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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Being out of morning job is not that bad after all

I was first quite frustrating about loosing my morning shift, but now, things are getting pretty easy as I begin to really have enough of the job. But for now, I keep the weekend shift. Their surveys were long, a lot of answering machine along the way – and than they cut my morning shift because of my low productivity. But it’s not my fault if I was always reaching answering machine.

Anyway, it’s been 2 days now that I haven’t been working during the morning and I quite enjoy the rest. I would very much things to stay the same for a while. Working at my evening job and there at the weekend give me something close to 550$ after deductions. I will have enough to reach ends. But knowing myself, things won’t probable remain the same for too long. I am in need of money and my first 50 000$ is waiting for me. I also more than 10 000$ to invest in my RRSP of 2009. This year, I am going to invest in my RRSP as much as I can – I do not want to pay around 3 000$ extra in taxes again this year. NEVER AGAIN.

This makes it a good opportunity to take a break and after begin a job search. I will try to look for a better job – something else than surveys. My evaluation of last week at my job was quite better and do not fear anymore. The month of April has been quite something and I hope May will be better. I also plan to purchase 200 units of Energy Savings Income Fund (SIF.UN) on the first week of May. I couldn’t do anything with my money in April because of all those taxes I have to pay. Very annoying. And now I am going to work again for my evening shift.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

I am only missing 9 153.28$ to reach My first 50 000$!

Today was quite a fun day as I was off all day and I really enjoy my free time. It was still cold in Montreal, but the sun was out. I wake up late and went… shopping! I might had spend 250$ or so lol. Among other stuff, I purchase a nice pair of Nike running shoes. They are black with a bit of pink, very comfortable. I was really in need of a band new pair as my feet were hurting on my old shoes lol. This day off had been so much fun that I was thinking about taking Sunday off on each week – for the whole summer. Which mean I will work 5 mornings and the whole Saturday for that job. As for the evening job, there’s ups and downs, but I decide to stop worrying for now and just take whatever come by to me – a lay-off (again?! lol) or not. I am just that tired.

I am now confident – I might be able to reach my first 50 000$ in investments by the end of 2009. Of course, I have a bit more than 16 000$ in debts, student loans for the major part, as 1 000$ had been borrow to pay my taxes (that will be done and completed by tomorrow) and also a 5 000$ on my credit line that I use for leverage (another good idea of mine). After my first 50 000$, I will focus on paying my debts.

My real overall value is only of 24 227.03$ (40 855.02$ - debts of 16 627.99$) but I plan to catch up later on about debts. For now, investments are too much fun and I really want to invest in the Energy Savings Income Fund (SIF.UN).

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Dividend Joy in April… and it’s not over yet!

I was very happy to received 75$ in dividend from Sprott Asset Management. But great news – the dividend earnings for April is not over! In the upcoming weeks, I am expecting a 51.20$ from Pengrowth Energy Trust (PGF.UN), 13$ from Pembina Pipeline Income Trust, 4.28$ from Livingston International Income Fund (LIV.UN) and 49.49$ from Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS).

Which mean its make almost 200$ I will earn in dividend earnings for the month of April. Very great!

I now have a 1 300$ sleeping in my bank account but that’s money is taxes money. I did my taxes – all by myself – and it wasn’t too difficult. But very exhausting and very long, but the software I use is quite good and I plan continue to work on my taxes declaration this weekend and finish it up and move on.

was entering the data and I was getting anxious while entering my T4 for my 3 jobs because once they were all enter – it was making almost 4 000$ I had to pay extra in taxes! From that point I told myself, I will continue to do it by myself and if I see I still that much to pay, I will make someone else do it for me. But at the end, once I enter my RRSP amounts for 2008, everything turn out well, as I only have to pay 1 800$ in taxes. Which of course, it’s a lot of money, but in 2008, by running everywhere, I make a bit more than 44 000$. After 41 000$, I get into a higher level for the taxes and from my point of view, the whole thing make sense.

But at the same time, I am quite disappointed in having to pay almost 2 000$ in taxes because I really wanted to purchase 100 units of Energy Savings Income Fund (SIF.UN), like next week or so. But it’s seemed it won’t be before next month. Life sometime is boring like that.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

My watch list

This post is about stocks and units I would like to purchase next.

I watch the index and of course, I am looking to extend my portfolio and invest more and more into current and other companies. Those are the stocks and units I would had purchased right away… if I would only have some money left.

My love’s one:

Bell Aliant Regional Communications Income Fund (BA.UN)
Current value: 24.73$
52 Week High: 30.55$
52 Week Low: 21$
Annual dividend: 2.904$

Time to buy before it’s become unaffordable!

I really like BA.UN. That’s actually a real one from the Maritimes and it rock! The annual dividend is huge! Almost 3$ per unit. This is an optimum BUY and HOLD lol :)

Great-West Lifeco Inc. (GWO)
Current value: 18.58$
52 Week High: 35.94$
52 Week Low: 11.21$
Annual dividend: 1.232$

For me, it’s seem a good one. Great-West Lifeco offers services to other companies like RRSP along others. GWO is a BUY.

Manulife Financial Corporation (MFC)
Current value: 16.40$
52 Week High: 40.59$
52 Week Low: 9.020$
Annual dividend: 1.04$

A buy? Maybe, maybe not. Analysts seem not to thrill about Manulife. I personnaly prefer GWO rather than MFC. But other than that, if I had a lot more than what I have now, I would have for sure invest in MFC. But in the conditions that are mines, I prefer Great-West Lifeco.

Energy Savings Income Fund (SIF.UN)
Current value: 11.25$
52 Week High: 15.40$
52 Week Low: 6.32$
Annual dividend: 1.236$

This is a good one. SIF.UN is kind of like Pembina Pipeline Income Trust on the sense that they plan to keep paying dividend (and no plan to cut) to their shareholders and its sound – by reading different press release – very well organized and stuff. It’s all I kind say about them, with all the knowledge I have. Among other, I would also like to purchase some other PIF.UN units and Fortis stocks. PIF.UN is affordable and pay good dividend. I just cannot imagine DF at the moment he had sale his PIF.UN units! Unimaginable!


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