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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Cash will always be king

Today, I find a 5 dollars bill on the ground on my way to work and it make my day! It was all wet because of the rain but never mind, I used the $5 to pay for my morning coffee. Its all I needed to forget about how bad my portfolio is doing right now. I am good to find things on the ground. I once find 2 $20 bills outside a bar, $10, $2. I found several metro pass, credit cards, debit cards, health cards... Finding money on the ground is one of the most exciting things ever at the time it happen.

Today TSX gains made things easier for my very delicate non-registered portfolio - it closed today session at $119 151.15. Its really not easy to be an investor these days. My portfolio look ugly ugly. While being 100% invested, its really hard to face such market volatility. Investing is fun when the stock market is gaining points, but it become less interesting when the market points on the opposite direction. 

In those difficult times, I like to put my focus on other things, among other, on my beauty blog, on my weight loss, on my job???!!!

Yes. Also.

It doesn't feel good loosing a chuck of money on the stock market. You get to feel empty inside and like real shit. While being stuck right in a stock recession, our weakness appears more. My financial weakness is to be 100% invested and not to have more money in my bank account. But an investor remain an investor - its hard to resist the appeal of the stock market. And its even harder when you had experiment the best like the worst of what it had to give.

Monday, December 14, 2015

This year, the TSX stole Christmas

Christmas is coming soon, but no matter what, the TSX is not treating its investors very kindly lately!! My non-registered portfolio closed at a terribly low $118 185.74. But no panic. Its just money.


I don't know for you, but when I see how deep low the TSX is going right now, its just wanna make me... RETURN MY CHRISTMAS GIFTS RIGHT DOWN TO THE STORE. (I am just kidding, of course). So far, I spent $140 on Christmas gifts. Once completed, I guess I will be around $240, very reasonable. I only have my bus ticket to pay for after that.

We can say that this year, the TSX stole Christmas! This is a nightmare coming to live.

I really wanted to see the year closed on a more positive note, but its seem like 2015 had been the shittiest of the shittiest of all.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

And what if Donald Trump was right after all regarding his Muslims ban proposal?

Yesterday, my non-registered portfolio closed at $121 220. Today, my non-registered portfolio closed at $120 595.97. Is it going to continue going lower and lower like that or what??!! This is rough and not fun at all. At 35 years old, I was imaging myself as pretty as I am, but in much much better financial situation! Anyway, when the market drop like this, I know the drill. The best is to ignore what's going on and act like it doesn't matter. 

While we are waiting to "welcome" 25 000 Syrian refugees, our stock market is going all the way down, real Canadians are losing their jobs, Liberal party had cut our TFSA contribution to $5 500, we'll soon going to face deep red deficit from that same government... Should we really welcoming as many refugees? Canada is not strong enough financially speaking to cover such heavy costs. The mayor of Montreal Denis Coderre had hired a special adviser to co-ordinate Montreal's efforts to welcome Syrian  refugees. And to do so, Micheal Dorais, our new refugee coordinator, will earn $1800 per day! Its so scandalous, especially knowing how heavily tax are the homeowners here in Montreal. 

I would be curious to know how much it will cost us, Canadians, to welcome 25 000 Syrian refugees. But this is not a straight cost. Because it will take several years for those refugees to learn the language and find a job. And during that time, it will be our tax money that will feed those Muslims. 

There's a lot of common sense in the message that is trying to deliver Donald Trump these days. While facing the possibility of having to deal again with terrorist attacks, its just really logical to ban everyone who's Muslim from entering the country. Its of a perfect logic. Its unfortunately not possible to tell who are the good Muslims from the bad. And while facing the possibility of a "maybe" a another terrorist attack could happen, well, its the government to play its role and protect the citizens.

After all, look at what had build Muslims around the world. There's no success stories to tell. The Muslim religion itself had grow strong and stronger while facing wars. Muslims have to deal with their heritage. Its not our duty to live and pay for them.

