he didn’t break no laws or ethical guidelines. For the Quebecker that is Brian Mulroney, it was ok to advantage of his position as chief of the Canadian military. The affair concerns the possession of Airbus Jets to Air Canada and also the purchase of vehicles for peacekeeping work. So now you understand why we are here talking about billion of dollars being involved in the Airbus-Schreiber affair. The affair is still going on, the Oliphant final report is expected to be released at the end of May. Time for Canadians to recover from financial loss that the affair had bring, but also time to recover in dignity and hope that Brian Mulroney will finish his days in jail for the financial crime that he is not intelligent enough to recognize. This Quebecker had been Canada Prime Minister for 9 years: between September 17, 1984 to June 25, 1993! Unbelievable!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Yellow Pages Income Fund dividend for the month of May are in the house

I just received 29.14$ this evening from Yellow Pages Income Fund (YLO.UN). On Monday, the dividend should DRIP and provide me at least 4 new units! Thanks Yellow Pages Income Fund (YLO.UN). The dividend just keep adding up!

The Creststreet Alternative Energy Fund: 5 months after the departure of mutual fund manager Steve Martin

Back on February 2, 2010, Shirley Won from the Globe and Mail had announced that Steve Martin, one of the managers of the Creststreet Alternative Energy Fund, was leaving Creststreet Asset Management Ltd. At the time, when I learned that Steve Martin was leaving the Creststreet Alternative Energy Fund behind, I decided to do the same thing. And it appears it was the correct thing to do.

Back than, I was holding 29.229 units of Creststreet Alternative Energy Fund – Class A. I was able to sell the fund, making a profit of 100$ after commission. Originally, it’s 1 000$ that I had invested in the Creststreet Alternative Energy Fund. On date of today, the Creststreet Alternative Energy Fund had lost in value. You could blame the TSX points loss of Friday, but I had been checking on Creststreet Alternative Energy Fund quite often since Steve Martin departure and ever since, the Creststreet Alternative Energy Fund had loss in value. Not that much, but still. The fund may not be able to reach 142% annual gain ever again without Steve Martin.

Just verify the graphic from February 2010 to today for yourself… All the way down. In January, when Steve Martin was still a manager of the Creststreet Alternative Energy Fund, the fund had reached its highest point, reaching a value of more than 43$ per unit. Can you simply imagine what could had happened if Steve Martin would had remained at Creststreet? The units could have reached the value of 45$ by now, making me even richer… Interesting isn’t? Steve Martin was that of a good mutual fund manager. Wonder what he does now.

Getting rich and richer: stories about investment, laid off, and poor BMO Bank of Montreal banking system

This last Friday, I close the day with a non registered portfolio at 48 077.23$. This includes, of course, my new investment of today, 100 units of PGF.UN. The TSX loss a bit more than 100 points, so I won’t update my portfolio, it requires too much work for little results. A quick look at my investments let me think that the overall is quite stable. I was quite happy to make another investment this Friday. I really taught I would not be able to invest in anything for the month of May, but it appears that I was wrong. I hope to invest again in June and if possible, that time it will be 100 stocks of CDL.A and luckily, by that time, my investment portfolio will worth more than 90 000$. Until I reach the magic 100 000$, I will be working mostly exclusively at investment. I had wrote different things about what I will be doing with my money for the next couple of months, thinking about paying debt, margin, etc…. But once again I have chance my mind and I decide to exclusively invest until I reach my assets goal. Having more than 37 000$ in debts do not bother be at all actually. My debt never really bothers me too much actually.

As you can imagine, I am currently out of cash, I am waiting for my next 2 paychecks in order to be able to pay for my June expenses and even there, I may not have enough o cover all of June expenses. So some earnings of June will be use to pay the month of June itself… I am the one who decide to invest in 100 units of PGF.UN so I have to live with my decision, not that I regret it. It’s just I am imposing myself a very restricted budget. But I haven’t been saving as much money as I could lately, I did not control my expenses too much. For now am in good position anyhow. I just cannot wait to reach the 90 000$ in assets! Might be by the end of the summer if everything goes well.

Other project on the way for the Dividend Girl:

-Start a margin on my broker account to pay off 10 000$ in credit lines debt
I currently have a debt of 5 000$ at 8% at TD Canada Trust on a credit line. I also have a 5 000$ at 3.5% at BMO Bank of Montreal. I want to pay off my credit line at BMO Bank of Montreal for the simple and good reason that I got laid off from BMO Bank of Montreal and do no longer wants to give any of my business to BMO Bank of Montreal.. At the time they decide to layoff me from the Montreal call centre, shortly after giving a 5 000$ credit line and a 4 000$ value credit card, no one at BMO Bank of Montreal knew about my investments. By spilling on me, BMO Bank of Montreal has to say good bye to a future 100 000$ + dividend + interest rates and everything else.

Anyhow, just to come back on the center of my topic, 8% is kind of a huge interest rate for a credit line. I once call TD Canada Trust on how I could get a better interest rate. According to the representative I talked to before, I need to present myself at a TD branch with a copy of my credit score. Not enough for TD to have in their hands half of my fortune, TD is as bad as I am, they want always MORE. I know I should, but I don’t want to get a look at my credit score for now, but I want to be able to get a better interest rate. The margin at T D Waterhouse is at a real fantastic 3.5%. I post a couple of times about margin on my blog. At first, it came as a good solution. But after, I got scared of it and than after, I decide well, just to go ahead with it. Not only that I want to ruin BMO Bank of Montreal business, but I also want to get out of their silly banking system. Want to know what I am taking about? Last month, I came across this situation I pay my BMO Bank of Montreal on the first of the month or close by. But the payment had not be consider for the month of April, but as for the month of March because I had paid before my billing cycle date, which is the 5th of each month. So in result, I had been considered as being one month late in my payment and in result, I had to pay an extra 100$ on my minimum monthly payment. I never went to go through this again. I never had experiment such things at TD and with all the other institutions I had deal with. Do you really want to know why I am having this kind of problem with BMO Bank of Montreal only? Because BMO Bank of Montreal whole banking system suck. That’s why. I want to make sure I won’t get any problem anymore. I don’t want BMO Bank of Montreal to make money on the interest of the credit line anymore. I prefer to give ALL of my business to TD Canada Trust who had been there for me since 2005. I just need to get my margin approve at T D Waterhouse and, in the case I am being refused, I will close everything. Scary isn’t?

Friday, May 14, 2010

Welcome again Pengrowth Energy Trust (PGF.UN), 100 new units of PGF.UN in my investment portfolio!

I just purchase 100 units of Pengrowth Energy Trust (PGF.UN) at 10.50$! Nice deal. Going to be fun to update my portfolio again tonight. I want a terrific day for the TSX.

I also received my dividend for Pembina Pipeline Income Fund (PIF.UN). I had received 54.08$ from PIF.UN.

