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Monday, May 25, 2009

Thinking about Derek Foster

I had been thinking about Derek Foster lately. Fact is, because he had sale big part of his portfolio a couple of months ago, taxes are going to be horrible for him next year! I just hope he won’t have to pay out too much in taxes. I had so much trouble with my own taxes this year. I am quite happy to have this behind me now.

I remember my reading of Stop Working. In his first book, Derek Foster, somewhere in his introduction, talked about things he would like to do rather than working. One thing was about building Web site, another one to do the military training, among other. Now that he had sold out biggest part of his investment, I wonder what Derek Foster is now doing, if he had joined the military or what else lol.

Derek Foster should start a blog of its own and applied Google AdSense ads into it. Wouldn’t be cool lol?

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Earning New Dividends

I just received new dividend from Livingston International Income Fund (LIV.UN) and Methanex Corporation (MX). I earn one extra stock of LIV.UN and another one of MX. And I earn an extra 14$ in cash to pay off my credit line. I really can pay off the interest of a 5 000$ credit line following Derek Foster strategy as he explains in his latest book Money for Nothing. Now, knowing that, will I be able to follow his strategy regarding optons?

I previously wrote that I began to understand the "options strategy", but really, I find it still difficult. I once call the Options department of TD Waterhouse. I spoke to an Indian I believe. Cute accent, good explanations. But in date of today, I find it still difficult. Would I be able to live from my dividend one day? And no siminar are being offer regarding options in the Montreal area. So what do I do now? :)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

About Derek Foster selling his investments or what love is all about

Wild, unconscious and with a lot of sex appeal. That’s the DF I known from Stop Working. But it’s seemed like the Derek Foster of the old days is gone with the wind. Or something had happen to him. But what? I am late in the news. Derek Foster had soled out of all his assets a couple of weeks ago, middle of March from what I understand.

I do not judge him on what he did, but I do have an opinion on it. I read an article online of the Toronto Star. DF was explaining that he had soled it all because of some search he did. I do not know what he had found, but gees, he is totally out of track lol. Like if I know what I am talking about or something lol. I do not know what he had learned about, but no matter what he did, its clear for me that I will never sale my precious little assets. Those are going to stay with me until the end. And I still plan to invest more in stocks in the next upcoming months – unless I got lay off from the 2 jobs I had left lol.

I guess I have to respect his position. And its true is position is not the same, knowing he had a family to support. I guess he did what he believe was in the best interest for him and his family.

In that article, at the question if he would continue to sale his books, DF answers yes. And this disturbs me. He continues to sale his books on his Web site (, free of any kind of advertisements by the way lol. Like man, you are selling a strategy you do not even believe in yourself! Come on!!! That’s disturbing. But who am I to judge. It’s not now or ever that I am going to say bad stuff on the man who makes me discovers the fabulous and painful (lol) world of stocks. And make me discovers TD Waterhouse bad services.

DF is out of the stock market, but I am still in. And I plan to invest at least 30 000$ per year for the next 4 years or so in order to achieve financial freedom. I might continue to work just to have more cash to invest and become, basically, a multimillionaire lol.

It’s true I own DF a lot like: awful services from TD Waterhouse and lol, loosing more than 10 000$ of my very own money in the stock market. But more seriously, what DF did – trying to explain the stock market to small people well, its extraordinary, its give strength to proceed and just « go for it » lol. If it wouldn’t be of his books, I would probably still and only investing in mutual funds. My Td Waterhouse portfolio had an initial value of about 30 000$ and now, the 30 000 worth 20 000. Which I consider still good knowing the stock market conditions. It’s not like my initial 30 000$ worth now 5 000$ or so. The stocks market worth it a try.

I do not have the best portfolio ever – but it’s not the worst one either. For me, my portfolio is – well, let’s say... show up some great potential to grow overtime – lets say it that way lol. And I am never going to sale any part of it.

