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Sunday, March 8, 2009

I am officially trying to make money online

Why it’s cool? Because with Gomez, my computer is doing all the work for me. And I have absolutely had nothing to do. It’s like Money for Nothing of you know who kind of deal! Basically, with Gomez PEER users get paid while their computer is connected to the Internet. It’s possible to earn money even when you’re not actually actively surfing the Internet. Like me right now.

The only thing that is needed is to download software. And the program is really easy to download. It’s work with Windows 2000/NT/XP/2003.

Once the download is completed, it’s taking up to 14 days to get fully registered in order to earn cash. I download the software about 4 days ago. I didn’t how it works, but than, I register my user name and the type of connection I am using for the Internet in a Window that appears. Starting from there, the process began. It’s possible to see the earnings in real time. For 120 minutes I had been connected to the Internet, I earn 0.01 cent. This, of course is really nothing at all. But the concept is really interesting. From the search I did on Gomez PEER, some people consider it as a SpyWare. But I install the Gomez PEER program on my laptop in which I have Kaspersky Internet Security, all new from this year, and nothing happen, and I run updates and virus searches quite often.

My account status with Gomez PEER is still Pending so I don’t know if I will ever be able to touch that 1 cent I already earn from the program lol. But even in the meantime, I let the software run. It doesn’t even slow down my laptop – which is not that new – I have the same machine since, I think 2005. Trying to make money online is fun fun fun. After reading this post, if you decide to give Gomez a try, don't forget my referral: JulieSky.


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