Got to go on the run for work now.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

More dividend money to come

Yesterday, the TSX gain some valuable points and it had a positive effect on my portfolio. I updated my investment portfolio and I close May 12 at a fantastic 88 709.51$. I also bring some changes to my blog. If you blog using the Blogger platform, you may have notice that bloggers can now bring pages to their blog. I did created mines. It makes the whole thing lot better than having all the data compress on my right column. I find it better this way.

Anyhow, I can say that I fully recover from the Dark Friday lost (of May 7). I read that the crash may had been caused by a Citigroup employee and that Barack Obama had opened an investigation to make sure than no other crash of this nature happen. Opening an investigation is a good idea because in my case, it almost took me a full week to recover from the Friday money loss. A crash like the one of May 7 is certainly not good for the stock market. And it’s certainly not good for myself as for small investors. And for everyone else.

My last paycheck received today bring my savings to 1 230.45$. And as you can imagine, I did what I was supposed just to do in June: I transferred money into my broker account!

I bring in 1 130$ into my TD credit line, which bring to 1280$ the money I now have available for investment. I just need to transfer the money into my broker account. And voilà, I am ready for another trade! Yeah! So now, what am I going to do with 1 280$? I know I had talked about CDL.A, but that once is for June. In June, we have 5 weeks, which mean 5 paychecks and I may find the money to invest in 100 stocks of CDL.A at that time. As for now, I have money available and I want it out of my saving account!

This is the fabulous dividend income:

From my non registered investment portfolio:
Sprott Inc. (SII): 512 stocks x 0.16$ = 81.92$
Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS): 106 stocks x 1.96$ = 207.76$
Methanex Corporation (MX): 103 stocks x 0.62$ = 63.86$
Fortis (FTS): 105 stocks x 1.12$ = 117.60$
Pembina Pipeline Income Fund (PIF.UN): 413 units x 1.56$ = 644.28$
Just Energy Income Fund (JE.UN): 731 units x 1.44$ =
1 052.64$
Yellow Pages Income Fund (YLO.UN): 437 units x 0.804$ = 351.35$
Bell Aliant Regional Communications Income Fund (BA.UN): 100 units x 2.904$ = 290.40$
Pengrowth Energy Trust (PGF.UN): 106 units x 0.84$ = 89.04$
Enbridge Income Fund (ENF.UN): 308 units x 1.152$ = 354.82$
Corby Distilleries (CDL.A): 100 stocks x 0.56$ = 56$
Davis + Henderson Income Fund (DHF.UN): 100 units x 1.836$ = 183.60$
Premium Brands Holdings Corporation (PBH): 200 stocks x
1.176$ = 235.20$
TOTAL: 3 728.47$

From my Tax-free savings account (TFSA) portfolio:
Consumers’ Waterheater Income Fund (CWI.UN): 400 units x 0.65$ = 260$
TOTAL: 260$

From my RSP portfolio:
EnCana Corporation (ECA): 100 stocks x 0.80$ = 80$
Emera Incorporated (EMA): 200 stocks x 1.132$ = 226.40$
TOTAL: 306.40$

4 294.87$ + an extra 100$ from DRIP = 4 394.87$

I am now at an official 4 294.87$ in dividend income and at a nonofficial 4 394.87$. My dividend incomes slowly grow. What I don’t like about earning dividend inside a RSP is that dividend cannot be cash out, everything that been earned inside a RSP account have to remain inside the RSP account. Of course it can be remove from the RSP, but huge penalties will need to be paid, making cashing out dividend from RSP impossible.

With the TFSA, its possible to cash out dividend. I recently discover something with T D Waterhouse. T D Waterhouse authorize 1 free withdraws per year out of the TFSA. All extra withdraws are being charged 35$ or something like it by T D Waterhouse. AWFUL! But of course, brokers like T D Waterhouse, even if its own by TD Canada Trust, they are there to make money from investors. Even for more sophisticated investors (100 000$ in assets and up), the rule is the same: 1 free withdraws from the TFSA per year. Only one! Extremely annoying because I had 32$ in cash I would had like to withdraw. But when I learned the 1 withdraw per year rule; I decide to leave the little sum of money just where it is right now.

You might wonder what this post is all about, where am I going with all this stuff. Well, I have an awesome announcement to make!

3 728.47$: current dividend earn in my non registered portfolio
260$: current dividend earn in my TFSA

3 728.47$ + 260$ = 3 988.47$

I am very close to the 4 000$ in dividend earning with those 2 right? I mean dividend money that I can benefit from without penalties, if it’s just of that 1 withdraw rule for the TFSA.

With the money I currently have available, I decide to invest in 100 units of Pengrowth Energy Trust (PGF.UN). Currently, Pengrowth Energy Trust (PGF.UN) is at a bargain price. PGF.UN had made huge profit. The company is in good position and don’t forget, PGF.UN is being hold by Derek Foster. PGF.UN had once paid more than 2$ per unit in dividend. Due to the economy, the dividend distribution had been reduced. But at 84 cents annual distribution, PGF.UN is still a good player. Myself, I got scared when PGF.UN had announced their distribution cut so I sell PGF.UN. But since I do no hold thousands of dollars in cash, I have to look into affordable investment and PGF.UN is one of those affordable investments. Also, I wanted to bring an extra 100 units of PGF.UN in order to benefit from the DRIP. I won’t benefit that much, I will be earning 1 unit per month of PGF.UN, but its still worth it. Same thing for CDL.A, I want to invest in 100 extra stocks of CDL.A to benefit from the DRIP.

3 988.47$ + 100 units of PGF.UN at an annual dividend of 84 cents (84$)
= 4 072.47$

My newest investment will bring my dividend available money to 4 072.47$! I have exceed the 4 000$, which is nice. Overall, including the RSP dividend, I will be at a nice 4 478.87$. Next step will be to reach 5 000$ in dividend available money. I am not too far away without too much efforts, if not of looking at the TSX going up and down.

I am currently working at one the lowest income I have ever earned in my life. Before, I use to work at several jobs, multiple hours to make that of a salary so I can have money to invest. With my current situation, I make an average of 500$ per week after taxes. I may plan to remain on the same track. Why? Because of the taxes.

500$ x 52 weeks = 26 000$

For the fiscal year of 2010, I can invest a bit more than 7 000$ in my RSP.