But what’s nice about DF is that he decided to go public with it. He could have sale and not telling no one – it will only had been between him and… those guys at TD Waterhouse… lol. His public move is very courageous. I wonder what his projects are now. He might be trying to do some money online lol!! Just hilarious knowing that’s what I had been trying to do those last days.

It’s hard to believe he had decided to grudge into his 400 000$+ for his living. If DF had decided to move out of the stock market, it might be because things might be pretty rough out there. But of cause, I know almost anything about it.

Why investment is also about love and on why I love the stocks market

I believe in Barack Obama more than anything. That’s basically why I am still in « it », because I believe in him and in his administration. More than anything else. And knowing how much we, as Canadians, depend on the US, just knowing that its BO who’s taking care of business, I sleep well at night and I never intent to sale any of my investments – ever since I saw Barack Obama the first time on television lol. For me, I believe Derek Foster lost that confidence and that’s what make him sale all of his investments. Maybe because he is a man and didn’t fall in love with BO like I did. It’s pure love. BO is a black angel and he’s going to fix EVERYTHING. This is how a strong believer I am.

And a true believer like myself do no fear the market in bad times. But this is the perfect timing for me. This is what I had been waiting for! A bad stocks market, low prices and a lot of time ahead. And right now, the combination of those 3 elements are united for my own benefit.

I had been following the stocks market since something like 2005. Back than, I had purchased Fidelity Frotiere Nord with Desjardins. It was a 1 000$ initial investment. Its not now that I am going to sale anything for sure.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Ignatieff calling Mulroney: WHY? (or happy birthday criminal)

So far on this blog, I haven’t written at all on politic. But this time, I just had too, as I find the event very disturbing.

Ex-prime minister is a financial criminal (everyone will learn that once the public inquiry will be completed) and the one that is now the Liberal – what leader? - Michael Ignatieff might have thought he had done a pretty good thing by calling Brian Mulroney to wish him happy birthday.


Weak, superficial and arrogant, this is how I describe what a Mulroney family spokesperson had called a "class act."

That poor man accept more than 200 000$ to promote a friend, arms dealer Karlheinz Schreiber, and in date of today, did everyone forget about this? In this affair, Brian Mulroney had been very arrogant. And from my point of view, Mulroney DO NOT deserves any public reconnaissance – especially coming from a politician. Now, if Michael Ignatieff thing he will get closer to Quebeckers because he had wished a man without loyalty and desperately suffering from a lack of judgment, well, Ignatieff than, is not better than Mulroney and I wish him GOOD LUCK. He will need some! How disturbing!!! I just hope Mulroney will be send to jail!

One day, people in Canada will wake up and stand up, but seem like that time didn’t come yet.

When will Michael Ignatieff get laid off? Are politicans are the same like that. Willing to please to get what they want – just more power?

I want Dion back!

Seem like he’s been teaching at Concordia University. A colleague of mine saw him at the metro Guy-Concordia. If I could ever see him by any chance, I will just say to him: PLEASE HELP US!

Like politic really suck and the Liberal party did a terrible bad move by doing what they did to Stephane Dion. But a day will come when some others, like me, will realize and I wish that, when that day will come, Liberal Party people will feel ashamed.

Shame on Brian Mulroney and may the public inquiry reveal all about his stupidity.

But the funniest part is that – even if Brian Mulroney definitely suffers from a lack of judgment, he is chairman of Quebecor.

Am I a stockholder of Quebecor of any Quebec business? OF COURSE NOT BECAUSE I AM TOO SMART FOR THAT.

(And smart people just follow Derek Foster strategy.)

Same thing for Henri-Paul Rousseau who had been CEO of the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec. It’s hard to believe – but after making losing millions of dollars to Quebeckers, the poor man had been hired as a vice chairman at the Power Corporation of Canada. It’s like hello! Who had been involved in this hiring? Come on!