At a time of incertitude, we need to fight for ourselves, not for Muslims that we don't know anything about. Life and the well-being of our country is to precious to take any chances, but Justin Trudeau is truly disconnected and live in a world of dreams.

Monday, December 7, 2015

What we need to remember from Guy Turcotte second trial

It took a second trial, but at the second one, Guy Turcotte received a second degree murder verdict. My wild guess is that if a third trial would had been launched, it would probably caused mental illness to Isabelle Gaston, but Guy Turcotte could had received the sentence he truly deserved: first degree murder for killing his two children. But hey, I am wondering, since Quebec justice is so unsubstantial and incompetent, I am surprise to see that things are going to stop here. Is the show really over now?

In Quebec, the justice system is as sick as the criminals who directly benefit from its lack of intelligence and integrity. While living in Quebec province, outsiders like myself are directly exposed to a reality in which its not good to live. Quebeckers are really sick people. Never put your trust in them. 

Guy Turcotte trials were the mirror of Quebec society of today: selfish, of pure arrogance and miserable. I can read all of the stupidity of Quebec society in the conduct of what had been a second long trial - one wasn't enough, it took a second one. And during that time, other causes cannot find their way to a judge. A man killed his children, and he haven't been punished. And still today, Guy Turcotte did not received the sentence he deserved. In Quebec, justice doesn't exist. Its not possible to have a good life here.

And its exactly the kind of things that define Quebec province. In many ways, I find that Denis Coderre shares a lot in common with Guy Turcotte. Not that Denis Coderre had killed anyone - at least not of what we know of - but I find Montreal mayor has the same deep arrogance as Guy Turcotte. Denis Coderre believe he's capable of everything, and so did Guy Turcotte. He had the power, and used it to defend his own interests.

Education, health and justice system - they're a bunch of stuff that is not doing ok in Quebec. A poorer province like New Brunswick is much more efficient. In New Brunswick, it doesn't take days at the hospital to see a doctor. In New Brunswick, we don't let our children go in schools who are rotten to the core. Fact is, Quebec arrogance had build many disparities over the year and with these disparities come the incapacity of dealing with their own richness.

I thank God everyday for making me a New Brunswicker.


Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Can the TSX stock market hit on back the 14 000 points by the end of the trading year?

For one day - yesterday - we were back in business! The TSX gains almost 200 point yesterday. Its feeling good, and in result, my non-registered portfolio closed the session at $127 074.61. I am secretly dreaming that the TSX will closed this super shitty trading year on the 14 000 points. But am I dreaming too much?

**If you dislike my writing about personal finance, always feel free to click right on here to try something new**

Oil sectors had left many unemployed. Its truly heartbreaking to read testimonies of Alberta workers who are having a real hard time. The value of houses had decreased in area of Fort McMurray and time will come when banks will suffer from all the monetary loses. Recently, BMO and Scotia Bank announced enormous profits. I guess that helped in yesterday gains.

But sooner or later, the TSX is going to go down hard - one more time. Liberal government is not helping in any way. We are dealing with real issues in Canada. We cannot afford to overspend - but already - Justin Trudeau is hiring TWO nannies to take care of his 3 children. But why is that? Hew wife Sophie Grégoire doesn't currently have no real job, she doesn't have any occupation. Grégoire is a stay-at-home mom. So why does Justin Trudeau is employing two nannies to take care of his family? Its because Sophie Grégoire is a lazy bitch who want to play her first lady role and want all the advantages associated with it, including employing nannies using our tax money. And more than anything else, Sophie Grégoire want to be "a lady of the world". But she's not. When that woman speaks, she sound retarded.

I am not a fan of Justin Trudeau. He's not the man Canada needs but Canadians were not bright enough to see that clearly. We are going to go down in mountains of debt, oil sector will probably remains as it is for a while, banks are going to make less money and... the stock market will go down, again and again and again.

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