26 000$ - 7 000$ = 19 000$

To this amount, we need to bring the dividend earnings from my non registered portfolio. But still, dividends are not being taxes that much. At this point, I will have to pay taxes on an income of a bit more than 19 000$. This is not bad at all. If I earn more, I will have to pay more in taxes. And I don’t really want to pay more taxes. Even if it’s mean having more money to invest. So that’s the scheme for now, until I change my mind. :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My stock investment portfolio in date of May 10, 2010


Non registered Investments:
Stocks & Units investment portfolio

Sprott Inc. (SII): 2 073.60$
Timminco (TIM): 134$
Blue Note Mining (BNT): 40$
Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS): 5 459$
Hanwei Energy Services (HE): 118.50$
Methanex Corporation (MX): 2 387.54$
Fortis (FTS): 2 843.40$
Pembina Pipeline Income Fund (PIF.UN):
7 587.84$
Just Energy Income Fund (JE.UN): 9 459.14$
Yellow Pages Income Fund (YLO.UN):
2 748.73$
Bell Aliant Regional Communications Income Fund
(BA.UN): 2 564$
Pengrowth Energy Trust (PGF.UN): 1 134.20$
Enbridge Income Fund (ENF.UN): 4 296.60$
Corby Distilleries Limited (CDL.A): 1 550$
Davis + Henderson Income Fund (DHF.UN):
1 740$
Premium Brands Holdings Corporation (PBH):
2 590$
Cash: 9.88$

TOTAL: 46 736.43$

Tax-free savings account (TFSA):
RBC O’Shaughnessy Canadian Equity Fund:
2 722.62$
The Consumers’ Waterheater Income Fund
(CWI.UN): 2 072$
Sprott Canadian Equity Fund:
5 253.11$
Dumont Nickel Inc. (DNI): 345$
Cash: 32.49$

TOTAL: 10 425.22$

RSP investment portfolio:
Claymore Gold Bullion ETF (CGL): 2 172$
EnCana Corporation (ECA): 3 211$
Emera Incorporated (EMA): 4 842$
Cash: 259.21$

CIBC Dividend Growth Fund: 501.94$
CIBC Emerging Markets Index Fund: 405.44$
CIBC Monthly Income Fund: 1 010.22$

Energy and Base Metals Term Savings (Indexed term savings): 546.25$
Natural Resources Term Savings (Indexed term
savings): 502.06$

GIC National Bank: 1 170$
GIC Finance Plus: 1 513.97$
GIC Plus: 500$

TD Canadian Bond: 113.37$
TD Monthly Income: 105.05$
TD Emerging Markets: 79$
TD Energy: 80.97$
TD Precious Metals: 111.38$
TD Latin American Growth: 91.32$
TD Entertainment & Communications: 104.12$
TD Dividend Growth: 199.25$
TD U.S. Mid-Cap Growth: 102.21$

Maritime Life International Equity Fund
(Templeton): 609.61$
Manulife Simplicity Growth Portfolio: 849.09$
Maritime Life CI Harbour Seg Fund: 974.85$
Maritime Life Fidelity True North Seg Fund: 945.24$
Maritime Life Trimark Europlus Seg Fund: 565.69$

Great-West – various: 1 753.62$

RBC Canadian Dividend Fund: 510.58$
RBC U.S. Mid-Cap Equity Fund C$: 1 817.04$
RBC Global Resources Fund: 889.09$
RBC O’Shaughnessy International Equity Fund:
RBC O’Shaughnessy All-Canadian Equity
Fund: 1 017.99$

GIC Canadian Market: 1 000$

TOTAL: 29 118$

Social Capital at Desjardins Membership share
for 3 accounts:

Savings + Stocks, units, mutual funds + Tax-
free Savings account + RRSP + Online Income

87 189.73$
[In date of May 10, 2010]

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Trading Dumont Nickel (DNI) online

Remember that I own Dumont Nickel (DNI) in my portfolio and that had been trying for month now to make a profit out of this investment by selling my 23 000 stocks at 4 cents? Well, this haven’t happen yet and its been almost a year… lol.

On today May 11, Dumont Nickel stocks had rollback 8 to 1. This mean that I no longer own 23 000 stocks of Dumont Nickel. I now own I believe 2 875 stocks of Dumont Nickel. I say I believe because nothing had been changed in my broker account when it come to Dumont Nickel, if note just a « * » following the investment with still 23 000 stocks. I completely forgot about this and of course, during the day, when I saw DNI going from 0.015 cents to 15 cents, I got a taught, oh yeah, the rollback. No problem, but…

I had a sell order open to sell Dumont Nickel at 4 cents per stock. Since I forgot about the rollback, my sell offer at 4 cents for Dumont Nickel was still on… And during the day at work I wonder what was going to happen of my Dumont Nickel investment, if it was going to be sell or what. But it didn’t get sell, the order had simply been cancel… OUF! What a release. So now I just have to renew my sell order for Dumont Nickel once everything will be fix in my broker account. I hope it will be for tomorrow.

I originally purchased 23 000 stocks of Dumont Nickel at 3 cents per stock, for an investment value of 690$ + 29$ in commission fee for T D Waterhouse. For a total of 719$. If I want to make a profit out my now 2 875 stocks, I now have to sell at a higher price than 25 cents. I am not in a hurry to make money out of Dumont Nickel. Well not now, bt back in the summer of last year, I had made my investment in Dumont Nickel in order to make a quick sell and bring a 200$ in for the summer… But of course, it never happen… lol….. such memories.

Currently, Dumont Nickel no longer Dumont Nickel. The company new name is DNI Metals Inc. From my understanding, the company will continue to trade under DNI.

Monday, May 10, 2010

My stock investment portfolio gain 1 478.58$ today

Today had been a Sunny Monday, I just couldn’t wait for my day at work to be over so I can update my portfolio and see now things went on the stock market.

I close the day at a good 87 189.73$, which represent a gain of 1 478.58$ compare to May 7.

Back on May 1, my stock investment portfolio was at 88 632.34$. So compare to May 1, I am still experiencing a loss of 1 442.61$. But the gain of today were quite positive so hopefully, I will be once again near the 89 000$ in assets very soon.

My stock investment portfolio in date of May 7, 2010


Non registered Investments:
Stocks & Units investment portfolio
Sprott Inc. (SII): 2 022.40$
Timminco (TIM): 132$
Blue Note Mining (BNT): 42$
Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS): 5 336.04$
Hanwei Energy Services (HE): 123$
Methanex Corporation (MX): 2 228.92$
Fortis (FTS): 2 706.90$
Pembina Pipeline Income Fund (PIF.UN):
7 463.04$
Just Energy Income Fund (JE.UN): 9 393.35$
Yellow Pages Income Fund (YLO.UN):
2 739.99$
Bell Aliant Regional Communications Income Fund
(BA.UN): 2 549$
Pengrowth Energy Trust (PGF.UN): 1 107.70$
Enbridge Income Fund (ENF.UN): 4 235$
Corby Distilleries Limited (CDL.A): 1 557$
Davis + Henderson Income Fund (DHF.UN):
1 676$
Premium Brands Holdings Corporation (PBH):
2 494$
Cash: 9.88$