First thing I learn as a very amateur investor is diversification. But its look like Henri-Paul Rousseau never heard of diversification of his entire life. Like I might purchase all 3 books and had it ship to the new CEO of the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec – could it be helpful, don’t you think? It could had make a good leaving gift for Henri-Paul Rousseau, instead of him touching more than 200 000$ in leaving bonus. Ah!

Like for myself, I read the 3 books of Derek Foster so many times – just in order to UNDERSTAND INVESTMENTS and how to do things the right way. But its look like some of today’s leader does not get simple things right like that.

I DO NOT LIKE QUEBEC. I truly deserve a better place to live, pay my taxes and invest. And talking about leaving Quebec, I might be able to leave soon since I will lose my terrifically boring and annoying morning job (I am actually the one who is getting lay-off for now). But that’s another story.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Pembina Pipeline Income Trust all the way in April!

Thanks to DF, I know about Pembina Pipeline Income Trust. I really want to see my dividend earnings rise and the only thing I want right now is to add Pembina Pipeline Income Trust to my portfolio. To see my dividend earnings rise, I need stability, and Pembina can probably provided what I needed – good continously amount of cash!

PGF.UN really put it hard on me. I was expecting something like an annual dividend of 2.70$ and now, almost half of it had been cut off. Experiment dividend cuts at an early stage make me realize that I really need more than just 50 000$ invested in all PGF.UN in order to earn 15 000$ - as I wrote in one of my previous post.

Because dividend earnings is not stable at all, I will probably need way more than 50 000$ and probably need other things than PGF.UN. But things are just sooo simple when it come to investments - it’s all about picking the right stocks – and, also, have enough money to cover the cost of those investments. I expect to invest again in April.

About Pembina – I read somewhere in a title of Stockwatch the following:

"Globe says Blackmont recommends buying Pembina Pipeline". Who’s Blackmont? I don’t know. But that’s not what is more likely to turn me upside down.

Here where things are getting interesting and hot:

"Pembina’s established reputation of delivering stable and reliable distributions to unitholders is supported by premium, energy, infrastructure assets; diversified services; strategic expansions and additions; prudent financial management; and strong stakeholder relationships".

There you go! Seem like Pembina understand it all and if it’s the way Pembina is being managed, my relationship with Pembina will last forever.

And even more interesting:

"As a result of the changes in the way the Canadian government plans to tax certain flow-through entities, including Pembina, commencing Jan. 1, 2011, Pembina’s board of directors has determined it is in the best interest of unitholders to convert Pembina from an income trust to a corporate entity in the latter half of 2010. Based on Pembina’s internal projections and certain assumptions, the fund expects that the current level of cash distributions ($1.56 per unit, annualized) is sustainable through 2013, after the planned corporate conversion. This positive outlook is founded on Pembina’s attractive business fundamentals and substantial inventory of growth opportunities, including the estimated $400-million Nipisi and Mitsue pipeline projects."

I just like that stuff!

Pembina = $$$ lol.

At this time, I am working hard to pay off my credit line in order to be able to use some money from it back and purchase – if not 300 units – at least 200 units of PIF.UN. But for that, I need more cash and save more money.

And after Pembina, what’s next?

Grest-West Lifeco (GWO)! Especially at not even 13$ per stocks! Hope it remain at the same price until… May or June until actually I earn enough to make another purchase. I definitely need more cash!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Some good news

I had a couple of things done I wanted to do during those last days. I had opened a banking account with RBC. That account is free for me since I had opened a credit card (that I never used and don’t plan ever to use by the way lol) + mutual funds with them. I just went to the RBC site earlier, and I can see my investments. I can also sell my investments at any time. Which is great, because I can wait to get ride of the RBC O'Shaughnessy International Equity Fund. Other than that, I plan to keep the other mutual funds I had with them.

I understand I should probably get ride of them and sale them all, but I prefer to keep them as I feel I don’t have that much money to invest in stocks and if something would had to happen to my stocks whatever the reason could be, I wouldn’t like to be out of money. But I might no more invest in mutual funds.