TOTAL: 45 816.22$

Tax-free savings account (TFSA):
RBC O’Shaughnessy Canadian Equity Fund:
2 646.17$
The Consumers’ Waterheater Income Fund
(CWI.UN): 2 012$
Sprott Canadian Equity Fund:
5 215.55$
Dumont Nickel Inc. (DNI): 345$
Cash: 32.49$

TOTAL: 10 251.21$

RSP investment portfolio:
Claymore Gold Bullion ETF (CGL): 2 180$
EnCana Corporation (ECA): 3 160$
Emera Incorporated (EMA): 4 710$
Cash: 259.21$

CIBC Dividend Growth Fund: 492.70$
CIBC Emerging Markets Index Fund: 438.58$
CIBC Monthly Income Fund: 996.62$

Energy and Base Metals Term Savings (Indexed term savings): 546.25$
Natural Resources Term Savings (Indexed term
savings): 502.06$

GIC National Bank: 1 170$
GIC Finance Plus: 1 513.97$
GIC Plus: 500$

TD Canadian Bond: 113.79$
TD Monthly Income: 103.78$
TD Emerging Markets: 76.33$
TD Energy: 78.36$
TD Precious Metals: 109.50$
TD Latin American Growth: 86.59$
TD Entertainment & Communications: 101.63$
TD Dividend Growth: 195.41$
TD U.S. Mid-Cap Growth: 98.90$

Maritime Life International Equity Fund
(Templeton): 580.76$
Manulife Simplicity Growth Portfolio: 831.57$
Maritime Life CI Harbour Seg Fund: 974.85$
Maritime Life Fidelity True North Seg Fund: 945.24$
Maritime Life Trimark Europlus Seg Fund: 554.43$

Great-West – various: 1 753.62$

RBC Canadian Dividend Fund: 500.84$
RBC U.S. Mid-Cap Equity Fund C$: 1 760.05$
RBC Global Resources Fund: 860.96$
RBC O’Shaughnessy International Equity Fund:
RBC O’Shaughnessy All-Canadian Equity
Fund: 992.97$

GIC Canadian Market: 1 000$

TOTAL: 28 734.21$

Social Capital at Desjardins Membership share
for 3 accounts:

Savings + Stocks, units, mutual funds + Tax-
free Savings account + RRSP + Online Income

85 711.15$
[In date of May 7, 2010]

Sunday, May 9, 2010

TFSA and RSP: the contribution in kind of Gordon Pape

I had read many times Gordon Pape books. They contain many great information and its sometimes difficult to keep all the pieces in head. As I use to read and re-read Derek Foster books from time to time, I guess I will have to do the same thing with Gordon Pape books. Why? Because Gordon Pape answers my questions regarding transfer of non registered assets into TFSA assets. I had read his book about TFSA, but I can of forgive about the contribution in kind. Or I might have it in mind and it wasn’t perfectly clear in my head.

Anyhow, I also add here the RSP because the exact same scheme applies. In 2010, I engage myself in a RSP credit line at TD Canada Trust. For my tax declaration of 2010, I have a bit more than 7 000$ I can invest for my RSP. For that next RSP investment, I will do what Gordon Pape explains as being a « contribution in kind ».

In January 2010, I transferred my 4 980.98$ Sprott Canadian Equity Fund non registered investment into my TFSA. When I blog about what I had did, I was told I had done a mistake by one of my reader. But from my point of view, what I did wasn’t a mistake. Here’s the why. Back in 2008, I had invested 7 033.50$ in the Sprott Canadian Equity Fund. In early 2010, the same investment in the Sprott Canadian Equity Fund worth 4 980.98$. In January 2010, I transferred the exact same investment into the TFSA. So why this should be considered a mistake?

When doing a contribution in kind to a TFSA or a RSP, no capital loss can be declared. In this case, my initial investment in Sprott Canadian Equity Fund worthed 7 033.50$. In 2010, the same investment only worth 4 980.98$. This represent a capital loss of 2052.52$ that cannot be declared for taxes purposes. This is my mistake.

According to Gordon Pape, in order to be eligible for capital loss, an individual have to sell outside the RSP or TFSA than get the money transferred into the RSP and TFSA and than re-invested the money in the same investment if wanted. Actually, once the money is being re-invested into the RSP or TFSA, it doesn’t matter if you reinvested the money in the same product. Remember: it’s your money and you can do whatever you want with it!

As for my part, reclaiming a capital loss never cross my mind because for me, it was cleared that the Sprott Canadian Equity Fund was going to increase in value over time. On date of May 7, 2010, my investment in the Sprott Canadian Equity Fund worth 5215.55$, which represent a gain of 234.57$ compare to January 2010.

The reason why I wanted to transferred my Sprott Canadian Equity Fund into the TFSA its because first, I wanted to invest something into my 2010 TFSA contribution and secondly, I wanted my gain that will be made with the sell of Sprott Canadian Equity Fund to be free of taxes. Of course, we are talking here about a long term investment. I have a lot of time in my hand, I don’t mind waiting 2 years if needed before selling the Sprott Canadian Equity Fund in order to make a profit out of it. But when time will come, the profit will be free of taxes. That was the idea behind my transferred of Sprott Canadian Equity Fund into my TFSA.

With contribution in kind, if capital loss cannot be declared for taxes benefit, you absolutely have to declare capital gain, even if you don’t sell the investment, even if its only the question of a transferred from non registered to a registered account (TFSA or RSP). That’s kind of tricky and government just playing a very foolish game with investors. But I guess the reason why taxes had to be declared on capital gain on the money being transferred is because the money being transferred grow free of taxes. So if money had been made before the transferred being made, you can imagine, the government wants to get a bite of what you had made in profit.

We could make the following summary:
Capital loss: CANNOT be declared. Must sell the investment outside the TFSA before transferring the money (it cannot be the investment itself if you want to declared capital loss) into the TFSA.
Capital gain: MUST be declared.

Very easy to understand isn’t? I am glade I went thought this now because later on I will have to invest for my RSP and its going to be a contribution in kind. And a contribution in kind of course mean when you take non registered investment and transfer that investment into RSP or TFSA. Pretty easy once you understand.

And of course, you understand that what I had written in this post is my very own interpretation of Gordon Pape explanation of contribution in kind for TFSA that also applied for RSP. For the accurate information, you can read pages 20 and 21 of the Ultimate Tax Free Savings Account Guide of Gordon Pape latest edition and, if not, read the whole book, plenty, several, multiple times as required by your brain. :)

How I lost near 3 000$ in one day of trading or my investment portfolio after the Dark Friday

Many things had changed between May 1 and May 7, 2010. Back on May 1, 2010, my investment portfolio was at 88 632.24$. On date of May 7, 2010, the same portfolio was at 85 711.15$. This represent a lost of 2 921.19$. I was very curious to find out how much I had lost. In my mind, it was clear I was loosing around 2 000$ to 3 000$. It happen that I am very close to the 3 000$ in money lost. But its not really money lost because I didn’t sell anything. It’s more about taking a taste of the market volatibility. And I hate that taste lol.