Regarding my account at TD Waterhouse, I decide to keep the account and use it, even for the reason exposed in the previous post, I really wanted to close it. The thing is that I investigated. If I decide to close the account TD Waterhouse staff will have access to my information for a period of 1 or 2 years. After what, my account will go into their archives for 7 years. After 7 years, but only after 7 years, everything disappears. This is the difficult part for me. That’s the only reason why I will keep the account. And another reason is that since I subscribed to eService, I won’t get any fees for being inactive. So I decide to keep the account. I won’t do what that poor Lisa O’Toole tell me to do (I suggest to read the previous post to understand). I know I shouldn’t complain, but investments are the only thing in my life I have totally the control on, and I want to keep it that way. I don’t want idiot to tell to send my SIN and another ID via the mail. Which I find totally stupid, knowing I had presented those items once I open the account. Anyway, I understand. And no one else seem to understand, especially TD Waterhouse agent, I have to tell. And I have a lot to tell. I won’t put my trust in them to get some advices on how to invest my money. Because I worth more than that.

I had good news this last Friday; I got a call from the place where I used to work on Saturday and Sunday. It’s seemed like they now have work for me… And I now will have 3 jobs. It’s really too bad it’s coming back now, especially during summer time. But I don’t care that much, the only thing I care about, as usual, is the money. I expect to earn 761$ after taxes weekly. This is very good. So this weekend was my last off weekend. I went to the movie and I did a bit of shopping and it was all, after doing the usual.

I also put an extra 4 000$ in the TD Waterhouse account. So now I have 9 000$ to purchase stocks. And I am kind of lost at this point. So iShares or stocks, I am kind of desperate. The best option should be stocks I believe, and maybe I should stick on the ones of Derek Foster book, even if after what happen at TD Waterhouse, I really begin to hate the man. The thing is he explain that he start with a TD Waterhouse account and the eServices, without suggesting his readers to do the same. At some point, the guy has responsibilities toward his readers, even if his books start with a disclaimer. And especially knowing his books are bestsellers. I just hope he is saying right.

Monday, May 26, 2008

About my TD Waterhouse account

When I first open my account at TD Waterhouse, I invest 4 000$ in it. I invest an extra 2 000$ not so long ago, for a total of 6 000$. I was planning to invest an extra 2 000$, so it will make a final 8 000$. But now, I do not know and I don’t know which direction I should take. And it’s all because of a stupid letter I receive from TD Waterhouse.

I also have that 7 000$ to invest for my RRSP, so starting next month, I will begin to save for that RRSP. I just hope to be able to save enough money to follow all my plans. I am getting better with my cold and since I was off this morning, I slept in and later on I try to do some search in those iShares I am so interested in. I had an eyes on the iShares for quite some times now, but I could never invest in them, since the only way to purchase them is with a brokerage account, which I now have, but I do not know anymore if I should stick with TD Waterhouse.

TD Waterhouse or not, I plan to purchase 8 000$ in iShares:

2 500$ in iShares CDN LargeCap 60 Index
2 500$ in iShares CDN Materials Sector Index
3 000$ in iShares CDN Energy Sector Index

Each transaction will cost me 29$ each, if I stay with TD, for a total of 87$ (and does taxes applied??). There’s still a lot I don’t know about my TD Waterhouse account, like will those fees will be bill to me or will they send a somewhat invoice. I have been giving a brochure, but it doesn’t worth nothing, it’s not like a step by step guide and there’s nothing there that can help me.

The only reason why I get a TD Waterhouse account is because Derek Foster has one. At least it’s what he said in his book. And than I kept wondering if TD had paid him to be there in is book…. Anyway, so far, I don’t have many great things to say about TD Waterhouse. A big plus for me is that there is no fees related to inactivation, like if no investments are made for a long period of time, I won’t get any fees because I register to the eService. This is perfect for me because all the investments I made are for a long term basis. I begin to invest in 2005 and since that time, I never pick money in one of my mutual funds or other.