Should I stay away from the stock market? My answer is no. Greece debt and other European problems had resulted on a Dark Friday this late May 7, 2010. I don’t know exactly what caused the crash, if it’s the result of investors selling their stocks and units but from my part, I can handle those looses, in the sense it won’t make me sell my stocks and units. Not to forget that earlier in April, my portfolio had reached over 89 000$. The market will eventually recover. I am just very curious on how it will turn out this upcoming Monday. In those recession times, the stock market can be a very scary place to me. But for myself, its too late, I just want to be there and whatever happens, I will just follow the flow. Even if the worst could be ahead, I cannot imagine myself selling my investment portfolio. What would I be doing with all of the cash anyway? My life would lost all of its excitement, no more money lost, no more gains, no more dividend. Stock market is a nice way to spice up your life. And at this time, the market is kind of hot.

My best advice will be: Invest if you don’t mind about the risk. If you are scare about loosing money in the stock market, simply do not invest in stocks and units. Because yes, the stock market is volatile and guesses what, it’s not even over yet.

I still plan to make another investment in June. I was thinking about Corby Distilleries Limited (CDL.A), but I have to say, I am quite tempted by 200 units of Just Energy Income Fund (JE.UN). But in those recession time, its better to diversify so I just plan to follow what I had already plan and purchase 100 stocks of CDL.A. June seem to be so far away! I have 844.64$ save in cash for my next investment. Just very excited. I learn more lately about contribution in kind to a RSP and TFSA and my discovery will be the topic of my next post.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

My investment portfolio in date of May 1, 2010


Non registered Investments:
Stocks & Units investment portfolio
Sprott Inc. (SII): 2 109.44$
Timminco (TIM): 162$
Blue Note Mining (BNT): 46$
Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS): 5 436.90$
Hanwei Energy Services (HE): 147$
Methanex Corporation (MX): 2 433.89$
Fortis (FTS): 2 945.25$
Pembina Pipeline Income Fund (PIF.UN):
7 596.16$
Just Energy Income Fund (JE.UN): 9 670.32$
Yellow Pages Income Fund (YLO.UN):
2 975.97$
Bell Aliant Regional Communications Income Fund
(BA.UN): 2 536$
Pengrowth Energy Trust (PGF.UN): 1 234.90$
Enbridge Income Fund (ENF.UN): 3 997.84$
Corby Distilleries Limited (CDL.A): 1 575$
Davis + Henderson Income Fund (DHF.UN):
1 813$
Premium Brands Holdings Corporation (PBH):
2 740$
Cash: 142.81$

TOTAL: 47 562.48$

Tax-free savings account (TFSA):
RBC O’Shaughnessy Canadian Equity Fund:
2 799.85$
The Consumers’ Waterheater Income Fund
(CWI.UN): 2 160$
Sprott Canadian Equity Fund: 5 411.11$
Dumont Nickel Inc. (DNI): 460$
Cash: 32.49$

TOTAL: 10 863.45$

RSP investment portfolio:
Claymore Gold Bullion ETF (CGL): 2 126$
EnCana Corporation (ECA): 3 360$
Emera Incorporated (EMA): 4 732$
Cash: 259.21$

CIBC Dividend Growth Fund: 511.97$
CIBC Emerging Markets Index Fund: 464.61$
CIBC Monthly Income Fund: 1 023.32$

Energy and Base Metals Term Savings (Indexed term savings): 546.25$
Natural Resources Term Savings (Indexed term
savings): 502.06$

GIC National Bank: 1 170$
GIC Finance Plus: 1 513.97$
GIC Plus: 500$

TD Canadian Bond: 113.19$
TD Monthly Income: 106.52$
TD Emerging Markets: 81.48$
TD Energy: 85.13$
TD Precious Metals: 113.45$
TD Latin American Growth: 94.31$
TD Entertainment & Communications: 108.59$
TD Dividend Growth: 202.82$
TD U.S. Mid-Cap Growth: 104.39$

Maritime Life International Equity Fund
(Templeton): 631.56$
Manulife Simplicity Growth Portfolio: 864.74$
Maritime Life CI Harbour Seg Fund: 1 022.47$
Maritime Life Fidelity True North Seg Fund: 985.39$
Maritime Life Trimark Europlus Seg Fund: 588.51$

Great-West – various: 1 753.62$

RBC Canadian Dividend Fund: 519.58$
RBC U.S. Mid-Cap Equity Fund C$: 1 880.13$
RBC Global Resources Fund: 938.50$
RBC O’Shaughnessy International Equity Fund:
RBC O’Shaughnessy All-Canadian Equity
Fund: 1 047.92$

GIC Canadian Market:
1 000$

TOTAL: 29 548.22$

Social Capital at Desjardins Membership share
for 3 accounts:

Savings + Stocks, units, mutual funds + Tax-
free Savings account + RRSP + Online Income
88 632.34$
[In date of May 1, 2010]

Friday, May 7, 2010

OUTCH! The European recession is hurting my porfolio

I lost near to 2 000$ in my non registered portfolio. Overall, I may had lost 2 000-2 500$ or close to 3 000$, but I didn’t calculate the current value of my everything because my everything is everything but not short. I am not a minimalist investor, let’s say. I love to accumulate, accumulate, both investments and debts.

Ok, so in result of the European crisis, I might had lost around 3 000$. But it’s not like my portfolio had lost a third or a half of its value. I can easily support loses like this one. I had experiment the market volatibility before and each time, I recover. From my point of view, my portfolio can go through another economic break down without too much trouble. It’s just kind of sad because with my mutual fund investments, I had just begin to recover from the 2008 loses. And now, I guess the gain had been lost. I am confident the market will go up again. What we had live with the US-Canada recession was as worst as what’s happening now in Greece and other European countries. I am still looking forward to invest in 100 extra stocks of CDL.A in June. I just cannot wait!

Also, in late May, I will receive the money for a GIC that I hold in my RSP portfolio. I will get the money transferred into my RSP broker account and I may purchase an ETF. I am quite tempt to invest more in the Claymore Gold Bullion ETF (CGL). I had been very satisfied with my Claymore Gold Bullion. And what better place to hold gold anyway other place than in a RSP?

Thursday, May 6, 2010

CIBC Visa is the best!