But I cannot say I do recommend TD Waterhouse because their customer service is really disgusting. A clear example of that: whenever you call to have information regarding your account, they don’t ask for security question. For a call I made, the last one actually, I call, and ask question to the customer representative about a letter I receive. I provide my account number and my name, and than I begin to discuss about my issue. Than, I was shock that the representative begin to answers to my question, without asking any security question. Than I told him, you’re giving me information on my account without asking any security question to confirm my identity? He told me that no transaction was aloud, so for him, it was ok to answers my question, check my profile without asking any security question. What a loser. What if one of the letter they send me get lost over the mail, someone else get it, open the precious letter, than, another person than myself has access to my account number and my name. After what that person can call TD Waterhouse, and ask question regarding my account……

If you have taught of TD Waterhouse for your brokerage account, beware. I am thinking of switching to someplace else. I was told that there were no fees for closing the account. So bet what I am doing to do?

The reason of my call was simple, I receive a letter from TD Waterhouse telling me they wanted to confirm my social insurance number and also, they were in need of a piece of identity. They were asking me to send via mail my social insurance number and a piece of ID. I was very upset, since I had presented those pieces when I first open the account. It doesn’t make any sense for me to send my valuable social insurance number to some of the biggest losers of the world via the mail, knowing it can be lost.

And that letter was sign at the name of their Vice President, Lisa O’Toole. I couldn’t believe a Vice President was asking me to send my social insurance number and my piece of ID, which was a birth certificate, by mail to them. I find it so unprofessional. And I am not even talking about the service I receive at the TD Waterhouse located in the Eaton Centre of Montreal. Because no one wants to really know about it.

At this point, I don’t know if it will be better if I close everything, knowing TD Waterhouse agents do not care about giving information to the right person and their Vice President Lisa O’Toole doesn’t care if my ID will get lost in the mail or not.

I hate TD Waterhouse.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Up, up, up!

Wow! My mutual funds are doing so well at this time. And I didn't any money I have invest yet in my TD Waterhouse account. I was planning to maybe add an extra 2 000$, which made 6 00o$ in total. I have too much money in my banking account and that money is doing absolutely nothing. And I really think the iShares are a good place to start. I couldn't start with the real thing right away, even if I read Derek Book's. I am not completely feeling secure about stocks because I didn't do my own search.

And also about that DRIP thing he explains in his book, I am not feeling that sure about it. It's too difficult for me to invest monthly. Just like for my RRSP. I prefer to invest all in one time. I didn't register to any DRIP yet.

I had been quite busy at all kind of things. And since I work from 9 to midnight from Monday to Friday, there's not too much I can do during week days. But I like it because time pass really quickly and money just keep coming in my bank account. I work at really low salary job and for the studies I made, I deserved much more. But at this time, let say everything fit well together and I don't mind too much.

Next week is going to be better because I have Saturday and Sunday off and I will be able to do my search and maybe, purchase my first iShare units. Finally.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Reading Derek Foster Books

I have been quite busy this weekend with work and it didn’t give me too much time to do what I really wanted to do: read Derek Foster two books I have bought from the Chapters located downtown on St-Catherine. It’s a good thing that it’s Eastern tomorrow, because I really need a brake and I really need to continue my reading.

It’s getting hard on me, since I finish work at midnight at my full-time job. And I had quite a few things to do as I didn’t receive the tax paper for ING Direct and for my Fidelity fund I have with Desjardins. As for ING, I find out that since I only made a few bucks with their interest, I won’t receive a tax paper. But the thing is I have that account with them since 2005 and since 2005, I didn’t declare any of the interest income I had received from them because they never send me a tax paper. But for this year, for a reason or another, I worried; I call, and give me the amount of the interest over the phone. So I don’t know what I going to do for 2005 and 2006, since I didn’t declare the interest gain. But does it really matter for less than 20$ per year of interest gain? I am all confused, as usual, and I don’t really need to do about it. Anyway, I am going to talk about it when processing with my taxes. So a lot is going on for me.