Yesterday, I was very upset at CIBC Visa and you know, those frustrations had to come out one way or the other. The rep I talked to last time told me that my 3.9% special interest rate on my remaining balance of 1 283.63$ was ending today, May 6, while it should had end on September 6. I didn’t have time to argue with the rep at that time and I also wanted to make sure I wasn’t making a mistake on my side. I wanted to review my transfers and see exactly what had been done. Lately, I had been quite busy so passing time on such things really annoyed me. You could ask me, what are you doing, what are you so busy at? I am busy at living first, at working everyday, not to mention that each day involve 1.5-2 hours of walking every single day now that I do not own a metro pass. It’s been almost a week now without a metro pass and I kind of enjoy walking around, especially with the wind, I just like Montreal wind, a nice flair one. And I am also busy at trying to make money online and following the stock market and my sensational investments. That’s what I am busy at.

Anyhow, I call back CIBC Visa today and it appears that I was right! I went gently with the rep without screaming – lol – I was put on hold while verification was made. And after I was told that everything was fine, that I was going to have the 3.9% on the 1 283.63$ balance left until September 6. I was so happy that I told the girl I would wrote a note on her behalf. And of course I will. So I am pretty thankful for CIBC Visa to have fixed my problem.

I never had any issues with CIBC. I am grateful to have some investments with CIBC and a credit card. So this problem had been fixed. I am very happy now because my projects are taking form. I do not really want to begin paying off debts until I reach 100 000$ in assets. That’s really all. It could be seen as a non-sense for some people but for me, it all make sense. The TSX might be under the 12 000 points now, but it doesn’t change anything in my projects. The lost of today at the market is actually a good sign and the opposite – gains – would had been an abnormal reaction to an abnormal situation that we are currently living with the Greece and other European countries. The market had a normal reaction to an abnormal situation and it’s a good sign. The TSX is just following the market. And it’s more important than ever to have a diversified portfolio. It’s also a very good time to make some new investments if, of course, money is available. Which is currently not my case lol.

While most of my investments had lost in value today, one had gain: Claymore Gold Bullion ETF (CGL). Until today, Claymore Gold Bullion ETF (CGL) highest value was 10.79$. Today, Claymore Gold Bullion had been its own scored by reaching a fantastic 10.93$. This is exactly what happens in recession time: the price of gold increase. And Claymore Gold Bullion ETF (CGL) had just followed the market. Adding Claymore Gold Bullion to your portfolio can help to provide stability to your assets. The only problem being that this investment won’t bring any dividend in the house. That’s the price of stability, I guess.

And talking about dividend, I had received 51.45$ from Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS) and a very awesome 75.02$ from Just Energy Income Fund (JE.UN). I am now at 106 stocks of Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS) and 731 units of Just Energy. Regarding JE.UN, I would very much like to reach the 1 000 in units of Just Energy Income Fund (JE.UN). But as for now, my goal is to invest in 100 stocks of Corby Distilleries Limited (CDL.A). Corby Distilleries Limited (CDL.A) close the day at 15.60$. Since I own CDL.A, I never saw the stock price going under the 15$ per stock. Corby Distilleries alcohol is as pure as gold: Corby Distilleries will continue to bring great stability to my portfolio just like, Claymore Gold Bullion ETF (CGL).

In those tough times, I greatly need stability, especially after seeing Just Energy Income Fund (JE.UN) falling to 13$ per stock. Currently, my non registered portfolio is under the 47 000$. This is of course very sad, but the market will go up again. Just Energy (JE.UN) had made a great acquisition in the US and its unit value will go up again. Energy stocks can be quite volatile and sensible to the market condition. The market condition may affect JE.UN value at the TSX, but it won’t affect JE.UN dividend. My dream would be to own 1 000 units of JE.UN. This is quite realizable knowing I already own 731 units. The DRIP system is really fantastic. Earning one more stock of Bank of Scotia (BNS) through the DRIP system could be seem as being nothing at all, but it is not, especially knowing that 1 new stock bring 1.99$ extra in dividend income. When a company close or suspend its DRIP, like Premium Brands Holdings Corporation (PBH) and Pembina Pipeline Income Fund (PIF.UN), its all the hope for a better portfolio that disappear, even if its mean earning 1 or 5 stocks or units less per distribution period. But not having the DRIP is not the end of the world. It’s actually quite pleasant to have some extra cash available to do whatever you want with it. You can do whatever you want with the dividend earn because it is YOUR money. Is there any better thing in the world than earning dividend?

With my newest dividend earning, I just exceed the 1 000$ in dividend for 2010. I am currently at 1 123.49$ in dividend passive income for 2010. After 2 years investing in stocks and units, I become a better investor. So far for 2010, nothing major but I can say proudly that I didn’t make any investment mistakes. I do things the way I want and so far, I am satisfied with the results. I always told myself that if the losses would became too significant, that I would stopped investing but so far, I recover from losses and I am confident that my portfolio situation will just get better over time. Guess I am still too much confident in myself even after being laid off of BMO Bank of Montreal.

I am that of a monster :)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The story behind my 1 283.63$ credit card debt: example of a credit card balance transfer that turned wrong... because of CIBC Visa

I am credit card balance fanatic. I like this system because its allow me to borrow money at a smaller interest rate. I am receiving credit card balance transfer on a regular basis and so far, once one is close to the term date, I am receiving another offer from another credit card that I hold. So I had been « playing ping-pong » as I like to call it, quite often in 2009&2010. Everything went perfectly well until recently.

Once of my credit card balance transfer offer is ending on May 6… which is tomorrow. But it shouldn’t be the case. Here’s the story behind my 1 283.63$ debt at a promotional rate of 3.9% that is ending tomorrow.

A couple of months ago, I had received this incredible offer coming from CIBC Visa: 3.9% interest rate on a credit card balance transfer! WOW! Of course, I wanted to benefit from this offer to invest more. And I did. That’s how today I own 726 units of Just Energy Income Fund (JE.UN).

I proceed with 2 different transfers:
-First one of 2 854.31$. The 3.9% interest rate offer ending on May 6, 2010.
-Second one of 1 404.19$. The 3.9% interest rate ending on September 6, 2010.

At that point, nothing wrong.

Recently, I had received an offer from TD Visa, a 4.9% interest rate valid for 6 months! Great! So I wouldn’t have to sell my investment to pay off the amount due! Yeah! I am sometimes very lucky like that.

Of course, I ask for a credit card balance limit increase for my TD Visa. My limit had been increased as I wanted (or I was going to cancel everything, that’s exactly what I told the guy lol). PERFECTO. So I proceed to a credit card balance transfer from CIBC Visa to TD Visa for an amount of 3 000$ at a 4.9% interest rate valid until September or something like it 2010.

Here again, nothing wrong.


Earlier this week, I gave CIBC Visa a call, asking how much I had in balance left and my interest rate. I just wanted to confirm the interest rate, right. That’s when I was told that my interest rate at 3.5% was ending on May 6, 2010. But previously before, I had made a call, speaking to a representative and she confirmed me I was going to be good for a 3.9% interest rate until September 6, 2010… Like I explain to her what I wanted to do, and she confirmed it was going to be ok. But the guy to who I spoke to earlier this week told me that the 3.9% interest rate was ending on May 6. WRONG! Scandalously wrong!

So what’s going to happen?

I am going to call CIBC Visa asking them to correct their mistake. If not, I am never going to deal with them again. DONE. GAME OVER. And if they don’t want to, I am going to ask to speak to a supervisor because I had received the confirmation from a representative that I was going to have the 3.9% interest rate on the amount left… They just have to listen to the call.

No way I am going to begin to pay off debt. It’s so not me. I am waiting for a good paycheck this evening at midnight because I might have received some commissions. That money is going to be use on the purchase of 100 stocks of CDL.A. It will certainly not be use to pay off debt. It’s not CIBC Visa who’s going to ruin my everything. Those banks really need to learn how to respect people! I am just hoping that CIBC is not following BMO Bank of Montreal footsteps. Like you know, a bank turning into a ghetto scheme or something like that.

Monday, May 3, 2010

My debt situation on date of May 3, 2010

Credit line 1: 10 000$ at 4.75%
Student loan debt: 8 309.46$ at 4.75%
Credit card 1: 8 001.66 at 4.9% for 6 months (until October 2010)
Credit line 2: 5 000$ at 3.5%
Credit line 3: 4 880.89$ at 8%
Credit card 2: 1 283.63$ at 3.9% ending… on May 6, 2010!
TOTAL: 37 475.64$

Dealing with credit card balance transfer can be kind of… confusing. One of my credit card balance transfer offer is ending… on May 6, 2010. I taught I would have until the end of the month to figure out something…. But not, after verification with CIBC Visa… Oups!

It’s my mistake but no problem. I currently hold more than 37 000$ in debts. Time have come to pay off some debts, don’t you think so. I party hard with my money, made investment crazy and so. It was fun. But now I am looking to clear off the 1 283.63$ balance I hold on the credit card number 2. On May 6, I should be able to make a payment of 700$ on that debt. After what, I will only have left 583.63$ to pay. So it shouldn’t be too bad. I won’t be able to invest again in June just like I wanted. But in a way, paying off some debts is not a bad thing. In the upcoming months, a paying debt-investing-paying debt-investing scheme might turn out to be a better sequence than just investing-investing-investing and only paying the minimum on debt.

I had been paying the minimum on debt because the dividends I earn largely cover the interest gain on the money I borrowed. But I guess I am at the point where some debts need to be paid off.

First step is to pay off the 1 283.63$. After what, I will have to look after the 8 001.66$ at 4.9% that is ending on October 2010. What am I going to do?

Ok, I know, I previously say I was going to use margin to pay off debt at a cheaper interest rate. The interest rate for T D Waterhouse margin is 3.5%. 3.5% is a very low interest rate and seem very appealing at first. But margin is kind of complicated and I just don’t like margin at all. It would stress me too much to have to deal with margin. NOW I understand why Derek Foster suggested not to use margin. It’s too complicated stuff for small people like myself. Margin is mostly made for super-rich, those who can afford risk. I can’t. And margin is too complicated. Anyhow, at this time, I am not ready for margin. Not at all. Margin = frightening and scary! For now, I prefer to keep things simple.

So here’s the plan, I am going to pay off the 1 283.63$ credit card debt. Until September 2010, I will make the minimum payment on my debts. And by September, I am going to ask for a credit line. Where? I don’t know yet. But thing is, I cannot place my request now because my RSP credit line is recent from March 2010 and also, I just applied for the 3 000$ credit card limit increase at TD Visa. I cannot ask for too much credit at the same time either so I guess that waiting for 5 months before asking for any other credit is a good option, from my point of view. And if my credit line request is being decline than, I may turn to margin as only left alternative.

The 1.99% credit card balance transfer I received for one year is tempting, but its involve opening new credit card which, after the first year, will turn into the regular 19% or so interest rate… I don’t think it really worth it.

Today was my first day ever without my metro pass… and I survive to it! It was raining this morning but not that much. I guess I am about 40 minutes walking distance from work, not more. I don’t know for sure because I want pay my credit card and stuff among the way. And when I came back home the weather was just amazing. Walking on a daily basis will just make a lot of good to me. As much as paying off some debt.

My debt situation on date of March 24, 2010

Student loan debt: 8 464$ at 4.75% =
402.04$ in annual interest

Credit line: 4 840$ at 3.5% =
169.40$ in annual interest

Credit line: 3 922.01$ at 8% =
313.76$ in annual interest

RSP Credit line: 10 000$ at 4.75% =
475$ in annual interest

Credit card balance transfer: 5 000$ at 4.9% =
245$ in annual interest

Credit card balance transfer: 4 359.02$ at 3.9% =
170$ in annual interest

Total of debts: 36 585.03$
Total in annual interest rate: 1 775.20$
[In date of March 24, 2010]

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Michaëlle Jean: Governor General of Canada (2005-2010)

Michaëlle Jean may have done a great job as the Governor General of Canada, but she didn’t do anything extraordinary for the people and her time is now over. Time to pass on the crown to someone else and, if possible, to a real Canadian this time. I have nothing against Michaëlle Jean. But for me, Michaëlle Jean is not a real Canadian. Why? It have nothing to do with the color of her skin, which is, obviously black lol, it have nothing to do with the fact that she was born in Haiti. My definition of a “real Canadian” has nothing to do with ethnicity or from where you are coming from. I want a Governor General who never been closed to Quebec willingness to become a country. I want a Governor General of Canada who had strong believe in Canada and I want to have a Governor General of Canada who has no relations behind the idea of a sovereign Quebec.

When Michaëlle Jean shows up publicly with her husband, Jean-Daniel Lafond, I am feeling shame, disgust. Jean-Daniel Lafond is a French-born with basically no real Canadian cultural identity. I mean, Jean-Daniel Lafond had been part of the FLQ, a militant Quebec-separatist organization. No one who had deal with the FLQ from close or far should had a connection with the federal highest position. Michaëlle Jean should never have never been nominated as Governor General of Canada, knowing who’s her husband. Back in 2005, I was a young woman, I knew who was Jean-Daniel Lafond and I couldn’t believe Prime Minister Paul Martin was doing this to Canadians, selling the Governor General of Canada position to Quebeckers.

When the shame will stop for real Canadians? Can real Canadians just live happily with the proud of being Canadians without having to deal with some scandalous Quebeckers, just willing to bring terror and destruction to one of the best country of the world, if not the best one? One day, the circus will have to stop; Quebeckers will have to decide to go one way or the other. The question of who will be designed as new Governor General of Canada is a question of national identity. And Quebeckers are not good examples of that. I thing that Quebeckers should simply separate, create of country of their own and we’ll be done with it, done with the shame, done with exocentric measure to satisfy the one who will just never be satisfied because of their stupidity.