Unfortunately, my part-time job do not allow me to work both weekend days next week, which I don’t understand why, as they call be to come back to work. I was going to complain about this to them, but I decide to keep my mouth shut and keep them as backup. It’s really mean to them since I really was hoping to pay my complete rent with that money, but now, my hope is gone. I plan to take the day of tomorrow to apply to some part-time job. But at the same time, it’s not that a bad thing that I only work one day next week too, it gives me a little break. But at the same, I want a part-time on weekend really badly.

I was quite impress with my 2007 income, since I have earn more than 40 000$ in total. It’s quite nice, knowing than about 2 years ago, I barely hit the 25 000$. I really had a difficult time for work, as I once was in Ottawa, and before New Brunswick. I was quite happy to leave Ottawa, as I dislike their temporary contract with government agencies and their low pay. I wouldn’t like to work for the government for anything in the world. I get through a few contracts in Ottawa and I find them all extremely boring and poor work experience, as there was nothing much to do.

I want to post that final check to American Express to pay what I have left to pay, about 65$. So by the end of March 2008, I will be finally free of credit card debt. I continue to pay my regular expenses, with a Visa (I love Visa, it’s not like American Express, which seems to barely be accept where I go shopping). Only places I where able to pay with my American Express is at Wal-Mart and Reitmans. Otherwise, groceries store do not accept AE. But I like AE because of its Air Miles. And I don’t give a damn regarding that report that they didn’t want to translate in French. I just dislike living in Quebec sometime. I don’t like the mentality they have here and their law is too complicated. I just hope I will be able to do like Derek, retired early and move in another province, someplace near the sea. In a cool hot place in the Maritimes.

I really want to follow the strategy of Derek Foster to buy my first stocks and this time seems to be a good time to buy bank stocks. I begin to read The Lazy Investor, which I really like, as it’s describe step by step what you need to do to follow his strategy, which I won’t explain in much details here, as it’s his strategy. I wasn’t able to finish the book yet. And I have trouble to fully understand each steps. But anyway, I am going to study more deeply his books tomorrow. I also buy last week Stop Working, but I wasn’t able to begin the reading. Those two books are the first one I have buy since I graduated. It’s too bad I didn’t pay more attention to his work before because I could have done much better on reaching my first 50 000$. Tomorrow is Easter and it’s a good time to read, but as always, I have other thing to do. And it’s too bad stores are not open because I would had like to shop over for bargains; I need a new pair of jeans lol.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

On my first 7 days of work for quite a time

I am used working 7 days a week, but this week that had just passed was once 7 days of work since last January. Let say I was used to sleep on weekend. I remember sleeping in on both Saturday and Sunday while working 50 hours weekly at my main job. But no more good sleeping in, I now get back that part-time job I used to have. And when I really think bout it, I don’t know if it really worth it because sometimes, it’s seem like I am going no where. But those taught never last for long, as I might the busiest smallest investor of all. :)

Anyway, I can sleep on Sunday until 10h30, 11h latest, without shower, as the work place is near where I live and because I only begin at 12. Time past really quickly at that job and I enjoy it. Whatever I do, I seem to enjoy, and I am so not difficult.

As we were working mailing stuff, a co-worker start telling on how much it was difficult for her to save money, as she like to shop too much. Than I told her it was easy to save money, as she just stop hanging up in shopping mall, that way she will begin saves more her money. I like to shop myself; I can shop for hours and hours in Montreal malls. My way of shopping is basically looking around, and not buying. I don’t like to spend my money around for nothing; it’s just the way I am.

We just caught on of those storms yesterday on Saturday. When I get outside after work, I went for groceries, and it was crazy, that mix of snow and wind. I also went to a book store for quite a time, I was looking for the books of Derek Foster, but I didn’t find them.

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