Look what happen in Canada history when a Quebeckers had become Canada Prime Minister. Jean Chrétien, Paul Martin, Brian Mulroney. All gangsters, poor nominees, just selfish blood suckers. And here I am naming just naming the most recent ones. When the shame will stop? New Brunswick gone pretty bad in health care when Bernard Lord was PM. And Bernard Lord was born… in Quebec province. I know about Bernard Lord and New Brunswick because I am myself a New Brunswicker. And a French one by the way.

Quebec leaders are weak, lazy, and Canadians deserve much more than what can Quebeckers can actually bring to them. Prime Minister Stephen Harper may not be perfect, but he’s doing the best as he can in a difficult economic situation and deserves the respect of all “real” Canadians. Not to forget that Stephen Harper had provide Quebeckers the “distinct society” title to Quebec, so the fools can feel special in a unite Canada that no Quebeckers, by the way, truly deserve, knowing for who they massively vote for. As long as political parties as Bloc Québécois for the federal, Parti Québécois and Québec Solidaire for the provincial will be active, there will be no place for communication between real Canadians and Quebeckers. There will only be place for shame. Other French Canadians do not need Quebec, see, we are all bilingual, or almost lol.

And talking about disgust, Michaëlle Jean should have never been nominated as Governor General of Canada, her husband being who he is. As Canadian, I want to be represented by a Governor General of Canada who’s a real Canadian, not a fake one. And I don’t care about the color of the skin or from the nativity. Canadians have the right to be honor and deserved to be represent by a pure patriotic, someone with honesty. And Canadians have now that chance.

When I read about Michael Ignatieff who, according to the press, “is urging the prime minister to extend Michaëlle Jean's term as Governor General when her five-year appointment expires in September”, the only thing I want to say to Michael Ignatieff is: NO WAY! I am happy to have found out who is the real Michael Ignatieff, a maniac who, just like Paul Martin, wants to collect Quebecker votes, another selfish one who want to sell the Governor General of Canada position for another 5 years to Quebeckers. Remember reading in the press that Michael Ignatieff had called Brian Mulroney for his birthday? Another bullshit to have some Quebec voters. And what about the proud? Brian Mulroney did what he did. I won’t even write about hit. I just hate Brian Mulroney. And just knowing he’s living somewhere in Westmount of Montreal just freak me more lol.

You know the shit, Michael Ignatieff just want to gain some Quebec voters. But who care about Quebeckers? They had been sooooooo unfaithful of the country, publicly voting massively for the Bloc Québécois, publicly declaring that they are a distinct society. Why do they feel so special by the way? At a point, the distinct society need to get out of the unite Canada. And no more fake Canadians as Governor General of Canada ever, no more Quebeckers in a unite Canada. Never again.

Paul Martin put a shame on the country by naming Michaëlle Jean as Governor General of Canada in 2005. Now that Paul Martin and the Liberals are no longer in control of this country, Canadians have the right to be represent correctly without lies, and with respect.

So I hope Michaëlle Jean will enjoy her last summer as Governor General of Canada. No more free trips, Michaëlle Jean.

I am now at 88 632.34$ in assets

Its lower than on date of April 23, 2010, but April had been an extraordinary month for my investment portfolio!

Back on April 23, 2010, I was at a fantastic 89 157.88$ and currently, on date of May 1, 2010, I am at 88 632.24$, which represent a lost of 525.54$. Not too bad, but it could be worst, I guess. I had calculate 600$ in saving. I currently have more than 1 000$ in my saving account, but I only add 600$. The money I currently have is to pay my expenses for the month of May. My next paycheck should be of 600$, so I only add on 600$ in savings. I have chances to reach 90 000$ in assets during the month of June… 100 new stocks of Corby Distilleries Limited (CDL.A), that will be my next investment in June. So Corby Distilleries Limited (CDL.A), be ready, I am coming for more lol… I currently hold 100 stocks of the marvelous CDL.A. I am just very happy with Corby Distilleries Limited (CDL.A). Very stable investment, just what I need in my portfolio at this time to hit the 90 000$ in assets. Is this begging to be out of control? No, it’s just getting better!

My first month without a metro pass

For the month of May, I decide not to purchase any metro pass… My weekend job is pretty close to where I live, but not my daytime job. I am giving myself 45 minutes of walking. I could use a bike, but for my own safety, I won’t use a bike downtown Montreal, I just find it too dangerous, traveling on a bike in the city. I am curious to see how it will goes. But it’s the only way I am going to get a daily exercise…

Hello dividend!

The month of April end on a dividend happy note.

So far for 2010, I am close to the 1 000$ in dividend income. I recently received 24.17$ of Bell Aliant Regional Communications Income Fund (BA.UN), 15.33$ of Davis + Henderson Income Fund (DHF.UN) and 10.80$ of The Consumers’ Waterheater Income Fund (CWI.UN). Since I own 400 units of The Consumers’ Waterheater Income Fund, I should have received 21.60$. I guess I am having problem because I just transferred 200 units of CWI.UN over my Tax-free savings account (TFSA). Guess I will have to call T D Waterhouse one more time. I have to call T D Waterhouse anyway because I have 20$ in cash from my TFSA that I want to get transferred into my non registered account. That 20$ will be add to the 142.81$ I have in non registered broker account. That way, I will be able to make the minimum 150$ payment required on my TD credit line.

Thinking about margin

On the post of April 29, 2010, title “My first 100$ payout from Google AdSense program”, I came across my debts and was suggest by a reader to use margin. According to Dividend Lover, I could use margin to pay off debt, and I could do it at very low interest that may be 3.5%. Wow! That’s a good thing because to tell you the true, I begin to be tired of credit card balance transfer. Just recently, I just complete one of those transfers: 3 000$ at 4.9%. Great, but the interest rate at 4.9% only remains valid for 6 months. From 6 months after 6 months, it’s always the stress to se if another credit card balance transfer will come or not from another credit card I hold. Lately, I had received that 1.9% percent interest rate on credit card balance transfer. Nice, but that one is being offer for 1 year. Does it worth it to apply for another credit card knowing I hold already so many of them? My answer to that is no. I use my credit wisely, but adding another credit card would be just way too much. So the margin solution kind of arrives right on a perfect time. I knew margin existed of course, but I didn’t know that the margin money could be use for another purpose than investing. In this case, I will use margin to pay off some debts, it won’t be use to extend my investment portfolio. I could probably use my margin to the fullest in order to reach my first 100 000.00$ kind of right away, but it won’t be the case. What I like about my investment is that its gradual, nothing come easily, let’s say. But it’s the way I like it the best. I already borrow enough money and, if this portfolio is not perfect, it’s really me and I like it just the way it is. So guess I will inform myself better on margin and see if I like what I heard. I plan to make a down payment each month even if its not require. Pretty exciting things coming ahead.

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